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The Hockey News for Android now available

Just in time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, The Hockey News Android App is now available. The app is free and gives you live scores, scoring summaries, player stats, Division and Conference standings, read featured articles and columns, interviews with players, and team-by-team coverage.

To download this search “The Hockey News” in the Android Market. (more…)


Purchase a Pink Curve 8530 or Pearl 3G, TELUS will donate $25 to help breast cancer

Got to hand it to TELUS as they continue to give back to the community. As part of their “go Pink” campaign they are helping out Breast Cancer research. For every Pink BlackBerry Curve 8530 or the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 3G TELUS will donate $25 towards the purchase of a digital mammography machine. (more…)


Bell eliminates 2-year/1-year contracts for Palm Pre

The Palm Pre has had a wild ride on Bell. It was only a couple weeks ago that we saw Bell dip the price to $0.00 on both the 2 and 3-year contracts… however, the only prices currently listed on the Bell site for the Pre are the $0.00 3-year contract and the-no contract price of $295.95.

Gone are the 1-year and 2-year contracts… we’re wishing the 3-year contract was eliminated. But if you’re into getting a CDMA devices then 300 bucks for this is a good deal as webOS is worth it. (more…)


Public launching Toronto “end of May”, Montreal “end of June”

New entrant Public Mobile opened 25 stores (15 in Toronto and 10 in Montreal) back on March 18th. On this date they also announced a pre-launch promo that gave anyone who became a customer free unlimited Canadian free long for life. Also, this promo had a rumoured expiry of mid-May which meant their network was set to officially go live sometime around this coming week.

Well it seems like the dream of “mid-May” official launch has been pushed back for both Toronto and Montreal. They state on their website that the Toronto “network launch at the end of May” and the Montreal “network launch at the end of June”.

The good news for potential customers is that the free long distance promotion has been extended a couple weeks. We’ve been informed that the cause for the delay is that their antennas are installed on street lights and for some reason have to move them. In addition, rumblings of a new promotion are circling as a tipster let us know that Public will be giving one-month of free service ($40 savings) and give $75 worth of free accessories to those who sign up with them. No date has been confirmed for this promo but it might happen when the network goes live in Toronto.

In the meantime you can check out the current promo here at Public Mobile.

(Thanks “cellphoneSTAR” & “FreeLD”)


iPad now available on Pre-order… Rogers reveals Data price plans

The Apple iPad will be available on May 28th here in Canada, but for those interested in pre-ordering one you can now do this through the Apple site. Rogers and Bell and have stated they will offer data plans for this but it seems Rogers is first out of the gate to reveal their plans. Looks like there’s no ridiculous yearly contract to sign and you can go monthly:

250MB per month: $15.00
5GB per month: $35.00

UPDATE: We just got an e-mail from Rogers that stated “we have two iPad data plans available for our customers. Both the 250 MB for $15 and 5 GB for $35 include free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots. At this time, we do not have a sharing plan to announce. The reference to a sharing plan on the Apple website was an error and is being removed.”

To compare other price plans, down in the States the AT&T plans are somewhat similar: $15 for 250MB or $30 for unlimited. (more…)


Bell to exclusively launch HTC Legend?

Bell is in need of a new flagship device – they had a good run with the Palm Pre but something bigger and better needs to be added. We’ve been tipped that Bell will be exclusively releasing the Android OS 2.1 HTC Legend sometime “this May/June”. No exact dates were given or pricing… but if Bell brought this on board it would do incredible things for their lineup. It would be their first Android smartphone that runs 2.1… currently the Galaxy and the upcoming Dext both have 1.5.

Apart from having 2.1, some notable specs of the Legend are that it has HTC Sense, a 3.2-inch multi-touch capacitive AMOLED screen (resolution of 320 x 480), comes with a 5 megapixel camera with video capabilities, 3.5mm headset jack, 600 MHz Qualcomm processor, can hold up to 32 GB with a microSD card, WiFi.

We’ll have more updates soon…


Rogers WinMo 6.5 Samsung Messenger priced at $49.99 on 3-year

Following the release of the Bell Samsung Messenger for $0.00 on a 3-year contract – Rogers looks to have launched this QWERTY WinMo device for $49.99 on a 3-year. Other Rogers price points are on a 2-year for $299.99; 1-year is $349.99 and no-contract for $399.99.

Even though the document below shows it’s the launch date of the 4th, we’re informed that the Messenger will be available at Rogers locations early this coming week. Also, this will eventually be available through TELUS. (more…)


Video: BlackBerry 9670 running BlackBerry 6

Here’s a good video to watch today! Thanks to CellGuru for posting 7-minute video an unreleased BlackBerry 9670 running an unreleased version of the RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 6 (it’s actually OS Although the video has no sound it does do a good run through of BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter for BlackBerry and Facebook. Check it out here:

Via: The Cellular Guru


Video: BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider gets quick look

There’s been many pics floating around of the unreleased BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider but they can only do so much, correct? Well, BGR has managed to post the very first video of the upcoming device, it’s only 0:14 seconds but it shows the Bold 9800 running the new BlackBerry 6 OS. I’m sure this will be the first of many to come and here’s hoping the next video we the slider sliding. Check it out here… (more…)


Koodo puts sign up page for upcoming BlackBerry Curve 8530

There’s absolutely no hiding the fact that Koodo Mobile will be launching their first BlackBerry soon. A press release went out a few days ago confirmed the Curve 8530 “it’s expected to retail for $300, or $150 for new customers who put the smartphone on their Tab”. Rumours are that this will be released on May 25th

Good news for all those interested in jumping on board as Koodo has created a “coming soon” page where you can put your personal info sign up and “Be the first to know when you can order your BlackBerry Curve”.

This will be a great addition to the Koodo Mobile lineup and takes them one step beyond just a talk and text plan. After this… bring on the new HSPA devices.

Check it out (more…)