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Microsoft patents “Dual Module Portable Devices”

Back in 2009 Microsoft painted a picture of possibly what 2019 will be looking like. In the video they showed a man walking through an airport to reach for his mobile device that seamlessly split into 2 screens that could work independently or together.

Looks like Microsoft is looking forward as they have filed a patent application with the exact demonstration that’s in the video. The patent is officially called “Dual Module Portable Devices” and it’s described as “A motion of a first module of the dual module portable device may be detected. Based at least in part on the detected motion, a position of the first module may be determined relative to the second module of the portable device. Once the relative position of the first module has been determined, a portion of a user interface associated with the relative position may be displayed at the first module.”

It’s probably easier to watch the video to understand what the patent entails. Check out the patent drawings and the after the break. Pay close attention to the 2:12 mark. (more…)


“Recycle My Cell Challenge” kicks off October 18th

The average Canadian keeps their mobile device for approximately 2 years and only 12% of used mobile devices are recycled. Recycle My Cell is run by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) and offers thousands of drop-off locations for Canadians to get rid of their old device.

Waste Reduction Week 2010 is happening from October 18th to the 24th and Recycle My Cell has become the official national sponsor. As part of this initiative the CWTA will launch the “Recycle My Cell Challenge”, a contest for students to see who can recycle the most wireless devices and accessories. The contest closes on November 30th, 2010 and it seems everyone will be a winner with their school being acknowledged on the CWTA website and in local media.

Via: CNW & Recycle My Cell


TELUS to preload BlackBerry devices with the Yellow Pages app

The Yellow Pages app has been downloaded over 1 million times and helps you find people and Canadian businesses by category, name, or location. Starting in October TELUS BlackBerry devices will come preloaded with the Yellow Pages app. In addition, this will also include the ability to complete voice-assisted searches and receive a confirmation texts with the information you searched for. Specifically for TELUS customers there’s an optional “concierge” service that connects you with a TELUS 411 agent who can give you added features beyond search such as driving directions or accommodations.

In a press release today TELUS’ CMO, David Fuller, stated that “Our partnership with Yellow Pages Group will simplify life for TELUS customers by putting a rich and easy-to-use source of information about local businesses in the palm of their hand. Not only will they be able to get a phone number and address in seconds, but they will be able to book a restaurant reservation, get driving directions, or perform any number of handy tasks with the push of a button.”

Via: MarketWire


Rogers starts selling the BlackBerry Torch 9800… online

If you’ve been waiting for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 to arrive at Rogers… go forth. It’s now available for $199.99 on a 3-year; 2-year $499.99 and no-contract for $609.99. Rogers is also throwing in a Bluetooth headset with the purchase and specs have this touchscreen slider with RIM’s new BlackBerry 6 OS, 3.2-inch display with a resolution of 480 x 360, full QWERTY keyboard, 624 MHz processor, 512 MB of internal flash memory, can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card (Rogers ships with a 4 GB card), 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, WiFi, GPS.

Update: it seems that this is only for online orders. Stores will start selling these as previously announced tomorrow (September 30th)

More here at Rogers


Fido releases first Android: Acer Liquid E

Fido has released another smartphone and their first Android-powered device, the Acer Liquid e. This can be yours for $30 on a 3-year contract or $375 no contract.

From now on you can expect more smartphones (and more Android devices) to trickle down from Rogers lineup to Fido. The reason is more handset competition from the mid-level carriers and that customers are demanding devices that can do more than talk and text. Bell’s Virgin Mobile started to bring on smartphones when they hopped on to HSPA back on February 2nd. TELUS’ Koodo Mobile has also started to release smartphones over the past few months. The entry level devices will be left for Solo Mobile and Chatr.

As for the specs of the Fido Liquid e:  comes with a 3.5-inch display, 768MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5 megapixel camera with video capabilities, WiFi, full HTML browser, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headset jack, holds up to 32GB. Overall dimensions are 116×54×12.75mm with a weight of 135 grams.

More here at Fido


Manitoba police have ticketed 290 “blatant” offenders who disobeyed the cellphone ban

Manitoba implemented the ban of using a cellphone while driving on July 15th and it seems the police are cracking down. A recent shows that as of August 31st a total of 290 tickets have been handed out to offenders (123 were handed out the day the law went into effect). The fine is set at $199.80 so this brings the total to $57,942.

Hands-free devices are permitted while driving such as connecting your phone via Bluetooth headset. Staff Sgt. Mark Hodgson said more blitzes are coming in the weeks ahead but “there’s still some people out there who are doing it very blatantly. We’re looking for the most obvious or blatant offences. They’re keeping it down or trying to disguise the function they’re doing… They’re being a lot more surreptitious about it.”

The ban of using your hand held device while driving is now law in most provinces (or will be soon). Have you changed your habits or are you still “blatantly” using your device?

Source: Winnipeg Sun


Google CEO: In the future “you’re never lonely…you’re never bored”

Google dominates in search and quickly becoming a powerful mobile player with their Android OS. CEO Eric Schmidt was speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference today and talked about the future and what the role of technology will be. Schmidt stated that “It’s a future where you don’t forget anything…In this new future you’re never lost…We will know your position down to the foot and down to the inch over time…Your car will drive itself, it’s a bug that cars were invented before computers…you’re never lonely…you’re never bored…you’re never out of ideas.”

Sounds like a promising vision and with the direction Smartphones are heading it might come sooner than later. Depending on how Schmidt believes being lonely or being bored entails – there are already apps that help with this. Facebook, 4Sqaure, Twitter are readily available at a touch of a button to make you feel “connected”. For the immediate future Schmidt said that “What we’re really doing is building an augmented version of humanity… We can now demonstrate and are getting ready to ship products that let you speak in English and have it come out of a phone at the other end in German… I’m interested in history, as I’m walking down the street in San Francisco I want my mobile device to tell me about the history here, think of it as a serendipity engine”.

Source: TechnologyReview
Image via Tech Crunch Flickr


Update: Best Buy to price Fido Acer Liquid E at $29.99 & $374.99

Fido is prepping for the release of their first Android-powered device, the Acer Liquid E. Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen a few documents that support this upcoming launch and now price points are revealed. Taking a look at this Best Buy price tag shows the Liquid E with a $29.99 on a 3-year and $349.99 on a 2-year. Hopefully that 2-year pricing is incorrect as it’s rumoured that the no-contract pricing will be $349.99. In addition, contrary to what’s on this price tag, the Liquid e comes with Android OS 2.1, not 2.0 and will be upgradable to 2.2 soon.

Update: Best Buy has now listed the Fido Acer Liquid e online for $29.99 on a 3-year and $374.99 no contract. (more…)


Bell attempts to sell “refreshed” iPhone 3G by offering bonus Apple dock

“Refreshed” phones are refurbished phones with a nice clean name to them. Bell started to sell refreshed iPhones back on July 13th and they are “gently used… and have passed rigorous quality assurance testing”. In addition, Bell gives a 90-day warranty for any refreshed iPhone purchase. With all this said Bell has just put together a new offer to get rid of the now outdated refreshed iPhone 3G by included Apple Dock. This tempting you now?

Via: Bell


TELUS dealers accepting orders for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 (possibly available tomorrow)

Looks like TELUS has blown open the doors for customers to order the BlackBerry Torch 9800. This will be officially available on September 30th, but we’ve received various tips that people have placed their order at dealer locations for arrival on the 30th (or possibly tomorrow). So if you are interested in getting the latest BlackBerry give your local deal a call. In addition, we’ve been informed the the price points are the following: $599.99 month to month; $549.99 on a 1-year; $499.99on a 2-year and $199.99 on a 3-year.

More soon…
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