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TELUS launching Motorola’s iDEN Opus One on MiKE Network in Q3?

It’s rumoured that TELUS will release the another Motorola device, this time an iDen version on their Mike Network. Apparently it might be as soon as Q3 and will be the “Opus One”. This will be a great improvement to their lineup as currently the best smartphone available is the BlackBerry Curve 8350i. Motorola has yet to even officially announce the Opus One, so there’s no word on price or an actual Canadian availability.

Known specs and features of the Opus One are the a 3.1-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 320×480, Accelerometer, Android 1.5 running MOTOBLUR, Enterprise email, iDEN PTT & PTX, 3.0 megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and video capabilities, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, 2.5mm headset jack, Overall dimensions are 58mm in width x 118mm in length and weighs in at a 100 grams. (more…)


Canada’s “Worst Cellphone Bill” revealed

The CBC has been looking for feedback over the past few months to find out who has Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill” and yesterday they revealed who it was. CBC’s Wendy Mesley took to the streets of Toronto, interviewed people across the country and received over 1,000 submission for the cause. The findings can be viewed over at the CBC and it is honestly a brilliant piece of work that showcases the major carriers and how they respond to high cellphone bill charges. In some cases the monthly cost soared to $6,000, others were just about being put on the wrong plan.

Mesley also interview University of Waterloo professor Srinivasan Keshav who explained that the cost of services such as text messaging, roaming and data are a cash cow for our carriers. You should check it out, the entire piece is over 20 minutes but gives you an insight into how the carriers treat their customers. The “worst” cellphone bill is not just about price, but about service. In this case Rogers, Fido, TELUS, Bell and Virgin have been interviewed. (more…)


Fido Sony Ericsson Naite Video Review

Sometime over the past few months Fido has become the “green” carrier of Canada. They have the most amount of devices that are eco-friendly: Motorola Renew, Motorola Renew+ and now the Sony Ericsson Naite.

When you look at the Naite it looks like any other Sony Ericsson device in design. So you can see that a great deal of thought went into creating this product to ensure the style was not compromised when making it green. The Naite is made from 70% recycled consumer plastics with the overall dimensions of 108.0 x 47.0 x 12.6 mm. So the length is a couple inches short of a standard gift card. When it comes to the weigh, the Naite is a measly 84 grams and you barely feel it in your hand, let alone your pocket.

The screen size is tiny at 2.2 inches (resolution of 240×320), but gets the job done. You have options to change the brightness settings and save your battery life – which makes the device even more green. Around the Naite you’ll see on the right hand side the volume rocker but missing is a 3.5mm headset jack. So to listen to your music (and charge the device) you’ll have to plug in the proprietary cable they provide. For the size of the Naite the keypad is actually nicely spaced out and you won’t have much trouble getting used to typing your text messages/e-mails. We did notice that the back light is a bit faded around the “s” so at night or in dark places it could be a challenge to see the letter. Nothing to be concerned about though.

You have all the standard features of a phone, such as contacts, calendar and phones. The call quality was good – people could hear us and we could hear others clearly. The Naite also has quick access to Facebook and Twitter, plus when you check out the video you’ll see they have also included in the applications feature tips on how to be green.

When it comes to other features, the 2 megapixel camera is probably the only thing I would improve on. The picture quality is good for taking quick pics and sending to your friends, but printing them will only come up pixelated. The Naite can take video and the quality again was a bit pixelated, but the sound quality rocked during the video test. This device also comes with an FM radio and video calling capabilities with it’s front facing camera. For the web experience it was as expected, no full HTML browser or WiFi but incredibly fast compared previous devices we’ve tested. Surfing the web is easy and viewing can only be done portrait view so the 2.2 inch display might take some getting used to. We checked out YouTube and streamed a video and found the video came up quickly, pixelated and the sound quality at full blast was muffled. Once I took it down a level it was perfectly clear. Realistically you’ll be listening to your music with your headphones. The Baite can also hold up to 8GB with a microSD card.

Again, I would have never picked Fido to be the green carrier but they’re doing a bang up job. The Naite can be yours for $25 on a 2-year contract or $150 no contract. You can check out the full review here


BlackBerry Pearl 9100 going to TELUS in Black & Pink?

There’s been much talk about the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100. This has been captured a few times on video and even yesterday the rumours were swirling about the possibility of a full QWERTY version eventually happening. Our friends over at BlackBerrySync have been tipped regarding TELUS launching this new device that they’ll be getting it in both Black and Pink. No word on an actual date or price… You can see in the pic below some comparison of the 9100 to the 8130


“Rogers Navigator for iPhone” launching March 26th

Rogers will be launching another app specifically designed for the iPhone. Their first was the “MyAccount” app. We’ve been tipped that Rogers will be launching the “Rogers Navigator for iPhone” that will give turn by turn directions. Perfect timing with all the laws that ban the use of hand held devices while driving.

This will be available on March 26th and will not be a free app, customers who download will be charged $4.99 per month. We’re told that other app features include: (more…)


Motorola DEXT to exclusively be released by Bell

Good news for those on the Bell network (or looking to come over)… a new Android device has been announced. Still no word of when but a familiar “coming soon” has been attached to the Motorola Dext. This will exclusively be released by Bell sometime during the first half of 2010.

The Dext specs say that it’ll come with Android OS 1.5, 3.1 inch display (resolution of 320 x 480), full QWERTY keyboard, Motorola’s MOTOBLUR, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video capabilities, 3.5 mm audio jack, can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card, A-GPS, WiFi. Overall dimensions are 114 x 58 x 15.6 mm with a weight of 163 grams.

Bell is also giving you a chance to win if you sign up to receive updates from them. More here at Bell
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Motorola files patent to expand screen size using multiple displays

Motorola is looking into the future and sees more people watching movies/video on their devices. They have filed a patent called “Reconfigurable Multiple-Screen Display” that allows you to combine several screens together to make a bigger screen.

The patent description reads: “A device comprises a display arrangement which includes a plurality of displays that are movable relative to each other such that a plurality of display configurations can be achieved. Each of the display configurations provides a combined display area which is different for at least two of the display configurations. An application processor is operable to execute a plurality of user applications, each of which can provide a display output.” (more…)


Fido BlackBerry Curve 8520 now $29.99 at Future Shop

Fido released the BlackBerry Curve 8520 less thank 2-weeks ago at the 3-year contract price of $50. This is is the newest smartphone to come to Fido and a much needed upgrade from the Pearl 8100 they were selling. The 8520 has a full QWERTY keyboard with a 3.2 inch display, 2 megapixel camera, holds up to 16GB with a microSD card and full HTML browser with WiFi.

The specs all sound good… how would you like a price drop? We like finding the best deals around and the folks over at Future Shop have dropped the Fido Curve to $29.99 on a 3-year contract. The deal is only available in-store and good until March 11th, 2010. By the way, Fido is still selling this for $50 so if you’re thinking about getting this it might good to get this at the discount price. (more…)


LG Banter & Keybo2 get thrown onto TELUS Prepaid

Here’s a great deal for a couple of solid devices. If you’re looking to get yourself a new device but don’t want the commitment, TELUS has put the LG Keybo2 and the newly released Banter on Prepaid.

The Keybo 2 is a flip phone that has a full QWERTY keyboard and comes with a 2.6-inch screen. In addition, this can hold up to 8GB with a microSd card and has a 3 megapixel camera. The good news is this is now available on Prepaid for $129.

The Banter was just released and has 2.2 inch display with a resolution of 240 x 320, full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video capabilities, speakerphone, can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card. This can be yours for a wicked $79 on Prepaid. (more…)


Rogers intros new $25 Student Plan with Unlimited Texting

Rogers has released a new Student Plan that is “exclusively for High School or post-secondary school student” aptly called the “Student Plan With Unlimited Texting”. For $25 a month gets you:
- 50 Daytime Minutes (additional minutes: 35¢/minute)
- Unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 6pm
- Unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages
- Bonus Features at no extra charge: Call Waiting, Group Calling, Call Forwarding, WhoCalled & Call Manager

Of course before you sign up for any plan make sure you read the fine print. Above the $25 is the GRRF (Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) with can range from $2.46-$3.46 per month depending on what province you’re from. In addition, there will also be the usual $35 Activation Fee.

Check it out here at Rogers
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