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For those who like 3-year contracts: X10 and Milestone now $99.99

There are some customers out there that like the 3-year contract because of the low initial upfront cost. I think (mainly because of all the recent wireless competition) we’ll eventually see the 3-year be eliminated and only be left with the 2 and 1-year contracts.

However… if you’re looking to get either of these Android-powered devices: the Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or the TELUS Motorola Milestone they are now on sale over at Future Shop for $99.99. Plus you’ll walk away with a $75 Gift Card (only on accessories though, not to discount the device).


Bell Pearl 9100 now available… $329.95 no contract

The Pearl 9100 is now available through Bell. This new BlackBerry can be yours on the following price plans: $49.95 on a 3-year contract; $179.95 on a 2-year; $279.95 on a 1-year and the no-contract price is a decent $329.95.

Out of all the carriers selling the 9100 – Bell has the cheapest no-contract rate so far. TELUS has this for $349.99, Virgin (owned by Bell) has this for $349.99 and Rogers has this on a no-contract for $424.99. We’re curious what price point WIND will come in at when they launch the 9100 in July.

Some quick features of the new Pearl 9100 is that it comes with RIM’s new trackpad, SureType keyboard, 3.2 megapixel camera, BlackBerry Messenger, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

More here via: Bell


Rumour: 5 HTC Windows Phone 7 devices hitting Canada?

Well it looks like their just might be some Windows Phone 7 devices actually coming to Canada! No official word but thanks to the hard work famed ROM hacker “conflipper” who found a bunch of HTC devices that are heading to either Rogers, Bell or TELUS. Based on the carrier codes here’s the findings:

HTC Buzz is heading to Rogers.
HTC Schubert going to Telus.
HTC Mondrian going to Telus & Rogers.
HTC Scorpio (aka HTC Olympian) is going to Bell.
HTC Spark (World Phone) is heading over to Bell. (more…)


Video: Mobilicity announces new Chinese name

Today Mobilicity went live with their new content portal and also announced their new Chinese name: “Cheng Xun Yi Dong”. Their wireless service is only currently available in the GTA and they are somewhat re-branding their name to attract a specific audience. We wonder how long it will take to have the option of viewing their website in either Mandarin and Cantonese?

We captured it all on video and apparently they held a contest where the public would choose their Chinese brand name. One lucky winner named Chris took home the prize and walked away with a free Nokia 5230, $35 monthly plan for a year, $20 Unlimited East Asia package, plus about 58 bucks in the Mobilicity My Wallet… for a grand total amounting to the lucky number of $888.


TD Bank to launch Android app

TD Bank recently launched their iPhone app and soon they will be releasing an Android app too. Apparently it was put live in the Android Market then quickly removed. A screenshot was taken and it looks to have similar features to the iPhone app: customers will have the ability to login, view account balances, recent activity, view and pay bills and transfer fund.

Matthew Cram of TD Corporate & Public Affairs stated that “The TD mobile app for Android is only available via the Canadian Android Market. There was a brief (one hour) window last week where our Android mobile app was mistakenly made available globally… We hope to have a U.S. version of the TD mobile app for Android ready by late summer.” (more…)


BlackBerry Pearl 9100 making it’s way to WIND soon

Not really the biggest shock but will be a great addition to their lineup.  If you take a peak into the new Wind Mobile Magazine it shows they’ll be releasing the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 soon (probably in July). No word on a price point but if Bell, Virgin and TELUS all have this for the no-contract price of $349, and Rogers has this for $424.99 off contract… what do you think Wind will offer this at… $300? (more…)


Mobilicity “Downloads Store” now live

We let you know that Mobilicity was set to launch their “mobile content portal” this week and today is the big day!

For those Mobilicity customers who want to download items you’ll have to launch the browser on your phone’s menu and look for the “Downloads Store”. Here you’ll find a selection of “Mainstream, Asian and South Asian games, images, ringtones, wallpapers/themes. (more…)


Über entry-level LG 231 released by Bell

Bell has released the entry level LG 231 – this can be yours for the low cost of $129.95 no-contract. There are other price plans available but this phone most likely won’t last the length of your contract… so it’s probably best to go with the no contract on this one.

The LG 231 is a flip phone that should only be used for making calls or texting. This CDMA device also comes with a 0.3 megapixel camera, 1.77′-inch display, 3.5 mm headset jack, Speakerphone, Internal memory of 30 MB. (more…)


Koodo to set HSPA network live June 15th?

For those wondering about an update how Koodo Mobile’s transition from CDMA to HSPA is going… we’ve been informed that SIM/HSPA training has been pushed out to all employees over the last few days and it’s looking like they’ll go live around June 15th. We stated that Koodo will be launching the 3710 and can now confirm this will be their first official HSPA device. On a separate note – this is the same day TELUS will be releasing the Nokia 3710.

In addition, our tipster let us know that Koodo will be doing something different for then but similar to Wind Mobile… for those customers who pay their monthly bill on time for 3 consecutive months Koodo will unlock your phone for you.

We’ll have more info soon.
Check out the Koodo SIM/HSPA inventory shot here
Check out the Koodo Nokia 3710 here

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