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Pics from WIND’s “Contract Killing Contract Carnival”

We’re here at the WIND “Contract Carnival” and things are just getting started. We’re pretty sure that the highlight is not the face painting or the free popcorn but more the highly anticipated “Contract Killing” that will occur. We’ll be putting up video shortly but in the meantime WIND is making the most of the opportunity and have revealed a study (commissioned by TNS of 714 people) that revealed 49% of Canadians have a wireless contract with 1-year or more remaining.

Check out these pics of the first “Contract Carnival”


Is this what the BlackBerry OS 6.0 will look like?

Check out the pics below as these are what could be the new and improved BlackBerry OS. These are speculated to be the upcoming 6.0 version and you’ll it looks like RIM is making room for widgets such as weather, sports, news and possibly putting your apps on the homescreen… similar to Apple and Android devices. What do you think…. you like? (more…)


WIND says Public Mobile is not unlimited

New entrant Public Mobile launched their wireless network today, offering a flat rate $40 unlimited talk and text plan.  They offer the following devices for those located in Ontario and Montreal: ZTE C78, Kyocera Tomo, Samsung R312 and the Kyocera G2G0.

It seems that WIND Mobile is first to jump on the train to state how their network is better. They have issued a press release that says “We welcome all new entrants to the market…. as Canadians make new choices about wireless, they should know exactly what they’re buying. While Public made a lot of claims about being “unlimited”…the limits seem pretty clear to us.   Unlimited network coverage? Nope. Public does not offer coverage outside their service area, which means no roaming. For example, once you step outside the city of Toronto, your phone won’t work. That doesn’t help when your car breaks down north of the 401. Or west of the 427. Mobile phones are supposed to be mobile. And, their launch coverage is much smaller than predicted.” (more…)


WIND: Tethering now available for BlackBerry devices

WIND’s network continues to get some upgrades and enhancements and today they have posted a note on the company blog that states “WIND BlackBerry Bold 9700 customers can now tether and stream with their smartphones”.

So if you’re a WIND customers who has the WIND 9700 and want to use your device as your modem, they say that “you’ll get the same internet service that you get on your smartphone if you have the Infinite BlackBerry add-on ($35.00 per month). Other BlackBerry customers can tether their phones, but will be charged the pay-per-use data rate ($0.10 per 25 kB).” They have also noted that Streaming is available now too. (more…)


Bell offers new Palm Pre users $10 off monthly Smartphone Combo Plan

We’ve been tipped that Bell has a new offer starting today until March 30th that is specifically for the Palm Pre.

The doc we have says that “Bell clients activating a Palm Pre on any Smartphone Combo Plan can receive $10 off their plan every month for their term”. This is only for a signed 3-year contract and “is only available on the current line up of single user or shared versions of the Smartphone Combo Plans ($50/$65/$80/$100)”.

Good to have some savings every month! (more…)


Koodo Mobile officially releases LG Banter

A few weeks back we let you know that the LG Banter was going to be the next device launched by Koodo Mobile. Today is the day and this can now be yours for 125.00 with no contract and $0.00 with the Tab. This is already put on sale as the regular price is $150.

The Banter is another device made for texting, this has a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 2.2 inch LCD display with a resolution of 240 x 320, 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video capabilities, speakerphone and can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card. Overall dimensions are 112 x 52 x 17.3mm and weighs of 126 grams.

This looks good… but we believe it’s time for some sweet HSPA devices Koodo! Bring us some new BlackBerry goodness!


Public Mobile: “Today we have 25 stores open for business”

Last week we let you know that new entrant Public Mobile was set to make an announcement that would see them open stores and offer customers free Unlimited Canadian long distance for life.

Well today is the big day as Alek Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile said “Today we have 25 stores open for business. Customers can visit us in person, call us or go to And by mid-May, we expect to have twice the number of locations. Now that our stores are open and ready to go, we want to give our customers the same opportunity. We are excited to offer unlimited talk and text and we want people to have the chance to use our service as soon as it’s available.” (more…)


BlackBerry “T” Slider to launch next month?

We’ve seen pics of the leaked BlackBerry slider and now another rumour has hit the web, this time by the CEO of a RIM parts supplier Woojeon & Handan. He stated that stated that the new BlackBerry “T” phone will be launching next month.

“The Canadian company RIM famous for BlackBerry smartphones is releasing a new model next month. Known as the “T,” The new model is an ambitious product aimed at competing against iPhone’s storm of success. Rim will present it (“T”) as its flagship model to compete in global markets such as the U.S. and Europe.”

No word on when this is coming to Canada, or if the rumour is true but it makes things interesting. Would you pick up the BlackBerry slider? (more…)