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TELUS on Rogers recent CRTC request “runs counter to everything we are striving for as an industry”

Update: It seems as though Rogers withdrew their CRTC application today. However, read below for bits of the proposed filing.

Yesterday Rogers filed a request to the CRTC that basically is asking for all the carriers to ensure all customer balances are at $0.00 before porting their number to the new carrier of choice. Apparently it’s costing Rogers “millions of dollars each year” when customers comes over with balances.

In the application Dawn Hunt, Vice-President Regulatory for Rogers stated that “Rogers requests that the Commission order that the new wireless carrier will be responsible for the unpaid balances owed by the wireless customer that the customer fails to pay after receiving their final invoice. This requirement will apply only for wireless-to-wireless ports.”

In addition, the applications says “Circumstances have changed since the implementation of Wireless Number Portability (“WNP”) as more and more customers are porting their numbers with unpaid balances that include both charges for wireless usage and early cancellation charges… Customers porting-out mid-contract with unpaid balances are costing Rogers, and most probably other wireless carriers as well, millions of dollars each year. (more…)


Bell officially drops Palm Pre to $0.00 on 3-year!

We’ve seen the Palm Pre hit the rock bottom price of $0.00 over the holidays… but it was not through Bell directly. However if you take a peek over at Bell today you can see the price dropped to a lovely $0.00 on a 3-year contract.

Possibly the reason for this drop is the upcoming TELUS Palm Pre. Even back in July we wrote a story stating that Bell has a 6-month exclusive on the Pre. We’re guessing the time is up and the drop is get people to buy the first webOS device. (more…)


Quick Contest: Win a BlackBerry Curve 8520 or 8530!

We thought we’d hold another contest, this time it’ll only last 1-week so if you want inyou better put your name in below.

Since majority of the carriers in Canada offer the uber affordable BlackBerry Curve 8520 or 8530 we think it’s time to give one away. Currently Rogers offers the 8520 and Fido will soon too. Bell and Telus offer the 8530 and Virgin is also adding this to their list shortly. So depending what carrier you want… we’ll give you the device and you’ll be responsible for the monthly plans.

To enter the contest all you have to do is submit your name in the comment section below. The contest goes until Friday, January 29th at 1:00pm and as usual we’ll announce our winner shortly after. You can only enter your name once…Go ahead, enter your name below!

(Follow us on Twitter to find out faster if you won! – @mobilesyrup)


Sony Ericsson says “shift to touch screen phones” caused 2009 results to slide

Sony Ericsson has reported their Q4 and full year 2009 results and even though us Canadians will be the first to get the anticipated XPERIA X1 shortly… the results have not been the best.

The report shows that the number of devices shipped in Q4 increased 3% to 14.6 million but had a year-on-year decrease of an astonishing 40%. Sony Ericsson states that the reason for the decrease was “due to a downturn in the global handset market and a faster than anticipated shift to touch screen phones in the mid-priced sector of the market”. We say that Rogers should speed up that X10! (more…)


RIM to bring on “fingerprint recognition” on BlackBerry devices?

Another day… another patent filed by a mobile manufacturer. This time it’s RIM with a patent that shows they are working on some sort finger print scanning technology. The specific patent was originally filed on February 26th, 2009 but recently updated on January 12th, 2010.

According to the documents, this is “An apparatus for input and fingerprint recognition comprises a touch surface, and a data processor coupled to the touch surface. The touch surface comprises a first region and a second region. The second region is distinct from and coplanar with the first region and occupies a minor portion of a total surface area of the touch surface. The data processor is configured to selectively operate the touch surface in a touch input mode or a fingerprint detection mode. In the touch input mode, the data processor is configured to operate the second region at a first resolution comparable to that of the first region to detect a touch input anywhere on the touch surface. (more…)


SaskTel drops price of BlackBerry Storm 9530 to $25

Even though the BlackBerry Storm 9530 has been around for well over a year… it’s nice to know that you can get it for an incredibly low price. Telus is selling this for $0.00 on a 3-year and Bell has this pegged in at $99.95 on a 3-year. The good news for those over in Saskatewan is that SaskTel has dropped the price to a decent $25.

So if you fancy the original Storm you might want to jump on this. (more…)


Samsung announces winners in the Olympic “Mobile Explorers” contest

Samsung is a major sponsor of the upcoming Vancouver Olympics and they have announced the winners of their Mobile Explorers contest. Almost 7,500 people entered the contest but only 57 get the opportunity to be flown to Vancouver for 20 nights with free accommodations, meals and most likely an Omnia 2 to capture their Olympic “WOW” moments. The chosen 57 are from Canada, the United States, South Korea, China and Russia.

Ally Ruttger, a winner from St. Catharines said “Thanks to Samsung, my community will be connected to the action at the Olympic Games and they are all very excited to be cheering on the Samsung Mobile Explorers and seeing our online posts. My first WOW moment was when I learned that I was selected as a Samsung Mobile Explorer and I am very excited to experience more WOW moments and share them with the rest of the world.” (more…)


Apple files patent that gives real-time parking information

Apple has filed a patent called “Parking & Location Management Processes & Alerts” that uses the GPS in your mobile device (basically your iPhone) that gives you real-time info “about future constraints pertaining to the present location to establish the occurrence of a future event”.

So the patent gives examples because the above statement is out there. Basically it will give you info on the best place to park your car, where available parking spots are, parking spot rates, closest taxi. The patent filing states that: (more…)


Rogers asks CRTC for carriers to pay unpaid bills before porting

Number portability came into effect in March of 2007 and people have embraced it to give a new carrier a go. With customers swapping in and out during contract periods has also seen the rise of unpaid balances… which Rogers states costs them “millions of dollars each year”.

Rogers filed a request with the CRTC asking that all carriers “to be responsible for the unpaid balances owed by customers who switch providers”. Makes sense as you sign up with a clean bill and should leave with a clean bill. It should not be up to the new carrier to go chasing for costs that were not originally their responsibility. So somewhere along the way there is a sweet loophole. The CRTC said they are reviewing the request.

Rogers says “Customers porting out mid-contract with unpaid balances are costing Rogers, and most probably other wireless carriers as well, millions of dollars each year. The task of collecting these unpaid balances is made much more difficult once a customer ports their number to a new carrier as the relationship has been terminated.”

However, Michael Janigan, executive director at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, says that it’s just not about unpaid bills but a bigger picture is about market share. Stating rivals like TELUS, Bell and now Wind are slowing taking business away from them. “This is the clear downside of long-term contracts for a supplier and now they want regulation to solve a problem brought about by market forces”.

With new competition… you must find new creative ways to keep customers and your shareholders happy.

Check out the entire filing here at the CRTC (PDF)

Via: CBC

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