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Rogers to release the Motorola Cliq soon?

Yesterday we posted a quick story that Rogers was going to be launching something called “Social View”. No word on what it was or when it will be available, but there was something else hidden there. Thanks to one of our readers David for pointing out that squeezed in between the Android-powered LG Eve and the White Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is the Motorola Cliq. So this will be launching soon as well. Another comment below reminds us that the Cliq is the Canadian version of the DEXT that Bell is exclusively launching… More details soon.


Shaw looking for people “to build trail-blazing products and services”

A few weeks back Jiim Shaw, CEO & Vice Chair of Shaw Communications, stated “We are advancing our strategy to offer a competitive wireless offering and are now planning for an initial launch in late 2011.”

More news today from Shaw and their wireless plans. They are still on track for a late 2011 launch but have now set themselved on a hiring mission. In a release today, Peter Bissonnette, President, Shaw said “Next generation wireless encompasses much more than just cell-phones. We’re approaching wireless in an innovative, leading-edge way that will allow for a variety of exciting new mobile opportunities in and out-of-home for our customers…Our greatest advantage has always been the strength of our people.” (more…)


Bell launching BlackBerry Pearl 9100 May 13th

Thanks to some friends letting us know that Bell have set a launch date of May 13th for the BlackBerry Pearl 9100.

From the internal document we received it reads “Bell is launching the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 which operates on the HSPA network and will replace its CDMA predecessor, the BlackBerry Pearl 8130… The Pearl 9100 and the Pearl 8130 have similar looks and feels but the Pearl 9100 offers many new and improved specifications including the following: improves operating system from Blackberry OS 4.5 to 5.0, operates on Bell’s HSPA network where the Pearl 8130 utilizes CDMA, supports Wi-Fi, leverages the optical trackpad technology as opposed to the trackball in Pearl 8130.”

Bell is throwing in a 2 GB microSD card and the early pricing as of today is below.  I’m sure we’ll see a drop at launch though because we’ve seen this from another internal pricing model for $79.99 and TELUS has this priced at $29.99:


Rogers declares “Social View is Coming”

If you check out the Rogers Wireless homepage you’ll see something new that they are being pretty quiet about. It’s called “Social View” and most likely it has something to do with Android as all the devices listed are Android – probably an app or something that combines all your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace accounts, plus your e-mail, images, etc… If you know what “Social View” is… please let us know. However, it’s coming soon and there’s no word on a launch date. (more…)


Koodo’s upcoming data packages simply going to be two add-ons?

Koodo is prepping to jump in the ring with some new devices and some fast HSPA goodness. Rumours are that they’ll be jumping on the HSPA train mid-May with their first device to be the Nokia 3710. In addition, when it comes to BlackBerry devices we’ve been informed by an internal screenshot that you can expect to have the BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the Pearl Flip.

Curious about their possible upcoming data packages? We were tipped that “they will be going with two add-ons to their existing packages. The first being $10 for Unlimited Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & BBM) and the second will be $25 for Unlimited Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & BBM) as well as 500mb of Web Browsing/Data. Another interesting note is that a data package is NOT going to be mandatory when purchasing a Blackberry device.” (more…)


Bell to launch BlackBerry Pearl 9100 in May

With all the news that Rogers and TELUS we just got official word that Bell was going to release this in May. We already knew this from the internal inventory screenshot a week ago, but Bell sent us a not that said “Just wanted to let you know that Bell will carry the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 in May. The new Pearl operates on Bell’s state-of-the-art HSPA network – Canada’s fastest and largest – and now offers clients enhancements such as a 3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi access, the next generation track pad and is powered by BlackBerry’s 5.0 operating system.”

No word on pricing yet.


TELUS to offer Pearl 3G for $29.99 on 3-year

With the announcement of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9100), both Rogers and TELUS have formally announced plans to launch this new smartphone in May – expect Bell to follow with an announcement soon. Last week we got confirmation that TELUS will be releasing this in both Black and Pink and early price points on a no-contract was $449.99. In addition, we also had an inventory screenshot that showed the 9100 priced at $79.99 on a 3-year.

However, great news this morning when reading the TELUS Pearl 3G press release. It states that TELUS exclusively sell the Pink version, maybe they might even tie something into a Breast Cancer charity. In addition, the release said that “TELUS offers a broad range of best-in-class wireless devices on Canada’s biggest and fastest 3G+ network, now including the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G. Starting in May, this smartphone will be available from TELUS in pink and in black for as little as $29.99 on a three-year plan.”

Great price for this device at launch. Nice work TELUS!


RIM officially announces BlackBerry Pearl 3G Smartphone

Even though there has been several leaked documents that reveal the pricing, and even the Rogers dummy phones have arrived. RIM has now officially announced the BlackBerry Pearl 3G Smartphone.

According to the press release this morning Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO, Research In Motion said “The BlackBerry Pearl 3G is unlike any other smartphone in the world and we expect a broad range of new and existing customers will be drawn to its powerful features and compact design. Considering the fast growing consumer interest in smartphones and the fact that more than three-quarters of the people in the global mobile phone market are still buying handsets with a traditional alphanumeric keypad, we think the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G addresses a substantial market opportunity.” (more…)


Mobilicity testing their network… launching soon?

If you take a look at the image from Howard Forums on the left you’ll see right below WIND “302-320″. This is the DAVE Wireless (Mobilicity) Mobile Network Code (MNC). So this means that they are currently testing their network and people from different areas of the Toronto areas are picking it up.

No word on when Mobilicity will be officially launching their new wireless network. They still need approval from the CRTC. We are hearing a Toronto launch is happening during the first week of June.

(Thanks Haris!)