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Missing in Canada: Square mobile payment

The Square Payment System went live yesterday in the States for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This is the project that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey helped create that makes accepting mobile payments easy. All you have to to is put the Square card reader into the headset jack and follow the simple process of a credit card transaction. It’s basically a cheaper alternative for retailers to accept money from customers. A simple swipe of your credit card and you’re done. Pretty cool and not available in Canada.

Currently in Canada there’s a few mobile payment options to choose from but most have high service fees. One of them is the joint venture between Rogers, Bell and TELUS called Zoompass… but seems a bit more tedious than Square. Check out the video of Square in action and hopefully we’ll see it in Canada soon: (more…)


Video: Next-gen iPhone found in Vietnam… gently ripped apart

Apple went crazy when the next generation iPhone found it’s way online… and they’ll not be too pleased today as another next-gen iPhone has found it’s way online, straight from Vietnam. This time the iPhone is a 16GB model, has an Apple branded processor and missing are the screws at the bottom. Oh ya, this was apparently purchased for a cool $4,000.

Check it out here (more…)


TELUS Motorola Backflip promo dropped in price to $79.99

Some people – not many of us – like the cheap price of a signing a 3-year contract. Hopefully these will end soon… TELUS launched the Android-powered Motorola Backflip on April 28th (2 weeks ago) for the promo price of $99.99 on a 3-year contract, this has been now dropped in price to a reasonable $79.99 on a 3-year.

The other price plans have stayed the same at 2-year contract: $299.99; 1-year contract: $349.99 and No-contract: $399.99.

The only reason we can think of for the drop is to offer the Android OS 1.5 smartphone at the same price as the upcoming Bell Dext and Rogers Quench that will be both priced at the $79.99 mark. (more…)


Rogers launching “Handset Protection Guarantee”

Rogers has announced a new program that will officially start May 24th called the “Handset Protection Guarantee”. This is different than their “Out-of-warranty program” and basically if you’re a Rogers customer and your device is lost, stolen or broken they’ll give you a few options to help you replace it.

If your device is lost or stolen Rogers will step up and offer a discount to help you get a new (or refurbished) device in your hands. No terms of the dollar amount of discount are disclosed. For broken devices, customers can have the device repaired at a subsidized cost and Rogers will see how much damage there is, provide you with a quote and repair it within 10 business days. Also, if it’s your first out-of-warranty occurrence you can choose not to replace the device and get one of their $0 phones. Rogers states that this program is available to all customers “at no cost”.

Rogers says that this is “a first in Canada” but back in October TELUS rolled out something similar called the “Device Protection Plan”. TELUS’ program is brokered through a company called Asurion and costs $7 a month (can be canceled at anytime) and covers you if your device is lost, stolen or sustains some types of damages not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, Bell has a program called “Smart/Phone Care” that also costs $7 a month and gives you protection from loss, theft and damage.

More info here at Rogers


TELUS to release Garmin nüvifone in June?

From one of our tipsters we’ve been informed that TELUS will be adding an incredibly niche market device to their lineup. How do you like the sounds of them exclusively launching the Garmin nüvifone? We were informed that this Smartphone is pegged to be released by TELUS sometime during the first week in June (possibly on the 1st). No price points were given.

The nüvifone has a 3.5-inch touchscreen display that integrates Garmin’s GPS turn-by-turn navigation, Smartphone capabilities with a 3-megapixel camera with auto-focus and geotagging, full HTML browser, WiFi, MP3 player, unfortunately a 2.5 mm headset jack, can hold up to 16 GB with a microSD card.

We’ll have more info soon.


More upcoming Rogers Acer Liquid e pricing…

Last week we saw the pricing for the upcoming June launch of the Rogers Acer Liquid e to be $349.99 no-contract and a low 3-year price for $49.99. We got tipped from our friends in the West Coast that shows this in the inventory for $79.99 on a 3-year.

One thing is for certain – it’ll be between $49.99 and $79.99… we’re hoping for the lower price,  but honestly 350 bucks for this Android 2.1 OS great deal off contract too.

More soon…


Mobilicity to launch in June with $65 Unlimited Plan?

The wait for new entrant Mobilicity is almost over. The company has been extremely hidden from all sources of information regarding device lineup and price plans. According to the Globe, Mobilicity will “reveal plans this week to begin operating by early June… will be an aggressively priced unlimited talk, text, long-distance and data package for $65.”

After getting the green light last week to launch, Mobilicity sent out a press release stating they will “bring consumers truly unlimited plans with unbeatable value”. So this $65 plan is just one of many… we hear they will offer about 6 different set of price plans. No word yet on what the addons would be an extra charge, such as if Voice Mail would be $5 on top of the unlimited price plan. Regarding devices, longtime rumours have Mobilicity offering various BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Huawei… Plus Google’s Nexus One will also work on their network.

The Mobilicity brand was unveiled back in and stands for “Mobile and Simplicity” with the tag line of “No Contract. No Credit Check. Unlimited Wireless”. Toronto will be the first launch city followed by Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. Clearly they will be focused on attracting core city customers. No word on what happens when you leave the Mobilicity calling area, but you’ll be hopping on Rogers network as they have a roaming agreement with them.

What do you think of the possible $65 unlimited talk, text, long-distance and data package? Would you go for it?

More here at the Globe
(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)


Bell Motorola DEXT Unboxed… releasing May 14th

With Bell releasing the Motorola DEXT this coming Friday, May 14th it’s fitting that a few unboxing pics surface. In addition, we can confirm again that the price points for this Android OS 1.5 smartphone will be $79.95 on a 3-year contract and the no-contract price of $399.95.

We’ve mentioned before that the Dext specs are that it has 3.1 inch display (resolution of 320 x 480), full QWERTY keyboard, Motorola’s MOTOBLUR, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video capabilities, 3.5 mm audio jack, can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card, A-GPS, WiFi. Overall dimensions are 114 x 58 x 15.6 mm with a weight of 163 grams. Below are pics of the unboxing and if you want a quick video tour, check out this link here

(Thanks LMD!)


Report: 30.1 million subscribers by 2014, Rogers leads with 11.3

A new report has been released by Research & Markets called “2Q10 Canada Mobile Operator Forecast, 2009 – 2014″. This gives detailed statistics on how Canadian wireless market will see a dramatic increase in the number of subscribers to 30.1 million by 2014.

A few weeks ago we saw another report by the Convergence Consulting Group that talked about how by the end of 2014 new entrants subscriber base (EastLink, Mobilicity, Public Mobile, Shaw, Videotron, and Wind Mobile) will have 22% of the market. However, in this current report there is no mention of the new carriers and states that “Rogers Wireless will see its subscriber base increase from 8.50 million in 2009 to 11.3 million in 2014.” In addition, “Bell Mobility will have 8.87 million mobile subscribers and Telus Mobility will have 8.58 million mobile subscribers by the end of 2014″. The Big 3 have a combined total of 28.74 million subscribers which leaves a total of 2.25 million subscribers for all the remaining carriers.

Another note in the report to consider is the ARPU (Average revenue per user). Research & Markets states that “We expect that Rogers Wireless’s monthly ARPU will reach C$67 in 2014… Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility will be approximately C$51 and C$40 respectively in 2014, according to our model.”

So by 2014 do you think these stats are what the Canadian landscape will actually look like this? Where do you think WIND, Mobilicity, Public Mobile, MTS, Videotron, SaskTel, Shaw will fit in?