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microSIM cards start shipping to Bell locations

Not that it’s the biggest news but it’s progress. For those wanting to get their hands on the iPhone 4 you’ll need to get yourself a microSIM. They are currently not available in-stores but good news is that the little beauties have started shipping across the country, just in time for the iPhone 4 launch. These will be available for $5.00 each.


INQ Chat 3G is “Canada’s Ultimate Social Phone”… now available at Koodo

Koodo has released their 2nd HSPA device – the INQ Chat 3G. This device is from a UK based INQ and it’s their first device to arrive on the Canadian wireless scene. This is dubbed as being “Canada’s Ultimate Social Phone” and can be yours on for $200, or if you choose to use the Tab it’ll cost you $50. Quick specs on the Chat 3G are that it has a full QWERTY keyboard, 3.2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, MP3 player and integration for Facebook, Twitter.

Check it out here at Koodo


Bell to launch BlackBerry Curve 3G August 12th

You can mark August 12th down on your calendar as the date that Bell will be releasing the BlackBerry Curve 3G (9300). We saw this last week pop up in their promo magazine as “Coming Soon”. No word on price plans yet but most likely it’ll be affordable as it’s targeted to reach the back-to-school crowd.

Via: CrackBerry


Rogers and Fido iPhone 4 pricing to be $649.99 and $749.99?

The iPhone 4 pricing continues to leak out this morning. This time it shows a retail inventory screenshot with Rogers and Fido pricing to be $649.99 for the 16GB and $749.99 for the 32GB. Still no official pricing but with only a few days to go everything will be revealed soon. (This pricing seems to be in line with the TELUS screenshot from yesterday)

Note that the screenshot also shows a bunch of accessories and the Virgin iPhone 4 16GB at $199.99 (most likely on a 3-year contract)

Update: We had to remove the screenshot as requested by our tipster.


Walmart shows TELUS HTC Desire no-contract priced at $448.83

There’s still no official pricing from TELUS as to what the anticipated HTC Desire pricing will come in at. It “coming soon” though. A couple weeks ago we posted a screenshot that shows this 2.1 Android-powered device to be priced at $79.99 on a 3-year. Thanks to a tipster who works at Walmart for sending this pic that shows the no-contract price to coming in at an impressive $448.83. Stellar price for that device… again, all speculation until TELUS make it official. (more…)


Rogers on Mobilicity going after Chatr: “I’m a little puzzled by it”

It’s known that Mobilicity is fully against Chatr launching, threatening Rogers and stating that “they’re trying to destroy our success”. Today during Rogers Quarterly Investment Community Conference Call Rob Bruce, President of Rogers Wireless was asked about the new discount brand “Chatr” strategy and his thoughts on Mobilicity’s concern about the impending launch.

In response Bruce stated that “As penetration increases typically brands expand to address different market segments. That’s exactly what’s going with Chatr… Chatr is a segment brand designed to serve the Zone based Unlimited Voice and Text market. Neither Rogers or Fido really fully address this segment. We believe that it will be a very effective competitor and it’ll offer customers out in the market much more choice.”

Specifically regarding Mobilicity Bruce stated that “I’m a little puzzled by it, to be honest with you. I don’t think about our efforts on Chatr as being anti-competitive. In fact I think they are competitive. Wireless has always been a competitive marketplace and we expect it to continue that way.”

Audio is after the break (you’ll have to turn your volume up really high to hear it) (more…)


Rogers Q2 2010 results show subscriber additions of 119,000 (down over 16%)

Rogers has reported their Q2 2010 results and revenue topped $1.7 billion and that data revenue increased by 39% and to make up for 27% of their total revenue. Net subscriber additions were 119,000 (down from 142,000 last year) but the reason for the decrease is “a combination of an increased level of competitive intensity, a significantly higher than usual market share of subscriber additions by Wireless in the prior year period, and a slowing of consumer iPhone purchases in advance of the availability of the new iPhone 4 during the third quarter of 2010.” In addition, Rogers also said they activated and upgraded about “385,000 smartphone devices, predominately iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices”

Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers said “Our results for the second quarter of 2010 demonstrate continued revenue and subscriber growth combined with healthy operating leverage resulting from efficiency gains across the business”.

Check it here at Rogers


Fido iPhone 4 pricing found in website Source Code

With only a few days to go we’ve seen various pricing for the new iPhone yesterday. First it was CBC reporting that the no-contract price will be $659 for the 16GB and $779 for the 32GB. Then we posted an internal doc that showed TELUS plans to be $649 no-contract for the 16GB version ($199 on a 3-year contract) and the 32GB version to be $749 no-contract ($299 on a 3-year contract).

Now it’s Fido that’s making some news this morning. If you check out their Source Code on the iPhone 4 page it will show pricing to be the following:

$199 for the iPhone 4 16GB on a 3-year contract
$699 for the iPhone 4 16GB no-contract

$299 for the iPhone 4 32GB on a 3-year contract
$799 for the iPhone 4 32GB no-contract

It’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes out over the next few days. Fido will also be giving back a certain amount of Fido Rewards to those who are eligible, the source code states “you will receive a $450 Fido Rewards bonus” (more…)


TELUS iPhone 4 price plans revealed: No-contract $649 & $749?

It looks like the price of the upcoming Apple iPhone might be a bit different that suggested earlier ($659 for the 16GB and $779 for the 32GB). Although the internal document we received has “suggested MTM pricing”, it shows TELUS has set the pricing to be as follows:

Apple iPhone 4 16GB:
$199 on a 3-year contract
$649 no-contract

Apple iPhone 4 32GB:
$299 on a 3-year contract
$749 no-contract

Note that TELUS does state that the white version will not be launching on the 30th. With the iPhone 4 launching on Friday none of the carriers have officially released device pricing or price plan promos… everything will fall into place shortly.

Update: It seems there’s a conversation going on over at Howard Forums that has the same pricing as above and that there are “limited quantites for launch, maximum of 10-15 units can be ordered for launch date pre-order.”


TELUS to release the Samsung Galaxy Apollo?

The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is making its way over to Bell soon. There’s also a rumour that Rogers will be launching a Galaxy S of some sorts. According to this invite for a TELUS and Samsung sponsored event it somewhat hints towards them releasing a version of the Android-based Galaxy S of their own. No official word on which one it is but we’re hearing it could be the Galaxy Apollo.

The invite is dated for mid-August and says that it’s for “an exciting new, out of this world smartphone!… Join us for food, drinks, gravity-defying entertainment, and a chance to win the best prizes in the galaxy!”

Via: HowardForums
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