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Virgin contest offers up to pay rent for a year

Virgin is back with another Summertime contest – this year they are going all out and will give you free rent for a year. They state that the “Virgin Mobile On The House is the summer’s hottest online student competition. The winner will not only rule the school but also get their rent paid for a whole year and we’ll pimp out their house in style.”

Sounds like a good deal. No details yet of when the contest starts, ends or the value of the free rent. For now you have to give them all yourl info and they’ll let you know via e-mail when everything gets started. (more…)


Report: New entrants to capture 10% of market by end of 2015

A new report has surfaced regarding the future of Canadian wireless. DBRS says that new competition such as WIND Mobile, Public Mobile, Mobilicity and Shaw will put pressure on the incumbent players and take between 7% and 10% of their market share by the end of 2015. Rogers, Bell and TELUS currently have 96% of the market and the report says it could fall to 88%.

In addition, wireless penetration will also increase by 2015 to an estimated 80% or 30 million Canadians, compared to the current level of 67% (22.9 million).

Chris Diceman, Senior Vice President at DBRS said “While there will be more players at the table. The table itself is expected to grow at a rate of 5% per year to 2015. Those carriers that are best at adapting to competitive and technological changes will not merely survive, but thrive. There is plenty of room for growth left in the Canadian wireless market over the medium term. With their national networks and track records of innovation, it will likely be the incumbents that push these initiatives, while the new entrants try to scale their businesses from a significantly different cost base.”

More here at DBRS


Ellen apologizes to Apple for making the iPhone look hard to use

Apple – the fun loving and creative company over the past couple weeks have been on a rampage. Breaking into Gizmodo’s blogger Chen’s house over the next-gen iPhone leak and now taking on Ellen. The other day comedian Ellen created her own iPhone commercial (probably with a MacBook Pro) but the higher ups at Apple were not too pleased… Check out the video below: (more…)


Confirmed: Virgin to launch the BlackBerry Pearl 3G

This can put all the rumours aside regarding if Virgin was also going to release the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100. They have stated on their Twitter account that “we’ve got lady gaga, nxne, and blackberry pearl 3G giveaways coming soon…”

This will probably ring in around the same prices as what Bell will be launching at: $29.99 on 3-year or $329.95


Update: Rogers to release Nokia N97 Mini at $99.99?

A couple weeks back we let you know that Rogers has the Nokia N97 mini scheduled to be part of their lineup. We have now been informed that the launch date that was originally scheduled for mid-May has been pushed back to a mid-June release. In addition, our reliable Rogers tipster let us know that the pricing has been set for $99.99 on a 3-year contract. (more…)


Structure of who’s behind Videotron’s upcoming HSPA launch

When Videotron officially launches their HSPA network this Summer they say that “Canadians will see more competition”. Videotron last gave an update on December 23rd stating they have “successfully entered into several site access agreements or had tower-sharing requests accepted in respect of nearly 60% of all antenna sites required for the AWS launch. Furthermore, the equipment for most of the contracted sites has been installed or is in the process of being installed.”

For those who are curious who is building out their network – the people behind the daily operations – will be happy to know that they are all what seems to be “seasoned industry veterans”.

We were sent this internal doc from a tipster that states “The purpose of this document is to offer internal Alcatel-Lucent team with a primer of who makes the decisions within Videotron as it relates to the 3G+ projects… Some key points: Marie-Ginette Lepage is the effective leader of the project and little is done without her approval. Manon Brouillette is the executive sponsor and formal leader of the project but with her EVP position within Videotron (more…)


Virgin informs those who forget top up Prepaid that their plan will change June 7th

Another change is coming up for Virgin Prepaid customers. They state on their member update section that those who don’t top up and funds rum out you’ll be placed on the $0.35/minute rather than the previous $1/day plan.

The official verbiage states “Starting on June 7, 2010, if you’re on the $40, $30, or $20 (Evenings & Weekends) Prepaid Monthly Plan and don’t have enough funds in your account on your monthly anniversary date to pay for your plan, we’ll put you on the 35¢/minute plan instead of the $1/day Evenings and Weekends plan. Also, the 30-day switchback is going unlimited. That means that if we move you to the 35¢/minute plan (more…)


Motorola DEXT launching May 14th via Bell

Looking for the next Android device to hit Bell? You won’t have to wait much longer as the Motorola DEXT is ready to hit the Bell shelves for Friday May 14th. This is the smartphone that comes with Motorola’s MOTOBLUR, a full QWERTY keyboard and runs on Android OS 1.5.

Looking for pricing? We saw an earlier price point of $79.95 but have also been informed that the DEXT will be released at $99.95 on a 3-year. In addition, the outright price is confirmed at $399.95.

According to the internal doc we received it states that “The Motorola Dext smartphone aligns with Bell’s strategy of offering a growing selection of Android smartphones. Today, Android is the second most popular mobile platform in the US and is now shipping over 60,000 handsets per day. Motorola Dext stands out among a growing number of Android devices. With unique social integration and security features offered by MOTOBLUR at no additional charge, Motorola has demonstrated its competitive edge in the mobile market. Dext will be a welcome addition to Bell’s growing portfolio of Android smartphones, with many more to come.”

In addition, for those who use the Dext and Motorola’s MOTOBLUR the doc says that customers “will see the following line item appear on their invoices. It will help to identify they do have access to these services currently and to remind them to make the most of it. The line item will also help to illustrate the value of the services that Bell is bringing to clients.: “Motorola MOTOBLUR services……..$0.00””

Dummy phones have also landed at Bell locations and if you’re interested to see a video of the Dext, check out this link here.

(Thanks Leetneo and Informer!)


Rogers “Social View” now available along with new Unlimited Social Plan

Rogers has finally pushed through their new “Social View” feature on select Android devices. The official description is that this is “a built-in feature of these exclusive smartphones that brings together, in real-time, your contacts’ updates from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. It also includes a display of recent traditional communications such as texts, calls and instant messages from your contacts. Right in the contact list!”.

The choice Smartphones are the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, HTC Magic+, LG Eve and the upcoming Motorola Quench and Acer Liquid e. In addition, Rogers is promoting a new “Unlimited Social Addict Plan” that for $50 a month you’ll get 200 Voice minutes, Unlimited Evening & Weekends, Unlimited Social Networking, Unlimited Messaging and 500 MB Data. (more…)


Rogers expands HSPA+ network to Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina

Rogers officially launched their HSPA+ network back on September 14th announcing their internet stick will reach download speeds of up to 21mbps. Today Rogers has expanded their HSPA+ reach across Canada and customers in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina will have access to these speeds. Reading the release it states that Saskatoon and Regina have immediate access, but Winnipeg is “expected to be rolled out province-wide later this year”. (more…)