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WIND Pay Before customers can now roam

Wind has announced today that Pay Before customers (those who top up their account before the month ends) can use their device while traveling outside of Canada. Initially, Wind introduces their roaming packages back on March 30th but only included their Pay After customers (those who get billed on a monthly basis).

It’s the same set up – the world is categorized into 5 “zones” and the rates are based on which zones you’re traveling in. The only difference in the U.S. rate plans for the outgoing text messages. It’s dropped from $0.25 per text to $0.15.

More here at WIND


Virgin Mobile to release the BlackBerry Bold 9780 October 21st, $149 on the SuperTab/contract

Now that Virgin has placed the End of Life (EOL) stamp on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 they will replacing it within a couple weeks with the Bold 9780 refresh. This will be available on October 21st for $149 on their SuperTab or on contract. No word yet on the no-contract price but it could come in at $549. As for Specs, this comes with the new BlackBerry 6 OS, a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.4-inch display, 5 megapixel camera and will be available in a couple colours: Black and White.

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Fido is apparently Canada’s most loved telecom brand

According to BrandMojo the most loved telecom brand in Canada is Fido. That’s correct…the puppy got the number one spot in telecom. The ongoing survey is based on “68,000 ratings by more than 1,000 Canadians over a 9 month period”. In total there are 600 companies and Rogers sub-brand Fido has come in at the 302nd spot.

What do you think? Who is your favourite Canadian telecom brand?

Source: MarketWire
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Mobilicity to launch in Edmonton on October 21st?

New entrant Mobilicity launched their wireless service in Toronto back on May 14th. Other cities such as Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver are expected to go live by the end of the year… but one of those cities might be launching in a couple weeks.

Thanks to a job posting by a promotional company looking to hire reps for the “Mobilicity Launch Promotion”. The successful candidates will start their training on October 18th and then hit the streets with for a 3 day blitz starting on October 21st until the 23rd.

Also, just to prepare yourself for the Mobilicity experience…The job description states that “You will be part of the mobile guerrilla street team promoting Mobilicity as a new mobile carrier in the area. You must wear Halloween scary costumes while on shift which will most likely include Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and the Grim Reaper. You will be delivering key brand messages while promoting an online contest to win prizes by getting people to tell their “Cell Phone Horror Stories”.

So those eager Edmontononians might see Mobilicity soon… plus Frankenstein, the Grim Reaper and the Nexus One!

Source: Kijiji
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HTC profits grows to $360 million in Q3 (thanks to Android)

HTC has come on strong over the past couple years. They have developed beautiful devices that people are proud to put in their hands and also have created a unique UI with Sense. When it comes to the bottom line they are also raking in the dough. Their Q3 2010 results (July to September) were announced today and profits almost doubled from this time last year to an astounding $360 million. This is mainly due to their big push by releasing devices that operate on Google’s Android OS (like the Desire and the Legend). Analyst Steven Tseng said “Investors are comfortable with HTC’s status in the Android market. HTC will keep a stable position, even if it is not a leader in the sector.”

Source: Reuters
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HP says new webOS phones “coming early next year”

When HP rescued Palm and purchased them for $1.2 billion they got the rights for their new webOS platform. HP announced today that they will be releasing new smartphones in early 2011 that will be powered by webOS. Senior Vice President Eric Cador was at a conference in Barcelona and stated “You will see us coming early next year with new phones”. No other details were given on if these new phones will be branded HP or Palm – hopefully not the iPAQ series and Palm lives on. Maybe Cador is talking about those mysterious HP devices that CTO Phil McKinney was playing with a few weeks ago.

Source: Reuters
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Mobilicity unleashes $20 Unlimited Data Add-on… can be included into any plan

This will be perfect for those looking to score the upcoming Android-powered Nexus One from Mobilicity. They have created a new unlimited add-on called “Unlimited Data Add-on” that gives you exactly what it’s meant to do. This is apparently not limited in any way and can be put on any plan… so you don’t have to get the most expensive plan to get data on your device. Mobilicity states that you can “use as much as you want, download all month long for just an additional $20 a month”. Of course this unlimited data is “Within the Mobilicity unlimited coverage area”. Hopefully Mobilicity goes live with the other launch cities soon.

More here at Mobilicity


“Virgin Mobile’s Happy Hour”… members get discounts on food and booze

Virgin Mobile is one of the carriers that knows how to have a good time. It’s not just because they sponsor cool concerts or hold brilliant contests… but they continually offer their “members” unique deals outside of the cellphone business. This time they have created “Virgin Mobile’s Happy Hour”. The festivities start today and go until November 26th. Currently it’s only available in select Toronto restaurants and bars but more cities will be rolled out over the next few weeks. All you have to do is flash your phone and you’ll get special pricing on food and booze.

Here’s the current list of participating Toronto locations:
Mondays: The Beaconsfield at 1154 Queen Street West from 5 – 7 p.m., show your phone to get Asian dumplings and a pint of Labatt 50 for only $7.75.
Wednesdays: Member’s C ocktails for just $4 are on the menu at Kultura at 169 King Street East from 6 – 8 p.m.
Thursdays – Nyood at 1096 Queen Street West from 6 – 8 p.m. and your phone gets you a special drink for just $4.

Nathan Rosenberg, CMO said “Just flash your phone and get a deal on us. We’re helping our Members relax, and save some cash, with Virgin Mobile’s Happy Hour”… Now, this is just another way that we’re amping it up and showing our Members how it truly is better to be a Member. And if you’re really lucky, you may run into me there. That would be the icing on the cake.”

Source: Virgin Mobile Facebook


“insider” walks into Rogers… activates a White iPhone 4

Apple delayed shipping the white version of the iPhone 4 until “later this year” because it was “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected”. Over the past month we’ve seen the white iPhone 4 get unboxed and also pop up in Rogers inventory. Here’s a good story: Apparently some sort of “insider” got a white iPhone 4″internally and shipped it to Canada”, proceeds to walk into a Rogers store and gets it activated.

Looks like the real deal… when this officially comes out will you be getting it or choosing something else?

Source: Yfrog 1 & Yfrog2
Via: Twitter @canadianiphone4 (more…)