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Bell launches Samsung m530 in Black

m530-blackNot to overshadow the Palm Pre launch yesterday, Bell has also released the Samsung m530 in Black. This can be yours on the following price plans:

3-year contract: $19.95
2-year contract: $69.95
1-year contract: $149.95
Outright: $199.95

There is nothing new about this phones, a follow-up to last year’s “Olympic Edition” in white. The m530 comes with a 2.1 inch internal screen, a 1.3 megapixel camera with video capabilities, GPS with turn-by-turn directions, speakerphone, Windows Live Messenger, external music dedicated keys, full track downloads, a massive 50MB of internal memory and can hold up to 4GB of additional memory with a microSD card. (more…)


MyScreen trial shows 79% would prefer seeing a full-screen mobile ad

20090827-pepsi300Toronto-based MyScreen has completed a trial with Turkish mobile operator Turkcell called “TiklaKazan”. MyScreen offers permission and incentive-based advertising for your mobile phone. It allows you to subscribe and be compensated for the advertising (images, text or video) that shows up on your mobile phone.

In this trial period 100 advertisements from global and Turkish brands participated where the ads were shown to Turkcell customers to see if mobile advertising works. Results of the trial showed 82% of subscribers confirming they would recommend MyScreen to a friend, 79% would prefer to see a full-screen ad at the end of call, as opposed to receiving an SMS or MMS. (more…)


Facebook for iPhone 3.0 approved and available in the AppStore

facebook-3.0Apple has officially approved Facebook for iPhone 3.0 – this is now available for download for free in the AppStore. Joe Hewitt said on his Twitter page that “. Facebook for iPhone 3.0: approved and available. Thanks, everyone, for your patience”.

There have also been some changes since they originally submitted the app: landscape mode, home screen organizing and the grid lines have been removed on the home screen.

Get it here at the AppStore (more…)


Bell Palm Pre $198.83 at Walmart on 3-year

bell-pre-walmart-canadaIf you want to buy the newest touchscreen to come to Canada and save a bit of money, actually $1.12 then Walmart is the place to go. They are selling the Bell Palm Pre on a 3-year contract for $198.83.

In addition, they have also put the Pre available on the following price plans:
2-year contract: $448.83
1-year contract: $548.83
30-day: $598.83

You’ll have to get a minimum $45 Voice and Data plan but it also looks like they are giving you a $50 gift card when you buy it on a 3-year. Loving the “rollback” pricing. Discounts on day one… soon we’ll see a price drop! (more…)


Virgin puts unauthorized picture in brochure… photographers says “They should know better.”

virginbrochureAlan McDermott is a photographer who captured a piece of Dublin graffiti and posted it to his Flickr account. He called it “Heart Balloon Girl – ‘Bansky’” as it resembled ones that have been reproduced thousands of times (just search Google and you’ll see).

Virgin Mobile has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to their advertising and even their marketing efforts. They recently re-branded their homepage and we’ll expect a full re-design within the coming months. So what’s the story behind this photo? Well, Virgin Mobile Canada has taken his pic without his consent and even gone to lengths to crop and colour without giving him royalties or credit. The picture has been placed in a new brochure for their latest Canadian ad campaign.

McDermott said “Virgin is a multibillion-dollar company. They should know better. It’s not an accidental mistake, it’s outright theft”. In response to this news Virgin Mobile Canada spokesperson Chris Baines said the image was included in a small quantity of booklets for the media to explain our campaign. “The image was taken from Flickr. We do apologize and will be in touch with (the photographer).” (more…)


AdMob July 2009 stats: Canada barely holds 6th spot

admob-july-2009AdMob has released their July 2009 statistics. As we report back to you each month how Canada is shaping up in the mobile landscape. AdMob puts out a monthly report based on the number of requested ad impressions from their 7,000 mobile publishers (plus mobile apps). June stats showed that Canada again decreased by 0.1% with a total of 164,182,558 total impressions. In July we held barely held on to our 6th place but this time we massively decreased the number of ad impressions (possible page views) by 0.4% with to the total monthly requests of 152,215,011.

Ouch. We could blame it on the Summer months, high monthly rate plans… hopefully the Palm Pre helps us increase this number and brings Canada closer to the top. (more…)


Virgin Mobile joins the money game… launches “Zoompass”

zoompass-bbVirgin Mobile has joined the rest of the party and now offer the ability to use Zoompass on their network. “Zoompass” is the joint venture between Rogers, Bell and TELUS that’s Canada’s first mobile payment service that allows their customers to send, receive and request money, check account balance, review transactions all by using your mobile phone.

As we’ve stated before, the app is free but the service isn’t. After registering the fees are as follows: receive money and add funds from a bank account is free. There is a $0.50 charge send money and withdraw finds to a bank account and a $10 will be charged for any insufficient funds.

Nathan Rosenberg, CMO of Virgin Mobile Canada said “We’re always on the lookout for breakthroughs that will help our customers get more from their phone. Zoompass is a perfect example of innovation that works for people, making it easy and fast to turn their mobile phones into a virtual wallet. In fact, I have some friends that owe me cash. I’m going to get them to Zoom me immediately!” (more…)