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Koodo BlackBerry Curve 8530 now to be released on the 27th

What was supposed to be a release of today has been delayed a couple days. According to our tipster it’s because Koodo “didn’t want to launch after a long weekend in fear of some stores not receiving their shipments due to the holiday Monday”. Anyways… a Berry is finally coming to Koodo and you must get a Blackberry add-on when you sign up.


Coming Soon: TELUS Micro SIM

Although TELUS has yet to announce any sort of iPad plans but the pic below shows that TELUS will be carrying a Micro SIM card (12 x 15mm). This micro SIM is not just for use with the iPad but enables support for other tablet devices (and the next-gen iPhone)… very timely as the iPad is launching this week. No word on the actually availability or cost, but our tipster stated than an announcement will be coming out later today.


Perfect but probably unplanned spot for competitive advertising

Here’s a brilliant but most likely unplanned location that WIND Mobile has placed an ad… right smack dab on the side of a Public Mobile store. Even though they are both new entrants they are still are going after the same pool of potential customers. Public will be going live with their network tomorrow and will offer a flat rate $40 unlimited talk & text plan. WIND has a current promo that gives 50% of rate plans. (more…)


Apple to open at 8:00am on Friday for iPad launch

The iPad is finally coming to Canada and if you didn’t pre-order you might be able to score one on Friday. Across the country Apple will be opening their doors early by 1-hour at 8:00am. It’s been confirmed that Rogers and Bell will have iPad data plans. Bell has yet to release their plans, but Rogers had a bit of a backlash when it comes to their announced plans as there’s no unlimited option:

250MB per month: $15.00
5GB per month: $35.00

Will you be lining up and getting an iPad?

Source: Apple
Via: EngadgetMobile


Steve Jobs to deliver WWDC keynote June 7th

As expected Steve Jobs has been confirmed to give the Keynote address at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 7th. In a release Apple stated that the conference “sold out in a record eight days to over 5,000 developers” and you can bet the next-gen iPhone will be top of mind. Here’s the full release:


Video: Bold 9800 walkthrough of BlackBerry 6… plus first show of the Slider working

More leakage when it comes to the upcoming Bold 9800 Slider from RIM. Yesterday we saw pics that showed the QWERTY touchscreen in action. Today a video has popped up that shows their new OS – BlackBerry 6 in action. Check out the video below as you’ll see the new WebKit browser, tabbed browsing, multi-touch capabilities, a new media player, new home screen. This is confirmed to be heading to AT&T but no news yet on a Canadian carrier. (more…)


Virgin to bring on some sort of HTC?

We mentioned last week that Virgin is on pace to bring on what seems like a new device every week. If you go to their site to their download section you’ll see that they’ve put HTC in as another manufacturer. The question is what HTC device will they be releasing? Since Virgin is owned by Bell we must look to their lineup and Bell currently has no HTC device for sale online. The last model they released was the HTC Touch Pro. So what device could – in any – will Virgin release?  Pure speculation but could it be that Virgin will also release the upcoming Bell HTC Legend??

More here at Virgin


More BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider pictures surface

The upcoming BlackBerry 9800 Slider has been almost leaked as much as the next-gen iPhone has. Today more pics have surfaced that shows the 9800 with a QWERTY touchscreen. It wasn’t really known if it was going to have both a physical QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen but the pic on the left now confirms it. Other known specs so far have this with loaded their new OS 6.0, an HVGA display, Wi-Fi, 4 GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM, trackpad and a decent 5 megapixel camera. The 9800 has also been confirmed to be going to AT&T so we’re curious which Canadian carrier will be picking it  up… initial guess is Rogers.

Via: The Berry Fix & Into Mobile