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We’re back… ready to rock!

happy_faceLet me simply inform you that we just want to deliver great Canadian mobile news and yesterday was a challenging day that was completely out of our control. We did loose a bit of content from the past week…however, the issue with the hosting company has resolved and we’re ready to rock again.

I honestly know how Hulkster must have felt after he was down and out and suddenly came back to preform one of his spectacular comebacks… it feels great to be back!

We’ll start putting stories out and let us know if you are experiencing any issues at all. As promised earlier in the week when we announced our Bold 9700 winner, we’ll be holding anotHer contest and it’ll start shortly.

Again, thank you for all your patience.


Bell Android-powered Samsung Galaxy launching December 10th

galaxyThis is great news! We just got confirmation that the first Android device from Samsung will be launching via Bell on December 10th. The “Galaxy” has a 3.2-inch HVDA AMOLED touch screen display with a resolution of 320×480.

In addition, more specs for you as: the Galaxy will be running Android OS 1.5, has a 5.0 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash, can hold up to 32 GB with a microSD card, 3.5 mm headphone jack, WiFi, video calling, Bluetooth 2.0.

We’ll have more soon!


Dave Wireless proudly says “Competition is Coming”

davewirelessimageWith Bell, Rogers and TELUS slapping lawsuits against each other on what seems to be a weekly basis, wireless in Canada is getting more popular and competition is getting more ruthless everyday. One can only dream of what the wireless will look like when the Globalive saga is over and all the other new carriers such as Dave Wireless and Public Mobile officially enter the market.

Speaking of Dave Wireless… they’ve done a minor update to their website that has a very bold statement attached to it. They state “COMPETITION IS COMING” with quick one liners:
“No Action = the best course of action”
“Don’t lock into a wireless contract you’ll regret”
“Like contract? Go to law school”

Similar to the other is sounds like they will be offering us Canadians a wireless plan with no contract to sign. Definitely a step in the right direction. In addition, they also say “We’re gearing up to give Canadians a better way to use wireless in early 2010. Don’t lock into a wireless contract. It could be the best decision you never made. Discover DAVE Wireless.”

We’ve had several conversations with the folks over at Dave Wireless about their plans to launch their network. Their name will be changing and you’ll see them initially available in the following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

More here at Dave Wireless


Interview with Michael Hennessy from Telus about the future of Globalive… and a bit about Rogers

In the midst of all the glorious legal issues TELUS has going on right now, I got a few minutes on the phone to catch up with Michael Hennessy, he’s the SVP Regulatory and Government Affairs for Telus.

He’s very outspoken about what he believes the outcome of Globalive will be, stating that the cabinet will not overturn the CRTC’s decision and that Globalive made a “Hail Mary” pass about how their current organizational structure/financing is set up. In addition, we briefly spoke about their recent lawsuit with Rogers and how they mislead the public as being Canada’s most reliable network.

Competition in Canada is alive and very well… Check out the phone interview here (more…)


WIND Mobile launching campaign “to raise awareness about the current state of Canada’s wireless industry”

As Globalive awaits for the Industry Minister to give them an official green light to launch, they have announced in a press release that bold states they’re not giving up nor going anywhere… their WIND Mobile brand seems to be committed to Canadians and give them a new wireless choice. Here are some highlights of the upcoming initiative:

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the current state of Canada’s wireless industry compared to the rest of the world, and to highlight why more choice is essential.”

Anthony Lacavera, Chairman of Globalive and WIND Mobile said “The heart of the issue is that Canadians pay some of the highest rates for some of the most complained-about wireless service in the world. This campaign is about focusing the conversation to the need for real wireless competition in Canada in order to lower prices, increase penetration and finally deliver the kind of customer service that has been sorely lacking for Canadians.” (more…)


Best Buy puts Bell Bold 9700 on sale for $229.99… plus offers $50 Gift Card


Yesterday we though a good deal for the Bold 9700 was at Rogers for $249.99 on a 3-year contract.
What a difference a day makes because over at Best Buy you can score yourself a Bell BlackBerry Bold 9700 for $229.99 on a 3-year contract… if that’s not good enough they are throwing in a $50 gift card.

Good deal. The sale goes until December 3rd.


Rogers releases BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS update

rogers351An official update has been released for those who have the BlackBerry Bold 9700 from Rogers, OS version can be downloaded. As usual do a backup before you install it… here’s the link.

For those who don’t have the Bold 9700 and want one… enter our giveaway here. It’s probably one of RIM’s best devices to-date. (more…)


Quick video of the upcoming TELUS LG IQ

LG has been releasing incredibly stylish devices recently and they have certainly stepped up their game with their S-Class UI. We got our hands on the upcoming LG IQ for a quick demo and this adds to their smartphone lineup… and will be TELUS’ first device to run Windows Mobile 6.5 (so the IQ actually has 2 user interfaces built-in).

The IQ is targeted to be released before the end of year. Here are some quick specs:
3.2-inch WVGA touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 800. This also has a full 4-row slide out QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile 6.5, 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and video capabilities, slide out QWERTY keyboard, optional accessories will be a Pico projector, enhanced fingerprint security, Bluetooth 2.1, can run multiple applications at the same time, e-mail, contact, calendar, GPS, 1500 mAh battery, will come with Windows Marketplace for Mobile for all your free and paid apps. Overall dimensions are 113 x 55 x 15.6 mm and weighs 127 grams

We’ll have a full review soon of the TELUS LG IQ. Special thanks goes out to Hilen Wong…Check out this quick video:


Facebook for Nokia E71 now available

nokiae71-facebookIf you have the sleek Nokia E71 (available at Rogers and TELUS) you’ll be happy to know that Facebook has finally become available to you. All you have to do is head on over to the Ovi Store and download it. We’ve put a link below but if you can’t find the app it’s under Social Network and called “Facebook for Nokia E71/E72″… the total file size of 0.376 MB.

Just like using Facebook on yoru computer, the description basically says you can do it all from your E71 now also: “Update your status, see what your friends are up to, upload photos, check messages and lookup phone numbers… comment on your friend’s statuses, RSVP to event invites and confirm or deny friend requests.” (more…)