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Contest: Win a Sony Ericsson Naite!

We’ve been holding a number of contest over the past few months – mainly for Smartphones. There are still a great deal of people who simply want a basic device and this contest if for you! We held a giveaway for a Sony Ericsson Naite in the past and we’re back with another one.

The Naite is an eco-friendly  device that’s made from 70% recycled consumer plastics and has a 2.2 inch display, 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, can hold up to 8GB with a microSD card and has a FM radio and media player.

All you have to do to win this is one of the following: follow us on Twitter, become a member of our Forum or enter your name in the comment section below.  The contest ends Tuesday, July 13th at 11:59pm.

Good luck to all who enter!


Nokia touring Canada with RV to promote N97 mini

You just might find a blue RV make its way through your city as Nokia Canada has started their cross-Canada tour to promote the N97 mini. Nokia will be putting live updates, photos and videos of the experience. Plus Nokia says you can “track our progress as we share our location on Nokia’s Ovi Maps”.

The places and dates Nokia will stop are:
West Coast:
Vancouver: July 3rd – 6th
Banff: july 7th – 8th
Calgary: July 9th – 11th

East Coast
Montreal July 16th – 19th
Ottawa July 19th – 21st
Toronto July 21st – 24th

Check it out here at the Nokia Facebook page
Via: Nokia Blog


Samsung Wave dummy phones arrive at Rogers

Good news for those wanting to get Samsung’s new Bada platform as the Wave dummy phones have started to roll into Rogers locations. This will be launching within soon and we’ll follow up with a firm date and confirmed pricing. Bell will also be releasing the Wave on July 8th

Quick specs of the Wave are that it comes with a 3.3-inch Super AMOLED display (480 x 800 pixels), 1GHz Samsung processor, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus, flash and can take HD video, 3.5mm headset jack, holds up to 32GB with a microSD card, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi.

(Thanks Tipster!)


Public Mobile having Montreal coverage issues… extends “remorse return period until July 13th”

It seems that the anticipated launch of Public Mobile’s Montreal network is having a fair share of challenges. We’ve been following their blog post to customers who have been experiencing coverage issues.

Public stated on June 25th (the day they launched Montreal) that customers where having problems “setting up their Public Mobile phones”. Then on the 26th on a blog post Public reps said “we will be adding more over the next three weeks to solidify and expand our coverage…We’ll also have a repair to one of our sites completed Monday which will also add to our coverage.” Then on the 28th of June another post stated that customers “will see improvement in the coverage through the next few weeks”.

Finally, yesterday Public Mobile posted another update that read “the network team is continually review the network performance. (more…)


WIND extends 50% off plans for first 6 months promo until July 10th

Wind Mobile has extended their promotion of getting 50% their plan for the first 6 months until July 10th (the promo was supposed to end on June 30th). In a blog post on their site it states that “Hi guys – great news! New customers have got a few extra days to get 50% off their first 6 months. We’ extending that offer ’til July 10th. Tell the world!… or at least, everyone you know who isn’t with WIND yet :).” (more…)


Perfect for a Canadian release… iPhone 4 reception/signal bar fix coming “within a few weeks”

Apple has sent out a “letter” to all the iPhone 4 owners who are complaining of getting a bad reception. It states that gripping any phone will reduce reception but some people with the “iPhone 4 can drop 4 or 5 bars when tightly held in a way which covers the black strip in the lower left corner”. So they admit that there might be something wrong with the “antenna design”… but according to their “forumla” it’s not what you think. Read the full release below… Also, Apple “will issue a free software update within a few weeks that incorporates the corrected formula”. Perfect timing for a Canadian release. (more…)


Bell iPhone 3GS 32GB in Black almost available for $0.00

If only pricing errors on websites actually meant something. If you check out the Bell website it shows listed the Black iPhone 3GS 32GB model available for the stellar price of $0.00. Probably the best deal around these days… unfortunately when you check out it goes back to the price of $149.96 on a 3-year. So close! (more…)


Rumour: iPhone 4 Canadian launch date is August 2nd?

** Update: Since posting this story we realized that August 2nd is a Canadian holiday. So we completely acknowledge the fact that the date could be incorrect because who would release a device on a holiday?  Our reliable tipster has supplied us with many pre-release dates and internal screenshots in the past. With that said we’ve searched online for other possible Canadian release dates and there are other rumours out there for July 23rd, 24th, 30th. We’ve also heard that the “beginning of August” is a very possible as well. We’re just as eager to have this on Canadian soil as you are. We’ll update you when we learn more. **

A few weeks ago it was rumoured that the iPhone 4 was going to be delayed in Canada, then Apple sent out an e-mail stating that they “turned away because we did not have enough supply”. Apple sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s in the first 3 days and was their most “successful product launch in Apple’s history”. Apple did state in the same press release that the iPhone 4 will be shipping to 18 other countries (including Canada) “by the end of July”. One of our reliable Rogers tipsters let is know that the Apple iPhone 4 will be launching in Canada on August 2nd, 2010 (or the beginning of August). Apparently the reason is due to inventory levels. (more…)


Palm officially becomes part of HP

It’s now official: The $1.2 billion deal is done and Palm becomes part of HP. It’ll be interesting to see where webOS lands in the future, probably on computers, tablets and printers. In a post on the company blog titled “A New Day” Palm CEO Jon Zilber said “please join us on the journey to a new future! Because life moves fast, and you really, really don’t want to miss a thing.”

We’ll be seeing more webOS powered devices in the future. In an e-mail we received it said “with the power of HP behind us, the excitement created by the first Palm webOS phones will grow even stronger as we introduce a new generation of devices”. (more…)


Interview with Rogers EVP John Boynton on Chatr: It’s “Unlimited Wireless that works”

Rogers confirmed yesterday that they’ll be launching a new wireless brand later this Summer called “Chatr”. This will offer unlimited talk and text with no contracts. I had the opportunity to speak with John Boynton, EVP & CMO of Rogers about why they created “Chatr” and who their target audience is.

The full interview is below and there are some good takeaways. He said Chatr will be an entirely separate division, separate billing system, separate outsourced customer care organization, separate staff in a separate building. Chatr started about a year ago and is based off the Metro PSC and Leap Wireless model in the States. In the interview he used what could be their tag line of “Unlimited Wireless that works”.

The Chatr target customer is “the very basic need customer with above average usage, average to below average income, sophisticated in the sense that they’ve been a wireless customer for a little while so they don’t need a lot of help with support. They get it and don’t need their phone other than text and voice.” Boyton also stated that Chatr is an “Urban brand” (each city will have calling “zones”) and “Is not a 21 network, doesn’t need to be the fastest”.

When I asked John Boyton about directly going after their competition such as WIND, Mobilicity and Public Mobile he stated “that a statement that bugs me little… what did they do? They looked south of the border and said, ooh look at that, that might work. So why are we any different?… We are later that WIND, Mobilicity and Public but earlier that Videotron and Shaw… We’re not first but not last. But a big difference: our works.”

The early rumours of these where Chatr will be available are in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver. But with the above statement you can also bet that you could see Chatr cover the Quebec region.

In closing Boynton stated that “If people thought that we were going to leave this segment to just everybody else to have and not us, then they don’t understand the competitive nature of the industry. We’re going to compete for our customer needs just like we would and any other company in any other industry would.”

Check it out here: