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Motorola DROID prototype hits eBay, bidding starts at $485

moto-droid-ebayWaiting for TELUS to release the upcoming Motorola Android-powered device called Milestone? How about getting on on the action for this substitute if you can’t wait and want to have something rare…

Seller “mobileexpansion” has put 1 of 5 prototypes of the Motorola DROID up on eBay and states “For Sale is a Motorola Droid PROTOTYPE. Thats right this is a pre-release version. There were only 5 of these ever made and they were strictly for the Motorola Engineers. The phones work perfectly and have clear ESN’s ready to activate. The phone is brand new I only opened it to test that it was working. everything works perfectly.” (more…)


SaskTel puts together a “Thumb Busting” sale!?!

sasktelthumbustingFor those living in Saskatchewan and looking for a new device a “Thumb Busting Sale” is happening over at SaskTel.

Here are the details: You can get yourself either a BlackBerry Pearl Flip, Palm Centro of Motorola Hint for $0.00 on a 3-year contract. Ready for the crazy thumb-bustingness… they are throwing in a a FREE decorative skin! SaskTel says you “Better hurry if you want one of these great TEXTING devices”. Personally I wouldn’t consider this a Thumb Busting sale but I don’t live in Saskatchewan, however the good news is that there are over 25 skins to choose from.

The sale goes until December 31, 2009 (or while quantities last) and as always read the fine print. I just took a quick glance and it’s actually going to cost you a bit of money as a “$25 fee applies to each new activation, change or upgrade of a device”.

Via: SaskTel


Roughriders mobile app being downloaded “at an astonishing pace”

appimage4539Remember that Saskatchewan Roughriders BlackBerry app that was released about a month ago, well it seems that all parties involved in making it (SaskTel , zu and the Saskatchewan Roughriders) are thrilled with the early success.

Since launching October 8th it’s been downloaded at and “astonishing pace” with over 11,000 times in 64 countries. The app gives you access to their schedule, Standings, Scores, Roster, Stats, Articles from newspapers and blogs and their Twitter account. Apparently they are planning on taking this model to the CFL and seeing if other teams want to get in on the action, plus possibly the WHL. (more…)


Rogers Nokia N86 8MP unboxing (Video)

Rogers is set to release the Nokia N86 any day now and we got our hands on one to do a sweet unboxing.

The N86 comes with an 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and video capabilities. The screen size is 2.6 inches and has a resolution of 240×320. You’ll see in the video that the N86 is a dual slider that reveals your keypad and dedicated keys for your music/games. This has built-in WiFi, GPS and comes with 8GB of internal memory (can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card). Overall dimensions are 103.3 x 51.4 x 16.5mm and weighs in at 149 grams.

This will be $99.99 on a 3 year contract with Rogers.


Update: Bell officially drops SAF & 911 Fees

bell mobility billFor those who are Bell, or want to be on Bell the good news is that they have dropped the monthly $6.95 System Access Fees and the $0.75 Carrier 911 Fees. There will be no formal announcement but you’ll notice on the Bell site that the fees are removed from the plans.

The dropped fees are only good for new, upgrading or migrating clients. For those who are current customers and want their fees dropped you’ll have to switch over to a new plan in which Bell has also changed to be more competitive (they’ve also now included call forwarding) and from what we can tell have been increased by $5.

UPDATE: We finally got more info on the dropped fees:
According to the internal doc (Thanks Informer!) here are the details:

“Effective November 20, 2009, Bell is simplifying billing and saving money for our clients by eliminating SAF and carrier 911 fees from the following price plan groups:
• Consumer Share price plans
• Small Business Share price plan
• Consumer U760 Turbo Stick Flex Plan
• Turbo Stick Card price plans
• Corporate price plans
• Smartphone Combo price plans
• Smartphone Combo Share price plans
• Modem price plans
o Tracking
o Vertical data
• Combo price plans for iPhone – shared and single user
• Uber price plans and Atlantic Uber price plans
• Value $25 price plan
• North America price plan
• Fab 10 Student Plans Exclusive to Dalhousie University
• BlackBerry BIS data only PPs
• PDA data only PPs
• PDA data only shareable PPs
• BlackBerry BIS data only shareable PPs
• BlackBerry BES PPs
• BlackBerry BES Shareable PPs

As a result, clients activating on these plans will now only see one monthly charge on their bill – the cost of their price plan – instead of 3 individual charges.

Changes to plans include:
• SAF and carrier 911 fees being removed (a savings of $7.70).
• Call Forwarding being included on Consumer and Small Business plans (a $3 value)
• The monthly fee increasing by $5 to $10 depending on the price plan
• Provincial government imposed 911 fees will still apply

In addition, there is a $5 price increase on 2 BlackBerry BIS and PDA smartphone SOCs.

Impacts to existing clients:
• SAF and carrier 911 fees are not being waived for existing clients on their current price plan. However, existing clients can migrate to an in-market “no SAF or 911” price plan with no restrictions (i.e. no contract renewal required; no migration fee). Advise migrating clients that they will forfeit the benefits and features of their existing price plan.
• As always, if a client calls in and requests a rate plan review, continue to apply your better value migration tactics.
• Clients migrating to the new plans will be charged the $2 paper bill fee unless they register for ebill and suppress their paper bill.
• Existing clients will continue to be able to renew on their current plan as it exists.


Visa’s mobile payments plans for the future (Video)

Juniper Research shows by the year 2014 global mobile payments is posed to be a $65 billion (USD) business. Visa was in Paris this week at the Cartes exhibition and they had on display their upcoming initiatives for mobile payments… and with the market suggesting to be in the billions is reason enough to start getting people familiar with what their plans are.

You’ll see in the video they have iPhone apps, a Visa application that’ embedded on a SIM card and a Nokia device. There are similar things now but the vid suggests we’ll just tap and go… it’s around the 2 minute mark in the video. (more…)


Pics of the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 “Striker”

The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 was one or RIM’s best selling devices and it looks they are coming back for round 2 with an update. Pics have surfaced of the upcoming Pearl 9100… this has a codename of “Striker”. Gone is the trackball and the trackpad has been installed. The 3G Pearl 9100 looks like a shrunken Bold 9700 all the way around except with no QWERTY keyboard but RIM’s SureType.

No word on when this is launching or the price point. You can probably bet it’ll be around the $0.00 on a 3-year and that all the Canadian carriers will be picking this one up. (more…)


Virgin Mobile’s “National Fearless Day” was awesome

vnfdVirgin Mobile held their “National Fearless Day” contest today and it was actually an awesome event, nothing shy of what you would expect from them.

Here’s why it was so cool:
1. Richard Branson was in attendance
2. There were 3 challenges
- 1. Find the letters in a tank full of maggots and Spell “Fearless”
- 2. Get chained to a box full of snakes and try to find the right key to unlock them
- 3. climb almost a 30 foot poll then tightrope across the entire room
3. Richard Branson grabbed a few hand fulls of maggots and threw it into the crowd. Awesome!
4. Tons of giveaways like t-shirts and free phones
5. Third place took home $500 and a free phone
6. Second place walked away with $2,000 and a free phone
7. Winner walked away with $5,000 and a free phone

Check out the video below of a sample of what the Virgin “National Fearless Day” (more…)


Pics of what the WIND Mobile stores currently look like…

A couple months back we sat down with new wireless entrant WIND Mobile CEO Ken Campbell and CCO (Chief Consumer Officer) Chris Robbins for a quick interview. Back then they stated that “their stores they will have no cash desks “or any barriers with the customer… a completely digital environment”.

Today the folks over at WIND have updated their site and given us an inside look at what that experience might look like. See the pics below (and on their Facebook page). From a previous post it does look like in the first pic there’s room in the slot to hold the “Microsoft Surface”, So what do you think… you like?