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Looking to cash in on upcoming cellphone ban, Canadian Tire says “The safety of our customers is of paramount importance”

Ontario bans with cellphone use while drivingOn Monday, October 26th, 2009 the ban of using a handheld devices while driving will be in effect. Everybody seems to be wanting to get in on the action and promote safety and nothing screams this louder than a Canadian Tire press release today:

“The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to Canadian Tire,
” said Duncan Reith, senior vice president, Canadian Tire Retail. “To help encourage customers to go hands-free, Canadian Tire has been actively educating customers online, through radio advertisements, the weekly flyer and in-store signage on the upcoming law and the alternatives that are available.”

There has been many reports out over the past month about people’s reaction to the upcoming ban. An RBC Insurance report showed: (more…)


Would you use a “Springboard Exposé” on your iPhone?

It’s well known that the max umber of apps that an iPhone can hold is 148. Also it’s very tedious to go through 6, 7 or 8 menu screen to find your app. Imagine if you could add this concept by Ocean Observations called “Springboard Exposé”.

The description says “While browsing your springboard, you can push the home button to be taken to a zoomed out state in which you can see all of the pages with apps. This view is combined with the Spotlight search. Tapping the search box would bring up the keyboard and hide the miniature pages. Each miniature is badged with all notifications for that page, to give you a quick idea of which pages contain new items. Tap any of the miniatures to go directly to that page.”

Check out the video (more…)


Loopholes found in the National Do Not Call List


The CRTC’s so-called National Do Not Call List (DNCL) is almost 1-year old and has been under fire ever since it was launched, mainly because the Commission is too lenient with the rules and at one point there was a rumour that they started selling the list to real estate agents, car dealers, financial advisers and lawn-care companies.

Even though CRTC Chair Konrad von Finckenstein stated “I would like to take this opportunity to deal with an urban myth that we’ve all heard. Somebody has put out the notion that telemarketers, especially foreign ones, came and bought the list of people who do not want to be called and are now calling them. First of all I cannot understand why anyone would want to do it, these are people who have registered and don’t want to be called… Secondly, there is absolutely no evidence that this has ever taken place. We vigorously check who buys those lists and that they are legitimate telemarketers. So let me say once and for all that’s an urban myth, it does not exists. That being said the legislation is not perfect”. (more…)


Unreleased BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 hits eBay!

bbebaystorm2If you are craving to have the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 (otherwise known as Odin)… all you have to do is put your bid into eBay as one has popped up there!

Toronto-seller “ttrangus” put this online today and the bidding ends Oct 15, 2009 at 20:13:42 EDT. Currently there are 4 bids for a total price of $735.09 (CDN). The seller says that “THIS IS A BRAND NEW PRE-RELEASE UNLOCKED BLACKBERRY STORM 2 (9550) IT IS IN PERFECT CONDITION, WILL INCLUDE CHARGER, BLUETOOTH HEADSET AND 2GB MEMORY CARD!”

We’ve seen many leaked videos of the Storm 2 in action and the most prominent change is how responsive RIM’s SurePress technology has become. No more lagging on the touchscreen when typing. In addition, the Storm 2 also has Wi-Fi, 3.2-megapixel camera, GPS and a full HTML browser.

Will you be putting your bid in? Check it out here at eBay


Video: BlackBerry Atlas vs. BlackBerry Bold Browser test

Another video has been posted online by Salomondrin, this time is a browser test between the BlackBerry Bold and the upcoming BlackBerry Atlas. What we know so far about the Atlas is that is has “Bold” on the back and has the keyboard of a Javelin with the new trackpad.

In his blog post he states that “The results were more than impressive. From the first time I opened Google on it, it blew my mind, even though I know google isn’t what we call a “heavy page”, still the speed was noticeable from the start. At that point, I wasn’t quite sure if it was my imagination or the phone being ridiculously fast, so I decided to test it against every single phone that I have and it beat all of them!” (more…)


“Cornhole All-Stars” censored by Canadian App Store

cornholeIt’s not that often that an iPhone app gets censored only in one country, let alone that country being Canada. This happened to a game created JUFTi Games called “Cornhole All-Stars”.

The background of the game is based on the popular real life game where you throw a bag that’s usually filled with corn into a hole that’s about 30 feet away. Apple Canada has taken it the wrong way, specifically the name as it’s most likely to sexually related. They have made the app still available for sale, but censored the entire description. If you check it out in iTunes you’ll see it looking like this: “C******e All-Stars”. (more…)


Million Dollar Poker Contest by Nokia

mdpIf you’re a poker fan and live in Canada (excluding Quebec) then you might want to check out the latest contest by Nokia called “Million Dollar Poker Contest”.

The contest runs until October 26th at 5pm and all you have to do to enter is purchase and download the N-Gage game Million Dollar Poker to your Nokia N98 device by texting POKER to 555 (game costs $6.99 plus a $0.75 download fee); Or enter online here a number of questions the same way poker legend Gus Hansen would have.

The grand prize is 1 Panasonic Blu-ray disc player with built-in LCD monitor worth about $2,000.


Rumour: Koodo to bring on 3 new devices soon? (Instensity, Masterpiece & VE440)

samsung-intensity-koodoYou can mark this under the rumour category for now but it does make perfect sense. We’ve been tipped and found a link also that has TELUS’ sub brand Koodo Mobile bring on the following devices within the next month:

- LG Masterpiece ($125 retail)
- Motorola VE440 ($125 retail)
- Samsung U450 Instensity ($200 retail)

All of these were recently released by TELUS and would be a good addition to the Koodo lineup, especially the Samsung U450 Instensity. We’ll do some more digging around and find out about these rumours and get more clarification on the pricing with the Tab


“Fastest & Largest”: Bell vs. Rogers Legally speaking

canada-fastestBell and Rogers have always had a very “friendly” attitude towards each other when it comes to who is actually the “fastest and largest network” in Canada. Nothing screams friend like a court case.

Back in January Rogers filed the complaint with the Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) stating that Bell Mobility went against the Canadian Code by placing the statement “fastest and largest network across North America” in one of their ads. Rogers was concerned because it was based on different technology (Bell used EVDO and Rogers’ HSPA technology) and was potentially misleading customers.

In April, Bell stated that they “now has positive, independent and indisputable results that provide sufficient evidence to challenge this claim with a confident statement of our own: ‘The results are clear and indisputable: Overall, Bell is faster and reliable. Bell clearly demonstrated a superior advantage when it came to speed”.

Times have changed now as Bell is preparing to launch their new HSPA network… with times changing so does the marketing and legal fine print. (more…)


Confirmation of BlackBerry Bold 9000 coming to Bell… plus Rogers bring on a Bold 9000 in White

bell-rogers-9000We’ve known that Bell is bringing on several new devices over the next month or so (see yesterday’s post)… however a little more confirmation from a screenshot of the Best Buy inventory shows the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and the BlackBerry 9700 coming soon.

In addition, the same screenshot also shows Rogers bringing on a White version of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 with a retail price tag of $649.99. Plus this image also shows that we’ll soon see the Bold 9700 coming to Rogers at the remarkably low price of $999.99. (more…)