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ScoreMobile for BlackBerry tops 1 million downloads

Great to see another Canadian company doing very well, although 60% of users come from the U.S… ScoreMobile for BlackBerry has now topped the 1 millionth download since launching back in June. This is a free app that gives you up-to-the minute scores and stats, previews, recaps, fantasy player stats covering top leagues such as MLB, NHL, NBA, and PGA.

Jeff McDowell, Senior VP, Business Marketing and Alliances, Research In Motion said “ScoreMobile makes it simple and easy for users to follow sports in real-time, and is a great example of how the BlackBerry platform can be leveraged to provide an even richer user experience”. (more…)


TELUS releases the LG “Madison” GB255G

TELUS has released their first device of 2010 and after a slew of wicked devices… we see the early 1990′s style of flip phone released in Canada.

The LG GB255G, also known as the “Madison”, is the newest addition to the lineup and it comes loaded with a 1.3 megapixel camera, 2-inch internal display, MP3 player, can hold up to 4GB with a microSD card, Bluetooth, speakerphone and all the other standard features. In addition, the overall dimensions are 97.6 x 48.8 x 16.9 mm and has an overall weight of 84 grams.

This is available on the following plans:
3-year contract: $49.99
2-year contract : $149.99
1-year contract: $199.99
No contract: $249.99

More here at TELUS


Bell offers up $50 BlackBerry accessories credit

Starting January 15th Bell will be offering a $50 in-store BlackBerry accessories credit for those sign up for a new 3-year contract. The promo will go until January 31st and is only valid on the following devices:
- BlackBerry Curve 8330
- BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230
- BlackBerry Pearl 8130
- BlackBerry Storm 9530

This is perfect to set yourself up to for a new Bluetooth device… nothing worse than getting a ticked for talking, texing, e-mail or surfing the web while driving. (more…)


Bell still claiming new network is “the most reliable”

I’m not even close to being a lawyer, but when a judge throws down the hammer and states you must stop saying you’re the “most reliable” because your new HSPA network is too new… I gotta believe it’s a done deal. No room for negotiations.

Last month Rogers took Bell to court for false claims about being the “most reliable” network in Canada. They won the suit and Bell was forced to remove the claim from all advertising. Even Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility stated “based on the judge’s ruling, network tenure is now an issue in claiming that a network is most reliable. In other words, the reliability of a brand new network cannot now be directly compared to an older network. We don’t agree of course and are considering an appeal… We’ll continue to let clients across Canada know about the new network’s superiority of course. Most reliable can wait for another day.” (more…)


Kodak files lawsuit against Apple and RIM. You guessed it…patent infringement

Eastman Kodak Co. has announced they’ve filed a lawsuit with the US International Trade Commission against Apple and RIM for patents that infringed on Kodak’s digital imaging technology. Kodak is directly speaking about camera-enabled iPhones and Blackberrys. Currently Kodak already has agreements with over 30 companies that include LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

According to the chief intellectual property officer at Kodak Laura Quatela, she said “Kodak has a long history of digital imaging innovation and we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars creating our industry-leading patent portfolio… In the case of Apple and RIM, we’ve had discussions for years with both companies in an attempt to resolve this issue amicably, and we have not been able to reach a satisfactory agreement.” (more…)


OtterBox releases BlackBerry Bold 9700 Defender Series Case

OtterBox is back with another case that will protect you beloved BlackBerry. This time it’s for the Bold 9700 and this Defender Series gives you 3 layers of protection. It costs around $50 (depending where you get it) and overall dimensions are 4.59″ x 2.77″ x 0.87″ with a weight of 1.39 oz. Check it out here at OtterBox

Layer 1:
- Thermal formed protective clear membrane over keypad. Protects against scratching, as well as dust intrusion (layer optional depending on the level of ruggedization desired).
- Hard-coated PC screens protect display screen, camera and flash from scratching and dust intrusion.

Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell.

Layer 3: Durable silicone skin to absorb bump and shock.


Shaw taking “initial steps to commence wireless activities”

Shaw Communications won 18 licences and spent $189 million during the recent Canadian Wireless Spectrum Auction.

Back in November they decided to hold off on entering into the wireless market with CEO Jim Shaw stating “We felt it more prudent to develop our core business right now, and not divert any of our attention away from our mainstream products. It’s like you don’t want to buy the neighbour’s house when your house isn’t fixed up. It’s really about where do you put your money and at what time. And we think this is the best spot to put it in right now, and that the time will come for cellular.”

Over a year has passed and looks like the house is fixed up! Today Calgary-based Shaw announced their Q1 results and also announced that “During fiscal 2010 we also plan to take initial steps to commence wireless activities, with build out planned over the next several years.”

No word on what the exact details are yet… but this is great news as more competition is coming!
More here at Shaw


Next-Gen iPhone to be “touch-sensitive” with “new plastic casing”?

Many rumours are circling around the next-generation iPhone that’s targeted to be released in June. Starting with a 5-megapixel camera, faster processor and multitasking. Bloomberg is reporting that the next iPhone will have casing that is similar to the popular Magic Mouse. This will change the overall feel of the device.

The article states “Apple’s going to put a lot of innovation, not just on the hardware, but also on the software of the new iPhone,” said Taipei-based Chen, a member of Asia’s top-ranked technology hardware research team. The handset will feature a new plastic casing similar to that used for Apple’s touch-panel Magic Mouse released last year… The technology may be replicated in the new iPhone to offer touch-sensitive features on the rear of the handset, Chen said.” (more…)


WIND Mobile “fixes” blocked port issue… customers happy again

So if you signed up with Wind on their “Infinite Mobile” data plan you might have realized that they unknowingly blocked ports, basically stopping you from accessing and using popular sites and apps like YouTube), MSN, Google Talk or GPS.

There has been much discussion on the Wind Mobile site with the title “***Dear WIND Please ADMIT that you’re blocking ports, and work quickly to end it!***”. WIND does stand behind their tag line of “the power of conversation” as they we getting slammed by their community. With this COO Chris Robbins has stepped up and as usual communicated every step of the way about resolving the unknown issue.

He stated: “High level, there was no plot to limit specific applications. The decisions we’ve made up until now were essentially for 3 reasons:
1. To differentiate between our two unlimited data plans (one is for “mobile internet” on your phone, and one is for laptops). For most customers, these are different uses and have different value. (more…)


Slacker Radio officially arrives in Canada, when is Pandora coming?

Slacker Radio is now available in Canada and can be used on your BlackBerry or Android devices, iPhone is coming soon too! The first 30 days are free but after that if you want to continue you can upgrade to a $3.99 USD per month plan. Slacker lets you create your own music station, or listen to over 60 different genres. (more…)