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“The average iPhone user is using less than 300 megabytes”

iphoen-3GSWhen the Apple iPhone was originally introduced back on July 11th, 2009 there was a bit of backlash when it came to the Voice and Data price plans. So much so that Rogers decided to create a limited time offer of a $30 6GB plan. This went over well and soon after the demand outweighed the stock.

The same thing happened with the iPhone 3GS launch. Rogers re-introduced the $30 6GB plan and soon after it was released the iPhone was out of stock. Rogers did state that “We’ve sold tens of thousands of iPhone 3GS units through Rogers Wireless and Fido. Demand for the iPhone 3GS in Canada has been very strong and we’re working with Apple to get a 3GS to every Canadian who wants one.”

However, still to this date getting the 3GS is tough to find at a Rogers or Fido location. You can get it through the Apple Store though. No word on exactly how many iPhone 3GS has been sold since the Canadian launch, but at the BMO Media & Telecom Investor Conference Rob Bruce, President of Rogers Communications has said “The average iPhone user is using less than 300 megabytes”.

So, for the iPhone users… how much are you using?


Bell goes green and launches Samsung Reclaim

samsung-reclaimThe Samsung Reclaim is the latest eco-friendly device to come into Canada. We had the good fortune of unboxing this green-approved gem a couple days go and can say that this is the best one on the market.

The Bell Samsung Reclaim is made from corn based bio-plastic materials and 80% of it is recyclable. Even the standard wall charger has been Energy Star approved which is supposed to take 12 times less energy to charge. Although in the United States the actual packaging was well planned out and made from recycled materials, reduced in size and even the quick start guide literature was made from soy bean ink. The actual box has a eco-feel and look to it.

Here in Canada, from a design perspective it looks to be the same standard box that all the other devices come in, still good and 100% is recyclable. We’ve been informed that the “outer packaging and the phone tray inside the box are made from 70 per cent recycled materials. The images and text on the box as well as the phone warranty information are printed with soy-based ink.”

In our unboxing of the Reclaim I was impressed how the style of the Reclaim was not compromised. Sometimes manufacturers can go way out of hand with eco-products and the design is thrown out the window. However with the Reclaim it has a full slide out QWERTY keyboard and a large 2.4 inch screen (resolution of 320×240), In addition, the overall dimensions are 92.8 x 59 x 15.5 mm and weights in at only 110 grams.

Other features are that it can hold up to 16GB a memory with a microSD card, comes with a 3.5mm headset jack and an MP3 Player, a 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, messaging options (IM, text and picture, plus e-mail), built-in GPS and can display full HTML web pages.

This is available in “Ocean Blue” and “Earth Green” on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $49.95
2-year contract: $99.95
1-year contract: $199.95
30-day/Prepaid: $219.95

More here at Bell


Ted Rogers’ son Edward appointed as Deputy Chairman… plus Nadir Mohamed streamlines organization

rogerswirelesslogoLots of corporate quotes coming in this post. There was much speculation of who would be the successor and new leader of Rogers when Ted passed away. It was between Ted Rogers’ son Edward or Nadir Mohamed. Eventually the Board decided on Nadir Mohamed as President & Chief Executive Officer.

Today the Rogers Board of Directors has appointed Edward S. Rogers as Deputy Chairman and also given him the title of EVP of the new “Emerging Business and Corporate Development group”. His role is to oversee major strategic initiatives that includes mergers and acquisitions.

Alan D. Horn, Chairman of the Board, Rogers Communications Inc. “Today’s appointment allows Edward to play a greater role with the Board in major strategic decisions and matters of board oversight. We’re very pleased Edward has taken on this expanded role at the Board and look forward to his increased contribution.” (more…)


TELUS leads Canada in “North American Green Carrier” study

telus-greenABI Research has released a study called “North American Green Carriers” and it states that it “ranks operators on their environmentally friendly, clean technology initiatives primarily focused around green network infrastructure, green network equipment, green handsets and handset recycling.”

The focus was on North America and gave a list of top 10 organizations. Senior analyst Aditya Kaul said “AT&T leads the matrix as the greenest operator in North America followed closely by Sprint Nextel. AT&T takes a slight lead over Sprint partly due to its focus on green innovation and R&D. AT&T has already implemented programs and defined goals in the green network infrastructure area. AT&T has also defined new metrics to measure carbon reduction. Sprint, however, gets special credit in the areas of green handsets, handset recycling, green buildings, and green IT.”

But where did our Canadian carriers come into at? Well, Telus came in 5th spot overall, followed by Rogers at 6th place and then Bell at 7th. It’s widely known that TELUS has a strong corporate responsibility stance. They have won many awards for their environmental and community work. Even on their website they state “TELUS is committed to being an environmental leader. We embrace our responsibility, integrating environmental considerations into our business and offering innovative communications solutions while protecting the environment. Striving for continuous improvement will guide our approach”.

When it comes to actual devices that labeled “green”, Fido (owned by Rogers) has the only one in market today. The Motorola W233 Renew is a candy bar style phone that’s Carbon Free and made with recycled water bottles. On September 17th Bell will exclusively release their first eco-friendly device, the Samsung Reclaim. We unboxed this yesterday and must admit this is the most stylish green device we’ve seen yet. It doesn’t compromise style. The Reclaim is made from corn based bio-plastic materials and 80% of the device is recyclable.

The study showed that each organization was analyzed by parameters of “innovation” and “implementation”. For “innovation” the “operators’ innovative applications or uses of technology for green networks; the direct or indirect impact on green innovations for the supplier value chain; innovative metrics used by the operators for the measurement of carbon/energy reduction, their activities in smart grid networks, their green networks R&D, and “other” green R&D.”

Under “implementation” was calculated by the following criteria: green mobile network infrastructure; green buildings and facilities; green IT; handset/battery/accessory recycling; the operators’ teleworking and teleconferencing initiatives; the greenness of their transport fleets and logistics; their green handset, content and user-awareness strategies, and green packaging.”

Here is a list of the top 10 carriers in order:
1. AT&T Wireless
2. Sprint Nextel Corporation
3. Verizon Wireless: USA
4. T-Mobile: USA
5. Telus
6. Rogers Wireless
7. Bell Mobility: Canada
8. MetroPCS
9. Leap Wireless
10. US Cellular

More here at ABI


Shortcovers thanks Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol for “biggest sales day by almost 2X”

The Lost SymbolAbout a month ago Shortcovers announced they wold be carrying the anticipated new ebook by Dan Brown called “The Lost Symbol”. I’m pretty sure they are thrilled as this was their biggest sales date (no word on exact numbers). The book is selling for $9.99 USD and $11.99 CAD.

Shortovers CTO Michael Serbinis said on the company blog “In just one day, Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol, sold more eBook copies than the last one and a half months of Stephanie Meyer’s hit Twilight series… This will easily be the biggest eBook of the year, and perhaps the biggest eBook so far”.

In addition, he gave some additional stats on the Lost Symbol to date (more…)


Curve 8520 promo material shows up at Rogers

rogers-curve-8520-promo-imageIt was only a few days ago that we saw an actual image of the upcoming Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8520. Before that an internal inventory screenshot showed this was on its way. Today, good news as Rogers locations have started to receive promo material… so a launch will be coming up shortly.

As the document shows the Curve 8520 will have the new”optical trackpad for easy navigation, external media keys, support TalkSpot for unlimited Canada-wide calling”. As usual with all BlackBerry devices it will have all your messaging, has WiFi and is a World Phone with a 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities.

More info on the upcoming Rogers 8520 launch soon!

Via: BBCool


Apple & RIM “duopoly” challenged by the “other major vector” Android devices

Rogers HTC MagicRob Bruce, the president of Rogers Communications was speaking at the BMO Media & Telecom Investor Conference yesterday and had some words about the current “duopoly” that RIM and Apple have.

He stated that manufacturers that have slide-out QWERTY devices such as Samsung and LG Electronics “are peeling off the low end of the smartphone market right now and in effect putting pressure on that duopoly”. When it comes to Android being a player, he calls this the “other major vector” that adds to the RIM and Apple feeling the pressure. (more…)


LG to sell 120 million phones in 2009, become 2nd largest by 2012?

LG-BL40-ChocolateLG is set to release some stellar devices this year. A couple to mention is their first Android device named the “Etna” and the upcoming TELUS LG BL40 Chocolate.

With new devices and a positive outlook, Ahn Seung-kwon, head of LG’s mobile business has stated “we have raised the sales target of mobile phones to 120 million this year. Although the economic downturn has cut our growth potential, the revised target is achievable. The target consists of 75 million GSM-based phones and 45 million CDMA-based ones”.

This is a 20% increase from last year. During the first half of this year, globally LG has sold a total of 52.4 million handsets (22.6 million in the 1st quarter & 29.8 million in the 2nd quarter). (more…)


Public Mobile: “This is about fat cats looking to get fatter”

publicmobileimageEarlier in the week we learned that Rogers has requested the CRTC to look into the foreign ownership of both Dave Wireless and Public Mobile. It seems the impending launch dates of the new wireless carriers has the incumbents getting a bit worried. Reports have shown that an estimated 8 million subscribers will be switching from Rogers, Bell and TELUS by 2014.

Specifically when it comes to Public Mobile, Rogers stated their ownership is “even more confusing. It filed two beneficial ownership structures before the beginning of the auction… However on May 15, 2008, just 12 days for the start of the auction, 6934579 Canada Inc filed a new beneficial ownership structure with Novacap replaced by three new entities Rho Canada Ventures LP, 6976387 Canada Inc. and BMO Capital Corporation. The five foreign firms remained. Apparently the controlling Canadian shareholder was replaceable while the non-controlling foreign shareholders were not. Who controlled the bidding is unknown”.

In response to these claims, Alek Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile said “This is about fat cats looking to get fatter. Industry Canada created an auction to fan competition and now the incumbents are making a futile attempt to stem the competitive environment. This would only serve to keep prices high and reduce competition which hurts customers.”

Krstajic continues with “Public Mobile is backed by multiple Canadian investors including an investment of $50M from OMERS private equity, making them the largest shareholder in Public Mobile. OMERS commitment to Public Mobile was publicly announced last January and is no secret to Rogers. Rogers simply chose to ignore this information and intentionally mislead the CRTC.”

Public Mobile purchased G Band license and only spent $53 million, however they will reach 19 million people in Ontario and Quebec. They will also offer unlimited flat-rate talk and text packages for around the $40 a month price point and have always said from the beginning that their market is the “value conscious segment”.