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Future Shop gives out free Xbox and Gift Cards in Boxing Day sales

There are a few deals you should know about when it comes to mobile. Yesterday we let you know of a Best Buy Boxing Day promo that gives you a $200 gift card when you buy any BlackBerry on a 3-year contract.

Future Shop has also stepped up with a nice offer for Boxing Day, we found 4 to be really decent deals. They are offering the HTC Hero for $49.99 (same price as TELUS now) but are throwing in a $100 gift card. If Palm Pre is your game then you can score this for free and also walk out with a $75 gift card. Probably their best deal is a BlackBerry Bold 9700 from either Bell, TELUS or Rogers for $199.99 and you’ll receive a $150 gift card. One final deal is if you want an old Blackberry Curve 8330 from Virgin… you can get this for $0.00 but the good news is that an Xbox 360 is put in to entice you. (more…)


“Independent researchers” say Rogers is Canada’s reliable network

With more wireless carriers coming out in 2010 the focus will still be on who is faster, more reliable, largest etc… but the ongoing saga between Rogers, Bell and TELUS is still happening these days. We found a newspaper ad today that sports Rogers boldly declaring their network as being the one that’s proven and reliable.

It’s well known that TELUS went after Rogers for using the word “most” in their “most reliable network” advertisements… Justice Christopher Grauer of the British Columbia Supreme Court sided with TELUS and Rogers removed the false claim. This did not stop them though as they made the same claim against Bell and succeeded. Justice Cullen stated Bell must stop saying they are the “most reliable” because their new HSPA network is too new.

The Rogers newspaper ad reads “How do you define reliability? (more…)


Bell launches Visual Voicemail for various BlackBerry devices

Bell has announced that Visual Voicemail is now available on select BlackBerry devices for $8 per month. The Visual Voice mail add on allows you to scan through your messages to see who called, when they called and when you’re ready to get the messages you can view it without dialing into your voice mail.

Visual Voicemail works on the following BlackBerry devices: BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Tour 9630, BlackBerry Curve 8330, BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and BlackBerry 8830. (more…)


Best Buy offers up $200 Gift Card with any BlackBerry

Even though we’re only a couple days away until the 25th… nothing is stopping Best Buy from promoting their Boxing Day deals. If you are holding out for a BlackBerry you might want to wait a few more hours.

The Best Buy Boxing Day Sale starts first online on the 24th at 8:00pm and in stores on December 26th at 6:00am. When it comes to mobile deals the best offer currently is for a Berry. They will give you a $200 gift card with any purchase of a BlackBerry device. You’ll have to sign a 3-year contract and have a minimum $50 monthly plan to get this… this deal is on until December 27th. (more…)


Videotron targets Summer 2010 for new network launch

Yesterday we noted that Videotron updated their website and stated that their “3G+ latest-generation wireless network is coming up fast”. Today is a different day and brings a full blown updated with a targeted launch of the Sumer of 2010. Below are some highlights from the official press release:

Robert Dépatie, President and CEO of Videotron said “We intend to launch a service that meets the highest quality standards that all customers have come to expect from Videotron… Videotron is determined to deliver on its promise of an unparalleled customer experience, to reflect our commitment to maintain our technological leadership and to offer what is best in the marketplace.”

Update on AWS Build-Out
The build-out of Videotron’s AWS project – a greenfield investment – has gained significant momentum since the acquisition of spectrum in the third quarter of 2008. As of December 21, 2009, all services and switching platforms have been installed and are operational, and interconnections have been established with Videotron’s existing fibre network, underpinning the delivery of a unique, integrated customer experience. Multi-phase reliability testing of these platforms is currently underway. Videotron has successfully entered into several site access agreements or had tower-sharing requests accepted in respect of nearly 60% of all antenna sites required for the AWS launch. Furthermore, the equipment for most of the contracted sites has been installed or is in the process of being installed.

AWS Launch Targeted for Summer 2010
Videotron still anticipates launching its AWS offering in the summer of 2010, when its new High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network is expected to be operational. The optimization of Videotron’s AWS build-out and launch project over the past year has evolved, resulting in a corresponding evolution of the project’s investment profile as compared to Videotron’s initial estimates. Nevertheless, Videotron believes that this will not have a material impact on Videotron’s results of operations or financial position, because Videotron anticipates that its optimized AWS project will further benefit its penetration, revenue generation and cash conversion objectives. As previously stated, Videotron still intends to finance future AWS project disbursements from cash on hand, funds generated by operations and, if necessary, available unused lines of credit.


RIM issues statement regarding BlackBerry outage

If you were feeling the pain of the Berry outage yesterday you weren’t alone. It seems that the issue has been located to previous versions of BlackBerry Messenger (so make sure you upgrade to the newest version  (here by visiting or via your device at the App World):

“A service interruption occurred Tuesday that affected BlackBerry customers in the Americas. Message delivery was delayed or intermittent during the service interruption. Phone service and SMS services on BlackBerry smartphones were unaffected. Root cause is currently under review, but based on preliminary analysis, it currently appears that the issue stemmed from a flaw in two recently released versions of BlackBerry Messenger (versions and that caused an unanticipated database issue within the BlackBerry infrastructure. RIM has taken corrective action to restore service. (more…)


What was the best device to hit Canada in 2009?

Canada has sure been busy in 2009… it seemed a new device was coming out every week. With more Canadians embracing their mobile for more than a phone we’re curious what you think the best device was in Canada this year (keep in mind that Bell is releasing the BlackBerry 8530 on December 26th).

Here are a few (not all) that might get you thinking about what each has to offer:
HTC Hero, Touch Pro2, Maple, Magic or Dream
Apple iPhone 3GS
Palm Pre or Treo Pro
HP iPAQ 910
BlackBerry Storm 9550, 9520 or the 9700, 8900 or 9630
LG Chocolate, Eve, Xenon, IQ, Neon, Rumour2 or Keybo2
Motorola Rival or VE465
Sony Ericsson C905, XPERIA X1, W705, C510
Nokia N97, 5800 XpressMusic, N86
Samsung Galaxy, Reclaim, Omnia II, Vice or Link

So what do you think is best. you can even break it down into Smartphones, OS, weight, value for price etc…


BlackBerry is one of “The Worst Ideas of the Decade”

Famed Canadian organization Research In Motion (RIM) has had a stellar ride over the past few years. They really have become a dominant worldwide player in the Smartphone market and recently announced their Q3 record results: earnings of $628 million and 10 million devices sold. However, writer John Freeman of the Washington Post wrote an article titled “The Worst Ideas of the Decade” and the center of it all is the BlackBerry.

Freeman writes “Once upon a time, elevator rides were silent. The bathroom was for, well, using the bathroom. Dinnertime was about sharing a meal with friends or family, and mornings were about waking up. Most radically, home was simply home. Work may have been on our minds, but it wasn’t in our hands (or pockets). But now, thanks to the BlackBerry (and the iPhone, and the Treo, and all the other hand-held e-mail devices), we are always connected.”

I am pretty sure Freeman has a Berry and is glued to it. Freeman continues and states the “BlackBerry starts by infiltrating your morning. Then e-mailing replaces reading on your commute. Next you have it under the table at meetings; surely no one notices your thumbs clicking. Finally, it winds up at your bedside.”

Even though his words are true and we are more connected now than ever… but I would not go as far as calling such an important piece of technology one of the “The Worst Ideas of the Decade”. The garden and lawn gnomes are way ahead of the BlackBerry.

Via: Washington Post
Source: BlackBerry Cool


Virgin predicts 225 million text messages sent on New Year’s Eve

Virgin has stepped up and announced some texting predictions for Christmas and New Year’s Day. They say the biggest texters will be aged 18-30 and will send an average of eight text messages each. In addition, they expect Canadians to send a record 200 million text messages on Christmas Day and 225 million text messages on New Year’s Eve.

Chris Baines, Virgin Mobile’s textpert said “Canada’s love affair with text messages is not stopping… Text message traffic will peak on New Year’s Eve. We’re expecting our biggest day for text message traffic on Dec 31st with more than 225 million text messages being sent across Canada.”


Rogers & Fido extend tethering promo until May 3rd

Rogers sent over an e-mail over stating that the Rogers and Fido tethering promo that was announced last summer has been extended. This is good news as the original expiry date was set for December 31st. Nothing is on the Rogers or Fido site yet but the details are as follows:

“The current promotion, originally set to expire December 31, provides tethering at no extra charge to those with a data plan/add-on of 1 GB or more with a compatible device. Data charges for tethering are deducted from the customer’s current data plan bucket. This promotion has been extended for all existing customers until May 3, 2010. Customers who are currently eligible to use tethering can continue to do so at no extra charge until the promotion’s end date.”

Also, the very last sentence in our e-mail was that “Please note that this promotion is subject to change”. It could mean it’s subject to change at any time, for the better, for the worse or eventually just become standard in the monthly plans??

More soon!
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