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Video demo of Zoompass in action!

When it comes mobile banking in Canada, a report came out last week that informed us that we’re “at the tipping point in terms of adoption”. Some financial institutions have release apps that can gives you the ability to show your account balance, but I wanted to really see what “Zoompass” was all about. If you remember about 6-months ago the big 3 (Rogers, Bell and TELUS) announced a joint venture that formed Canada’s first mobile payment service.

Zoompass gives registered users the ability to send, receive, request money, check your account balance, review transactions directly from your mobile phone. To register is free but the service costs $0.50 to send and withdraw money.

I met up with Robin Dua, President of EnStream, for a few minutes and he put the service to the test on his BlackBerry. This app is also available on iPhone and Android devices, pus other platforms via their site. You’ll see in the video that it’s pretty simple to use and Dua says “what we are working towards is allowing customers to transact with the phone at the point of sale, that’s the ultimate goal. Right now what you are seeing here is over-the-air (OTA)… directionally where we want to go is we’re building technology and applications to allow for transactions to occur with an NFC enabled handset or a contact-less enabled handset at the point of sale”. Zoompass is working with Rogers, Bell and TELUS to bring NFC-enabled phones to the Canadian market in the near future.


Airtel releases Motorola Brute i680 for $209

It looks like Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are not the only ones looking to compete in the Canadian wireless scene. Calgary-based Airtel Wireless recently re-branded their offerings with new plans and devices and today they have released the iDen friendly Motorola Brute i680.

You might remember last week when TELUS’ MiKe Network released this for $229.99 on a 3-year contract or $429.99 with no contract. However, over at Airtel you can pick this same device up for $209 on a 3-year contract or a low $309 with no contract. (more…)


Google CEO says “It’s the principle of mobile first”

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt spoke at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today and stated that the mobile movement is upon us and that he’s “enormously proud to be part of this. I’m proud to be here”. Google has come to the forefront of the industry with their Android OS and more importantly their first foray into devices with the Nexus One.

Schmidt also said “It’s the principle of mobile first… It’s like magic. All of a sudden there are things that you can do that didn’t really occur to you… because of this convergence point… That time is upon us – right now, right here, for this year and at least the next many years.”

In Canada, rumoured carriers to bring on the Nexus One are Wind Mobile or Mobilicity (Dave Wireless).


MTS to launch BlackBerry Curve 8530 soon

Majority of the carriers will now offer the uber-affordable BlackBerry Curve 8520 or 8530. We recently saw TELUS and Virgin offer this and Fido will release the 8520 on February 17th ($400 outright or $50 with a 3-year contract). For all those over in Manitoba who don’t want to be left out of the Curve celebration – no worries, MTS is going to be launching this shortly!

If you check out their software updates on the BlackBerry site you can see they are prepping for an upcoming release of the device with OS (more…)


Virgin puts one-of-a-kind HSPA launch lingerie up for grabs on eBay… to support Haiti

If you remember a few weeks ago Virgin Mobile held a launch party that featured models strutting their stuff all in the name of a faster HSPA network. Good news for fashion enthusiasts today as Virgin has decided to put the 3 lingerie outfits up for grabs to support their ongoing efforts in Haiti. The bidding starts at $250 and ends February 26th at 12:02:58 EST. (more…)


BlackBerry WebKit browser Video Demo

At MWC in Barcelona Mike Kirkup, RIM’s Director of Developer Relations showed how the browser experience on BlackBerry devices will be dramatically different very soon. Many BB users have wanted a better experience when it comes to surfing the internet and Kirkup demoed the upcoming BlackBerry WebKit browser that showed the new pan and zoom ability and loading HTML sites with speed. Still no work on when this will be released… Check out the video here.


Sony Ericsson Naite now available at Fido for $25

Fido has released the Sony Ericsson Naite for $25 on a 2-year contract or $150 with no contract.

Specs of the Naite are it’s 2.2 inch QVGA display (resolution of 240×320), overall dimensions are 108.0 x 47.0 x 12.6 mm and weighs in at 84 grams. This also comes with a 2 megapixel camera, digital zoom, video capabilities and can hold up to 8GB with a microSD card and has a FM radio and media player. (more…)


Motorola videos show the Milestone’s highlights, looks tempting!

We’ve seen a few “How-to” Motorola Milestone videos that showcased all its Android glory, even our several reviews showed off some of it features. Today you can feast your eyes on 4 more videos that give a good rundown. They are titled:
The Web Experience You’ve Always Wanted, Premium Messaging, Multi-media and The Smartphone Without Limits (more…)


Fido releases Motorola W388 Renew+

Fido has released another eco-friendly device. We mentioned this a couple times over the past week and the Motorola W388 Renew+ can be yours for $15 on a 2-year contract or $65 with no contract. Fido states that the Renew+ has its CarbonFree certification and the device is 100% recyclable (made from 25% post-consumer recycled plastics, 5 gallon water jugs) (more…)


TELUS Motorola Milestone officially available for $199.99

All rumours and pre-order material showed a release of February 18th… but this is a pleasant surprise! TELUS and Motorola have officially released the Android-powered Milestone. This can be yours on the following price plans:

3-year contract: $199.99
2-year contract: $499.99
1-year contract: $549.99
No Contract: $599.99

You can check out our review with the video attached but TELUS describes the Milestone as “Go big with web browsing on the massive 3.7″ touchscreen and multi-touch pinch and zoom. Experience lightning-fast browsing with superior processing speeds. Keep in touch easily with the full keyboard. And do it all with style on the world’s thinnest QWERTY slider. Only from TELUS”. It also seems that they $199.99 is a promo price as the fine print at the bottom says “Available until March 1, 2010, for clients who activate or renew on a 3 year term with a Smartphone voice and data rate plan of $50 or greater”.

Go get yours here at TELUS!!