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Score Mobile for Android now available

Score Mobile has their free app available on the iPhone and BlackBerry devices and now have released it for Android devices. Since launching in July of 2008 they’ve seen over 1.3 million downloads. With this app you’ll up-to-the minute scores and stats, previews, recaps, fantasy player stats that cover the MLB, NHL, NBA, and PGA.

Check it out here at Score or download it in the Android Market


Solid Google Android “Quotes of the Day”

Here are a couple solid quotes for today from Google’s I/O conference:

The first is why Google build Android: “If we did not act, we faced a draconian future. Where one man, one company, one carrier was the future.” – Google

Next up is Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer speaking with Google’s Eric Schmidt. He stated that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (a device that runs off Android) is currently the best-selling handset in Japan and “when you beat Apple, you’re dominating – it’s the new definition.” (more…)


Bell gives no love to the Palm App Catalog…

OK – Bell has this massive ad campaign going on now that promotes how “apps work best on the best network”. It’s all about getting the top apps loaded onto your smartphone. If you check out their site they go into great detail of the several apps on different devices: iPhone (App Store), BlackBerry (App World), Motorola Dext (Android Market), even the Nokia N97 gets a nod along with the Samsung Omnia II and Galaxy.

Here’s something strange – the Palm Pre and App Catalog is MIA from the list. Bell spend a great deal of time and money (more…)


Public Mobile launching in Toronto May 26th, Montreal June 25th

New entrant Public Mobile opened their doors in Toronto and Montreal back on  March 18th. On this date they announced their $40 Unlimited Talk and Text plans and offered a promo to anyone who signed up before their network went live free unlimited Canadian free long for life. Basically a $5 a month savings. They were supposed to go live mid-May but delayed the launch due to network build issues.

We sent an e-mail to Public Mobile via their website about specific launch dates other than the late May for Toronto and late June for Montreal. They replied with the following: “Our network will be launching in Toronto on May 26th and in Montreal on June 25th. For a limited time, customers who sign up ahead of the network launch will receive free unlimited Canadian long distance for life. After launch, the cost for unlimited Canadian long distance will be $5 per month.”

So when Public flips the switch on will you be hopping on board and giving them a go?


63% of people who text send “quick bits of information”

A press release just went out to promote Rogers Extreme Text Messaging service… but way more interesting than the service is the survey it mentions.

In Canada there were over 35 billion text messages sent in 2009 (an increase of 70% from 2008). This survey paid by Rogers and done by Harris/Decima between May 6th to May 9th of about 1,000 Canadians. 653 of those 1,000 people surveyed own a mobile phone and out of those “283 send at least one text message a month on average”… those people are probably not going to sign up for the Extreme Text Message plan. In addition, 63% send “quick bits of information”, 59% use texts to stay in touch with friends and 49% with family. Thirty-five percent wished they could block texts from certain numbers. (more…)


Rumour: Rogers to release Nokia 6700 Slide and 7020 in Q3

Rogers is set to release some new devices over the next few weeks such as the Android-powered Acer Liquid e. In addition, one of reliable Rogers tipsters confirmed a few days ago that we can expect to see the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini soon.

We’ve been informed by the same reliable tipster that Rogers will be bringing on both the Nokia 6700 Slide and the Nokia 7020. These have a targeted release sometime in Q3 but the 7020 might be launching sooner. (more…)


Motorola i890 coming to TELUS’ MiKE network?

Last week it was discovered that the Motorola i296 headed to TELUS’ Mike network. Well if you check out the link below it’ll take you to a config file on the TELUS site that shows the Motorola i890 is also making its way over to MiKe. No word on an official release date or pricing but our tipster states that “These are the X-WAP Profile Header for iDEN phones. This means the i890 is not far off from release”.

Specs of the i890 are that it’s a clamshell form factor with push-to-talk capabilities, a 2.2-inch internal display and a 1.8-inch external display, 2 megapixel camera (4x digital zoom), a MP3 player, external media keys, stereo Bluetooth and weighs in at 119 grams. (more…)


“An average service call costs a wireless company $5 to $12″

If you have a few minutes to read a great article by the Globe’s Iain Marlow titled “Smart phones raise stakes for telcos”. It goes into detail about how the evolution of wireless devices from what used to the simple flip phone to now standard Smartphones is becoming a major expense for the carriers.

Marlow writes “An average service call costs a wireless company $5 to $12 to handle, while the fee for a complicated, lengthy call can soar to $30 or more. Yet Canada’s biggest wireless companies have no choice but to improve their customer service or risk losing customers to new wireless entrants… The cost of dealing with service calls hits directly at the bottom line. If a customer pays a wireless provider $40 a month, but calls twice a month on average with queries, he has essentially erased his profitability to the company.” (more…)


Rogers BlackBerry 9100 gets unboxed, comes with OS

Looks like our friends over at The Cellular Guru have got their hands on the upcoming Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 9100. You’ll see in the pics below they did a quick unboxing and discovered it comes with OS We’re still waiting to see what’s different about this version but honestly we just want to see this new Pearl released.

A couple days ago Future Shop put the Rogers Pearl on their site for the following prices: $79.99 on a 3-year and the no contract price of $449.99. (more…)


City Fido makes its way to Winnipeg

Thanks to one of our tipsters who let us know that Fido has just launched the City Fido plan in Winnipeg. This is not on the site yet but we found a map that shows the city Zone. If you’re thinking about getting this you’ll have two options – a $40 plan that gives you 2,000 anytime local minutes, Unlimited Text (within Canada)… and a $60 plan that gives you 4,000 anytime local minutes, Unlimited Text (within Canada). (more…)