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Poynt now available at the BlackBerry AppWorld

poyntCalgary-based Multiplied Media, creators of “Poynt” announced that their free app is now available to all in the BlackBerry AppWorld. For those who don’t know the benefits of Poynt, this can get you to a few places faster. You can search businesses through Yellow Pages, get movie info (powered by Cimema Source) and directions, view trailers and read the reviews.

It all works on the GPS in your BlackBerry and is available on the BlackBerry Pearls, BlackBerry Curves, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm.. Download Poynt on your BlackBerry browser visit

Andrew Osis, CEO, Multiplied Media said “We are very excited to have Poynt available on BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry App World represents a new distribution channel for us, with the potential to expose Poynt to a vast untapped audience.”

Check out this video review of it by Multiplied Media (more…)


“Best of the Web”: Viigo partners with Federated Media

Toronto-based Viigo has released another new feature to make the web more enjoyable on Smartphones. They have partnered with Federated Media, who represents sites such as BGR, TechCrunch and boing boing, to make getting news from their channels (tech, sports, gaming etc) straight to your smartphone. Once you select your channel of interest you will automatically start getting news where you can either share it by e-mail, Twitter, Digg, or go to a browser.

Check it out here:


“I Love BlackBerry” app tells your addiction level


We’ve all heard the stories of people sleeping with their BlackBerry, checking their e-mails during family holidays and even in important business meetings. Now, for those who think they are addicted to your BlackBerry a free app has been developed to keep track of how much time you actually spend using it.

The app was developed by EarlySail and is called “I Love Blackberry”. It breaks down your phone and e-mail usage (daily, weekly, monthly and complete average) into work hours, night use and weekends. As this is the first go at this app, EarlySail is looking into the next version to compare your usage with your friends and colleagues.

Go ahead, download it here and see if you are as addicted as you think! (more…)


Carriers meeting CRTC 911 upgrade timeline “a significant challenge”

911feesRemeber back in January the CRTC made a firm request to all carriers to upgrade their 911 technology by February of 2010. The reason for this is because 911 dispatchers are missing some necessary equipment to locate emergency calls placed from a cell phone.

Rogers, Telus and Bell are working to meet the CRTC requirements on time, but Berhard Lord, Head of the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) made his viewpoints heard by saying “It’s going to be a significant challenge to deploy this county-wide for next February…Your mobile device will send, perhaps, the longitude and latitude of where you are, or where you are to the closest tower, depending on which technology is adopted, but that won’t necessarily give you the address. It would be up to the carriers, such as Rogers, Telus, and Bell to decide if they want to increase fees for upgrading 911 service”.

The cost of this enhancement is estimated to cost $50-million.


Primus releases old school Nokia 2760

primus2760If you’re looking to truly go back to the past you can go sign up with Primus, they’ve just released the Nokia 2760. I mean this is just above a basic phone and the only reason it’s not considered basic is because it has an MP3 player and FM radio.

Honestly though, there are so many other great flip phones out there at a better price point. You can get this free on a 2 or 3-year contract. $49.95 on a 1-year contract or $99.95 month-to month. Overall dimensions of this beast are 87mm x 45mm x 21 mm with a weight of 80.4 grams.

Features include a VGA camera (4x zoom) that has a video recorder, Bluetooth-enabled, text messages, multimedia messages and email, however internal screen size is only 128 x 160, external screen is 96 x 68 with a whopping 11 MB internal memory. On a good note, this does come with your standard phone features like calendar, to-do list, notes, calculator, alarm and stopwatch.

Just remember before you spend any money on this that you’ll have this for a few years. Do you really want to be stuck with a phone that first came out well over 2 years ago? More here at Primus


The end of the National Do-Not-Call List?

do-not-call-me-telemarketerIf you are one of the 6.7 million who have signed up for the National Do-Not-Call List (DNCL) you must read this story. BIG eye opener. Michael Geist, professor at the University of Ottawa, has written a remarkable insight into why the DNCL could be coming to an end.

It’s well known that the CRTC has received a great amount of criticism for the DNCL by actually selling the list to outside companies, Canadians were getting more calls rather than less. Some organization are exempt under the list such as political parties, charities etc… however, Geist did some digging around about the NDCL and found a list of companies that have downloaded the do-not-call list:real estate agents, car dealers, financial advisers and lawn-care companies. That’s right… for us who signed up for the list to be protected have actually been sold.

Apparently the CRTC receives over 20,000 telemarketing complaints every month. More interesting is who manages the complaints first… not the CRTC, but Bell. You guessed it, an organization who’s in business to make money off consumers manages a government driven initiative. Where do our tax dollars actually go then?

So Bell has the final word on which complaints are real or not real. Geist says “In December 2008, Bell reported only 32 valid do-not-call complaints, while dismissing 2,748 complaints as invalid. In November 2008, there were 44 valid complaints as opposed to 3,981 complaints dismissed as invalid”. The complaints that Bell deems as a real issue then heads to the CRTC for further investigation. To date a total of 70 warning letters have been issued, nobody has been fined the max penalty of $15,000.

Where this story stems from is the recently passed the Electronic Commerce Protection Act, Bill C-27 or the anti-spam bill. This basically protects us Canadians from being bombarded by spammers (including text-message spam). According to Geist, a very important statement was made at the end of the report: “buried at the very end of the 69-page bill, are provisions that lay the groundwork to kill the National Do-Not-Call list… but boils down to the government repealing the provisions that establish and govern the do-not-call list. In its place, the Electronic Commerce Protection Act approach of requiring an opt-in would apply, meaning that Canadians would no longer need to register their phone numbers on a do-not-call list.”

This could be good news but with everything takes time, especially during the slow summer months when the House of Commons takes time off. Industry Minister Tony Clement has plans “later this year” to “review” the DNCL, but what is needed is some clear direction, protection and explanation of why the National Do-Not-Call List has been such a pain… when essentially it was supposed to be in place to make our lives more pleasurable.

More here at Michael Geist


Koodo officially drops price of KEYBO to $200

lgkeybo-pricedropIt wasn’t that long ago that Koodo put their entire line-up on sale by taking $25 off each device. Today, the fun was over for some phones as they’ve been increased but one notable drop that actually stayed was the LG KEYBO. This used to be available for $225 but now has been placed at a price tag of $200 outright, or $50 when you use the Tab.


Mike Network launches “Playoff Beard Challenge”

mikebeardAnother contest up here in the Great White North. Let’s round up what we have going on with the carriers and us too. First, we have the Nokia E71 Mother’s Day Giveaway and our Forum Contest. Bell has a NHL Award contest, Depeche Mode contest and even Sony Ericsson joined the party with their Best Mate contest that can send you to Vegas.

For all you hardcore NHL playoff fans, TELUS has launched the “Playoff Beard Challenge” through their Mike Network. It’s will actually be entertaining to watch the growth! Basically you enter your team, up to a max of 10 and start growing your playoff beard. You upload a current photo of all team members and choose your “starting line-up” and as the growth of your beard gets bigger you can swap team members in and out to join the starting line-up. The objective is to obtain the “best playoff beard”. (more…)


Rogers to launch LG GT500 Puccini?


You can mark this one down for the rumour of the day, but it looks pretty solid as it’s coming straight from the LG site.

According to a working URL it that point to an xml file shows that the LG GT500, otherwise known as the “Puccini” will eventually make its way over to Canada (probably called something different).

I did some research on this and the LG GT500 Puccini will be launched by T-Mobile this summer. Specs on this are a little bit like the Secret. It’s slim, only 12 mm thin and weighs in at only 86 grams. Comes with a 5 megapixel camera (autofocus and flash) with video recording capabilities, GPS. Also, this touchscreen has a screen size of 3 inches with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels.

Time will tell… for now, here is the working URL with Rogers attached to it:


Thanks Mark!



Video Review: OtterBox Curve 8300 Impact Series

Even though RIM has released the new Curve 8900 this has not stopped OtterBox from developing the 8300 Impact Series Cases. With millions of Curves out there I’m sure these cases will do very well.

If you are prone to dropping, scratching or get a lot of dust on your device, the Impact Series is so incredibly simple to protect your precious berry. This case only fits the 8300, 8310, 8320 or 8330, not the 8350i. This only comes in black, weighs 85 grams and keeps the style of the Curve in tact by having easy access to the headphone jack, sync/charge jack, speakers, microphone & camera. This costs $19.95 (USD) and can be purchased through OtterBox or any store you frequent.

Check out this video here (more…)