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Samsung Galaxy Spica now available at Rogers

Rogers has officially release the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Spica. This can be yours on the following price plans:

3-year contract (promo price with a $45 monthly Voice and Data plan): $79.99
3-year contract (after promo): $299.99
2-year contract: $349.99
1-year contract: $399.99
No contract: $449.99

The Galaxy Spica is described as a device that “will help you get the most out of life. It comes loaded with a 3.2 MP camera, GPS and Wi-Fi”. In addition, the Galaxy Spica comes loaded with Android OS 1.5, can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card (Rogers is shipping this with a 2GB card), screen has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, 3.5mm headset jack, speakerphone, GPS, 800MHz processor and measures 115 x 57 x 13.2 mm with a weight of 124 grams.

More here at Rogers


CRTC starts ownership review of Dave Wireless (Mobilicity)

Mobilicity (formally Dave Wireless) invested $243.1-million for 10 licenses during the Canadian Wireless Spectrum Auction and will be launching their new wireless service first in Toronto this Spring, then followed by Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

Leading Mobilicity is famed entrepreneur John Bitove and they are financed by ING with $125 million and $75 million from Canadian investors GMP Securities L.P. and National Bank Financial Inc.In addition to the financing they have brought on a heavyweight Board of Directors with Paul Godfrey (National Post publisher), Michael Neuman (ex-Bell CEO), John R. Barnett (President of Rothmans Benson & Hedges) and Michael Moskowitz (President and CEO of XM Canada).

The CRTC has announced they have started their plans to review the ownership and control of the company. No worries as the CRTC in its letter to the company state that Mobilicity “appears to comply with the legal control requirements of the Act”… so this will not be as lengthy the Globalive review.

In the letter from Secretary General, Robert A. Morin, said “With regard to control in fact, the Commission notes inter alia that on a fully diluted basis, 67% of the voting interest will be held by the largest Canadian investors and that the largest non-Canadian investor has provided less than 55% of the total capital of the company… At this time, and based on the information available, the Commission considers that the ownership structure of DAVE Wireless is of a sufficiently complex nature and that it holds precedential value for the industry and the general public… Accordingly, based on the framework set out in the Policy, the Commission hereby provides public notice that it will be proceeding with a Type 2 review of the ownership and control of DAVE Wireless in order to determine its eligibility to operate as a Canadian telecommunications common carrier.”

When Mobilicity launches they will offer “No Contract. No Credit Check. Unlimited Wireless” and have brand name handsets like BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and possibly the Google Nexus One.

Check out the full letter here at the CRTC


“Tether” turns 1… We’re giving away 25 copies!

Halifax-based Tether just turned the sweet age of one and they created an app that allows your laptop to use your BlackBerry devices data connection to access the web. They also recently announced a beta version for Android users. They state that they crossed the 110,000 downloads for BlackBerry mark. Pretty cool seeing a Canadian company do so well! (more…)


Confirmed: Rogers Samsung Galaxy Spica to run Android 1.5

Thanks to tipster “Mlexxus” for confirming the upcoming Rogers Samsung Galaxy Spica will in fact indeed come loaded with Android OS 1.5. We also hear from another source that this will be upgraded within the following couple months. No word on when the Galaxy Spica is officially launching but the price points are the following: (more…)


Government to clarify telecom foreign investment “in the coming weeks”

Here’s a bummer. Last week during the Throne Speech Governor General Michaëlle Jean stated “Our government will open Canada’s doors further to venture capital and to foreign investment in key sectors, including the satellite and telecommunications industries, giving Canadian firms access to the funds and expertise they need.”

Dreams were starting to come true of big wireless players coming into Canada and helping smaller players grow and expand faster. There was even some analysts talking about Bell and TELUS merging again. However, nothing yet has come forward specifically about telecommunications, it’s all been a focus on satellite.

The Globe has written a good piece called “The reality of Ottawa’s foreign ownership changes” and they quoted a regulatory source that said “What the government appears to have done is over-promised and under-delivered and that, I think, is the disappointment. They created such an expectation. And then when people got the budget, they said, ‘This is all there is?’ I would have expected more precision in something as significant as this.” (more…)


Samsung Gravity headed to Fido at $25 on 2-year

There was rumours of the Samung Gravity headed to Fido over the past few weeks… confirmation is always a good thing as this has now been slapped with the famous “Coming Soon”.

You’ll be able to pick this full QWERTY slider up for $25 on a 2-year contract and although it doesn’t state the no contract price we hear it’ll be $150. Additional rumours have this pegged for an official release date of Tuesday, March 16th. (more…)


Rogers “Enhanced Text Messaging” coming soon

“Enhanced Text Messaging” I thought has been around for a little while from Rogers, but apparently it’s “Coming Soon”. With this service at Rogers you can now do more with your text messages such as creating a distribution list, signature, auto-reply, block spam texts and Rogers states that “these enhancements are available for every rogers customer with a text messaging–capable phone, regardless of your plan”. With the enhanced text service you are charged by how many text messages you send out. So let’s say you put 10 people in your distribution list and send one message to all of them, you’re charged for 10 text messages.

To get this all you have to do is go into your Account and click “Enhanced Text Messaging”. (more…)


Public Mobile stores to open March 15th, will offer free LD?

With Public Mobile letting loose on some non-branded “unlimited” advertising last week. More news today as we’ve been tipped that they’ll be soft launching their stores on March 15th. That alone is good news but even better is that their network will officially go live on May 15th.

So here’s the deal… if you buy  a device before the live network launch day on May 15th you’ll be given free Canadian long distance for life (as long as your account is in good standing). Remember, the phone will not actually work until the network is put live. Public Mobile will offer a flat rate $40 unlimited talk and text plan and have their service available in Ontario and Quebec.

We’ll see how everything pans out as this is still a rumour… the offer sounds like it would fit with what Public Mobile has to offer. The May 15th launch date is actually a Saturday – but anything is possible. Is the offer of free Canadian long distance for life tempting you to give them a  go?


By default… Rogers to release the Motorola Quench

Motorola stated last week that the Android-powered Backflip, Dext and Quench will be coming to Canada sometime “in the first half of 2010″. TELUS followed up by announcing they’ll exclusively release the Backflip and Bell announced they’ll exclusively sell the Dext… so by default this has Rogers to release the Quench!

No official word on a price point or when this will officially be available, but this will be the fourth upcoming Android device that Rogers will release: Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, Acer Liquid e, Samsung Galaxy Spica and the Motorola Quench all within the next few months.

No official announcement yet from Rogers about the Quench but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.