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Bell Samsung Link DecalGirl “Skin” site goes live before official launch

link-decalThis Link is getting a lot of love from us. Remember we let you know about the upcoming (and very leaked) Bell Samsung Link promo, the one if you’re one of the first 10,000 customer to purchase you’ll get a free skin from Decal Girl.

Good news for those wanting to get a head start on this as the site has been put live. There are 50 skins to choose from, personally I’m a fan of the “Crowd Favorite”, “Digital Urban Camo” and “Mind Trip”. (more…)


Globalive gives Alcatel-Lucent 3-year contract to built 3G network

globalivelogoGlobalive is making news in all areas over the past number of weeks. They most recently will face the CRTC due to TELUS‘ request to look into their foreign ownership. Plus they signed multi-million dollar deals with Nokia Seimens and DragonWave to help them build out their national 3G network.

Today, Globalive announced another 3-year multi-million dollar contract with Alcatel-Lucent to help further rollout of their commercial voice, mobile broadband and multimedia service offerings. According to the press release it says “Alcatel-Lucent will supply Globalive with its industry-leading, LTE-ready 3G radio access network offering, based on its multi-standard radio access solution, including radio network controllers, node Bs (base stations) and a flexible wireless network management system. For the project Alcatel-Lucent also will provide a variety of professional services including site acquisition and construction, radio frequency network design and optimization as well as overall network planning and design. (more…)


Fido to release Nokia 1661 August 5th

nokia1661-fidoWe first found out that Fido was set to release the economic Nokia 1661 when it showed up by accident on their site, so did the Sony Ericsson Z780i. News today that the 1661 will be released on Wednesday, August 5th at $0.00 on a 2-year or $55 Prepaid. The Nokia 1661 comes with an FM radio, Mp3 player, 1.8 inch screen with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels, flashlight speakerphone, contacts, Calendar, stopwatch, Calculator, speaking alarm clock and games.

Speak Out Wireless and Petro-Canada currently offer this at no-contract price $59.

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TELUS HTC Snap & Touch Pro2 dummy phones arrive

telus-danforth-snap-touch-pro-2Hopefully TELUS will stop teasing us all and release the HTC Snap and HTC Touch Pro2. Fort the longest time this has been slapped with the “Coming Soon” signage on their site. Rumours have spread over the past month about possible release dates. Even Best Buy came forward with pricing both of these upcoming devices.

Good news, well progress at least, as both dummy phones have made their way over to TELUS locations. You can see on this image the HTC Snap, HTC Touch Pro2 and the BlackBerry Tour all nestled up together. Looking at the picture it has the Snap in full form with the icons of its capabilities… but no Touch Pro2 info. (more…)


Globalive on latest TELUS CRTC request: “I am very concerned”

tonyGlobalive Chairman Tony Lacavera wrote a post on his WirelessSoapbox site titled “TELUS Maneuvering”. Earlier this week it’s known that TELUS went to the CRTC and asked for “Directions on Procedure”, basically wanting insight into their upcoming business plans and possibly delaying their official launch… to which Globalive declared TELUS of “game playing”.

Lacavera wrote “Good morning everyone,I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date about some of the latest developments related to the CRTC’s review of Globalive’s ownership structure, which was announced last week. On Friday TELUS asked for additional rights to intervene. I am very concerned about their request; these additional rights, known as “Directions on Procedure”, may provide TELUS access to Globalive’s business plans and more worrisomely may prolong the CRTC review. All of this may delay Globalive’s launch. (more…)


Google rolls out “Smart Links” for your mobile phone

smart+link+2Google has added a new feature in the mobile Gmail application called Smart Links. This basically takes any long URL link and shrinks it to a shorter named link. Google says this is only available in plain text emails now and can be used in Google Maps with address queries, Google Maps with directional queries, Google Sites webpages, and YouTube videos.

More here at Google


RIM takes BlackBerry product placement to EA NHL 10

BlackBerry-xbox-ea-nhl10British Columbia-based EA Sports will be releasing the anticipated NHL 10 in September on both Xbox and PS3. Previous versions of this game have won many awards and they have certainly cashed in from various forms of advertising with in-game advertising.

RIM has been going heavy on the social media scene lately and it seems that RIM wants a piece of this in-game advertising action and have placed the beloved BlackBerry device in trade deadline area. From the looks of it you’ll have the option to answer, make or ignore a call. (more…)


Virgin releases Samsung Link at $29.99

virgin-samsung-linkSo much for the exclusive Bell release on July 30th… Virgin has officially launched the Samsung Link in a stunning Grey!

Virgin describes the Link as “Get linked in from no matter where you are with the Samsung Link QWERTY Phone. Use the large, 4-line full QWERTY keyboard to fire away texts and instant messages at rocket speed. Stay on top of things and check up to 5 personal email accounts on the go with Virgin Mobile email and see if you’ve been poked with the one-touch Facebook button. Plus you can snap pics with the 1.3 megapixel camera and connect wirelessly with stereo Bluetooth 2.0.”

Sounds pretty good so far. I gotta admit… I’ve held the Link and the keyboard is tight, actually reminds me of the Palm Treo Pro size keyboard. Just like Best Buy showed us last week, the Link can be yours on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $29.99
2-year contract: $49.99
1-year contract: $99.99
No contract: $99.99

More at Virgin Mobile here
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Bell Samsung Link dummy phones arrive

samsung-link-bell-dummyWe first let you know of an upcoming Samsung device that was headed to Bell called the “Link” on July 2nd. At that time we only had a blurry image of the exclusive full QWERTY device, but days passed and we found out more info with a solid release date and pricing.

Dummy phones have made it to Bell, in both colours white and black. The Link will launch on July 30th the price plans will be as follows: 3-year contract: $19.95; 2-year contract: $69.95; 1-year contract: $169.95 and Outright for $219.95.

The Samsung Link has a full QWERTY keyboard with a 2.2 inch LCD screen, a 1.3 megapixel camera and can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card. In addition, it’s Bluetooth 2.0 enabled, comes loaded with web access, IM, e-mail and text messaging. You can see on the image there is a decal, Bell will be doing a promo (similar as the Vice promo) and offer the first 10,000 customers will get a free decal from Decal Girl.

Virgin Mobile has already launched this. (more…)


Petro-Canada releases Nokia 2680 slider

nokia2680-petrocanPetro-Canada has released what looks and sounds like their best device to-date, the Nokia 2680 is a slider phone that can be yours for $110 or if you choose, redeem 180,000 Petro-Points. The 2680 measures 99 x 47.1 x 14.8 mm and weighs in at 97 grams.

Features include Voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, Bluetooth capabilities, speakerphone, VGA camera, GPRS Web browser, MP3 Player, Calculator, Organizer and FM radio. The screen size is 128 x 160 pixels. (more…)