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RIM to announce tablet device next week?

Lots of rumours flying around that Waterloo-based Research In Motion will be unveiling a tablet device next week at their Developer Conference. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that this new tablet (also rumoured to be “BlackPad” or “SurfBook”) will be a “revamped BlackBerry 6 operating system in favor of a completely new platform built by QNX Software Systems”. RIM purchased QNX last year and apparently will transition all their future BlackBerry device from their existing OS to this new OS. Specs are rumoured BlackBerry tablet have it coming with a 7-inch display, one or 2 built-in camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What do you think of all these tablets coming out now?

Source: WSJ
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Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate delayed due to a manufacturing issue

Android OS 2.1, 4-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 480 x 800, 5 megapixel camera that records 720p HD videos, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, holds up to 32GB with a microSD… these specs sounds great don’t they. This is the upcoming and now unfortunately delayed Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.

Apparently due to a manufacturing problem, Rogers has issued a statement on their blog that the Captivate will be delayed:

“UPDATE: We have news for those who have been asking about the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Captivate. We anticipated launching earlier, but there has been a manufacturing delay. As a result, we expect the device will be on sale by mid-October. Pre-orders have also been pushed back, and we hope to make them available later this week.”

Over the past few weeks this device has teased potential customers with a possible launch date, then a pre-order page went live only to be taken down a few minutes later. The good news is that it’s only been delayed not canceled… when it actually becomes available it will retail for $149.99 on a 3-year.

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TELUS releases new “Share Plan for Tablets”

TELUS has released a new “Share Plan for Tablets”. This is on top of their existing $20 and $35 iPad plans. This new share plan entails an extra $15 monthly cost and you can share your current data plan with somebody. Even thought TELUS is not officially launching the Samsung Tab, we’ve confirmed with them and they stated that this is available to for any tablet compatible on their network. So, you could bring over the upcoming Tab if you so desire. This is a promo that’s running until October 5th, 2010

More here at TELUS


Video: In-depth look at the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9780

Here’s almost an 8-minute in-depth look into the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9780. This is rumoured to be launching at the end of October in Canada. Specs are now confirmed to have this with a 2.4-inch display (resolution of 480×360), 624 MHz Processor, 512 MB of RAM, runs the new BlackBrry 6 OS and the Webkit browser, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash, Bluetooth 2.1

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Bell creates “Let’s Talk Day” to support mental health initiatives

Bell announced a charitable program today that will see an investment of $50 million over the next 5 years to support mental health initiatives. Bell has 4 action pillars: Anti-stigma, community care and access, workplace health and research. In addition, one of the ways that we all can help out is on February 9th. This is a day that Bell has termed “Let’s Talk Day” where “every text message sent and every long distance call made by Bell customers that day, Bell will donate 5 cents to programs dedicated to mental health.”

In a press release George Cope, President and CEO of Bell and BCE said “Mental illness impacts every person in Canada in some way, causes immense personal suffering and takes a heavy toll on our national economy. The health care community has worked hard to address the impact of mental illness, but public understanding of the disease remains low and mental health support needs to accelerate”.

More info here at Bell


Nokia says Android is temporary relief just like when boys “pee in their pants for warmth”

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s EVP & GM Mobile Solutions, spoke at Nokia World 2010 last week and hit the crowd with a good quote. Vanjoki stated that Nokia sells more devices than Apple and those manufacturers who use Google’s Android platform.

Specifically comparing to Android, Vanjoki said that “handset makers using Android could have low operating margins” and that “they were likely to enjoy only temporary relief with Google’s operating system”… this temporary relief Vanjoki said is similar to Finnish boys who “pee in their pants for warmth during the cold winter”.

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73.4% of the earth’s population has a mobile phone

A study released by market research firm iSuppli Corp. shows the number of worldwide wireless phone subscriptions is expected to reach a massive 5 billion sometime this month, which equals 73.4% of the earth’s population. By the end of this year the number is expected to increase by another 100 million to 5.1 billion and hit 74.5% of the world’s population.

The number of subscriptions is different by area. In Canada we’re up to about 70% of our population with a wireless device. Africa and the Middle East is about 50% of their population and over in Western Europe there are more subscribers than people (they swap out SIMs depending what country they traveling in) as wireless penetration there is up to 157.6%.

Dr. Jagdish Rebello of iSuppli said that “Wireless communication now has spread to every nation, every age and every income level, becoming a basic staple like food, clothing and shelter. Wireless now represents the biggest stage that any technology market has ever played on, offering unlimited opportunities for members of the mobile communications supply chain.”

That’s right… your phone is “becoming a basic staple like food, clothing and shelter”.

More here at iSuppli
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Video of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Canadian Launch Party!

Tonight is the official Canadian launch party for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. It’s looking like it’ll be an interesting night with the Torch on display for demos and apparently we’ll be able to “Watch , listen and groove as the DJ plays tunes from Two BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphones”. We’ll update with pics throughout the night. (more…)


Rogers to release Samsung Galaxy S Captivate on October 21st?

For about 5 minutes today Rogers had their pre-order live for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. Also on the same page was a link to a Samsung Prize Pack Giveaway. Reading over the contest rules for what’s dubbed the “ Samsung Living Room Contest” originally shows the contest date ending at “11:59 PM on October 16, 2010″. This was a bit odd as the contest end date was a Saturday.

However, its been revised with the new contest dates being “The Contest Period (“Contest Period”) starts at 12:01 AM on September 21, 2010 and continues until 11:59 PM on October 20, 2010″. So… this could mean that the Captivate is launching on Thursday, October 21st?

More soon!
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