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Rogers “Navigator for Android” app now available

Rogers recently re-branded their Telenav app for the iPhone and called it “Rogers Navigator for iPhone”.  Now they’ve done the same for Android devices and called the GPS app “Rogers Navigator for Android”. The features are basically the same but with a shiny new name. With this app you’ll be able to get 2D or 3D maps, Real time traffic alerts, One touch reroute, search businesses, day and night modes, pre-plan trips.. and this will cost an extra $4.99 a month on top of your data plan. Check it out in the Android Market (Below is a description from the Rogers sales sheets) (more…)


Get the Rogers Quench $50 cheaper at Best Buy, $374.99 no-contract

The Android-powered Motorola Quench officially launched yesterday through Rogers for the No-Contract price of $424.99. However if you’re looking for a deal on this touchscreen you might want to check out Best Buy as they have this listed for $50 cheaper at $374.99.

Saving money is always a good thing. (more…)


Rogers BOGO promo offers up to 4 free phones, including the LG Eve

If you’re thinking about activating another device on your account – maybe for a family member, the Rogers BOGO (Buy One Get One) promotion is back… They are pushing that you can buy any Smartphone and get up to 4 free phones. This includes the Android-powered LG Eve or any of their quick messaging devices (LG Pop, Nokia Surge or the LG Neon). This offer goes until August 3rd and the BOGO offer is signing up a new 3-year contract. (more…)


Koodo launching Curve 8530 May 25th, plus plan details

For those looking for info regarding the upcoming release of Koodo Mobile’s BlackBerry Curve 8530… read on. We’ve been informed from one of our tipsters that this will officially be available on May 25th for the no-contract price of $300, or you can also get this for $150 on the Tab. This will only come in one colour: Silver.

Regarding the plans. We’ve mentioned rumours of these before but you can now see confirmation by the brochure below that will be available next week. There will be two BlackBerry Add-on to the plans at launch: Blackberry Social for $10/month that includes Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter etc. The second Add-on Blackberry Connect for $25/month that gives you Up to 500MB of Email, Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter etc. A Blackberry plan MUST be added on to purchase the device.

In addition, the previous unlimited web browsing for “dumb-phones” has been replaced with 50MB of data ($10 per month). There’s also a 500MB of data add on option ($25 per month), which points to the launch of SIM cards and the addition of data if you bring in a device other then a Blackberry over to Koodo… so their HSPA network is coming up soon too!

More soon!
(Thanks B!)


Contest: Win a cellphone plan for a year!

Now that there’s a great deal of competition in the Canadian marketplace. We have Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin, Fido, Solo, Koodo, Mobilicity, WIND, Public, Videotron, MTS, Airtel, SaskTel plus all the smaller sellers like SpeakOut, Petro-Canada, PC Mobile and so on…

Anyway, we’ve been a bit lax on the contests over the past couple weeks that we’ve decided to throw one together and giveaway a cellphone plan for a year! There are a few stipulations as we’re basically going to dump dough into your current/future account. Here’s the deal… we’ll give a total of $800 to the winner – this represents about $67 per month towards your cellphone bill, more than enough to cover a basic plan and data (depending what carrier you choose).

In order to win this contest all you have to do is one of the following: follow us on Twitter, become a member of our Forum or enter your name in the comment section below. The contest ends Tuesday, May 25th at 11:59pm.

So many carriers to choose from – who will you choose if you win? This is our way of helping out… Good luck to all who enter!


Mobilicity Sony Ericsson TM506 now available in Green and Red

When Mobilicity launched their new wireless network last week they released 6 devices: BlackBerry Bold 9700, Nokia 5230, Mobilicity branded “Totem”, Sony Ericsson TM506, Huawei U7519 and the HTC Snap.

Good news for those looking to give Mobilicity a go and pick up the Sony Ericsson TM506. At launch they only had this available in the Orange/Silver colour, but this is now available in both Green and Red. You can get this for the no-contract price of $99.99 (SIM card included with activation). For those who have signed up with Mobilicity how are you finding their coverage, service, reception, plans etc? (more…)


Video: Xperia X10 mini gets unboxed… hopefully Rogers will include the coloured back covers

From internal docs we’ve received confirmed that the Sony Ericsson X10 mini is headed to Rogers… we’re hearing it should launch sometime in June for $49.99 on a 3-year. No word yet on the no-contract price.

In the meantime of this actually landing in Canada you’ll see in the video below that Sony Ericsson has taken a few minutes to unbox the X10 mini. What’s pretty cool is that there are additional back covers to choose from other than the standard black such as white, gold, green, pink, red and a metallic looking cover. Hopefully Rogers will include these in their release… if not I’m sure you’ll be able to find it on eBay for a few bucks. (more…)


Yes… even more video of the next-gen iPhone

You guessed it… more next gen iPhone leaks from Vietnam. Same sort of stuff we’ve seen over the past few weeks since the original leak. Apple must be fuming with all these leaks. Hopefully they have something special planned for the big launch announcement during the WWDC. Perhaps Steve Jobs will bring Gizmodo’s Jason Chen on stage… Check out the vids and pics below: (more…)


Bell puts Apple iPhone 3GS as “Exclusive”

We’re sure it’s just a design issue from when they re-branded their new website layout. Heck – all of us make some sort of errors now and then… but Bell has graciously put the “Exclusive” label on the Apple iPhone 3GS. Exclusive usually means that you have the sole rights to something… like Bell has with the Palm Pre.

However, the iPhone is one of the hottest selling devices that’s been selling in Canada for a few years now through Rogers/Fido. This only came onto Bell in November when they launched their HSPA network. Also both Virgin (owned by Bell) and TELUS have this for sale… so it’s certainly not exclusive but is very much in demand. (more…)


RIM and Prism Technologies settle patent-infringement case

Back in December of last year Omaha-based Prism Technologies filed a dispute with the International Trade Commission (ITC) against RIM that they infringed one of its patents and requested them to block shipments of BlackBerry devices, desktop software and servers. Prism stated that the patent in question is number 288 and it “covers an innovative way of controlling access to protected electronically stored data and information requested by a device using an Internet Protocol network”

Today it’s been announced that they have settled the case and although no financial terms were discussed a “license and settlement agreement” has been reached. (more…)