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Motorola i1 arrives on the Canadian site, destined for TELUS’ Mike and Airtel

Not to sure when the upcoming Motorola iDen i1 popped up on the Canadian site, but it means that it’s certainly coming soon. This Android-powered device will be hitting both TELUS’ Mike Network “in the Fall” and Airtel Wireless most likely within a couple weeks. The prices on Mike have yet to be announced but Airtel has said the no-contract will be $399.99.

You can check out the full specs over at Motorola but this comes with Android 1.5, a 3.1-inch touchscreen display (resolution of 320×480), push-to-talk capabilities, 5.0 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS, holds up to 32GB with a micro SD card.


To help hard-working families, Public Mobile gives out 5,000 free school supply kits

Public Mobile has always said their wireless services are targeted to value conscious Canadians. Public recently reduced the prices of their handsets, decided to give 1-month free service and also introduced a referral program. So the discounts are a plenty over at Public right now. We hope this continues when they introduce some new handsets soon.

Today Public is feeling generous to those going back to school. They’re offering up 5,000 back to school supply kits for elementary and high school students. Any savings is good right. The elementary school students kit has a spiral bound notebook, pencil case, a pencil, pen and eraser. The high school students kit has a scientific calculator. To get this free stuff you’ll have to visit a Public Mobile store where they might possibly want to sell you a device… so just remember to go in with the purpose of getting your free kit.

Public Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic said “At Public Mobile we serve the needs of hard-working Canadians. For some parents, purchasing school supplies on top of new shoes, books and clothes can consume a big chunk of their monthly budget. Public Mobile wants to help hard-working families, by giving kids the tools they need to succeed.”

Source: MarketWire


TELUS’ interactive storefront draws people in

TELUS has put up some advertising in Toronto that’s getting people to stop and get drown in. Located on College Street is an interactive storefront (basically a big TV) covered by TELUS dolphins promoting their lineup of smartphones. It’s creative, but could have been more interactive and more mobile by having QR codes there for those people who saw the ad to get special discounts. (more…)


Motorola to put $3.5 billion into mobile phone unit

Motorola is set to spit into 2 business units during Q1 2011: an enterprise networking unit and a mobile phone and TV set-top boxes unit. Today Marc Rothman, Motorola CFO, said the plans are to put $3.5 billion into the mobile phone/TV Box unit and use the funds to expand and help pay for acquisitions (probably software makers). Motorola decided 3-years ago to have their devices run off Google’s Android platform and have released the Milestone, Dext, Quench, Backflip, Flipout and Charm.

Source: Business Week
Via: PhoneScoop


iPhone 4 with revised antenna launching after September 30th?

The Apple iPhone 4 case program is set to expire on September 30th. This was put in place to resolve the reception issues or commonly known now as “Antennagate”. After this date Apple is going to “reevaluate” the program and then come out with a next possible solution… but rumours today are pointing towards a Apple releasing a revised version of the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 was recently released in Mexico, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Portugal, and Slovakia. The rumour today comes from an executive over at Mexico’s Telcel. According to CanalMX they report that Marco Quatorze, Telcel’s Director of Value Added Services, said the first round of iPhone 4′s that will be available will be the same as the United States but when the free case program expires they will be seeing a revised hardware without the reception issues will be available. In addition, Quatorze apparently stated that early adopters of the current iPhone 4 would have an option to trade up.

What do you think? Will be see a new iPhone 4 with a better antenna soon?

Via: MacRumours


Palm releases beta of webOS 2.0 SDK

Palm has released a beta of its SDK for webOS 2.0 to developers today… and there are some important details that are certainly worth talking about:

Stacks: Palm says this is the “next-generation of multi-tasking” and in webOS 2.0 you’ll be able to group related cards into stacks and reduce clutter, organize yourself better.

Just Type: Universal Search has been renamed “Just Type” because it’s now gone beyond search. They state that you can “start an email, create a message, update your status, search your favorite websites-all without having to launch an app.”

Exhibition for Touchstone: This allows developers to create apps specifically designed for when the device is placed on the touchstone charging dock. Palm gave the example showing you anything from today’s agenda to a slideshow of your Facebook photos.

There’s more such as Synergy, HTML5 and Javascript support all have improvements to them. Palm says “these are just the highlights. We’ve added a lot of features that will give your apps more power and flexibility than ever”… which means this is a teaser and webOS 2.0 so far sounds pretty impressive.

More info here at Palm
Via: Engadget


microSIM cards coming to SaskTel soon… so will the iPhone 4?

Remember a few months back when SaskTel President & CEO was speaking about their new network and said “The good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they’re going to put us on that. So we’re quite excited about that”.

SaskTel has yet to announce an official launch date for the new iPhone 4 but it could be getting close. The new iPhone 4 (and iPad) use a microSIM card and on Twitter SaskTel wrote that “MicroSIMs are coming soon but unfortunately I can’t provide a date just yet. We’ll let you know when they’re available”. This could mean that the iPhone 4 is coming soon or that they’ll just have iPhone/iPad plans available.

Source: Twitter


Facebook for Palm webOS 1.3 is now available

For the select number of Canadians that have a Palm Pre you’ll be thrilled to know there has been some updates happening regarding the Facebook webOS app. Today, version 1.3 is officially available and brings new features such as the ability to select news feeds, better image tagging, landscape view, clearing multiple notification and overall stability and speed improvements.

Source: Palm & Facebook
Via: BGR


Image: Rogers HSPA+ testing currently happening in Northern Manitoba

With Rogers/Fido expanding their HSPA+ coverage to Norther Manitoba (and MTS having a network sharing agreement to launch their new network) it seems testing is currently happening in the area. The upgrades are supposed to be completed “later this year” with no confirmed date, but one of our readers who is traveling in the area is getting intermittent full 3G coverage. Take a look at the pic with his location via Google Maps.

“I have been up in Cranberry Portage, just south of Flin Flon Manitoba since last Wednesday. I am a rogers customer in from Vancouver. We drove up from Winnipeg and as usual i lost rogers cell coverage after Swan River, Manitoba. I knew that Rogers/MTS were doing upgrades coming soon and i was constantly checking to see if i would pick up any of the new towers. As of last Friday nothing was turned on, i was not getting any signal at all in Cranberry Portage. Last night i decided to check again and took my phone off airplane mode. To my surprise i picked up full towers and 3G in cranberry portage. It appears Rogers/MTS flipped the switch on the network over this last weekend and it is now somewhat live. I am able to make calls out and text, however internet seems to be off, i am unable to sync my gmail and am unable to surf the net. Going and checking which available networks under Android, “ROGERS” now shows up. It appears they are still doing testing as i do drop on and off the network throughout the day. Needless to say HSPA is here and i am quiet happy i have cell coverage up in the sticks of northern Manitoba.”

(Thanks Jeff!)


If you’re into 3- year contracts and Android, here are a few deals

These deals are probably the best around when it comes to Android. The only hesitation is that you’ll have to sign a 3-year contract. Future Shop has the HTC Desire at a low $49.99, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 at $49.99 and the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant at $99.99. Also, they are throwing in a 75 Gift card for the X10 and Vibrant. According to Future Shop the deal is on until Thursday.