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Video: Wind Mobile’s Microsoft Surface in Action

For those who don’t have WIND Mobile in their area, such as the upcoming locations for Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa, we took a quick video of the über-cool Microsoft Surface displays that are installed in their corporate stores. WIND went for a completely digital experience and these are used to show and compare their phones and plans.

It’s pretty cool… take a look at the video:


Motorola searches for Marketing Manager to help with 2010 launches

We’d like to help out Motorola as this coming year will hopefully be a positive year for them in both product launches and organizational stability. A definite year of reinvention.

A Motorola job description states they are looking a Marketing Manager for an 8 month contract position. With the anticipated launch of the TELUS Motorola Milestone and other Android-powered devices going to Rogers, the position states the person will be “responsible for product launches into the channel, training, field programs, merchandising, point of sale, PR, advertising, carrier programs, sell through of the product and project management of website detail”. (more…)


RIM under investigation for violating patents by unknown Prism Technologies

Omaha-based Prism Technologies filed a dispute with the International Trade Commission against RIM in which they state they have violated one of its patents. According to the complaint, the ‘288 Patent “covers an innovative way of controlling access to protected electronically stored data and information requested by a device using an Internet Protocol network…the method and system disclosed by the ‘288 Patent controls access to protected electronically stored data and information using an authentication server.”

Prism goes into detail about how RIM’s “BlackBerry Desktop Enterprise Activation configuration of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution… BlackBerry Administrator Enterprise Activation configuration of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution,” infringe on Prism’s patent.

Edward Snyder, an analyst with Charter Equity Research said “The probability of (Prism) prevailing are relatively slim. And even if it does, the likely impact to the stock is minor. I’ve not heard of them (Prism) before, they’re not going to be somebody who is pre-eminent in tech.” (more…)


Samsung m330 now available at PC Mobile

PC Mobile has made the Samsung m330 available and can be yours a couple of ways. Either the device itself or on a “bundle” with a Samsung m330 Bluetooth headset and vehicle adapter.

The straight up m330 is priced at $69 while the bundle is available for $99. This is comparable to the Solo Mobile prices that we saw last week of a 2-year contract for $25 or prepaid for $100. I personally think the PC price is better… but it all depends on how much you talk as the price plans are a bit different. (more…)


Big 3 shut out of annual “50 Best Employers in Canada” study

The Globe & Mail and Hewitt Associates have released their annual study that shows the 50 Best Employers in Canada. The basis behind this is to measure employee engagement and “how positively employees feel about their employer, how likely they are to stay, and how committed they are to doing their utmost to achieve business objectives.”

This year it was PCL Construction that took top spot but if you are curious to know where Canadian wireless companies ranked on the list… you won’t find them. None of them made the top 50. Even with all their thousands of employees, perks, bonuses and fitness memberships. Not even the big 3 (Rogers, Bell and TELUS) made the list.

The only shining light in the Telecommunications industry is Montreal-based Ericsson. They have 1,696 employees and are the ones behind building out the new networks for Dave Wireless and MTS. No other specific details are given into why Ericsson made the cut but we’re proud of them! (more…)


PC Mobile drops prices of LG 160 and Rumour until December 31st

It was not long ago that PC Mobile dropped their prices, but now they have jumped into the Boxing Week sales by discounting a couple prepaid devices by about $10. The offer is on until December 31st and you can get the LG 160 and Rumour on a decent price:
LG 160: $39.00
LG160 Bundle: $49.00
LG Rumour: $59.00
LG Rumour Bundle: $89.00


More rumours spread about an 8GB iPhone 3GS

Remember back in the summer when Rogers posted “accidentally” posted an unannounced 8GB iPhone 3GS on their website. Then a few days later a leaked document showed  up with so-called pricing from their inventory system. Since those days not much has been spoken about this device until the past few hours.

Apparently over in Germany a user named “David” bought a refurbished iPhone 3G. When he actually received his new touchscreen the label on the box had a bit of a surprise… the serial number/IMEI label clearly stated “iPhone 3GS v2.2, 8GB”. Now David does confirm that the iPhone is the 3G version and runs software 3.0.1. However, it could be things to come…

Via: iLounge & Apfeltalk


Virgin to start charging customers “for the funding of the 911 service”

Virgin has put a note on their Customer Updates section (and also sending out e-mails to customers) that they will start charging customers a 911 fee. This goes into effect January 29th, 2010 and is only for those who reside Saskatchewan, Québec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island.

Virgin also points out that they are not making any profit from the fee and it’s the government to blame. They state that it’s “a regulated provincial tax for the funding of the 911 service” and that “this is a charge that was created by the governments in these provinces and not by Virgin Mobile. We’re required to collect the tax and pass it on to these governments just like provincial sales taxes.”

Check out the chart for the associated cost. (more…)


TELUS predicts what 2010 will look like…

David Neale is TELUS’ Chief Futurist and SVP Strategic Content and Services and he has taken a bit of time to look into the future and give his insight into the top 5 mobility trends we can expect in 2010. Check them out below and let us know what you think (kinda also gives an insight into what TELUS devices will be launched this year):

1) Your contacts make the call, not your phone: Phones will no longer be organized around its functions, but holistically around your contacts. It’s not about tasks anymore, it’s about people, so instead of categorizing communications by function such as text, voice and email, smartphone interactions will be centred around your contacts, giving you the flexibility to communicate with them however you wish, seamlessly, and to view your interactions with them without switching applications. With more people-centric applications, smartphones will become more in-tune with the way we live, work and interact with others.

2) Entertainment-on-demand: No need for a TV guide… video-on-demand is about to take over.  In 2010, the Internet and broadband access will be the popular way consumers will enjoy television programming and entertainment of all kinds – available when YOU want it, where you want it, over television and the Internet. Your viewing experience will even be flexible enough to move with you from room to room.  With 21% of Canadians currently using on-demand entertainment and  57% of Canadians feeling that pre-recorded video brings them closer to their families, it’s a trend that’s sure to grow. [* Stats based on TELUS Canadians and Technology survey, released in September, 2009]

3) Have the posse follow you: Social networks are no longer a destination we go to – but evolved to being so integrated in our lives it follows us throughout the day.  No longer seen as a separate activity to e-mail and voice messaging, in 2010 social networking will be a primary means of communication and smartphones will be the vehicle that brings all of these channels together in one place. It doesn’t matter if you’re communicating with someone through Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or IM – it’s all streamlined. Through emerging applications, your posse can come to you instead of the other way around.

4) Where you at? GPS is your new best friend: “Where are you?” will become a question of the past. Advanced social networking mediums and GPS-based applications now allow you to pinpoint the location of your contacts in real-time, adding a deeper dimension to social networking,  to offer the user new ways of connecting with contacts and deepen relationships (even facilitating face-to-face contact!).  Canadian mobile phone habits found that Smartphone penetration has jumped from a quarter of the wireless population to one-third – in one year meaning that more Canadians will be joining the connected community.  (*Stat according to J.D. Power & Associates)

5) The ‘can do’ device: In 2010, phones will go from being devices you ‘could’ use as music players or cameras to the ‘all-in-one entertainment hub’ where you can acquire and play your favourite music while capturing memories in high resolution on built-in cameras.  Functions that were once secondary to smartphones will become just as important as communication, creating the ultimate user experience.


Bell Turbo Stick promo gives you $150 instant laptop rebate

Got a new Bell Turbo Stick and Netbook on your mind?

If you can hold out for a few more days until January 1st then you might want to go to Future Shop or Best Buy. They are having a promo that when you purchase a Turbo Stick and subscribe to a Mobile Internet with Laptop plan (2 or 3-year monthly term) you’ll get a $150 off any netbook or laptop computer. The credit will be in-store at the time of purchase and goes until March 31st, 2010.

In addition, as a bonus they will also receive unlimited Wi-Fi at any Starbucks location. The eligible Turbo sticks are the u998, u950 and the u760.