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1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor shipping next year

If you thought the speed of the HTC Desire and Nexus One were fast with its 1GHz Snapdragon processor, then you’re going to love next year. According to Qualcomm’s VP of product management, Mark Frankel, who says they will start shipping the new 1.5GHz dual-core QSD8672 chip early next year or “by Christmas”. Frankel also stated this new chip will bring better power management and performance, have individual voltage scaling and also include 1080p video playback features. No word on what devices this will be put but 500MHz faster is always a good thing!

Source: ComputerWorld
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Dell’s new App Store sells apps for the unreleased BlackBerry Pluto 9900

The new Dell App Store is not available yet in Canada but there are 11 carriers that do support it. Also there are over 50,000 apps available for several platforms including Android, BlackBerry, webOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile. The App Store is managed by PocketGear, not Dell. However it does give a good indication on a rumoured BlackBerry device.

If you check out the App Store here you’ll see a device that Waterloo-based RIM has yet announced or released… the BlackBerry Pluto 9900. Specs of this once rumoured device (apparently now canceled/postponed) had a 2.6-inch display with a resolution of 480 x 360, trackball, WiFi:, GPS, 3.1 mega pixel camera. The good news is that you can buy apps, the bad news is that device is not available. Perhaps RIM will release it with the new trackpad and BlackBerry 6.

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Nokia CS-18 Internet stick now available at Fido

Fido has released the Nokia CS-18 3G high-speed mobile Internet stick. This can apparently hit the 21.1 Mbps download speed mark and up to 5.76 Mbps upload speeds. Available prices are $0 on a 2-year Fido contract or $150 no-contract with a $35 activation fee. In addition it can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card, weighs only 26 grams with overall dimension being 86 mm x 24 mm x 13.5 mm.

The data plans are 500MB is $32 per month or a 1GB plan is $37 per month. Or you could just get a BlackBerry and tether it with the 6GB plan they have available.

The CS-18 is not yet on the Fido site.
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Rogers to release the BlackBerry Torch 9800 in white?

Rogers basically has every BlackBerry available in the clean colour white (9700, 9000, 8520)… and it seems they’ll be adding the new Torch 9800 to the list when it comes out soon. There’s still no official drop date for this but specs on the this has a 3.2 HVGA capacitive touchscreen, runs BlackBerry 6, has a 5 megapixel camera with flash, Wi-Fi, GPS.

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“Underwhelming”: BlackBerry Torch 9800 first weekend sales

Waterloo-based RIM released their newest device called the BlackBerry Torch 9800, this also came loaded with their new BlackBerry 6 OS. The Torch went on sale officially on the 12th in the US by AT&T. It will be coming to Canada soon from TELUS, Rogers, Bell and Virgin.

How were the first weekend sales of this anticipated touchscreen/QWERTY device? Well, according to Goldman Sachs the sales were “underwhelming” and “nearly all of the stores they called did not sell out of the device. Also the checks showed that the vast majority of Torch sales were driven by upgrades from existing BlackBerry subscribers.”

RIM has not released official numbers for the Torch, but the vast majority of reviews have been OK with nothing about the device or OS being remotely astonishing or innovative. What do you think… will you be getting the new Torch 9800?

Source: IntoMobile


SaskTel goes live with their 3G+ network!

People of Saskatchewan! Today officially marks the day that you can walk into your local SaskTel location and score yourself a new 3G+ device. It’s looking like the SIM card will cost you $10 and they are updating their website with new devices.

Currently they have listed the following: Nokia 7230, Nokia 6350, BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Pearl 9100. So we’re still waiting for them to put the Samsung Gravity 3, Samsung Gravity Touch and the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.

Pricing is competitive to other carriers. For example the Bold 9700 has a 3-year contract price of $100, so does the 9100. However, the no-contract/monthly prices are a bit inflated.

Regarding coverage, SaskTel says that “coverage is available in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Weyburn, Yorkton, Swift Current, Prince Albert, North Battleford, Estevan, Buffalo Pound, White City, Melville, Dalmeny, Martensville, Warman, Hepburn, Waldheim and most of the connecting highways”. If your area is not on the list SaskTel has created a 3G+ Rollout schedule so you know when to expect these devices to be available (check it here)

Update: SaskTel is still in talks to bring the new iPhone 4 out, plus the Galaxy S Vibrant will be launching before the end of August.

We’ll updated you soon with other details.
More here at SaskTel


Glentel acquires 128 Verizon Wireless locations for $50 million

You might know Burnaby-based Glentel as the people behind WirelessWave, Tbooth and WIRELESS etc. They’re a huge wireless distributor and have over 280 locations across Canada. Today they announced they’ll be acquiring 128 Verizon Wireless locations in the United States. The stores are mall locations in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Hawaii. In addition, with this acquisition brings 750 employees.

The deal is expected to close on October 1st, 2010 for a total purchase price of $50,450,000 USD ($52,555,140 CAD). Glentel will purchase 81.5% from Diamond Wireless, LLC, with the other “18.5% minority interest in the future under certain terms and conditions”.

Congrats to everyone at Glentel. It’s nice to see a Canadian company buy a U.S. company.

Source: CNW


TELUS HTC Hero 2.1 update “coming soon”… like early Q4?

TELUS HTC Hero owners have been waiting for the time when they can upgrade to Android OS 2.1. Other countries have been fortunate to experience this update for sometime but for us Canadians it’s been delayed for unknown reasons. We were tipped several times over the past few month, first it was supposed to drop early-May, then mid-August… but it’s now “coming soon”, kinda.

A couple updates here. First, a HowardForums member pointed out that if you view the source code TELUS HTC Hero web page you’ll see that it states that “Coming soon – upgrade to Android 2.1!” with the new features being Flash support 4.0 to view rich web pages with embedded videos, Google Maps Navigation, Voice-dialer, Multi-Touch navigation, People Group Widget.

This all sounds promising but according to a few of our tipsters they state the update is actually coming now at the very latest in “early Q4″. The reasons were not given for the delay but it’s certainly in the works.

Source: HowardForums & our tipsters. (more…)


Rogers releases new Pay As You Go BlackBerry Data Plans

Seems like there is a new set of plans released everyday. The flavour today is that Rogers has released 4 new Pay As You Go BlackBerry Data Plans. There are 2 basic plans with 4 choices. The BlackBerry E-mail has a $40 and a $55 option. The BlackBerry Social also has a $40 and a $55 option. They are almost the same with the basic services such as text messaging, unlimited calling, voicemail, call display, call waiting… the major difference comes down the actual BlackBerry services.

With the BlackBerry E-mail: “Unlimited personal email & instant messaging for popular communities Instant messaging applications that are applicable: BlackBerry Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger”

With the BlackBerry Social: “Unlimited Social Networking to Popular Sites. Sites that are applicable: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace Applications that are applicable: BlackBerry Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger”

It could be a good deal for those who don’t want to commit to anything long term, but in the end you’ll be paying a bit more for the services.

Check it out here over at Rogers
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Apple has “zero tolerance for dishonest behavior”… arrests manager for selling trade secrets

Paul Shin Devine has his claim to fame now. He’s was a mid-level Apple manager who was arrested Friday on 23-counts of wire fraud, money laundering and getting kickbacks. The reason is for selling trade secrets to 6 or so Asian iPhone and iPod accessories suppliers. Apparently it’s been going on for years and the amount he’s received is over the million dollar mark.

The investigation was conducted by the FBI and the IRS and Devine used his role at Apple to get confidential product information and then in turn get kickbacks forwarded to several bank accounts and fake companies, some in his wife’s name such as “CPK Engineering”. The accessory companies were not yet made public. Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said “Apple is committed to the highest ethical standards in the way we do business. We have zero tolerance for dishonest behavior inside or outside the company.”

Seems like Apple is hammering down these days harder than ever.

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