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Starting March 1st The Source will offer up to a $75 credit on Bell devices

We’ve been tipped that starting on March 1st until March 31st the fine folks over at The Source will give you a $50 or $75 in-store credit when you purchase a Bell smartphones or QWERTY device. There are some stipulations as it’s only for new postpaid clients on a 3-year contract and the credit cannot be used to discount hardware.

The smartphone devices that will receive a $75 credit are the BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Curve 8330, BlackBerry Curve 8530, Nokia N97, Palm Pre, Samsung Omnia 2 and the Samsung Galaxy.

The eligible QWERTY devices are the LG Xenon, Samsung Impact, LG Rumour 2, Samsung Link, Samsung Reclaim and the Samsung Vice.


Apple patents “Camera as Input Interface” that allows camera to be so much more

Apple has yet another patent, this time it’s titles “Camera as Input Interface” that would have the ability for the iPhone’s camera to be used for other features such as fast forwarding or rewinding your voicemail… with the swipe of your finger. In addition to the voice mail commands the camera lens could be used to navigate around the display.

According to the official description: “A portable handheld electronic device contains a camera lens and accelerometer to allow a user to control voice mail and call features by swiping his finger across the camera lens and/or tapping the device. Therefore, the user can comfortably input commands into the device with a single hand and without needing to move the phone away from his ear to apply these inputs. In another embodiment, the camera lens can also be used to control navigation of the display screen or a displayed document of the device. For example, if a user wishes to shift a scrollbar for a page displayed on the screen downwards to view the bottom of the page, the user should move his finger over the camera lens in an analogous downward direction.”

This could eventually be very useful… imagine this in conjunction with multitasking. Possibly the home button will eventually be eliminated and the screen will get bigger. (more…)


Mobilicity brand agency says “consumers had a say in co-creating it”

Mobilicity (formally Dave Wireless) announced their new go-to-market name on February 2nd. On that date we caught up with VP of Marketing Sara Moore and she stated “we think there was a great opportunity and remains a great opportunity for a mobile operator to bring simplicity to the wireless marketplace… and that’s why we love this name and we love the logo because it just drives that message in such a bright cheerful, optimistic – which is who we are as a company.”

A release went out today that New York-based branding firm Verse Group created the Mobilicity “brand story, name and visual identity”. Michael Thibodeau, Chief Creative Officer of Verse Group said “the Mobilicity brand connects with consumers because, in fact, consumers had a say in co-creating it during extensive market research”. (more…)


Public Mobile asks if you’ve ever had to think twice about using your cell

Public Mobile will be launching their service within the next few months and they hit the streets of Montreal to ask current wireless customers if they’ve you ever had to think twice before sending a text message, dialing or answering a call? When Public Mobile launches they will offer an unlimited talk and text plan for $40 per month. (more…)


WIND Mobile expands reach with Edmonton launch

WIND Mobile has officially launched their wireless service in Edmonton, now joining Toronto and Calgary… soon to follow is Ottawa and Vancouver. The coverage area looks decent and there are 2 retail locations where customers can physically get a Wind device: Kingsway Garden Mall (109th Street) and West Edmonton Mall (8770 170th Street), plus 4 Blockbuster locations.

The plans remain the same as from launch, but current customers will now have their Home Zone expanded. The devices are all the same also with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 for $450, HTC Maple for $300, Samsung Gravity2 for $150, Huawei U7519 for $130 and the Huawei E181 Data Stick for $150.


webOS 1.4 Changelog hits the web, nothing official from Palm

The very anticipated upgrade to webOS 1.4 for Palm owners is expected to go down today. PreCentral has received a tip with what looks to be the entire changelog of upgrades and fixes. The list is not yet official from Palm as they have yet to push it through to their devices. Notably the “Supports Video Capture Capability” will be the favourite, plus a great deal of bug fixes.

Check out the full list here… hopefully us Canadians will get the upgrade as promised. Below it just states Sprint.

- Time Zone bug Fix
- Network time sync bug fix to reflect accuratenetwork time
- BT car-kit transition to device corrected
- No EV-Icon bug fixed (random)
- Random browser formatting bug fixed
- Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming

- Phonebook Transfer
- Supports Video Capture Capability
- Performance enhancement within phone and calendar


    - Dial phone # from within a meeting event
    - Allow custom Alerts sounds for Calendar event and reminders
    - Added AM – PM detail within Calendar events

    - Embedded phone $ or email address (embedded inemail) can be easily added to Contacts app
    - New email sort options (date, Sender, Subject)
    - Return to inbox view after send – email

    - Ability to forward SMS to email
    - Ability to dial phone # from SMS chat session (No need to open contact any longer
    - Press and hold on a phone # to get more options( Call, SMS)

    Universal Search now includes EAS (outlook Exchange) GAL corporate address look up.
    Application Launcher – Easier user interface providing usermore feedback during an application launch
    Pre Button in gesture area blinks when notification pending
    Added Adobe Flash 10 Beta – Palm Pre only
    Supports Flash 10 Beta – download available in Palm AppCatalog


Samsung Flight released 2 weeks ago… already price dropped to $49.99

The Samsung Flight was released by Rogers a couple weeks ago at $69.99 and it’s one of their new “touchphones”. Good news for people wanting to save a bit of cash as the touchscreen device has been reduced in price to a reasonable $49.99 on a 3-year. The rate this is going we’ll see it at $0.00 by the end of March! (more…)


3 new ads show how family life is easier with an iPhone

Apple iPhone 3GS commercials have become a breed of their own, people copy and make fun of them… but they get the message across that the iPhone is easy to use. New ads have surface that are currently running in the States through AT&T, eventually bound to hit us Canadians via Rogers, Bell, TELUS (maybe Fido & Virgin).

Check them out here as they are showcasing how you can take everyday experiences and make them amazing, all with the iPhone. The ads titles are “On Hold”, “First Steps” and “Family Travel” (more…)


WIND Ottawa launch pushed back “about two weeks or so”

WIND Mobile is really excited to be officially launching in Edmonton today, they will now have more coverage for their customers who can use the “Home Zone” to call across Canada.

When it comes to their anticipated Ottawa launch date, we were hearing rumblings of a March 25th date so we reached out to Chris Robbins, CCO of Wind Mobile. He stated that “We’re planning on about two weeks or so for Ottawa. Making sure we’ve got everything lined up! We’re REALLY looking forward to our launches in Ottawa and Edmonton… makes us truly “national” even more!” (more…)


Rogers HTC Magic rebranded as HTC “Magic+”

Remember a few weeks back when Rogers took the HTC Magic and Dream off the shelves and issued a mandatory 911 software upgrade for all device owners. Eventually the issue was fixed and specifically for the Magic the was rejigged Magic to OS 1.5 with Sense UI.

So where does this put future sales of the Dream and Magic. Well, back for sale for customers to purchase, but you’ll notice something different when you go for the Magic… it’s been re-branded as the HTC “Magic+”. All the same features such as the 3.2-inch touchscreen display (resolution of 320 x 480), 3.2 megapixel camera with video, Android Market and can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card… and the addition of Sense UI that has multi-touch capabilities. We have also been informed that this the HTC Magic+ will be upgraded to a 2.1 OS by mid-year. This is currently available for $79.99 on a 3-year contract.

Check it out here at Rogers
Thanks to everyone who sent this in!