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Apple adds ability to “Gift This App” in iTunes

If you’re feeling in the giving mood and want to buy an app for a buddy, Apple has now added the ability to “Gift this App” in iTunes via App Store.

When you find the app you want simply click on the button and it will take you to the Give a Gift section where you can personalize a message (max 500 characters) and choose to either send by e-mail or print the gift receipt. Apple does state that “Gifts can only be redeemed in the store country from which they were originated”… so currently there is no cross-border giving yet. (more…)


Virgin Mobile puts BlackBerry Curve 8530 on BoGo

Virgin has a pretty good deal going on now for their “members”. It’s a BoGo (Buy one Get one) free offer with some select devices, granted they are all CDMA phones and screams clearance but it’s still a good deal.

When you buy either the BlackBerry Curve 8530 (Black or Purple), LG Bliss or Samsung Vice you automatically become a member (customer) and have the choice to get another phone free. I contacted Virgin and they said there is currently no end date but I’m sure it will eventually stop. Depending which phone you go with you’ll have to sign up for a 2 or 3-year contract. (more…)


Rogers Samsung Corby Pro now available, $69.99 on 3-year

The newest touchscreen, full slide-out QWERTY keyboard to hit Canada is the Samsung Corby Pro. This is now officially available at Rogers on the following price points: $69.99 on a 3-year contract; $119.99 on a 2-year contract; $219.99 on a 1-year contract and no contract for $274.99.

The Corby Pro comes with a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen display (resolution of 240×320), slide-out QWERTY keyboard and Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. The Corby Pro has “interchangeable panel jackets” so you can change the style and make it somewhat personal, WiFi, a 3.0 megapixel camera with video capabilities, can hold up to 32GB MicroSD card, 3.5 mm headset jack. Overall dimensions are 105 x 56.8 x 15.68mm with a weight of 110 grams.

Anyone buying?

More here at Rogers


Big 3 waive Activation Fee & give free 6pm evenings until March 31st

One of the reasons the Spectrum Auction was set up was to encourage more competition in the Canadian wireless market. Before the auction started then Industry Minister Jim Prentice stated “Our government’s intentions are clear: to achieve lower prices, better service and more choice for consumers and business. We believe in relying on market forces to the maximum extent feasible because competition benefits consumers, and consumers benefit most when markets are as competitive as they can be.”

Fast forward to today where we have WIND Mobile and Public Mobile already in market gaining clients. Other new entrants Mobilicity (formally DAVE Wireless) looking to launch their service in Toronto soon. Plus, Videotron is expected to shake things up when they launch their HSPA network this Summer. All these new entrants will take a piece out of the subscriber base from the Big 3. (more…)


MTS to launch BlackBerry Storm2, Tour2 & Hero?

Some possible good news for those MTS customers when it comes to new devices. It seems they have been a bit lax on releasing new phones/smartphones as the last device was the stellar Sanyo PRO-700. HoFo Member “codwif” was inquiring about what is coming up and MTS responded with the following info:

“Thanks for your email. We currently plan to launch both the Blackberry Storm 2 & the Tour 2 in late spring early summer 2010. We are also currently in talks with several manufacturers in regards to the Android phones but unfortunately nothing is nailed down at this point, we are looking at a tentative launch date of an Android unit in Spring 2010.”

In addition, there is more good news as when it comes the specific Android device being the HTC Hero. Other devices to possibly hit MTS this year are the Sanyo 2700 and Motorola Quantico. With all these devices there is more excitement with MTS launching their new HSPA network launch that has a targeted completion date of the end of 2010.

More here at HoFo


Moto W388 Renew+ now available in White at Fido

The eco-friendly Moto W388 Renew+ has been available on Fido for about a month now and good news for those who wanted this device but don’t like the “charcoal” colour. You can now pick up a very clean looking Renew+ in a stunning White for $15 on a 2-year contract, or $65 outright.

The Renew+ has its CarbonFree certification and the device is 100% recyclable and made from 25% post-consumer recycled plastics.

More here at Fido
(Thanks Vincent!)


“Palm is essentially an accelerating death spiral”… analysts target shares to hit $0.00

Interesting article on the future of Palm from CNN Money. “Shares of Palm plunged 19% to $4.59 a share early Friday, a new 52-week low. Investors are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the company’s future and several analysts downgraded their positions on the stock to “sell.” Two analysts even lowered their price targets to $0… Morgan Joseph & Co. analyst Ilya Grozovsky, one of the two analysts to cut its price target on Palm shares to $0, said “Palm is essentially an accelerating death spiral.”

The other analyst is Peter Misek from Canaccord Adams who said that Palm only has enough money to last them 12 more months. Misek stated “Palm’s troubles will only accelerate as carriers and suppliers increasingly question the company’s solvency and withdraw their support.” (more…)


Public Mobile commercials hit TV, show simplicity

New Canadian wireless entrant Public Mobile launched their service last Thursday and without a heartbeat got trampled on by other new entrant WIND Mobile. Public states they offer true unlimited plans and give a flat rate $40/month “unlimited talk and text” with no contacts or credit checks. Sounds like a good deal if you’re located in the Toronto and Montreal regions.

In addition they currently offer 4 low end phones and can buy them outright (more…)


Bell Motorola DEXT to retail for $399.95?

The Motorola DEXT is an upcoming Android device that will exclusively be released by Bell, timing is not known but there are many early rumours flying around beyond the given “first half of 2010“.

What’s out there currently is as early as April 8th with the MOTOBLUR launch parties (starting in Toronto)… and if you look into the Bell DEXT contest rules and regulations it shows the end date Friday May 14, 2010. In addition, the value of the DEXT shows it at $399.95 which would make this the no-contract price… so possibly this might come in at $149.95 on a 3-year, maybe even an launch promo at $49.95. Time will tell.

More here at Bell
(Thanks Derek!)