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Public Mobile not launching in 2009, but offers more insight

Public Mobile has posted a very extensive list of FAQs about who they are, what they will have to offer and what to expect when the launch their new wireless network. When we interviewed Alek Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile back in September he stated that “We will have some market presence before Christmas”… with only a few days left the likelihood of this happening is a far stretch, but in 2010 they’ll be busting out with more devices other than the ZTE C78.

Check out the questions and answers below and let us know your thoughts:

Q: Will your plan include long distance coverage?
A: Yes, we’ll certainly have options available around long distance– whether it is Canada, US or internationally. As we get closer to launch we’ll be sure to communicate the full details of our offer. Right now, we aren`t publicly discussing this information.

Q: Does $40/month include voicemail and call display?
A: We`re thinking of all types of options, including voicemail and call display. However, right now, we aren`t publicly discussing these plans. As we get closer to launch we’ll be sure to communicate the full details of our offer.


Consumer Reports survey shows price main complaint

Consumer Reports has released a cellphone survey of 14,000 Canadians that shows the top two complaints are price and contract terms and conditions. There were slight movements this year with the carriers adjusting their contracts, getting rid of the dreaded SAF and even getting simpler pricing. Let’s hope 2010 brings even more positive change.

The Consumer Report survey shows that 70% of respondents now send and receive text messages and about 40% surf the web on their phone. When it comes to the organizations, the best-rated for customer satisfaction is SaskTel and Virgin clocked in as being the best for pre-paid plans. For the big 3, Consumer Reports states that Rogers got an above-average rating for text messaging, Web and email access. Telus didn’t score high but received good marks for customer service. For big blue, Bell was below in overall satisfaction due to below-par customer service.

Rosalind Tordesillas of Consumer Reports said “Overall, the top complaint is price. People may have seen their bills rise because they’re probably using their phone more, and in different ways.”

Perhaps when all the new players come into the market in 2010 the results will be dramatically different. What do you expect for 2010? Better service? cheaper plans? Faster speeds? Better devices?

Via: CBC


Bell and Best Buy up the ante by throwing in another $75

We’ve been informed by the “Informer” that Bell has another promo going on. This time it’s a Bell/Best Buy combo. When you buy a Bell device on a 3-year contract you’ll get a $75 gift card… this is on top of any Bell deal that Best Buy currently has going on. So depending on what you’re intending to purchase it could be lucrative.

The promo is on until January 3, 2010. (more…)


Confirmed: Rogers HTC Magic and Dream not getting Android 1.6

If you joined the revolution and got an HTC Magic and Dream from Rogers you are probably wondering when the upgrade is happening to Android 1.6?. Well, it’s not and it’s now confirmed.

According to the HTC website in their upgrade section the question is “Can I upgrade my Rogers Magic device to Android 1.6?”… Owners are already upset (check out our Forum here) as it’s now confirmed:

“HTC is not currently planning any Android 1.6 upgrades for Rogers Dream or Magic. Android 1.6 was only made available for “Google”-branded devices such as the G1. It is not available for HTC-branded products such as the Dream or Magic, which use Android 1.5. We believe that Android 1.5 is a stable and reliable software platform that delivers a terrific user experience.” (more…)


Virgin drops price of “Broadband2Go” to $99.99

Virgin launched their “Broadband2Go” Internet Stick (aka Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 USB Modem) at the beginning of December for the standard Prepaid price of $149.99.

However special thanks should go out to those Virgin Angels as they’ve now dropped the price by 50 bucks to only $99.99. Good holiday promo and we hope it lasts. The data will cost you $45/month for 1GB and if you activate online they’re giving you a $45 credit. More here at Virgin


If you speak French you might get a free Rogers webphone

Yesterday we wrote about how Rogers dropped some prices of their “webphones” to $0.99. Stellar deal for some good solid devices. If you are looking to save a buck you might be in luck. Thanks to Pat who spotted some slight benefits of speaking French.

Visit the site and click on the “Français” link on the top right, then go to Wireless, then phones and you’ll notice that the French version has all the webphones for $0.00. However the downside is that if you follow through to the checkout it kicks you back to the real cost of $0.99. I am sure if you are looking to save some money you can get it for the advertised price. (more…)


Palm Pre hits rock bottom… now priced at $0.00!

palmpre-0imageWith all the promotions flying around to sway customers to sign up for a new device, if you’ve been waiting, dreaming and holding out for the Palm Pre to drop in price… you better put your jacket, scarf and gloves on and start heading over to the closest WirelessWave.

They’ve come in a cool $99.95 less than Bell locations and priced the touchscreen/full QWERTY keyboard device at $0.00 on a 3-year, that’s right… the sweet sound of free. We thought the Pre was a good deal at $49.95 but you cannot get better than free!

Anyone going to bite on this price?

More here at WirelessWave


Winner: TELUS HTC Hero Contest!

telus-htc-heroWith this contest being very successful wed like to thank everyone who entered. We are proud to announce the winner of the TELUS HTC Hero is David Watters. Congrats to you David!

As for 2010, we currently have a contest planned every month and a bunch of accessories already loaded up to give away! Stay tuned for more info on these coming the first week of January.

We want to hold contest that you enjoy…so in the meantime, please think about what kind of contests you are interested in. What would you like to see more of, less of. Do you want bigger contest less often or more contests frequently? Do you like device giveaways, or are you interested in us giving away a monthly price plans?


SaskTel: 750,000 long distance calls will be made on December 25th

logo-200x60-sasktel-newSaskTel has stepped up an made their usual long distance projections for December 25th. This year they estimate that 750,000 long distance calls will be made (both wireline and wireless).

SaskTel states that “About 42 per cent of Christmas Day calls are expected to be made to locations in Saskatchewan, while about 53 per cent of the calls will be to Canadian destinations outside of the province. About 4 per cent of the calls will go to the United States and overseas.”


WIND officially launches brand in Calgary

For those of you who are screenwriters/movie producers you might want to give Tony Lacavera a call and do a documentary on the entire wireless saga. It’s honestly has enough high and low parts that would make for a great Sunday Night special, maybe even Tuesday.

Today is another day in the WIND Mobile chapter. They have officially launched in Calgary (4 corporate stores and 3 Blockbuster locations). Everything is the same… price points ($15/$35/$45 plan) and devices/products (BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Maple, Huawei U7519, Samsung Gravity 2, Huawei E181 data stick). For Calgary the coverage is limited now as you’ll notice on the map below. Here are some of the highlights… stay tuned as we are putting a full report together on price plan comparisons etc.

No activation fees, No contracts, No SAF, No 911 fees, No charge for incoming text or incoming long distance, No penalties for changing or cancelling a plan, Unlimited WIND to WIND calling across the country, Unlimited province-wide calling from a WIND Home Zone, Plans include caller ID, missed call alerts, call waiting, call hold, call forwarding, unlimited conference calling. Are you liking the plans or disappointed?


Tony Lacavera, Chairman of Globalive and WIND Mobile said “Today marks a new chapter for wireless in Canada. Thank you to the thousands of Canadians who have helped us to build WIND Mobile. We’ve listened to those conversations, and now we’re very proud to announce our offerings as a direct result of all the feedback. WIND is Canada’s company. Built by Canadians, for Canadians.”