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BlackBerry App World celebrates 1st anniversary… now has over 6,000 apps

Yesterday marked the 1-year anniversary of RIM launching their BlackBerry App World and now has over 6.000 apps available for download and 200,000 registered app developers worldwide. Some of the tops apps (free and paid) have been Facebook, Viigo, BBM, Weather Network, Score Mobile, Tetris, Druglord Wars, Memory Booster.

RIM recently announced their year-end and Q4 results and have 41 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide. (more…)


Paid apps finally available with Palm webOS 1.4.1

For those who have a Bell Palm Pre you can download the latest webOS update 1.4.1. This is the one that many owners have been waiting for as it’s now possible to buy paid apps from the App Catalog. In order to buy the paid apps Palm states that “you must use a credit card to buy applications”. Visa and MasterCard are accepted and you’ll also need to put in all your personal info such as your billing address and phone number (See pic I shot on the left).

Apps range in price and are a mixed bag – there are obviously free apps but the paid apps are all over the board and priced between $0.00, $1.25, $6.99, $4.99, $5.99, $1.50, $1.99, $2.99 etc… to the most expensive I’ve seen at $9.99. In addition, one of the best app developers out there is EA Games who make titles such as Monopoly and The Need for Speed is unfortunately not yet available in the App Catalog… but hey, it’s great to see paid apps finally here.

To download this go to the Updates section on your Pre, in addition, check out the entire list of changes over here at Palm

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Video: Koodo’s “El Tabador” gets in the ring

Koodo Mobile’s “El Tabador” is on a rampage and promoting “Phone Freedom”… he now has a full blown out YouTube experience similar to the “sugar streak” with the gingerbread man who was running through the streets of Toronto. This is called “Get in the Ring” and you get to choose the sequence of events, choose the moves and “battle evil contracts personified by the villain, Bloatimus Contractimus.” (more…)


MTS offers up a free wireless plan when you bundle other services

MTS has a promo going on now that’s for “a limited time only” that’ll give you a free wireless plan when you bundle together their services.

Reading the fine print the offer is only valid when you “subscribe to each of MTS TV, High Speed Internet and Local service”. In addition to get the free wireless plan you’ll need to sign a 3-year contract and can only select from their current line-up of $0.00 phones and the Insider Text plan (includes: 200 weekday minutes, Unlimited Text Messaging to and from all MTS Wireless customers in Manitoba, Unlimited local and long distance calling to and from other MTS Wireless customers in Manitoba and Unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 6pm). (more…)


Samsung Corby Plus hitting Rogers soon

Coming off the recent release of the Samsung Corby Pro, it looks like Rogers is getting ready to jump back into the Corby ring with the launch of the Corby Plus – a 2.6-inch touchscreen device (resolution of 320 x 240) that has a slide out full QWERTY keyboard and Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI. Overall dimensions are 102.3 x 52.4 x 15.9mm and weighs in at 113.7 grams. The Corby Plus has a 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, email, SMS and MMS, music player, FM Radio, can hold up to 8GB with a microSD card.

The dummy phones started to arrive at Rogers locations and we are waiting on price plans and an official launch date.

UPDATE: We’ve now been informed that the Corby Plus is set to be part of Rogers Pay As You Go line it’s just a less equipped version of the Corby Pro. In addition, this should be launching within a couple weeks and the unconfirmed price will be around $129.99 outright.

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Birds, trucks and squirrels sometime cause Rogers network outages

Rogers has released a video that runs just over 2 minutes that interviews Bill Anderson, a manager at their Network Operations Centre (NOC). It goes into a bit of detail of what it takes to run their network and make sure everything is on the up and up.

Anderson states the NOC runs 7x24x365 days and when a network outage occurs, it’s “primarily accidental and environmental. We have birds that can build nests in our towers, we have trucks that can take down polls, even squirrels that can chew on our lines and cause service interruptions. One of the best things on working in a NOC like this is that the machines do a lot of the work for us… for those times when there is an impact to the customer our job is to make sure we get the right person, with the right tools as fast as possible to the situation to get it resolved.” (more…)


TELUS drops No-contract price of Bold 9700 to $499.99

Back in November TELUS released the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and it was priced at $249.99 on a 3-year and the no contract price was $649.99.

Over time we’ve seen a steady decline in prices and you can now get this for $149.99 on a 3-year, but more importantly the no contract price dropped to $499.99. This is now only $50 higher than WIND Mobile’s offering of an outright price of $450. Rogers and Virgin are selling the 9700 at the no-contract price $549.99 and Bell is currently the highest at $599.99 no contract. We hope this is no April Fool’s Day joke…

More here at TELUS
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Virgin installs “Safe Text Zones” across Canada

This is a good way to start April 1st. Gotta love Virgin Mobile Canada as they’ve taken it upon themselves to “install Safe Text Zones across Canada” because “more than 20,000 pedestrian accidents have occurred while texting since 2009″. These prototype safe text zones are located in Toronto on sections of Queen Street and Yonge Street and on Vancouver’s Robson Street. Check out Virgin’s public service announcement: (more…)


Update: Rogers Xperia X10 to be priced at $149.99 on 3-year

Rogers sent out an e-mail last week with an update that the “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is almost here” and said we’ll be able to pre-order their newest Android device soon.

We have a quick update and have been informed that the X10 will be priced at $549.99 without a contract and $149.99 on a 3-year contract. Also, the rumour floating around about the launch date is set between the April 7th and 14th.

We’ll have more info soon!
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RIM shipped 37 million BlackBerry devices last year… revenue hit $15 billion

Waterloo-based Research In Motion (RIM) has announced their year end and Q4 results and quickly looking at the release it shows that revenue increased 35% over last year to a whopping $15 billion. In addition, RIM shipped 37 million BlackBerry devices and increased the subscriber base by 65% over from last year to over 41 million “with a record 4.9 million net new subscriber accounts added in Q4″.

Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO at Research In Motion said “RIM has completed another outstanding fiscal year with record revenue, earnings and subscriber results. Our company and partnerships continued to thrive within one of the most dynamic industries in the world. (more…)