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Rogers: “What does Unlimited really mean… not much!”

At the 2010 Canadian Telecom Summit today Rogers President Rob Bruce was comparing our rates to our southern counterparts in the United States – specifically unlimited plans and how we actually get more value up here in Canada. Bruce stated that “Here’s another fact. On Smartphones people talk about all Unlimited plans in the US. And yes… I know it makes for catchy marketing. But what does Unlimited really mean… not much. Our research shows that average daily use on an iPhone is about 210 MB and more than 90% of iPhone customers use less than 500MB of data.”

So if offering Unlimited plans to customers actually doesn’t mean much… where does this put all the new entrants Public Mobile, Wind Mobile and Mobilicity who came into the market heavily promoting that Unlimited plans are the way to go. Is this just a “catchy marketing” ploy or do we really need Unlimited in Canada?


Live at the 2010 Canadian Telecom Summit

We’re live today from the 2010 Canadian Telecom Summit… over the next 3 days there will be several speakers such as Minister of Industry The Honourable Tony Clement, Rob Bruce President Communications Rogers, Pierre Blouin CEO MTS Allstream, Robert Depatie President & CEO of Videotron, Anthony Lacavera Chairman of Globalive Group, Bernard Lord President & CEO of the CWTA plus more… Check out the full list of speakers and breakout sessions here.

We’ll be updating the site soon!


“This is Canada” hits US papers with QR codes

Here’s something interesting that was plastered throughout American newspapers. The Canadian Tourism Commission launched an ad campaign called “This is Canada” that wrapped around the front covers of the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, the Boston Globe and the San Francisco Chronicle… what’s special about this placement is that it integrated QR codes that gave readers quick access to learn more about the zip lines in Calgary, restaurants in Montreal and various other Canadian videos through their mobile device. (more…)


Video: Android 2.2 ported to the iPhone

There’s been video in the past of Google’s Android OS being ported to the iPhone… but how about their newest Android OS release 2.2)? Well, on a day where Apple will take over majority of the news a demo put online of how to successfully port over 2.2 to run on the iPhone. Looks pretty cool but somethings didn’t get recognized like WiFi… Gets interesting at the 3:35 mark: (more…)


Zoompass offers up 50% discount when sending money

The joint venture between Rogers, Bell and TELUS called “Zoompass” gives customers the ability to send and receive money (plus other stuff like request money, check balances, review transactions) from your mobile device.

We’ve been following Zoompass even before they officially launched in Canada and they have a new Spring promo going on that slashes the cost to send money. What used to be a high $0.50 per transaction is now cut in half to only $0.25.This is only a Spring promo so it’s on for a couple more weeks… hopefully they keep the cost at $0.25 after wards.

With banking by phone becoming more popular – with all the major banks now having apps, are you using Zoompass or would you prefer to have something like Square show up in Canada? (more…)


Suspects charged with string of Rogers robberies

Rogers has been hit with a number of thefts in the Toronto area recently:

- May 5th thieves beat an employee and left with cellphones
- May 11th an iPhone
- May 18th a 20-year-old woman was dragged by suspects then stole cellphones.
- May 25th in Vaughan thieves left with cash and cellphones
- June 2nd in Toronto thieves left with cash and cellphones

Police have charged 5 people with robbery, disguise with intent and forcible confinement for the above incidents: Moniz Usmani, 22, Muhammed Choudhery, 20, Naseer Ahsan, 21, Satvir Waraich, 19, and, Paramtej Mukkar, 21.

Was it all worth it? These individuals will now have a criminal record for life… I imagine you could probably find some of the intended devices cheaper (new/used) on eBay or Craigslist? (more…)


16 minute hands-on video of RIM’s new BlackBerry 6

RIM’s new OS BlackBerry 6 is going to be released soon and a leak found it’s way online a couple weeks ago on the upcoming Bold 9800 Slider. If you’re looking for more news on what RIM has in store – check out the 16:44 video below. The a good rundown of the home drawer, Multi touch, SMS app, Options menu, Podcasts app, new “Launch by Typing”, Music player, video, etc… it’s a good run through and certainly worth the time. (more…)


Motorola i296 ready for a beating on TELUS’ Mike

For those who work out in the field and need a device that can take a few bumps along the way… TELUS’ Mike Network has just released the Military certified Motorola i296. Like majority of all the other P2T devices this can take on “blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure, salt, fog, humidity and solar radiation”. Sounds pretty good… This iDEN push to talk device has a 1.79-inch display (resolution of 128×160), GPS, Speakerphone, Music Player, 2.5 mm, Bluetooth and weighs is 2.96 ounces.

This is available at the no-contract price of $199.99.

More here at TELUS


Nokia 3710 now available at TELUS

Even though there was an internal doc that stated the Nokia 3710 was going to be available at TELUS on June 15th… we’re guessing they couldn’t wait to release this flip phone. This has a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, video capabilities, Bluetooth, Speakerphone, Music Player, A-GPS with Nokia Maps has officially been launched on the following prices:

$49.99 on a 3-year contract
$79.99 on a 2-year contract
$129.99 on a 1-year contract
$179.99 No-contract (more…)