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WIND Mobile officially launching this Wednesday!

windmobilelogoLet the comments begin!

We’ve been given the word that after a 6-week delay and a soap opera of a story… WIND Mobile will officially launch their wireless network on Wednesday, December 16th. Still no official word on what the price plans or what devices they will have… but the date is only a few hours away and those who are located in Toronto and Calgary will get first dibs on how it feels to make calls, surf the web from your Wind Mobile device!

Who’s buying?


Bell drops price of BlackBerry Bold 9700 to $199.95


Bell released the Bold 9700 when they launched their new HSPA network… and they thought it’s about time to price drop the stellar device.

This can now be yours for $199.95 on a 3-year contract, the other price plans have stayed the same. So far this is the best price to date… I’m sure other carriers will follow and hopefully when WIND mobile launches they will beat this price also. (more…)


Telecom union says Gov’t “is a sellout” and the Globalive “decision is illegal”

dave_coles_new_sGlobalive was given the green light on Friday to officially launch their WIND Mobile brand, today the fists are coming out from Canada’s largest telecom and media union.

Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union President Dave Coles stated that the government’s decision to overturn the Globalive’s CRTC rulings “is a sellout of Canadian national interests and a betrayal of Canadian culture… It is clear that this decision violates the Telecommunications Act, which the Conservatives have now declared will be enforced only if and when they feel like it… In straight forward terms, this decision is illegal and an affront to Canadian democracy.” (more…)


“Kindle App” hits iPhone


Now that us Canadians actually have Amazon’s e-book reader “Kindle” available to us… a free Phone app have been officially launched also. Basically if you have an iPhone you can save yourself some money and install the “Kindle App”.

Available in 60 countries, Canada being one of them, the Kindle App can:
* Purchase, download and read hundreds of thousands of books available in the Kindle Store.
* Read the beginning of books for free before they buy.
* Add and automatically synchronize bookmarks and last page read.
* Access their library of previously purchased Kindle books stored on Amazon’s servers for free.
* Choose from six different font sizes and adjust words per line.
* Add and view notes and highlights marked on Kindle and Kindle DX.
* Read books in full color including children’s books, cookbooks, travel books, textbooks and graphic novels.

Get is at the App Store by searching “Kindle App”. I’m more curious how Indigo “Shortovers” will respond to the new app. Competition is a good thing right… only until they invade your territory. (more…)


Upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 compared to an old 8130

We’ve seen pics of the upcoming Pearl 9100 before… this has an internal code name of “Striker” and “Stratus”. New pics have surfaced of the 9100 smack dab right next to a dummy device of the TELUS BlackBerry Pearl 8130. Gone is the trackball and in comes the optical trackpad.

What are your thoughts… are you going to get this when it comes out? (more…)


Video: Rogers LG Eve Hardware Review

Rogers recently released the LG Eve, this is another Android-powered device that does come with some great features. In our first review we took a quick look around the hardware… mainly because our original was so incredibly blurry.

The design of the Eve is clean and has pronounced rounded chrome edges. The overall dimensions are 109 x 54.5 x 15.9mm and weighs in at a decent 139 grams. There are other Android devices that are thinner but weigh a great deal more, so the Eve comes right in the middle and feels great in your hands.

You’ll see in the video that the device has minimal keys on the face. Only a back button, OK button and home button that all give haptic feedback when pressed. Apart from these the only visible buttons are the volume rocker on the left hand side, power/lock button on top plus the one-touch buttons for the music and 5.0 mega pixel camera (can take video and has auto-focus and flash) on the right. Other key parts of the hardware are the micro USB for charging and syncing your data plus a micro SD slot that can hold up to 16GB (Rogers ships with a 2GB card).

On the top is a welcomed 3.5 mm headset jack. Under the back cover you’ll find a SIM card slot and the 1500 mAh battery that can give you around 6 hours of talk time. When you slide open the device you reveal the 5-row full QWERTY keyboard. These keys are nicely spaced out and have a directional keys with a button that gives you quick access to your main menu.

Over the next few days I’m going to play around with the Eve and give it a run for it’s money. LG is going heavy on this as a social media device that can connect to all your circles… so send us any questions you have and we’ll do our best do include them in the review.


More pics surface of Google’s “Nexus One”

Loving the amount of info that has surfaced online about Google’s foray into more of the mobile space… this time with their own device called “Nexus One”. Images first popped up yesterday but today is a brand new days that brings clearer and more defined images.

Engadget Mobile has got their hands on a few gems… check them out below. No dates of when this will come to Canada, if ever. (more…)


The week the WIND came rushing in…


This week will be unprecedented and it’s mainly due to the anticipated launch of WIND Mobile. There are a few device launches this week but nothing will come close to amount of enthusiasm that’s behind each Wind employee, or the eagerness of those potential customers who are planning to switch and give them a go.

Analyst Jeff Fan and his team over at Scotia Capital has put together a great breakout of what we could expect this week when it comes to pricing, store locations, subscribers and the impacts on the Rogers, Bell and TELUS. (We must preface the pricing portion with the leaked pricing plans that have surfaced on the web.) Compare for yourself, but the real plans will become visible most likely in a couple days.

We found out Friday that WIND will initially launch in Toronto and Calgary then over the next few months expand into Ottawa, Edmonton, and Vancouver. When is comes to devices, we can expect BlackBerry (probably the Bold 9700), HTC (probably the Snap) and Samsung (probably the Gravity 2), they will not launch an Android device but will have a data stick. In addition, they’ll offer no System Access Fees or 911 fees.

Some of the highlights that Jeff Fan states are: (more…)


TELUS LG IQ Video Review

The LG IQ is a very classy device and is priced right at $99.99 on a 3-year contract with TELUS. At first glance the IQ looks a bit nicer than the standard LG devices we’ve know over the past few years, but once you take a closer look the small details should make this device one to consider.

The dimensions are 113 x 55 x 15.9mm and the IQ comes with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display that has a resolution of 480×800. In addition, there are very little buttons on the front which make the IQ clean and non-intrusive. The full slide out QWERTY keyboard has dedicated keys for the web, messaging, SMS and a set of directional keys. Overall I found the keyboard to be well spaced out, buttons feel good and the actual space bar is a decent size. Probably one of the nicest parts about the keyboard is how well lit up it is in the dark. You’ll see in the video that LG didn’t compromise on.

With this running Windows Mobile 6.5 (which is a mixed bag for some people), it can do all your e-mail, contacts, IM, calendar, documents etc… for those who dislike WinMo will be happy to know that LG has put their S-Class UI in the IQ. Incredibly responsive and layed out very well. The IQ also has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and their is no latency at all when flipping between applications. The multitasking key on the right hand side will become your best friend when using this device.

The browsing experience was great, but you’ll have to download Opera Mobile as it only comes with Internet Explorer. Another benefit is that this has WiFi. The IQ can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card, has a 5 megapixel camera with video capabilities (indoor and outdoor pics are high quality), MP3 player and FM radio. However with all the good, there are a couple issues I found.

The first being the lack of a standard 3.5mm headset jack. With a device as powerful as the IQ this would have been a great addition. The next is the weight as it comes in at hefty 150 grams. Kinda bulky in your pocket. However these are so minor details and overall was impressed with the IQ and LG venture into smartphones. Check out the video for more details.

This is available exclusively at TELUS on the following plans:
3-year contract: $99.99
2-year contract: $399.99
1-year contract: $449.99
No contract: $499.99


Video Review: Rogers Samsung Forever

The Samsung “Forever” was released by Rogers and is a device that runs off the TouchWiz UI… so you have access to widgets that you can drag and drop onto the desktop and customize it to your liking.

The are a number of great features of the Forever that I like. The first is how incredibly easy it is to start using. All you have to do is power it up and start putting in your contacts (max number is 2,000), or go straight to the web etc. The underlining factor is that the Forever is simple to use. Also, the style is standard these days but another benefit is that it only weighs 94 grams so it’s light in your pocket (Overall dimensions are 109.2 x 52.3 x 12.6 mm).

This is a touchscreen device that has a 3-inch display (resolution of 240 x 400)… when typing out your messages (text, IM or e-mail) you have a few options. You can use the T9, full QWERTY keyboard (accelerometer) or the handwriting recognition. All will take a bit of practice but the actual display is wickedly responsive.

With all the great features of the Forever there are few things that I thought could make the device a bit better. There is no 3.5 mm headset jack and this device uses a Samsung proprietary cable to charge and hook up for your headphones. The 2.0 megapixel camera has digital zoom and can do videos, but the quality is what you would expect. Inside pics were a bit pixelated while I found exterior shots were better. The camera does not come with a flash. On a plus side you have a spot for a microSD card that can hold up to 32GB of memory… the video/audio quality was decent but the speaker was somewhat muffled. You’ll see in the video that we had it on the highest level possible.

Other quick notes about the Forever are the full HTML browsing – this has no WiFi but was fast and easy to navigate around a web page in either portrait or landscape more. This does come with GPS, stereo Bluetooth and a music player. For call quality we had no issues as people could clearly hear us and battery life lasted a number of days with moderate use.

This is available at Rogers on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $79.99
2-year contract: $129.99
1-year contract: $229.99
No Contract: $279.99