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Virgin saves you over $600 for an older CDMA device

Virgin has a promo going on right now that’s pretty darn good – especially if you’re looking to use their old CDMA network.

They state that they’ll save you over $600 with all their credits and discounts such as Text Messaging & Voicemail and Call Display for only $15 a month… but the real question is if you want to sign up for a 2-year contract and get a basic device, no iPhone or Blackberry devices available, but there are a number of QWERTY devices for you to choose from. (more…)


BlackBerry Slider gets pictured once more

There has been several images surface of the BlackBerry Slider over the past couple weeks, more images have popped up that show the back of the device with its new F-S1 battery. Questions are still circling about the actual camera an if it’s a 5.0 megapixel or a 3.2 megapixel. In addition, BGR has written a post stating that the device might be called the 9900/9930 slider and that it supports 850/1900MHz UMTS bands, so Rogers, TELUS, Bell (even Virgin) could possible be getting this.

Would be cool to see some video of the slider in action.
What do you think.. would you pick up a BlackBerry Slider? (more…)


Video: The making of Virgin’s flash mob “Random Acts Of Love”

Here’s something light for a Sunday evening. Remember a few weeks back when Virgin Mobile entertained a few select Torontonians at the corner of Yonge & Dundas. They called it the “Random Acts Of Love” and it took 150 dancers to make it happen. They’ve released a video that shows the entire scene unfold… the video on the left is the actual flash mob event and the video on the right is the making of “Random Acts Of Love”. We just hope that the experience goes beyond just being a fun loving brand and translates into some activations. (more…)


Future Shop & Best Buy give $85 in credits to those who buy a Bell iPhone

Until recently you could only purchase a Rogers iPhone at both Future Shop and Best Buy, the exclusivity contract has now passed and you can purchase it from all the carriers that distribute it: Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin, Fido.

We got tipped and it’s a pretty good deal for those looking to purchase a Bell iPhone (3G 8GB, 3GS 16GB or 3GS 32GB) on a new 3-year contract. Bell has put together a limited time offer until March 31st and we’re told that “Bell clients activating an Apple iPhone on a Consumer or Small Business plan at Future Shop or Best Buy locations can now receive an additional $85 in credits; a $50 in store and a $35 bill credit.”

Usually when a discount like this occurs the credit can be only used for accessories, but the great news is that the terms and conditions state that “The in store credit can be used to discount hardware or accessories”. Good deal for a discounted iPhone.


TELUS Motorola Milestone sees first price drop to $149.99 on 3-year

The Motorola Milestone came out blazing with its Android OS 2.0.1 goodness a few weeks back. Good news as TELUS has now officially dropped the 3-year contract price by $50 to a low $149.99. This launched back on February 16th so here’s hoping next month this beast of a device will drop below the $100 mark… (more…)


Paid apps coming to Palm webOS in Canada

Very good news for all the current Palm webOS users out there! Currently we only have the Bell Palm Pre available but one of the major upsets was the lack of video capability and this was fixed with recent webOS 1.4 update.

Another source of frustration was the App Catalog as we only have free apps available to us, no paid apps yet. Good news as Palm sent out an e-mail to their developer community informing them that paid apps will be coming soon, possibly by the end of March:

The e-mail stated “We are very excited about the upcoming launch of international e-commerce for the Palm App Catalog. To follow up on our announcement in January we want to provide you with some additional information to ensure that your paid applications are ready for international distribution as soon as possible. We’d also like to inform you that in addition to the planned European launch, we will be launching e-commerce support in Canada and Mexico.”

Via: PreCentral
(Thanks Shawn!)


Rogers launches the Novatel MiFi 2372

Rogers has joined the other carriers and has officially released the Novatel MiFi 2372, otherwise now known as the “Rocket Mobile Hotspot”. This little gem weighs 81 grams and a total of 5 people can have access to WiFi (within a 30 foot radius). Rogers states “this wallet-sized device slips easily into your pocket and creating your own hotspot is as easy as pressing the power button”.

Sounds good to me! This can be yours on the following price plans: 3-year contract: $49.99; 2-year contract: $99.99; 1-year contract: $199.99 and No contract for $249.99


Bell and Solo promote $150 credit “WIND Port-in offer”

A few weeks back WIND Mobile came out with a promotion that encouraged people to port over to them by March 31st and they’ll be given a $150 credit (five $30 monthly installments). News today as Bell/Solo have responded and came out with their own promotion called “WIND Port-in offer”.

The offer is for Bell and Solo clients located in Ontario and Alberta and the internal doc we received says that “Bell Mobility/Solo Mobile is offering WIND clients, who previously have left, a bill credit as an incentive to switch back…. an outbound telemarketing campaign, dedicated to contacting WIND clients to persuade them to switch back with Bell Mobility/Solo Mobile and offer $150 bill credit that will be applied on their first invoice… Bell Mobility is offering a one time $150 credit.”

Looks like competition is alive and well in Canada. For those WIND customers is this a tempting offer?