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Virgin launches new HSPA network, iPhone now available!

In what is turning out to be one of the most interesting launches of a “new network”, Virgin Mobile Canada has officially started to sell all their new devices. The reason we say it’s interesting is because we received an invite to attend the big launch party bash on Tuesday, February 2nd… which led us to believe the launch date was happening at that time. Plus a press release went out that boldly stated “On February 2, 2010, Virgin Mobile Canada will be unveiling a Secret. To officially announce the turning on of the new HSPA+ network and a host of sexy new phones and services”.

Maybe they just wanted to get a good start with the weekend shopper/student crowd. Regardless… if you’re in the market for a stellar device you can now get a few wicked one’s over at Virgin. They actually feel like a different company as they offer higher end devices now. Since they are wholly owned by Bell you will be hopping on their HSPA+ network. Here’s a complete list of their new lineup:

Apple iPhone 3G: 3-year contract is $99 and a 30-day contract is $599.99
Apple iPhone 16GB 3GS: (available in White and Black): 3-year contract is $199.99 or a 30-day contract is $699.99
Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB: 3-year contract is $299.99 or a 30-day contract is $799.99
BlackBerry Bold 9700: 3-year contract is $149.99 or a 30-day contract is $549.99
BlackBerry Curve 8530 (available in Purple or Black): 3-year contract: $49.99 or a 30-day contract is $399.99
Broadband2Go MC998D: 2-year contract: $0.00 or a 30-day is $149.99
Samsung M330: 2-year contract: $9.99 or a 30-day/Prepaid is $69.99
Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372: 2-year contract is $99.99 or 30-day contract is $199.99

Good lineup and takes them away from the sub-brand category a bit. What do you think… you likey?


Is Dave Wireless going to be called “Fresh Wireless”?

Since posting this article Dave Wireless has sent out a release stating on Tuesday, February 2nd will be the “unveiling of Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc.’s (DAVE Wireless) brand name and logo as the new wireless carrier gears up to launch.”

There has been much speculation about new entrant Dave Wireless about their highly anticipated launch date. What we know about Dave so far is that they invested $243.1-million for 10 licenses during the Canadian Wireless Spectrum Auction and will be launching in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

In addition, they have signed a roaming agreement with T-Mobile and Rogers; brought on Ericsson to design and build their 3G UMTS network; signed a cell-site sharing agreement with Bell. To date they have been heavily undercover about when they will be launching and what name they will be launching. For the plans, Dave will offer phones with no-contract, unlimited voice & text messaging, free voice mail and long distance within Canada

News comes today that a name has leaked online, mainly due to an update to several domain names that DAVE (Data Audio & Visual Enterprises Inc) registered: “Fresh Wireless”… they also have registered “Fresh Mobile”. More evidence points to the registered YouTube Channel “Fresh Wireless” and Twitter account “Fresh Wireless”.  Also apparently the tag line of the new brand direction is “My Phone, My City, My Way”.

Everything seems legit and on the up and up. Sounds good and actually feels like a great name… time will tell though! What do you think about this possible new brand name?


Google takes mobile advertising to another level, adds “Click to Call” feature

Google has officially added another feature to their advertising portfolio.. this time it’s “Click to Call”and basically give an option for advertisers to put their phone number in the ad and when clicked it automatically calls the number for you. Apparently advertisers in the beta test saw a 5% – 30% jump in results (which means massive dollars for Google).

This is currently available on Android devices, iPhone and Palm Pre (webOS), no word about Windows Mobile. Check out the video for a full scope of the Click to Call feature: (more…)


Bell launching “Remote PVR” service February 12th

Bell is becoming more integrated with their services… they have TV, Internet, Mobile plus a bunch of other stuff for Canadians. One way they’ll be taking advantage of combining their services by offering something new, something that really shows the direction Bell is moving towards.

On February 12th (just in time for the Olympics) Bell will be the first in Canada to introduce “Remote PVR Access from your Bell Smartphone”. We’ve been tipped that this new service is for Bell TV subscribers that will give them “the ability to schedule and manage their Bell TV HD PVR from a smartphone on any Internet connected PC, Mac.”

We’ve also been informed that there’ll be no additional charge for the Remote PVR on mobile (Only data usage if not subscribed to an unlimited data plan, but supposedly uses less then 1MB per session). Here is a full breakdown of what the Remote PVR will be able to do for you: (more…)


MTS expanding CDMA network to 11,000 Manitobans

MTS entered into an agreement with Rogers to build out their new HSPA wireless network by the end of 2010… but news todays comes in the form of CDMA!

The folks over at MTS have announced that 8 new Manitoba communities (Churchill, Split Lake, Oxford House, Snow Lake, Bisset, Middlebro, Ebb and Flow and Fisher River) will have CDMA coverage by the first half of 2010. The total build out is valued at $2 million and will reach approximately 11,000 people in the areas.

Kelvin Shepherd, President, MTS said “We are excited to expand our mobile wireless services to new areas of our home province. Our wireless network already provides the widest coverage available in Manitoba, with over 97% of the province’s population enjoying cellular coverage. Expanding to eight more communities, including Churchill, is part of our commitment as Manitoba’s leading wireless service provider to continue to invest in our network and services.”


Bell Storm 9530 now $249.95 with no contract

Bell has been reducing and slashing pricing over the past week and it’s all good! We saw the Palm Pre and the BlackBerry Storm hit the low price of free, and even the 9700 got a price drop of $50. What we didn’t notice is the no-contract cost of the BlackBerry Storm 9530… a stellar $249.95!

That is one decent price for the original Storm and the best price for a BlackBerry we’ve seen in a very long time. Heck you could even buy it and make some money on eBay. Perhaps the 9550 is on the way soon! (more…)


Emergency 911 on your mobile “is not like in the movies”

Almost a year ago the CRTC issued a statement that mandated that Canadian wireless service providers had a firm deadline of February 1st, 2010 to upgrade their 911 services. The main reason for the upgrade was because the technology was severely lacking to pinpoint urgent calls and caused a number of deaths. Plus as cellphones have become more popular the total number of 911 calls from a mobile now is at 50%.

Even Bernard Lord, President of the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) stated back in April that “it’s going to be a significant challenge to deploy this county-wide for next February”. In a follow up interview yesterday, Lord said there will be some carriers that will not be ready due to additional testing, plus parts Quebec have not been covered yet. (more…)


Q4 results show Nokia increased market share to 39%

Nokia has reported their Q4 2009 results and after a year of job cuts and restructuring CEO Ollo-Pekka Kallasvuo stated “We grew our market share in smartphones in the fourth quarter, driven by the successful launch of new touch and QWERTY models. Our performance in smartphones, combined with continuing success in the emerging markets, helped us increase sales in our Devices & Services unit, both quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year.”

Here are some highlights:
- Nokia estimated mobile device market share of 39% in Q4 2009, up from 38% in Q3 2009.
- The full year 2009 estimated market share was 38%, down from 39% in 2008. (more…)


Motorola teases us with 4 Milestone “How to” videos

The anticipated Motorola Milestone will be launching soon (very soon) and even though there were several rumoured dates about the TELUS release… the fine folks at Moto have started the official teasing by releasing 4 very quick “How-to” videos about the new Android-powered device.

Check them out below, you’ll see it gives greater insight on how to “Get to Know Your Phone”, “Run Multiple Apps”, “Mobile Web Browsing”, “Home Screen & Notification Panel”:

Who’s excited about this device? More importantly… who’s looking to buy?
(Thanks John!)


Motorola patent shows rating system for mobile devices in the works

With all the devices coming out with faster processors, bigger screens and the ability to basically do anything you such as e-mail, pictures, video, web… mobile TV will eventually become more popular and even become standard. A new patent has surfaced that shows Motorola getting into the game to develop a rating syste,

The patent titled “Method for Collecting Usage Information on Wireless Devices for Ratings Purposes” is described as “A system for collecting usage information from a mobile device includes at least one ratings server configured to communicate with a population of mobile devices over a network… A method for collecting usage information from a population of mobile devices includes reporting usage information for each mobile device of the population with a ratings application installed on each the mobile device; and receiving and analyzing the usage information with a ratings server to produce ratings of content available to the mobile devices based on the usage information.” (more…)