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Rogers International pay-per-use text messages going up by $0.10 May 4th

The amount of text messages us Canadians send increases every month. If you subscribe to a bundle of some sorts this news will not be worthy to you… but for those who don’t have a Rogers bundle and choose send texts overseas, then on May 4th you’ll be paying $0.10 more per text.

Rogers states on their site that “Effective May 4th, 2010, the rate for pay-per-use text messages sent from Canada to another country (other than the United States) will change to $0.35/message plus applicable taxes (previously $0.25/message). All other aspects of your wireless service will remain the same. (more…)


Upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 to have QWERTY keyboard?

Here’s a bizarre twist from all the previous video/images of the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100. RIM has yet to announce the updated version but we’ve seen videos that showed the smartphone with the new trackpad and is WiFi enabled… but a picture has surfaced from Chinese cell phone parts retailer TrueSupplier have put for sale a “OEM Blackberry Pearl 9100 Keyboard Keypad Black”. It’s not currently available but it’ll retail for $16.99.

Yup… perhaps gone are the days of RIM’s tight SureType and possibly saying hello to a full QWERTY stuffed into the small device. This would be a great transition for them as more people are getting comfortable with a QWERTY device. (more…)


Rogers iPhone exclusivity at Future Shop/Best Buy to end

Not the biggest news but certainly an end of an era and a sign of the times. Rogers/Fido had exclusive rights on the iPhone when it first launched in Canada… then Both Bell and TELUS brought on the iPhone when they launched their new HSPA network back in November of last year.

But if you walked into a big box retailer like Future Shop or Best you would only see a Rogers branded iPhone. The reason is because Rogers apparently secured a sweet exclusive deal that only allowed their iPhone to be available for sale. We’ve been informed that if a Bell or TELUS iPhone appeared in stores or online that Rogers would threaten to withdraw their products from their locations. (more…)


Winner in our TELUS Motorola Milestone Contest!

Another contest and another device was up for grabs. This time we gave away the latest Android to hit Canada, the Motorola Milestone. We’re thrilled to announced that a winner has been picked and Chris Sopatov will be sent the stellar device. Congrats Chris – use it well!

Stay tuned for another contest coming up very soon… anyone in the mood for another opportunity to win a new device?


Motorola Backflip to be launched by TELUS

With the news yesterday that Motorola will be releasing the Android-powered Backflip, Dext and Quench sometime during the “first half of 2010″. Very exciting indeed and great to see Moto back on their feet with some solid devices.

Today TELUS has stepped up and cut through the vagueness of finding out who’ll release which device by announcing they’ll exclusively carry the Backflip. No word on actually when this will be available or for how much, but the Backflip combines a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard.

According to the spec sheet the Backflip currently has Android OS 1.5 packed into it along with MOTOBLUR, a 3.1-inch HVGA display (resolution of 320 x 480), also comes with a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and video, music player, 3.5 mm headset jack, 1400 mAh Li Ion battery, WiFi, full HTML Browser, aGPS with Google Maps, Google Latitude, Google Maps Street View and access to the Android Market. The overall dimensions are 53.0 x 108.0 x 15.3 mm with a weight of 133 grams.

David Fuller, TELUS’ SVP of Product and Services said “Leading the smartphone market means offering Canadians the best-in-class devices such as the acclaimed Motorola Backflip… We’re thrilled to add the Motorola Backflip to our list of TELUS exclusive devices.”


Billy Talent rocks out with new iPhone app

Canadian band Billy Talent has released their iPhone app and it’s somewhat different than all the other artist iPhone apps out there. It has the standard features such as a place to download music, see photos, videos, tour info and purchase band merchandise.

But what’s unique is their “Right Now” feature that gives fans of the band an opportunity to share their Billy Talent experiences with the band and fans in real-time, as well at each individual concert. Plus it also has blog updates and live updates via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the bands website.

Check it out via iTunes under “Billy Talent”


Another round of BlackBerry Slider images appear…

Would be cool to see some video of the unreleased BlackBerry “Bold Slider”! The good folks over at BBLeaks have posted another set of pics, this time much clearer images. You can now see the slider and the full QWERTY keyboard. Plus they compare it to the Tour/8900 and state that the battery is shot, but it’s a new FX-1 orange colored battery which is 1050mAh. Check out the pics here: (more…)


Update: Rogers Galaxy Spica to be priced at $79.99 on 3-year

A couple days ago we let you know that Rogers was gearing up to release a new Android in their lineup, the Samsung Galaxy Spica. The Galaxy Spica comes with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display that has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2 megapixel camera with video, 800MHz processor, 3.5mm headset jack, speakerphone, WiFi, A-GPS, holds up to 32GB with a microSD, 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery, measures 115.0 x 57.0 x 12.9 mm with a weight of 122 grams. Also we are waiting for confirmation about which Android OS Rogers will be shipping this with.

That specs sound all good. We are still waiting on an official launch date but we’ve been tipped that it’s now showing up in the inventory system that the price of this Android-powered smartphone is going to be $79.99 on 3-year contract and $449.99 outright. Definitely a great starting price. (more…)


Government to open doors to wireless foreign investment

The government started a new session today and in the Speach of the Throne, Governor General Michaëlle Jean outlined top priorities and stated “Our government will open Canada’s doors further to venture capital and to foreign investment in key sectors, including the satellite and telecommunications industries, giving Canadian firms access to the funds and expertise they need.”

More details will be announced tomorrow, but this will make new entrants extremely happy as they have been asking the government for this request. Most notably was CEO of Public Mobile, Alek Krstajic, he said after Globalive was given the green light that they should be given the same rules. (more…)


New Area Codes coming: Ottawa getting 343, Montreal to get 579

Due to an the growing number of mobile devices, new Area Codes are on the horizon for both Ottawa and Montreal. Ottawa will get the area code 343 effective Date May 17th, 2010. For those in Montreal, effective August 21st, 2010 you’ll get the Area Code 579. Both of these will require you to do 10 digit dialling. (more…)