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Bell pushing out “Self Serve” app for Palm Pre, BlackBerry Storm 9530 and Tour 9630

Thanks to a tipster who notified up that on January 20th Bell will be pushing out an free app called “Self Serve”. The choice devices to receive this app are the Palm Pre, BlackBerry Storm 9530 and BlackBerry Tour 9630.

The app is free and will give customers the ability to have one-click access to the Self Serve home page. The Self Serve area allows you to check your account balance, monitor and manage your voice, data, events and text messaging usage, add features and register for pre-authorized credit card payments.

The app icon looks like the above image and you;ll be able to download it from the Palm App Catalog and BlackBerry App World.


Public looking for “hard-working, sociable” people

Public Mobile has been outspoken over the last couple weeks about their request to the Federal Court to overturn the decision that allowed Globalive to launch… but it seems they are now back on track and priming up to finally launch.

Originally Public Mobile was supposed to launch before the holidays but due to “summer’s city strike in Toronto held up the permitting process” they are targeting the first half of 2010. Public Mobile is targeting their services to reach the “value conscious” market by offering a monthly $40 unlimited talk and text plan.

Today they’ve placed an ad in Metro News that they are having a job fair and looking for “hard-working, sociable” people. If you’re interested to work for Public the job fair is in Toronto at the Public Mobile Store on 2575 Danforth Avenue on January 20th (9:00am – noon & 3:00pm – 8:00pm). The actual ad stated (more…)


TELUS increasing rates by $5 March 4th for specific plans, plus local & long distance overage minutes changing

TELUS introduced their Clear Choice Rate Plans back in November which saw the removal of the dreaded System Access Fees (SAF) and the carrier 911 fees. Telus also states “the price you see is the price you pay”… with this news customers will be happy to know that increases are on the way.

Checking out their site today we found an updated terms of service and on March 4th, 2010 TELUS states that “Your monthly fee will also increase by $5 if you currently subscribe to any of the following features: Call Canada 30, Nationwide 30, North America 35, or Unlimited Web, Email and Instant Messaging.” (more…)


“Square” mobile payment gets quick video demo

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is creating an easy way to accept payments from your iPhone. It’s called “Square” and the basis is that you have to put the payment dongle into the headset jack and follow the simple process of a credit card transaction. It’s still in beta now but investors such as Kevin Rose of Digg fame is jumping on board and backing the project.

Check out the video below… not sure when this will arrive in Canada, but do you think it’s the future of mobile payments? (more…)


LG: “Windows Mobile operating system is rather unqualified”

Ahn Seung-kwon, LG’s President of LG’s mobile communications division stated in an interview that they “plan to increase the portion of Android phones to half of 20 smartphones that LG has been set to launch in the global market in 2010″. This is big news as they have been in a deep relationship with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform.

When asked about their interest in Android over Windows Mobile Seung-kwon said “MS Windows Mobile operating system is rather unqualified in mobile interfaces. Despite such worries, the partnership with Microsoft is still safe… LG Electronics plans to launch smartphones with more affordable prices. In order to better penetrate into the smartphone sector, LG hopes to seek a key flagship smartphone model that could sell over 10 million units”. (more…)


Virgin’s upcoming devices: 9700, 8530, iPhone, MiFi 2372…

Update – seems since we posted this story Virgin has removed the working pages with their upcoming devices. However, you’ll see the complete list and we gotta agree with Robert Blumenthal of Virgin Mobile Canada when he stated “Early next year, we’ll be in the first phases of a very different Virgin”. Check out the full list below.

Nothing like a good insight into what upcoming devices a carrier will be releasing than live pics on their own website. That’s what our friends over at Virgin Mobile have done!

We’ve known they were going to release the iPhone (3G & 3GS) for some time now… but the Virgin Angels will also be releasing the following devices: Blackberry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Curve 8530, Samsung M330, Broadband2Go MC998D and the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372.

Pretty stellar upcoming lineup and we still believe these will launch in February when they turn on their new HSPA network. There are yet to be released and have the following current price tags associated with them, probably changed at launch:

Apple iPhone 3G: 3-year/30-day contract is $599.99
Apple iPhone 3GS: 3-year/30-day contract is $699.99
BlackBerry Bold 9700: 3-year/30-day contract is $599.99
BlackBerry Curve 8530: 3-year/30-day contract is $399.99
Broadband2Go MC998D: pricing is still unknown
Samsung M330: pricing is still unknown
Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372: pricing is still unknown.

Check them out here at Virgin (or the above links)
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PrivacyStar App for BlackBerry available in Canada

The National Do Not Call (DNCL) List has been available for well over a year now and well over 7 million Canadians have signed up. The idea behind the list is for people to sign up to stop unwanted calls/faxes from telemarketers. The list has been under speculation for many reasons ever since it launched… the main reason is that some people have signed up and unfortunately have been getting more calls.

A new BlackBerry app called “PrivacyStar” has made its way to Canada and it can assist in blocking unwanted calls and identify unknown callers. The app goes a step further to see Telemarketing violations and report unwanted telemarketing violators to regulatory enforcement authorities.

The app is free for the first 30 days but after the trial period if you want it it’ll cost you $2.99 (USD) per month. (more…)