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Report: New entrants to capture 22% of the market by year end 2014

The well respected Convergence Consulting Group have released their latest Report: “The Battle for the Canadian Couch Potato: Bundling, Television Internet, Telephone, Wireless”. It gives a revised forecast of the Canadian Wireless market.

Some quick takeaways from the Report show that by the end of 2014 new entrants EastLink, Mobilicity, Public Mobile, Shaw, Videotron, and Wind Mobile will have 22% of the market (in terms of subscribers). (more…)


Wind Mobile to launch the Nokia 5230

Looking for the next device to hit new entrant Wind Mobile? Good news for you then as they’ve posted on their site that the Nokia 5230 is just around the corner. No pricing or an exact launch date has been revealed but this will add another touchscreen to their lineup.

The 5230 has a 3.2-inch display with a resolution of 640 x 360, accelerometer, can hold up to 16Gb with a microSD card, 3.5 mm headset jack, 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, music player, full HTML browser, bluetooth, speakerphone and has overall dimensions of 11 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm with a weight of 115 grams.

Who’s going to get this beast?
More here at Wind


CIBC iPhone app sees over 100,000 downloads in first month… expanded to other smartphones

Only about 9% of us Canadians actually mobile banking but it’s expected to significantly increase over the next few months. One stat that shows this becoming more popular is the CIBC iPhone app. It was released about a month ago and has already surpassed 100,000 downloads and has over 1 million client logins. Very decent numbers.

CIBC has now expanded their mobile offerings by making all internet-enabled smartphones capable of using their site to perform their banking needs. CIBC says you’ll be able to do transfer funds between accounts, check account balances, pay bills and email Money Transfer.


CRTC: “No foreign entity should own more than 49%”

Back on December 11th, 2009 Industry Minister Tony Clement decided to overturn the CRTC’s decision and gave Globalive the green light to launch their WIND Mobile brand. They are heavily backed by Egyptian-based Orascom Telecom by having equity stake to the tune of 65%. He stated “It is a Canadian company that meets Canadian ownership and control requirements”.

The foreign ownership rules were somewhat rewritten and this foreign ownership issue will be in the news for many more months to come. In January Clement backed his decision by saying “This government made a decision a couple of years ago that we wanted more competition in the wireless space, that this was important for consumers, it was important for our economy… So the momentous decision wasn’t the Globalive decision, the momentous decision was the decision we made a couple of years ago to set aside spectrum for auction to new entrants, rather than the current incumbents.”

Today during parliamentary hearings Konrad von Finckenstein, chairman of the CRTC, said “The control of the communications sector should stay in Canadian hands. No foreign entity should own more than 49 per cent”.

What are your thoughts on this?
(Via: Globe)


New 365 area code coming to Southern Ontario March 25th, 2013

The 289 and 905 area codes are expected to run out by March of 2014. The CRTC has issued a new 365 area code for the Southern Ontario region. This is the first time in Canadian history that a 3rd area code has been added to a region in Canada… The new 365 area code will start effective March 25th, 2013. (more…)


Shaw takes aim at Wind Mobile with racial “camel” reference

Calgary-based Shaw Communications reported their Q2 results on Friday and stated “We are advancing our strategy to offer a competitive wireless offering and are now planning for an initial launch in late 2011″. Good news as this means more competition in Canada.

During the conference call apparently Shaw President Peter Bissonnette & CEO Jim Shaw were talking about new entrant Wind Mobile’s poor Calgary network coverage and Bissonnette said “Is the wind blowing in here… Or is that a camel?… Oh, it’s a camel.”

It’s well known that Egyptian-based Orascom Telecom heavily funded Globalive’s Wind Mobile to enter the wireless market. However, the camel reference was uncalled for and Globalive chairman & CEO Anthony Lacavera said “It’s a racial slur joking about Egyptians” and demanded an apology.

Bissonnette said “Frankly, there was no intention to be in any way racist at all. It could have been a coyote, it could have been any kind of animal. If they took that in any other way than in a light hearted jest, I apologize for that. It wasn’t intended to be in any way mean spirited or anything.” (more…)


BlackBerry Storm2 9550 now available at Bell

Staying true to the date we posted back in March, Bell has officially released the BlackBerry Storm2 9550.

The Storm2 9550 works on their CDMA network and comes with a 3.25-inch display (resolution of 480 X 360), WiFi, OS 5.0, 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and auto focus, 3.5mm headset jack, Speakerphone, RIM’s SurePress technology, virtual QWERTY keyboard, 2 GB Internal/256 MB Flash and can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card, full HTML browser, Speakerphone, GPS, plus all your e-mail/texting/BBM etc…

This can be yours on the following price plans:
$199.95 on 3-year contract
$399.95 on 2-year contract
$499.95 on 1-year contract
$549.95 no contract

More here at Bell


Opera Mini for iPhone approved… now available for download

Well it officially took 20 days, 8 hours and 31 minutes for Apple to officially approve the Opera Mini app for the iPhone. For those users who have been using their Safari browser over the past few years you can now download the Opera Mini app for free. Opera describes the app where you can “Get a fast, cost-efficient Web browsing experience. Use our powerful servers to compress data by up to 90% before sending it to your iPhone, so page-loads are lightning fast.” (more…)


Video: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Launch Party

Last night Sony Ericsson and Rogers held a launch party for the upcoming Android-powered Xperia X10. They confirmed all the leaks over the past few weeks of the launch date being April 15th with the promo price on a 3-year contract $149.99. It was a good event and we captured it all on video for those who could not make it.Below you’ll see a few speeches from:
- Peter Farmer, Director of Marketing, Sony Ericsson Canada
- Andrea Gaal, General Manager, Sony Ericsson Canada
- Anderson Teixeira, President of Sony Ericsson US and Head of Region North America
- Raj Doshi, VP of Mobile Product Management at Rogers Communications

The best part of the night was when Jay Malinowski of Bedouin Soundclash fame performed… he actually has a wicked voice and his solo album is dropping soon. The X10 in both Black and White was also present.

Check it out below… the music starts around the 10:00 minute mark:


Milestone “Upgrade to Android 2.1 planned for Q2″

A couple weeks back Motorola posted on their Facebook wall that the upgrade to Android OS 2.1 “is taking longer than expected. Though we don’t have the new deployment date to share just yet, we do promise we are working to get you updated information and will let you know as soon as possible.”

I’m not sure when this was added but talking a quick look a the Motorola Owners’ Forum says the Milestone has a planned upgrade to 2.1 during Q2… so we at least have a date in mind being June the latest. (more…)