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Google: 200,000 Android devices activated every day

Google recently stated that the Android OS was seeing activations of 160,000 each day in Q2… this is up from 65,000 in Q1. Clearly Android-powered devices are getting more popular as the days go by. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was speaking with reporters yesterday and was asked about how they measure the success of Android.
Well, it comes down to the numbers of activations. He stated that they are now reaching the level of activating/selling a staggering 200,000 Android handsets every day.

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Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Unboxed & rocked during Metric show

The Galaxy S Vibrant will be released by Bell (and apparently Virgin) and is one of the best devices Samsung has ever created. You can take a look at the unboxing pics below, but if you’re considering getting this you should really go and give it a good test run. It’s got everything going for it: Android 2.1 (will be upgraded to 2.2), 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display, a 1GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera that can record 720p HD videos, DivX/Xvid, Video calling, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Social Hub (puts all your Facebook, Twitter e-mails etc into one area), weighs a light 118 grams… the list goes on.

To launch this device, Samsung held a Metric free concert in Toronto yesterday. It was a wicked show and there seemed to be well over 2,000 people on Front Street. They played for 1-hour and I snapped the pics with the Vibrant so you can get a taste of what the camera and video quality is like. (more…)


Bell Q2 results: subscriber base increases over 6% to almost 7 million

It seems like Bell is on a high since launching their HSPA+ network. Taking a quick look over their Q2 2010 results show some staggering numbers: Activations doubled, subscriber base up by 6%, revenues up dramatically… the only area that sank is their Prepaid subscribers.

George Cope, President & CEO of BCE and Bell Canada said “At Bell Wireless, our world-leading HSPA+ network and roster of leading smartphones and turbo sticks produced wireless data revenue growth of 45% and net activations that more than doubled year over year.”

Check out a breakdown from the Q2 report after the break: (more…)


Rogers confirms Galaxy S Captivate will launch “in the coming weeks”

It was a rumour a few weeks ago but Rogers has now confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate is “coming soon”. They state on the company blog that “We’re excited to announce that we will be adding the highly-anticipated Galaxy S Captivate to our Android and Social View lineup in the coming weeks.”

Specs of the Captivate are that it comes with OS 2.1, a 4-inch Super AMOLED display (480 x 800 resolution), 5 megapixel camera that can records 720p HD videos (no word if it’ll come with the front-facing camera), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,3.5 mm audio jack, has internal storage of 16GB and holds up to 32GB with a microSD support.

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RIM gives a deeper look into the new BlackBerry 6 browser

Kinda wishing RIM would release an official video tour other than keep teasing us with short vids and screenshots of their new BlackBerry 6 WebKit browser. This is one of the most anticipated product launches for RIM and one that will hopefully bring joy to Berry users worldwide. The official BlackBerry blog InsideBlackBerry has posted more screenshots of what we can expect to experience. You’ll see topics such as the new start page, tabbed browsing, social feed integration, options menu and how to easily view content. RIM stated yesterday that BlackBerry 6 will be available on the following devices: BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Bold 9650, BlackBerry Pearl 3G and the upcoming 9800 Torch that will be available on TELUS, Rogers, Bell and Virgin.

It all certainly looks good… but will it be enough to keep or increase their market share?

More here at InsideBlackBerry
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Motorola Flipout launched by Rogers… no contract for $374.99

We can’t say too much about this new device that Rogers just launched. It’s called the Motorola Flipout – it’s square and it flips-out to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. This is priced to attract those hungry back-to-school kids. Just remember if you sign a contract you’ll be with this device for a number of years. Prices range from $29.99 on a 3-year to $347.99 no contract. Otherwise it’s got some decent specs to it: 2.8-inch touch screen (resolution of 320×240), 3.1 megapixel camera with video, holds up to 32GB with a microSD card, has Android 2.1 loaded in, access to the Android Market, and has Motorola’s MOTOBLUR (syncs together your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace into one area).

More here at Rogers
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Rogers BlackBerry Curve 9300 now available

Rogers has just launched the BlackBerry Curve 9300. We’ve seen this before in leaked internal documents but you can get it now for for the following price points: No-contract for $399.99; 1-year contract: $349.99; 2-year contract: $299.99 and the 3-year contract is $79.99.

The 9300 has a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.0 MP camera, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, ships with a 2GB microSD card but can hold up to 32GB, 2.4-inch display (resolution of 320 x 240).

Check it out here at Rogers


Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant also heading to Virgin Mobile

Excited for the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant to launch in Canada? This is hitting Bell on August 6th and is apparently exclusive. However… thanks to one of our tipsters for letting us know that Bell’s sub-brand Virgin Mobile will also be making this available to their members. Taking a look at this screenshot shows that employees are currently taking online training to master the device. No word on price points or an official release date… but know it’s coming soon.

I remember back in December of last year when Robert Blumenthal, the head of Virgin Mobile Canada, said that in 2010 we’ll a “very different Virgin” and “a great expansion in our portfolio and us being able to offer higher-value devices and services. Where we had been traditionally lower down in the marketplace, we’ll be expanding to realize our true potential”.

Not sure exactly what it is… possibly Bell taking them over or more wireless competition but clearly Virgin has stepped up their game with their lineup: HTC Legend, iPhone 4, BlackBerry 9700… soon the Vibrant.


Bell Samsung Vibrant gets priced at $149.95/$499.95

If you’ve been holding out for the Samsung Galaxy you’ve only got a couple more days. Want even more good news? Well, Bell has priced this for $149.95 on a 3-year and $499.95. Pretty decent pricing for an Android 2.1 device that is going head-to-head with the new iPhone 4. Personally, I’m looking forward to checking out the 4-inch Super AMOLED display.

This will officially be available on August 6th. Check it here at Bell
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WIND Huawei U8100 Unboxed, now available

The Huawei U8100 is officially WIND Mobile’s first Android-powered device (You could always get the another device like the Nexus One but this is their official first in the lineup). This is now available for what looks to be a decent price of $160.

I got hold of one today and took some pics of the unboxing and my first impressions are that the design has this curved bottom that’s similar to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, but this one is much lighter (110 grams). The good thing about the U8100 is that it runs OS 2.1 so you won’t have to wait for an upgrade (no talk about future upgrades yet). The screen is 2.8 inches and has a resolution of 320×240 and comes with an FM Radio, Wi-FI, 1150mAh battery, hold up to 16GB with a microSD card, GPS, access to the Android Market, Google Maps and a 3.2-megapixel camera with video capabilities.

Check out the pics after the break that I shot and we’ll have a full review coming up soon (more…)