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WIND BlackBerry Bold 9700 drops to $400

Wind just came off a promo that gave customers an addition $20 rebate off their already discounted devices. It’s now October and Wind has continued their trend by reducing the prices of select handsets, most notably the BlackBerry Bold 9700 falls $50 to a remarkable $400. Other reductions are the Nokia 5230 is now $160 (was $180), Samsung Gravity 2 is now $110 (was $130) and the Huawei U7519 is now $70 (was $90).

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Mobilicity launches the BlackBerry Curve 3G for $299.99 no-contract

Mobilicity is on a tear with their devices – yesterday they announced that their first Android device will be the Nexus One and will be available soon. Today they added the BlackBerry Curve 3G to their lineup. Although their website says it’s currently “Out of Stock” the no-contract price is $299.99 (cheapest in Canada).

Specs of the Curve 3G have this QWERTY keyboard device coming with BlackBerry OS 5.0 (upgradeable to BlackBerry 6 when it’s officially released), a 2.4 inch display (resolution 320 x 240), trackpad, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, HTML browser, 2 megapixel camera and holds up to 32 GB with a microSD card.

More here over at Mobilicity


Rogers on Wind filing a complaint to the Competition Bureau: “our advertising reflects our competitive advantage”

WIND Mobile Chairman Tony Lacavera announced yesterday they filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau about how Rogers new discount carrier Chatr Wireless advertises they have “fewer dropped calls than new wireless carriers”. Lacavera stated that “There is absolutely no solid or objective technical basis for Chatr’s claim to have more network reliability and fewer dropped calls than Wind.”

The battle is heating up as we’ve just received an official statement from Rogers Director of PR Kathy Murphy:

“There’s no question our advertising reflects our competitive advantage and we stand behind it. We feel strongly that customers want and deserve a reliable network experience. Since 2005, we have conducted regular and rigorous testing comparing our network against our competitors’. The testing, which follows industry standard methodology, is independently validated and proves that we have fewer dropped calls. We have fully shared our research with the Competition Bureau and are cooperating with the process. We question Wind’s motives in complaining to the Bureau and the announcement today.”

Will this “fewer dropped calls” debate turn into the familiar fight over who is the largest, who is the fastest and who is the most reliable?



Bell Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant price dropped at Best Buy to $99.99 on 3-year

Looks like Best Buy is first up to start the trend of dropping the price of the wicked Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. If you’re into signing a 3-year contract then you could save yourself 50 bucks by checking out Best Buy. They have placed the Vibrant on sale for $99.99 and have also given a $50 gift card for good measure. Pretty good deal for this Android 2.1 powered device. The other price points have stayed the same (still a decent $499.99 no-contract)


Rogers and Fido extend 6GB/$30 promotion until October 5th

When the iPhone 4 was released in Canada on July 30th many of the carriers decided to release the incredibly popular 6GB/$30 promo. This was not the only reason the iPhone 4 sold out within a few hours, but certainly helped out. Rogers/Fido put the expiry date for their promo to end on September 30th but they’ve just extended it by another few days.

On the Rogers company blog they stated “we have activated a significant number of devices with 80 per cent having gone to our existing customers… we are extending the 6GB/$30 promotion until Oct. 5″. In addition, they have also given a break to those who have bought an earlier iPhone model and extended the dates to be eligible to do a hardware upgrade: “Any customer who activated or upgraded an earlier version of the iPhone with Rogers/Fido on a term contract on or before December 31, 2008 will be continue to be eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price when they upgrade to an iPhone 4. They can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan”. Unfortunately for other customers who do not have an iPhone the HUP offer has expired.

Rogers and Fido also received a large shipment of the iPhone 4… hopefully the white version will be released soon.

Check it out here at RedBoard


“The Mobile Shop”… A Loblaws idea that brings 9 wireless brands into their supermarkets

A few weeks ago we wrote a short piece on how Loblaws was potentially bringing in a new carrier to sell products in their supermarkets… well they actually brought in 9 (including their PC Mobile brand) by creating “The Mobile Shop”. So now when you visit a grocery store where PC products are sold you’ll also find the following carriers: Bell, Solo, Virgin, Fido, Virgin, Public Mobile, Wind Mobile and TELUS.

Each carrier have 3 phones on display and you can “shop for your next mobile phone at your own pace and terms and enjoy a hassle-free experience”. All phones are priced on a no-contract model and once you’ve decided on the carrier and model “you take a product card and bring it to the cashier to pay. They will then get you the mobile phone to take home”. It’s basically a grab-and-go-convenience model, which means you’ll actually need to contact the carrier at some point to activate your device.

To kick things off “The Mobile Shop” has put together a promo that sees a $25 PC gift card in your hand when you purchase a device from them. The promo starts October 12th and goes until October 31st.

This is a good fit for Loblaws as they already have everything ranging from a dry cleaning, travel agency, financial services… So expanding their current mobile offering and bringing in more choice and convenience continues to make them a one-stop-shop. For the carriers, a greater distribution reach which means more exposure and potentially more customers. This is just another example of how this year will be the battle for wireless distribution in Canada.

Check out the “The Mobile Shop” here
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Wind files complaint against Chatr for advertising “fewer dropped calls”

Rogers discount brand Chatr has been shaking up the wireless market since they launched back on July 8th. They offer unlimited talk and text plan in 6 cities across Canada (Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton and Montreal).

Other carriers were not to fond of Rogers adding a new brand as they already had Fido as a low cost offering. New entrant Mobilicity was very outspoken and has gone as far as filing a complaint “against Rogers with various government agencies, including the Competition Bureau” for Chatr “trying to destroy” their success – mainly for offering similar pricing in similar cities.

Wind Mobile was another new carrier to speak up about Chatr. Chairman Tony Lacavera previously stated that he’s “really excited about it and I’m ready to compete”. Today, at a presentation at the Toronto Board of Trade Lacavera revealed that they too have filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau against Chatr. However it’s not for Chatr launching their service, but due to the positioning of their advertising. Chatr states in their advertising they have “fewer dropped calls than new wireless carriers”.

Lacavera said “There is absolutely no solid or objective technical basis for Chatr’s claim to have more network reliability and fewer dropped calls than Wind. The truth is that Rogers doesn’t have access to our network stats and we don’t have access to theirs, which makes it impossible to accurately compare networks.”

Source: The Globe


Mobilicity announces they’ll launch the Google Nexus One!

New entrant Mobilicity will be launching their first Android-powered device soon… and it’s a beauty! How does everyone feel about the Google Nexus One? There’s no confirmed date but in a release Mobilicity stated they will be launching the “state-of-the art Android 2.2 device” soon at select stores. As for the price, you’ll be able to snag this for $549.99.

Nice work Mobilicity… now launch those other cities please!


TELUS HTC Desire available again, stock is limited

The HTC Desire didn’t take long to sell out across the country and has proven to be one of TELUS’ best devices. One of the reasons could have been price points: an attractive $79.99 on a 3-year and an even more attractive no-contract price of $449.99.

Very good news today for those who want this Android 2.1 powered smartphone as it’s now officially back in action! TELUS states that “HTC Desire now available. Due to limited stock, please allow up to 3-10 business days for delivery”. Another good note is that an upgrade to OS 2.2 is coming in October as well. The downside is that the no-contract price has vanished.

Get it while you can at here at TELUS
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Google puts up “Phone Gallery” to compare Android devices

Google has put together a phone gallery of all the Android devices in the world. The adoption of Android has significantly increased over the past year the point that analysts are predicting the OS will become the top mobile OS in North America by the end of this year.

According to the Google Phone Gallery us Canadians only have 6 devices through 4 carriers (Rogers, Bell, TELUS and Virgin): HTC Desire, HTC Legend, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, Motorola Charm and Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. However, it’s known that there has been 30 Android devices through 8 carriers since launching back on June 2nd, 2009.

The idea is a good one to have as it gives you the opportunity to compare different Android device side-by-side. Google states they will expanding the list to eventually include all devices.

Check it out here at Google
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