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Samsung R330 finds a home at Solo, $79.99 no-contract

Solo Mobile has released their first device since “re-branding” and offering Unlimited plans. The Samsung R330 is almost as basic as you can get these days, but fits well with their low cost prepaid lineup. Specs have this flip having a 1.3 megapixel camera, 2.5mm headset, Speakerphone and will set you back $79.99 on prepaid or $9.99 on a 2-year.

Hit it here at Solo


Mobilicity sees 100 days in business, celebrates with over 300 points of distribution

Mobilicity launched their wireless service on May 14th. This was just over 100 days ago and at that time they had 35 corporate locations and over 200 distribution locations. In a release today, Mobilicity stated that they’ve experienced an increase of “30% growth in retail distribution” and now have over 300 points of distribution. Pretty good considering they are only operating in the Toronto area. There is still no confirmation of exactly how many customers they have… the only solid number is that they had 3,000 in the first week.

Dave Dobbin, President & CEO of Mobilicity said “We’re continuing to enhance our distribution to provide the most convenient customer experience around. With our extensive and growing network of locations, Mobilicity customers can easily shop for phones, pay their bills and receive customer support near their homes or workplaces.”

Mobilicity is still expected to be launching their unlimited offerings in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa later this year.

Source: CNW


Bell Bold, Curve, Pearl: “BlackBerry 6 is expected to be available for upgrade in 2011″

Earlier this week we saw Bell put up a sign up page for the upcoming BlackBerry Torch 9800. This will be launched “this fall” and operates on RIM’s new BlackBerry 6 OS… but what about the other compatible devices that are expected to get an upgrade to the new OS. Well, according to these images our tipsters sent in states that Bold 9700, Pearl 3G and Curve 3G “BlackBerry 6 is expected to be available for upgrade in 2011″. Ouch. Once more pic after the break. (more…)


Quote: Wind says Mobilicity and Public Mobile are “sort of a one-trick pony”

The new entrants have been battling it out even before they launched. Wind came out a couple weeks ago stating they have crossed the 100,000 customer mark, no word on where Public Mobile is at for customers. When it comes to Mobilicity they stated that they “had 3,000 subscribers just over a week after we launched and we have been growing at a rapid pace since then; a more aggressive growth trajectory than any other new entrant.”

Here’s a quote of the day. In an interview Wind chairman Anthony Lacavera was talking about their offerings and how they’re bundling up with their Yak brand to offer customers home phone, internet and mobile packages. Mobilicity and Public Mobile don’t offer any sort of bundling option as they only offer wireless. The Star stated that Lacavera doesn’t think they’ll survive without expanding past the Unlimited core city offerings… “They can’t just be sort of a one-trick pony in markets where there are three or four other players that are bundle players”.

What do you think… is bundling services a big deal or is it overrated?


First pic of BlackBerry 6 support for BlackBerry Theme Studio

RIM released the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and the new BlackBerry 6 OS, but they’ve yet to released an update to the BlackBerry Theme Studio which is causing some frustration to developers because themes in the App World it shows that themes are not compatible with the new OS. Perhaps RIM’s waiting for an official roll out to other countries. But a good sign that progress is being made is that a pic has surfaced showing the Torch in the Theme Studio. Rumours are that this will be released sometime around next month during the BlackBerry Developer Conference.

Source: Twitter
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TELUS shows Saskatchewan the love with specific province promos

Saskatchewan is getting a great deal of attention from us lately. Lots happening over there with 3G+ capable devices. TELUS has come out with some good Saskatchewan promo plans along with their 30-day money back guarantee plus. The Voice Saskatchewan 30 ($30 per month) and Voice & Data Saskatchewan 50 ($50 per month) are much better than what they are offering other provinces.

For example, the Voice & Data Saskatchewan 50 is a much better deal: 150 Local Anytime Minutes Included (100 in other areas), 200 Bonus Local Anytime Minutes (100 in other areas), 1GB data (500 MB in other areas), 6:00pm Nights & Weekends (9:00pm in other areas), Unlimited Nationwide Family Calling, Unlimited Nationwide talk & text with your five favorite numbers, Voice Mail, Call Waiting & Conference Calling and the choice of doubling up the minutes, adding an additional 5 favorites or unlimited incoming outgoing text/multimedia messaging.

The Voice Saskatchewan 30 is good, well better than other provinces: 150 Local Anytime Minutes Included (100 in other areas), 200 Bonus Local Anytime Minutes (50 in other areas), 6:00pm Nights & Weekends (9:00pm in other areas), Unlimited Nationwide Family Calling, Voice Mail, Call Waiting & Conference Calling plus the same bonus features as above.

Must be nice to live in Saskatchewan these days… hopefully the devices are in stock to make these promos happen.

More here at TELUS
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SaskTel Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant gets delayed until next week

So close! In what was hopefully expected to be a August 25th release of the SaskTel’s first Android-powered handset, the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant has been delayed until next week. On Twitter SaskTel wrote “shipping was delayed. We are now expecting the Galaxy S early next wk. Sorry for the wait”. The price plans are: $150 on a 3-year; 2-year is $450; 1-year is $550 and the no-contract is at $645. On a good note, the Vibrant is worth the wait.


Nokia 6700 Slide arrives at Rogers

The 6700 Slide is off the rumour list and officially available. The price tag for this is as low as $79.99 on a 3-year and ranges to an affordable no-contract $229.99. There are Canadians who will be happy with this as their first device, or those who don’t want the features of a smartphone. Specs of this S60 device have a 2.2-inch display (resolution of 240 x 320), unfortunately a 2.5mm headset jack, holds up to 16GB with a microSD card, stereo FM radio and an impressive 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera, auto-focus, LED flash and includes a front camera for video calling.

More here about the 6700 Slide over at Rogers
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Nokia C3 “Coming Soon” and heading to Rogers

Nokia has placed the C3 on their site as “Coming Soon” and have also revealed this will be launching with Rogers. No word on price but this smartpohone comes with a 2.4 inches display (resolution of 320 x 240), customizable home screen, 3.5 mm audio jack, holds up to 8GB with a microSD card, 2 megapixel camera with video. Nokia states the “Nokia C3 brings you closer to your friends and online communities with easy messaging features and a fast, reliable internet connection”. This also has built-in WiFi.

Check it here at Nokia