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What a Wind Mobile kiosk looks like…

windmobilelogoWind Mobile employees have been busy over the last couple weeks giving back to the community with their “Random Acts of Kindness” initiative… I’m sure they would rather be selling mobile phones. Canadians customers are still in limbo and waiting for the official decision from the Industry Minister if Wind will be given the green light or not…

From earlier pics we got a sneak peak of what the actual Wind Mobile stores will look like, very stylish and modern. This past week Chris Robbins, Wind’s Chief Customer Officer, wrote a post on the company blog that stated “we’ve launched our stores! Well… at least some of them. Before you get too excited, the bad news is that we’re not selling anything”. He’s talking about the kiosks that they’ve placed inside Blockbuster locations in the GTA and Calgary.

We got hold of a pic and honestly these are the nicest kiosks we’ve ever seen. It actually looks like a store, not a dinky kiosk. They are certainly making the experience a memorable one. You like them?



The “Choose any mobile phone you want” Contest

iphone3gs16gbAs promised earlier in the week to hold another contest. This time we’ll put the power into your hands and let you choose mobile phone you want.

We’re calling this the “Choose any mobile phone you want Contest” and to enter the contest all you have to do is submit your name in the comment section below. No strings attached but there are only couple limitations – the device must be available in Canada and the maximum value is $700 (you’ll pay all the monthly charges etc…). The contest goes until Friday, December 11th at 4:00pm and as usual we’ll announce our winner shortly after.

There are many great devices out there now, all the carriers have great lineups…What device would you go for?
You can only enter your name once…Go ahead, enter your name below!

(Follow us on Twitter also to find out faster if you won! – @mobilesyrup)


TELUS cuts 125 jobs due to “hotly competitive” market

teluslogoLast week Rogers slashed 900 jobs across the country and Telus has joined them and cut 125 jobs.

TELUS Spokesperson Shawn Hall said the job cuts are from the business solutions division and are Management level employees. “We know these are difficult changes for people…With the recession other businesses are experiencing layoffs, some businesses are shutting down, and there are fewer phone customers…The telecommunications industry is hotly competitive at the moment and is rapidly changing. The challenges are continuing and we’ll continue to adapt to them.” (more…)


Salvation Army gives option to text $5 donation for Santa Shuffle Runs

salvationarmylogoThe Salvation Army helps over 1.5 million people every year and on December 5th they are doing their annual “Santa Shuffle Runs” event… this is a running event in 35 cities across Canada and for the first time they are giving the option to text a $5 donation.

If you want go give all you have to do is text the word HOPE to 45678 from any Rogers or Bell mobile phone. (The giving will continue past the event tomorrow and be available all year round) (more…)


Nokia 2720 arrives at Petro-Canada for $95

pc-2720The Nokia 2720 is sure making their rounds in Canada. This was just released by Fido for $0.00 on a 2-year, or $70 with no contract. Also, Speak Out Wireless will be launching this soon at $99. Now it seems like the folks over at Petro-Canada wants to jump on this entry-level device.

The Petro Nokia 2720 can be yours for $95 on Prepaid… this flip phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera with video capabilities, FM Radio, Bluetooth, MP3 Player and a 2.5mm Audio Jack. (more…)


TELUS uses hippo to boast about their big network

With TELUS taking Rogers head on with their “reliability” claims nothing is stopping them from boasting about their own network size.

So what does TELUS do to represent this? Well, as always we see the TELUS animals… but in order to get the right scope a mongo hippopotamus is being used!

Check it out here… it’s pretty funny.Aren’t hippos considered to be slow animals though?


Public Mobile to be the “most likable” brand in 5 years?

New wireless entrant Public Mobile is gearing up for their big launch but who says they can’t dream about the future?

A quick video with CEO Alek Krstajic talks about his plans on what he hopes the Canadian public view public Mobile.

Check it out and let us know if you think it’ll become “the most likable and trustworthy brand or company in the country”.


Industry Minister knows the urgency on a Globalive decision

clementAs the drama still unfolds over the Globalive/WIND Mobile pending launch, Industry Minister Tony Clement has stated “We do have the power through an order of council in cabinet to amend or vary the decision of the CRTC… The government’s policy is designed to increase competitiveness in the wireless space, and that is important for Canadian consumers because it increases choice, it increases quality and it reduces cost”.

This news might shed some light on his upcoming and very anticipated decision. Still no date on when he’s going to announce if they’ll be given the green light to launch, Clement did say he knows there is “some urgency” to resolve this issue quickly, but again stated “We’re sifting through all of that information, and then we’ll be able to render an informed and I believe correct decision”. (more…)


Virgin launches “Broadband2Go” Internet Stick

b3gVirgin has been stepping up to the plate lately and not acting in any way, shape or form like a sub-brand of Bell. It’s actually really nice to see that even if they are completely still owned by big Blue they can still keep the same Virgin flare.

Virgin recently announced their plans to carry the iPhone, started offering the 30-day “You’ll Love Us” Guarantee… and they have followed through and started to sell “Broadband2Go” Internet Stick. The actual product is Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 USB Modem and all you have to do is plug it into your computer to get instant access to the internet. This is basically same stick Bell launched a few months ago. You can get this with Virgin on Prepaid for $149.99 and as for data you can get 1GB for $45/month. (Bell is selling this internet stick now for $174.95 on Prepaid)

On another note, if you activate online they will give you a $45 credit, which is a free GB of data. Virgin also says that you’ll be able to get the following speeds: downstream: up to 3.1 Mbps and upstream: up to 1.8 Mbps. The “Broadband2Go” Internet Stick can also hold up to 8GB of memory with a microSD card.

More here at Virgin

(Thanks Eric!)


We’re back… ready to rock!

happy_faceLet me simply inform you that we just want to deliver great Canadian mobile news and yesterday was a challenging day that was completely out of our control. We did loose a bit of content from the past week…however, the issue with the hosting company has resolved and we’re ready to rock again.

I honestly know how Hulkster must have felt after he was down and out and suddenly came back to preform one of his spectacular comebacks… it feels great to be back!

We’ll start putting stories out and let us know if you are experiencing any issues at all. As promised earlier in the week when we announced our Bold 9700 winner, we’ll be holding anotHer contest and it’ll start shortly.

Again, thank you for all your patience.