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Fido feels the love, releases Pink Sony Ericsson T715

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Fido is feeling the love and has released the Sony Ericsson T715a in a stunning Pink. This can be yours for $50 on a 2-year contract or $200 prepaid.

The T715a is a slider that has a screen size is 2.2 inches (resolution of 240 x 320) with a 3.2 megapixel camera with video camera capabilities, Facebook app, Geo tagging of photos, Google Maps, SMS, MMS, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, IM, MP3 player, Bluetooth and Handsfree speakerphone. Overall dimensions are 91.5 x 48 x 14.9 mm and weights in at 96.5 grams. (more…)


LG Banter ready for TELUS’ lineup… launch imminent

Looks like TELUS is gearing up to launch another full slide-out QWERTY device. The LG Banter (LG 265T) has popped up on the Canadian LG site with TELUS written all over it. No confirmed date but it will be within the next couple weeks, and you can bet it’ll be priced well under the $100 mark.

Very similar specs to the Lg Rumour2, this CDMA device comes loaded with a 2.2 inch LCD display with a resolution of 240 x 320, full QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video capabilities, speakerphone, can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card. Overall dimensions are 112 x 52 x 17.3mm with a weight of 126 grams.



Proof: Fido getting the BlackBerry Curve 8520

There’s been some talk about Fido bringing on a the BlackBerry Curve 8520. This will be a much needed upgrade from the current Berry 8100 they have in the lineup now. It was rumoured to launch on February 2nd, then pushed back until the 9th but it’s now been targeted to have a release date of February 22nd.

Good news today as confirmation is always a good thing. Poking around the Best Buy site today we found the product number and an live image showing the 8520 with all Fido goodness. This will be available for $50 on a 3-year Voice & Data contract or $400 no contract.


Solo Mobile releasing Samsung R100 February 24th

Yes – Solo Mobile is still kicking and will be releasing the entry level Samsung R100 on February 24th. This will be available for $0.00 on a 2-year contract or $70 Prepaid.

The R100 has a 1.77-inch LCD display with a resolution of 128×160, Bluetooth 2.1, can hold up to 500 contacts and has overall dimensions of 107 x 43 x 14 mm with a weight of 74 grams. This will also be available in Silver and Black.


TELUS Motorola Milestone Video Review

The TELUS Motorola Milestone is one of those sought after devices that will be launching very soon. In our first review we showed you the Milestone hardware and believe it’ll last you several years in both design and durability. Key features of this Android-powered Smartphone are the 3.7 inch WVGA display (resolution is 480×854) and you’ll see in the video below it shows movies and pictures with great clarity, QWERTY slide-out keyboard and that it can pack up to 32GB with a microSD card.

When it comes to the OS, the version that’s loaded in the one we’ve got is 2.0.1. Some notable features of this are the unlock screen, power control widget, improved stability and battery life (1400 mAh Li Ion) and the media gallery. With all Android devices you have quick access to sync your e-mail (Gmail, POP, Exchange), contact, calendar. In addition, text messaging and picture messaging is a joke and incredibly easy.

The Milestone’s slider is one of the best around but one concern I still have is the physical QWERTY keyboard. I find the keys really small and close together. There is a 4-way directional pad that I’ve used for about 20 seconds in total. The directional pad takes up about 1/5 of the real estate on the Milestone and if it was eliminated it would give room to expand the keys and add more dedicated one-touch buttons for the web, Android Market etc… I’m also finding that one of the keys is already lifting above the keyboard. What is nice is the touchscreen QWERTY keyboard… now this is really responsive and you can actually type faster using it. The Milestone also comes loaded with auto-correct in case you type your words incorrectly.

With it’s 5 megapixel camera (auto focus, dual LED flash 4x zoom) has good quality to it. You can check out the videos that were upload directly from the device. Sound quality was good but more importantly the picture capabilities we well represented. With this OS version you’ll see your media all lined up in an easy to use format which makes it pleasant to look at.

When it comes to surfing the web, the Milestone again is top notch as it renders full HTML websites and has WiFi. The best part is that is uses the entire 3.7-inch display, has multi-touch and you can pinch and zoom to the exact location you want. No area is compromised when this was put together. We captured a few sites and also streamed a video from YouTube to show you how it looks on the device.

Other features are Google Maps and MotoNav for all your GPS needs, the Music Player that can hold all your music (the Milestone has the ability to hold up to 32GB with a mircoSD card). Th Motorola Phone Portal lets you control your device straight from your computer – either by USB or a WiFi signal.

Overall I’m impressed with the Milestone. It’s by far the best Android that will be available in Canada and offers both a QWERTY physical and touchscreen keyboard. I’m sure when OS 2.1 is released this will have the benefit of being upgraded. Rumours are that this will launching on February 18th at the following price plans: $199 on a 3-year contract and $549 outright.

Check out the video below (the quality will improve when YouTube has finished processing)


Official Twitter for BlackBerry App gets quick video demo

There are many Twitter apps that BlackBerry users can tweet with… RIM didn’t want to miss the boat and have released a beta version of the Official Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones App. You can check out the video that Adam over at CrackBerry put together, it’s a good first look and acts similar to Twitter does on your computer. Some of the features are the ability to View friends timeline, mentions and direct messages, Message list integration, Ability to use BlackBerry Shortcuts, Ribbon notifications, Search Twitter. Compose Tweets from menu
and Post links from Browser.

You’ll see in the video that the app doesn’t load very fast and lags at times. Hopefully RIM takes all the feedback in the beta test and makes it more powerful (more…)


TELUS adds Motorola Brute i680 to MiKe lineup

With TELUS having 3 networks to choose from (CDMA, iDEN and HSPA) they have decided to release a new device on their MiKe Network. You can now get yourself a stunning Motorola Brute i680 for $229.99 on a 3-year contract or $429.99 with no contract.

The Brute is another rubberized device that’s military certified. This can apparently be protected from “blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure, salt, fog, humidity and solar radiation”. The Brute has PTT capabilities (Push To Talk call to a Voice Call, and Call Completion), 2 megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Music Player, 2.5mm headset jack, a 1.3-inch external display and a 2.2-inch internal display (resolution is 176×220) and overall dimensions are 100 x 53 x 26 mm with a weight of 159 grams. (more…)


CRTC’s “hands-off approach to wireless may come under pressure”

With 23.1 million Canadians (70%) have a mobile device, reports show the numbers will grow to almost 30.7 million by 2014. So wireless is clearly not slowing down. Devices are becoming more important to our daily lives and a line in a report today by the CRTC has people talking.

The report titled “Navigating Convergence: Charting Canadian Communications Change and Regulatory Implications Convergence Policy” stated that their “hands-off approach to wireless may come under pressure as it becomes a more important platform tool to access all forms of communications and the distribution of Canadian content.”

There are some Canadians that actually would like to dissolve the CRTC, not give them more authority. What do you think about the CRTC having a more “hands-on” approach.


Winner in our Nexus One Giveaway!

Well I can confidently say that the Nexus One Contest was our most popular giveaway to date! Just wait until this actually lands in Canada and we throw another device at you! However, we promised to give one lucky entrant this sexy device and we’re proud to give it to Calvin O’Leary. Congrats Calvin… put it to good use!

No worries Canada… we still have our Valentine’s Day “Win a Palm Pre” Contest going on! Check it out here and make sure you put your name in before the Friday deadline.


TELUS Motorola Milestone Video Quality

The TELUS Motorola Milestone will be launching very soon. In our first review we took a look at the hardware and we’ll post another full review of all the main features of the device tomorrow. Until then I thought I’d post a couple videos of what you can expect the sound and visual quality to be like. Check them out… I uploaded these directly from the Milestone: