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Koodo’s “El Tabador” selling $0.00 phones… wishing for HSPA

Koodo Mobile launched their new character last week – “El Tabador” – and he’s out with a mission to inform us Canadians to break the promise of $0.00 phone contracts and join him in “phone freedom”. Check out the commercial they’ve started airing on TV… the only think missing is the promise of HSPA devices.


Fido BlackBerry Curve 8520 on sale for $0.00 until March 31st

It was about 1-month ago that Fido introduced the BlackBerry Curve 8520, this was launched at the following price points:
3-year contract with Voice and Data $50
2-year contract with Voice: $350
No-contract: $400

However, there are select stores in the Toronto area that are giving $50 off until March 31st, which makes the device $0.00 on a 3-year contract. In addition, like most carriers these days, Fido is waiving the $35 Activation Fee. (more…)


Google updates Nexus One compatibility to work on TELUS & Bell

With Google announcing last week that the NEXUS One will officially start shipping into Canada, carriers were rushing around to inform potential customers that the much sought after device will work on their networks. Originally Rogers was the only listed carrier that the Nexus One would work with but Bell and TELUS have been added to the list. Still missing is WIND Mobile though. (more…)


WIND to officially launch in Ottawa this Friday

It’s been a long winding road for WIND Mobile and their Ottawa launch, but rest assured the big day is upon us. WIND has officially declared the launch is set for this Friday, March 26th. There are a couple locations where you’ll be able to score yourself a device: Blockbuster at 183 Rideau Street and the Blockbuster located 1309 Carling Avenue.

Back on February 28th Ken Campbell announced that they were doing “some final tweaks on the network” and allowed for a “Technical launch” in Ottawa, but Friday could not come sooner for current WIND customers as this will now expand their “Home Zone” calling area.

WIND will now operate in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa… next up is Vancouver.


BlackBerry Presenter now available for $219.99

Remember a few weeks back when RIM announced a new accessory that “easily plugs into a projector or monitor, then lets the user display a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation wirelessly from their BlackBerry smartphone”. Well, this is now available for $219.99 Canadian. RIM also states that “To use BlackBerry Presenter, you will need a video output device and a VGA cable or an S-Video cable. BlackBerry Presenter is not supported by the BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series and/or BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 Series smartphones.”

Check out the video demo of the BlackBerry Presenter in action. (more…)


Tethering promo extended indefinitely for Rogers & Fido customers… becomes policy.

Rogers/Fido has some good news regarding their tethering promotion that was set to expire May 3rd… effective today the promotion is extended with no end date in sight at no extra charge. You’ll have to sign up for a data plan of 1GB an above though. “Tethering” gives you the ability to use your device as a modem and connect to the internet.

Miranda from Rogers sent a note to us that states “Rogers is unveiling a tethering policy that reflects how our customers are already using data on their mobile device. Effective immediately (March 24), tethering will continue to be included at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to a data plans of 1GB and above, with a few exceptions. This new policy replaces the current tethering promotion, originally set to expire on May 3″.  In the legal disclaimer on the tethering info page on Rogers it states that this “Excludes Family Share Data & Voice Plans, Smartphone and Rocket stick shared data plans, and One Rate Data Plans for Canada and the U.S.”.

More here at Rogers


Paid apps coming to Palm’s App Catalog March 31st

Just over a week ago Palm sent an e-mail to their developer community that stated “we are very excited about the upcoming launch of international e-commerce for the Palm App Catalog… We’d also like to inform you that in addition to the planned European launch, we will be launching e-commerce support in Canada and Mexico.”

This was good news because it meant that the long awaited paid apps was finally coming to the App Catalog in Canada… but no firm date was given. According to PreCentral the go live date for paid apps to hit Canada has been set for Wednesday, March 31st. Palm again sent a message to the developers who are interested in distributing their apps in other countries should update and resubmit their apps with localized content.

For those Bell Pre owners the countdown to paid apps is only a few days away.


Public Mobile says “Unlimited is like freedom”

Public Mobile is back with another video that gives another perspective beyond their own of what “Unlimited” is. CEO Alek Krstajic defines their $40 monthly Unlimited Talk and Text plans as the only true unlimited plans that have no restrictions. He stated in a previous video that they “laugh and talk about what everybody has done in the past has been Unlimited ‘But’, there is always a big but. It’s unlimited but it’s evenings and weekends… what we are saying is Unlimited is like freedom, either you have it or you don’t.”

Public Mobile launched last Thursday with 25 stores in both Toronto and Montreal. They will be launching mid-May and  we hear by that time they will ramp up to around 50 locations (corporate owned and dealer locations) and a couple more devices. Check out the video and hear random people from the street describe what unlimited means to them. (more…)


Twitter for BlackBerry to be available March 31st

A couple pieces of new regarding the official Twitter for BlackBerry app. This is almost out of Beta and thanks to Kevin over at CrackBerry who found out that RIM will officially be releasing this on March 31st.

In addition, as the beta has been getting some mixed reviews there are some improvements that have apparently leaked out of some upcoming features:
- General performance and speed improvements
- Ability to edit a users profile
- Support for Twitter Lists
- Specific features added for OS 6.0 devices:
1. Manual Address Book linking
2. Setup Wizard integration
3. Universal Search integration (more…)