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Video: BlackBerry Presenter quickly demonstrated

Douglas from “InsideBlackBerry” got a quick demo of the newly announced BlackBerry Presenter. This is the accessory that you can use to display your PowerPoint presentation from your Berry. It retails for $199 (USD) and looks pretty snappy. Check out the video below… would you take this along during presentations and leave your laptop behind? (more…)


Virgin ads removed for being “too provocative”

Virgin Mobile is one of those brands that actually take risks when it comes to advertising. Even their contests are bold, out there and incredibly fun.

Across Canada you’ll see the their latest ad campaign “Hook Up Fearlessly” plastered on billboards and bus stations. The ads show couples making out in unique areas. Over in Calgary the bus ads were removed after customers took offense to them, or as Calgary Transit spokesman Ron Collins said “were a little bit too provocative”.

Virgin Mobile spokesman Nathan Rosenberg said “It’s quite interesting for us because these are the sorts of images people are bombarded with every day. We don’t think that we’re actually doing anything that encourages people not to express their love in a healthy relationship or in a healthy kind of way”. (more…)


X10 on the way, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini “Robyn” leaked online

Rogers is set to release the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 soon which is very exciting, but how does its little sister look. Leaked images of the upcoming XPERIA X10 Mini, aka Robyn, has been leaked online.

The scaled down device is rumoured to officially be announced at the Mobile World Congress on February 14th. Early specs are that it has a 2.6-inch touchscreen, 5.0 megapixel camera, 3.5mm audio jack, micro USB port and Wi-Fi. No word on when this is coming to Canada but the pics show that it’ll be available in several colours. (more…)


Samsung Omnia II is the official device of the Olympics… but staff prefer to use BlackBerry

Apparently the 2010 Vancouver Olympics has an operating budget of $1.75 billion and sponsors are making the most out of the experience. Everything from beds, drinks, clothes and cellphones organizations are jumping on board.

Samsung is the official mobile sponsor with the official device of the Olympics being the Omnia II. Samsung will be providing 9,200 units but apparently staff and volunteers are not happy with the Windows Mobile powered device. Some are saying they want to use their BlackBerry instead because they “are frustrated with the touch-screen devices, saying key functions like sending and reading e-mail are nearly impossible”. The organizing committee has been a bit flexible but state they have a choice between the Omnia or a Vice. Those who don’t want to change have found was to use their Berry discretely. (more…)


Contest: The “I want to cancel my current provider and get a new device” contest!

** UPDATE ** This contest is now over and we have a winner. Find out if it was you here

Time to crack open the creativity and start 2010 off with a bang! If you’re one of the 21+ million Canadians that are tied down to a contract and have always wondered what it’s like to give another carrier a go… this contest is for you!

We’ve called this the “I want to cancel my current provider and get a new device” contest. So the details are that we will pay for your lovely cancellation fee of your current provider and pay for a brand spanking new device of the new carrier of choice (max value of $700). If you win this beast of a contest you’re responsible for your monthly plans. Nothing could be better than starting the new year off clean!

To enter the contest all you have to do is submit your name in the comment section below. The contest goes until Friday, January 15th at 4:00pm and as usual we’ll announce our winner shortly after. You can only enter your name once…Go ahead, enter your name below!

(Follow us on Twitter to find out faster if you won! – @mobilesyrup)


Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation launches App

Quick shout out for a good cause. Cancer has somehow touched the vast majority of Canadians and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has launched an iPhone app to help raise awareness, seek guidance, register for events and making donations. The app is offered in both English and in French and is incredibly intuitive. (more…)


Quick Video of Flash Player 10.1 in action

Not had your fill of Google’s Nexus One info? Well, here is another one for you. Adobe is set to officially release Flash Player 10.1 and it’ll be available for Android OS 2.1… so it might show up on TELUS’ Motorola Milestone. Check out the video as the folks over at Adobe have put a good presentation together of several sites. This actually shows how quick the 1GHz Snapdragon processor is


WIND “chatting” to bring Nexus One to Canada

With Google launching the anticipated Nexus One yesterday, news came in a hurry that it would not be shipped to Canada… just yet. WIND seems to be wanting to get their hands on this self proclaimed “super phone” and this would be an incredible addition to the lineup and their first Android device.

Chris Robbins CCO of WIND Mobile said yesterday on Twitter “Wow! Lots of interest in the Nexus… Yep, works on AWS, and we’re chatting with them… will let everyone know soon.” Would you hop in this device? Is it worth $529 (USD)? By the way if you really want this now you can go to eBay and score one for $700 unlocked. In the meantime here are some vids that Google put together:

(Thanks Nadim!)


Concept: Rotate 130 times on your finger and get 2-minutes of talktime

I guess you could call this a “green” idea as it takes no electricity… just human perspiration. This is a concept design by Song Teaho & Hyejin Lee that allows you to charge your mobile battery by spinning it around your finger. The battery has a built-in generator and the designers state that if you rotate it 130 times the outcome will be 2 minutes of talktime.

Would you use something like this? (more…)


RIM introduces “BlackBerry Presenter”

We saw earlier this month an easy way to show your presentations by using a “Mobile Projector” accessory for the LG IQ. Today RIM has announced the “BlackBerry Presenter”. This is an accessory that will retail for $199 and can RIM says it “easily plugs into a projector or monitor, then lets the user display a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation wirelessly from their BlackBerry smartphone”. Sounds like a good idea but it a bit limiting as it only works on PowerPoint presentations.

Full specs are: (more…)