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SaskTel Mother’s Day prediction: over 1 million long distance calls made

logo-200x60-sasktel-newToday, being Mother’s Day makes all the moms in the worlds feel really special. SaskTel is predicting that their customers will place over a million long distance calls today with 45% of the long distance calls to Saskatchewan locations, 52% will be to other Canadian locations, with the other 3% connecting to the United States and overseas.


2009 Canadian LG Texting Championships visits Vancouver

2009 LG Canadian Texting Championships continues gathering finalist for the big final in Toronto on June 29th. It first launched in Toronto on March 19th and now they’ve now stopped in Vancouver for a few days and the hype seems to be getting bigger.

You can still take part if you don’t make it to one of the scheduled cities, all you have to do is create your own Facebook fan group page and if you have the most friends in your group you’ll win a Ticket To Text and go straight to the finals.


Future Shop says hello to HTC Dream & Magic

fsandroidFuture Shop has wasted no time getting in on the Android party. They have clearly shown their excitement by promoting both the upcoming Rogers HTC Magic and Dream.

On their website it says “This year Google comes to Canada with the Android-powered HTC Dream and HTC Magic. These amazing phones will have powerful software that ties into Google’s online applications like Gmail, Google Maps, and more.”

Pictures of both upcoming devises are shown. The Dream looks like it will be available in White and Black. While the Magic will be available in Black.


Rogers HTC Dream to be $599.99 outright?

android-rogerscomI did some snooping around this morning and went and “Joined the Revolution” for the upcoming Rogers Android devices (HTC Magic and Dream). Put down my name and contact info to possibly win 1 of 5 Revolutionary phones.

Then I read the rules & regulations associated with this contest. The contest dates go from “May 7, 2009 and continues until 11h59 p.m. on May 21, 2009″, plus up for grabs is the Magic with a retail value of $599.99. According to the fine print “Participants are eligible to win one (1) of five (5) HTC® Dream™ handsets, each having an approximate retail value of $599.99“.

So let’s do some speculation of possible price plans. When a device has launched in the past with a $599.99 price point, the 3-year price comes in around $199.99 (with a minimum $45 voice and data plan). This is almost in line when T-Mobile launched this back in September with their price point of $179.99.

Time will tell…


Twitter coming to TELUS “VERY soon!”


Bell, Rogers and Fido customers are flying the friendly Twitter skies and TELUS is certainly not going to watch this all go by. The future is looking friendly for their customers as noted on the TELUS Twitter page they have let us know that “Twitter SMS on TELUS is coming VERY soon!”

No word on what the charges will be but more than likely it’ll follow suit of the other carriers and offer it at no charge to their customers who have a text message plan. (more…)


Balsillie has over 100,000 hockey fans behind his Coyotes offer

jimEarlier in the week we reported on how RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie made a $212.5 million offer for the Phoenix Coyotes. He sent out a press release today to thank the over 100,000 fans who stand behind him. Imagine if he can turn an NHL Team into another successful Canadian legacy.

“Today we went over 100,000 people who have signed up to to demonstrate their enthusiasm for an NHL franchise in Southern Ontario and a seventh NHL franchise in Canada. I want to thank all those fans all across Canada and the United States who’ve signed up to support our bid. Your many heartfelt messages and best wishes have meant a lot to me. I have been making the case that Southern Ontario is the best under-served hockey market in the world. The support of these 100,000 fans, in less than a week, goes a long way to helping prove that point. Lets keep it going.”


Samsung Vice now available at Bell for $49.95

Samsung Vice - BlueNot to take away from the hype of the Palm Pre, but it’s always good to come back to the ground for a few moments. For now, if you’re looking to fill some time and get an “in-between” device, Bell has just exclusively launched the Samsung Vice in Blue. To add to the credibility… this is a North American first.

We first let you know about this a few weeks ago and now you get your hands on this on the following price plans:
3-year: $49.95
2-year: $99.95
1-year: $199.95
Prepaid: $249.95

This is a slide out full QWERTY keyboard with a 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, MP3 player, picture and video messaging, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack, GPS and expandable memory up to 8G. this also has Bell’s new user interface and comes with Unlimited NHL, Full HTML browser and Picture, video, and threaded text messaging. For some reason you don’t like the colour Blue, you can hold out for a White version that will be available on May 20th.

In addition, the the first 20,000 sold get a free skin for your phone from Decal Girl, this will be available at More here from Bell


Virgin LG Rumour available in Blue

bbvrbRemember last week we saw Best Best advertising a new Virgin Mobile device, the LG Rumour in blue.

You can now visit your local Best Best and pick one of these up prepaid for $129.99. Another important note to make, this blue colour is now available at Best Buy and at a Virgin outlet.

If blue is not your deal, Virgin has the Rumour in White, Black and Green for $49 on a 3-year term, $79 for 2-year and $129 for 1-year and Prepaid. (more…)


iPhone app of the Day: uHear

It is always good to check your health and well being. Kitchener-based Unitron has developed an iPhone app that costs $0.99 (proceeds are going to charity) called uHear. The actual timing of this app is perfect as it’s “Better Hearing and Speech Month” (did not know it existed).

uHear helps you identify a potential hearing loss through three assessments: Hearing Sensitivity, Speech in Noise and a Questionnaire about common listening situations. In addition if you are having some challenges with your hearing, there is a built in function that helps you find nearest Hearing Health Care Professional.

Check out this video to see it in action (more…)


Shorcovers on Kindle “too pricey for what you get”

shortcovers-logoUs Canadians are known for peacekeeping and taking too long to make important decisions. Feisty and combative we are not… unless it comes to our competition.

Indigo’s Shortovers CTO Michael Serbinis had a few choice words to say about another Amazon Kindle. In the company blog he said “A larger screen, more expensive Kindle for textbooks and newspapers. $489. WOW! Is it just me, or is there a huge disconnect between Amazon’s pricing and what consumers have to spend these days?

I don’t know a lot of students that have $489 to spend on yet another device. All a student needs is a cell phone and a laptop. Taking notes in class, writing essays, working on models, doing simulations, presentations, coding, etc… You need a laptop. With a laptop you can already access e-textbooks on a number of sites… There are so many better things I can do with $489. Here’s a few: buy a couple of iPhones, by a book every month for the next 3 years, sponsor a family in Africa for 2.5 years, take at trip to the Caribbean…In the meantime, the good news is that there is continued focus on the e-Reading market, and with that comes investment and innovation. Just like soap operas changed with the advent of TV, so too will books and other reading material with new mobile internet devices. It’s just early, and eReaders like the Kindle are just too pricey for what you get.” (more…)