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Bell Palm Pre Commercial vs. first Palm Commerical

So Bell has put a TV commercial together that promotes the upcoming Palm Pre with all its touch features and how easy it is to switch between applications. The branding is similar to other Bell commercials we’ve seen over the past few months, and also is very similar feeling to another popular touchscreen.

A real question is to compare this first commercial to Palm’s first commercial in United States that stars Canadian actress Tamara Hope. Which one do you like better?

In addition, another video has surfaced called “Meet My new Palm Pre” that shows “Bradley” touring around Toronto showing the Pre to unassuming Canadians.

Via: EngadgetMobile


Virgin to increase Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing October 4th

virginmobilelogoEver since Bell took over complete control over at Virgin, we’ve noticed a few changes. First, they now bring on devices faster or even ahead of Bell (Samsung Link). Second, they have changed their price plans to have only a 2-year or prepaid contracts (3-year for BlackBerry devices only). Third, their website is getting a complete overhaul over the next few months, and lastly – they are slowly starting to increase their rates.

On the Virgin Customer Updates page they’ve noted that “On October 4, 2009, the price of Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing will change from $7/month to $10/month. If you are already hooked up with Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing then you can keep using it at the current $7 monthly rate. Just a heads-up that if you ever miss a payment or remove the subscription, you can hook it back up for the new $10 monthly rate.”


WIND Mobile makes first Cross-Canada call

wind-logoSimilar to Globalive Wireless a few weeks back when they made their first call, Wind Mobile (new Gobalive brand) has made their first cross-Canada connection (if you consider Vancouver to Toronto cross-Canada).

CEO of WIND Ken Campbell said “We’ve reached another important milestone this week at Wind Mobile. We have made our first cross-Canada call between Vancouver and Toronto, with two of our employees sharing a dialogue across the country. Abid Nawab in Toronto called Carol Jarnagin in Vancouver. The first words on our network were Abid saying, “Hi! Can you hear me?…”

Wind is set to launch their new wireless network by the end of the year offering “a superior level of customer service” and changing “the way Canadians experience wireless”. Hopefully everything goes well with the CRTC foreign ownership hearings starting on September 23rd (We’ve a hunch it will).

Congrats WIND!
Give us more insight into your plans and devices please…


A bunch of Palm Pre literature strolls into Bell Stores

palm-pre-goodness-yum-yumWith Canadians loving the Palm Pre excitement – one of the most anticipated devices to launch here this year – Bell employees are now being immersed with training on how to use the new touschscreen. Also, new literature has make its way into stores across the country and thanks to our friends in the east for sending this pic along.

You’ll see a Palm Pre “Pocket Sales Guide” that gives quick information about Pre such as the specs, tips and tools. Also there’s a “Gesture Guide” that give all the important info on how to use the Pre’s gesture area and the touchscreen. Plus a “Demo Guide” has been created that essentially gives quick access to all of the Pre’s features such as Universal Search, Keyboard, Contacts, Calendar, card View E-mail etc… excited yet?


Palm Treo Pro makes its way to SaskTel

palm-treo-pro-sasktelItching for the new Pre but a SaskTel customer? Well, the closest thing you can get made by Palm is the Treo Pro. This was just released and is available on the following voice and data plans:

3-year contract: $169
2-year contract: $439
1-year contract: $539
Monthly: $739

The Treo Pro comes with Windows Mobile 6.1, 2-megapixel camera (8x digital zoom and video capture), WiFi, built-in GPS, support for microSDHC card up to 8GB, 2.5mm with a weight of 4.69 oz (133 grams). (more…)


Virgin offically launches Samsung Link in White

white-virgin-samsung-linkWe let you know a few days ago that Virgin was set to release the Samsung Link in a smashing new colour. Today they have launched this texting beast in White (it has a blue trim that goes all the way around). This begs the question when the Red Virgin Samsung Link we saw in the Future Shop ad is launching?

This can be yours for $24.99 on a 2-year plan or $99.99 Prepaid. The Link has a 2.2 inch LCD screen, 4 row full QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities, overall dimensions of 6.1(w) x 1.3(h) x 11.23(d) cm and weighs in at only 106 grams. It comes with speakerphone, MP3 player and a microSD slot that can hold up to 16GB for all your music, video etc. (more…)


Air Canada releases iPhone App, BlackBerry coming soon

iphone-air-canadaAir Canada has release an iPhone app that allows passengers to get updates on their flights (you can refresh by shaking your device), check-in and select your seat, print your boarding pass.

In addition you can also find and track any flight on Air Canada or Jazz with by the arrival and destination cities. Plus you also get the ability to rent a car with Avis and Budget. There will be more features coming as they say “this is only the beginning! We still have many more ideas and plan to continually enhance our App to make your travel experience even better.”

Air Canada also plans to release an app for BlackBerry devices soon.

Get it here (iTunes Link)


Bell says Palm Pre has “unprecedented demand”

palmpreimageWith the Palm Pre now only a mere 7 days away from launching in Canada, proudly the second country in the world to do this. Claire Gillies, director of marketing at Bell Mobility, says “We’ve seen unprecedented demand on our Web site. The list grows every day as we approach launch.”

We’ve noted in the past that the Pre is “the most important launch in Bell’s history“. It could be a possibility that those wanting and patiently waiting for iPhone 3GS stock to arrive might transition over to the Pre? Only time will tell.

Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst at IDC Canada said “Palm needs to be able to satisfy that initial demand to gain market share. Palm is coming to market with the Pre when people are adopting smartphones en masse. It’s a rising tide that lifts all ships.”


Microsoft set to release the “Fune” phone?

We know that they have just signed a major deal with Nokia to put Windows Mobile on their devices. But honestly, do you really need that partnership? Rumours are going crazy today of a leaked video that shows Microsoft getting ready to launch the “Fune” phone. Check out this video promo of this beast in action. It’s hot! (more…)


LG Masterpiece now available on TELUS Prepaid

lg-7100-prepaidThis is like a movie almost going straight to DVD. The LG Masterpiece was released by TELUS on August 5th, only 2 weeks ago. Good news for people who don’t want a contract as this is now available on Prepaid for $129.99 (plus they are throwing in a $20 activation credit).

The Masterpiece is a basic device that has a 1.3 megapixel camera, speakerphone, Bluetooth plus standard features: contacts, calendar, tip calculator etc. Dimensions are 109.5mm x 47.5mm x 9.9 mm and weights 83 grams (more…)