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BlackBerry Sports Challenge goes live!


A few days ago we let you know of a new contest RIM was putting together on their WinWithBlackBerry site. Today is the day that the contest went live and you can win instant prizes such as 10 BlackBerry smartphones, accessories and discounts. For us Canadians the contest also gives us a chance to win hockey jerseys, game tickets and a chance to win the grand price of an all expense paid trip for 4 to a “North American Hockey League finals game” and $2,000 spending money. I guess they are meaning the NHL Finals. (The contest is also available in the States as AT&T as their partner)

Basically you get a point when you register, login, answer a question, click the “Learn More” button and forward to a friend. The Challenge has two rounds: Regular Season: August 4th – August 24th and Final Round: August 25th – September 5th. On the Final Round the point double.

Check it out here


Palm Pre available Thursday, August 27th!

palm-pre-dateThere have been countless number of rumour launch dates for the anticipated release of the Bell Palm Pre. And over the past few days we’ve seen many forms of advertising such as in-store, online and magazines.

However, nothing can put the rumours to rest when a national distributor outs the possible release date. Future Shop has boldly stated on their site that the Palm Pre will be “Available August 27th”. This follows ability for us Canadians to pre-order the Pre in-store, wither at a Bell location or Future Shop and Best Buy.

August 27th is just over 3 weeks away… who’s going to get one? (more…)


Rogers HSPA+ announcement: “Bell is not concerned”

rogers-network-phasesRogers recently announced they will start to build out their HSPA+ network starting this August. Speeds are going to reach up to 21Mbps and we’ve received an internal document from Bell that clearly lists a number of “Key reasons why Bell is not concerned”, and even going as far as stating that the Rogers HSPA+ network “does not have any substance”. The document is titled “Internal positioning of Rogers HSPA+ announcement” and reads the following:

Context: In anticipation of Bell’s HSPA launch, Rogers announced that it will begin deployment of HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access Plus) starting August 2009 in select GTA areas. HSPA+ is an evolution of the HSPA network and will support speeds of 21Mbps.

Rogers release is in reaction to Bell’s HSPA announcement made last October and does not have any substance. This is apparent when one reads through the copy.

Key reasons why Bell is not concerned:
1. Rogers deployment of HSPA+ will start in August with a progressive roll out of the pocket coverage in the Greater Toronto Area ONLY
- Expansion timing and locations are unknown at this time since Rogers is very vague with roll out plans

2. Canada-wide rollout of Rogers HSPA+ netowrk will follow over time
- Bell plans to offer a national HSPA network at launch
- It has taken Rogers over 3 years to deploy 3G (HSPA) coverage to 78% of the Canadian population
- Bell offers 3G (EVDO) coverage to 89% of the Canadian population – the largest 3G coverage in Canada

3. Rogers plans to offer (1) Mobile Internet Stick at time of initial HSPA+ launch
- There are no HSPA+ phones and smartphones available commercially in the world today
- None of Rogers 3G devices today will be able to take advantage of 21Mbps speeds
- Most of Rogers devices are 2G (they only have one 3G BlackBerry whereas ALL of Bell’s BlackBerry devices are 3G)

Rogers typically pre-announces network deployments/evolutions before their network are commercially available to Canadians.
- Oct, 2005, Rogers announces plans to offer HSPA network
- Nov. 2006, one-year later launched HSPA in the Golden Horseshoe ONLY
- Oct. 2007, one-year later expanded HSPA network to 25 major cities across Canada
- Oct. 2007, announced that they were conducting field tests of high speed 7.2Mbps data services with PC Card in Brampton & Montreal. This was a trial only.
- Dec. 2008, one-year later launched 7.2 Mbps speeds to 75% of Canadian population”

So there you have it, Bell’s not concerned, will rollout their national HSPA network at once at launch in time for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.  Thoughts?


Jobs announces Eric Schmidt’s resignation from Apple’s Board of Directors

bod-googleApple has announced in a press release today that Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, is resigning from Apple’s Board of Directors:

“Eric has been an excellent Board member for Apple, investing his valuable time, talent, passion and wisdom to help make Apple successful,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Unfortunately, as Google enters more of Apple’s core businesses, with Android and now Chrome OS, Eric’s effectiveness as an Apple Board member will be significantly diminished, since he will have to recuse himself from even larger portions of our meetings due to potential conflicts of interest. Therefore, we have mutually decided that now is the right time for Eric to resign his position on Apple’s Board.” (more…)


Proof: Pre-order receipt of Bell Palm Pre

bell-palm-pre-order-image-receiptA few days ago we let you know that Bell has started to take pre-orders for the Palm Pre, or what they say is “the most important launch in Bell’s history”. More Pre ads came when Future Shop and Best Buy showed them as “coming soon” in their magazines and also started to take pre-orders for the Pre.

Special thanks to MikeyB, one of our readers in Ottawa, who had to go to a couple Best Best locations to put his money down and finally make a deposit to pre-order his Pre. You can see on the sales receipt that it’s for $50.00 and he also said in his e-mail that he went to a Bell store and the “rep that I spoke to said the launch was supposed to take place on Aug. 1st initially but was delayed to Sept. 1st.”

So the Palm Pre pre-order does exist. We are also hearing from others that when they go to a Bell location their names are only put on a list, but no deposit money is given. Still no official word from Bell on the launch date, but everyday gets closer!


Even more Palm Pre “Coming Soon” ads surface

bell-palm-pre-fsHow many of us are completely sick of the “Coming Soon” that is slapped on the Palm Pre? Last week we saw that Bell started to advertise in-store Pre-order, then we saw Best Buy with a similar pre-order ad… and Future Shop has jumped on the wagon and also started to promote the upcoming Palm Pre in the latest Fall issue of their “Cellshop” magazine.

I remember back in May Future Shop advertised they were going to carry the Palm Pre on their forum, but the info was removed shortly after they disclosed information they weren’t supposed to. On this latest ad there are no dates, just a friendly TBD and a description that says “Sexy, sleek body? Check. Multi-tasks? Check. Something a little more unique than the phone everyone else is carrying. Check and Check. The Palm Pre is the phone that everybody wants – and you should own.”

True… but honestly Bell, release the Pre before everybody decides to get an iPhone or a BlackBerry.

(Check out the French version of this ad in our Forum here)
Thanks “palanium”!


Canadian actress Tamara Hope gets spoofed in Palm Pre commercial

Canadian Tamara Hope has starred in a bunch on new Palm Pre ads in the States, perhaps we’ll be fortunate to get them up here when it actually launches. Or, depending how you look at, perhaps not. Many people are saying the ads are “creepy” and simply awful to look at.

People have taken their thoughts to YouTube and started re-creating them. The first video is the actual commercial, followed by a couple spoof (more…)


More LG BL40 Chocolate in action (VIDEO)

The upcoming LG BL40, otherwise know as the new Chocolate, is nothing short of impressive!

This is rumoured and most likely will be available at TELUS early next year and features a four-inch wide screen 21:9 ratio HD screen (800 x 345), 5 megapixel camera… In addition, looks like LG is going all out for this launch as according to The Korea Times, an LG spokesman said “LG is close to striking a business deal with Miller for promotion, though more time will be needed to finalize it, as some technical issues still remain”.

Here is the latest video of the LG BL40 in action (more…)


Get money when you recycle your phone at Best Buy

best-buy-mobile-trade-inAs Canadians become more green when it comes to our cell phones, such as the recent Motorola Renew (and a new green device launching shortly), we have many options when it comes to recycling our old devices. Many of the carriers have a in-store drop off locations or even supply you a bag in the box of your new device.

Best Buy Mobile has joined the ranks but have done it slightly different. They have partnered with Flipswap, an organization that recycles old cellphones and gives them a longer lifespan. Every time you visit a Best Buy Mobile location you can trade in your used cell phone, and in exchange you will receive a Best Buy gift card depending on the value of your phone!

For example a BlackBerry 8130 Pearl is worth $35.32, a Nokia E62 has a trade-in value of $23.62. If your device has no value or is beyond repair it’ll still be recycled but you’ll be given no money but a tree will be planted just for helping out. Best Buy says “In three easy steps and as little as five minutes you can determine your phone’s value, print out a prepaid shipping label, and send us your phone. You can expect to receive your gift card within 3-4 weeks”.

Sounds like a good trade… always good to get a bit more savings for a new device!
More here at Best Buy


BlackBerry App World 1.1 goes live with new features

appworldRIM launched the BlackBerry App World on April 1st and today they have updated it by releasing version 1.1 (download here).

According to InsideBlackBerry the new features allow you to view the Top 25 Free and Top 25 Paid applications and when you are searching for applications, you can now filter by newest, name, price, vendor, popularity and relevance. In addition, you’ll are now able to archive your downloaded and purchased applications on a microSD Card.