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Motorola i1 now available on TELUS’ Mike for $399.99 no-contract

As expected, TELUS has finally released the Android iDen Motorola i1 on their Mike Network. Price points are $399.99 no-contract and $249.99 on a 3-year contract. This push-to-talk device is like any other rugged device and can take a beating, meets military specs to take on dust, shock, vibration and blowing rain. In addition, it’s been boosted from Android OS 1.5 to 2.1 and comes with a 3.1-inch HVGA display (resolution of 320×480), 5 megapixel camera and flash, 2.5mm headset jack, holds up to 32GB with a microSD card. Overall dimensions are 58 x 118 x 13 mm and weighs 131 grams.

Update: Telus has updated their pricing for the i1 to the following:
No-contract: $399.99
1 year contract: $349.99
2 year contract: $299.99
3 year contract: $149.99

Check it out here at TELUS


Microsoft’s Ballmer on Android updates: “chaotic and not necessarily as well thought through”

Last week Google’s Andy Rubin was talking about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 and said “the world doesn’t need another platform. Android is free and open; I think the only reason you create another platform is for political reasons. Why doesn’t the whole world run with [Android]?”

Microsoft announced their new platform on Monday and nn Canada we will be graced with 4 Windows Phone 7 devices: HTC Surround (TELUS), LG Optimus Quantum (Bell), LG Optimus 7 (TELUS) and the Samsung Focus (Rogers). Release dates of these are unofficial but all will be available sometime before the holiday season.

In an interview with CNet’s Ina Fried, Steve Ballmer, Microfost CEO, was asked about the future upgrade schedule of Windows Phone devices and how they plan on moving faster than their competition. Ballmaer said “You will see us with capability that comes out more regularly and then with big annual steps. I think it is probably fair to stay that Apple takes reasonably big steps every year to two years. I think a lot of the steps Google is taking are chaotic and not necessarily as well thought through. It doesn’t mean there is not some good stuff there and certainly we’re going to have a rapid pace.

During the interview Ballmer avoided to give any predictions on sales numbers but did state that “I think this is a very dynamic marketplace. You’ve got a weird eclectic mix of players. There’s always somebody who is hot. In Google’s case, you don’t really know whether an Android device is an Android device is an Android device. Then you’ve got some guys who are less hot. We’ll have to see where we play in the mix, but I am optimistic about the chance to make some real progress.”

What are your thoughts… will you be getting any one of these 4 devices when they officially land in Canada? If so which one… if not, why not?

Source: Cnet (more…)


Child accidentally dials 911 over 400 times… tying up service lines for hours

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) says there are over 6 million calls to 911 via cellphone each year… and it’s probably going to increase a bit thanks to a baby named Alex. According to Owen Sound police Alex (who is around 4 or 5 years old) grabbed his parents cellphone and dialed 911 over 400 times, tying up service lines for hours. Apparently 911 dispatchers were shouting into the phone to get his attention but failed. On one occasion dispatchers heard the parents ask him if he wants a piece of pie.

Police wanted to send a message out that prepaid devices with no remaining minutes or deactivated devices still have the ability to call 911.

Source: Yahoo!


WIND having “lightly loved” weekend handset sale

If you’re around a Wind Mobile store this weekend you might want to quickly stop in and grab a phone as possibly the “limit of 5 per person”. Wind is labeling this epic sale as the “best deal ever sale” and it’s only for “lightly loved” devices.

The sale is for new customers only and starts on October 15th until the 17th. with the following list of devices: Huawei U7519 for $20, Huawei U1250 for $20, Samsung Gravity 2 in Orange for $60, Samsung Gravity 2 in Black for $80, Nokia 5230 for $90, HTC Maple for $95 and the Huawei E181 Internet Stick for $70. Plus another discounted “Always Shout” rate plans for the first year at $24 (usually $45). In addition, Wind has put together a “Door Crasher” that sees you walk out with a Huawei U7519 for free when you purchase an orange Samsung Gravity 2. Both devices have to be activate and you must visit a Wind store before 11:00am.

Definitely good prices for a “Lightly Loved” devices. All “Lightly Loved: phones have been slightly or been refurbished by the manufacturer, carry a 90-day exchange policy. With a “limit of 5 per person” we’re curious how many lightly loved devices actually available, 100, 200, 400, 1000? Wind says in the fine print that “Limited quantities. Offer only available while quantities last.”

Check it here over at WIND
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Video: Allerta inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry gets reviewed

Remember that “BlackBerry Watch” called inPulse from Waterloo-based Allerta? It’s been over a year since being in beta and forever since the pre-order page went up. They’ve teased potential buyers with a few random images every couple months but now it seems that one of the beta testers has put a quick unboxing and review video online. The inPulse watch connects wirelessly to your BlackBerry by Bluetooth and the review is just over 6 minutes and states that “the software is beta and only does SMS, Email (for one acct for now), Phone” but upcoming features will be the ability to view your BBM and have multiple email accounts. Check it out after the break (more…)


Image: Is this the upcoming Palm Pre 2?

What we’ve got here is a first look at the upcoming Palm Pre 2, looking incredibly similar to the original Pre. The specs are scarce but its known to have a 1GHz processor with 512mb of RAM, better screen that’s apparently “flatter” but with the same resolution at 320×480. In addition, this will run webOS 2.0. According to MobiFrance who captured the pics this is expected to be available in November.

Source: MobiFrance
Via: PreCentral


Bell releases official Canadiens mobile app

Bell is a minority owner in the Montreal Canadiens and they have now officially released a free mobile app that’s available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS devices. The app is specifically for the Canadiens and has standard features such as latest news, team stats and the ability to watch videos. Where it gets a bit more interesting is that fans can vote for the game’s three stars, exchange comments and videos with other fans. In addition, the app features something cool with you camera: “Bell customers can even instantly share their photos live on the Bell Centre big screen”.

The official page on the Bell website is down, but you’ll be able to find out more info here at
Via: CNW


Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and Galaxy Tab Toronto launch party set for October 27th

The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the long-awaited Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate both will be in attendance at what looks to be an upcoming Toronto launch party. The date is set for Wednesday October 27th… no word on if this will be the official date of availability for the devices. Hopefully so for those who have been waiting months for the Captivate ($149.99 on a 3-year contract). The Galaxy Tab is expected to be launching sometime mid-November and no word yet on price plans.

More soon!
Source: The Cellular Guru


Confirmed: Upcoming Virgin Mobile Q4 devices, prices and launch dates

Last week we posted the upcoming Virgin Mobile Q4 Holiday lineup… they have decent devices for basically every level of customer: Android, BlackBerry and entry-level. Now we can share with you the confirmed contract price points and official launch dates:

BlackBerry Torch 9800:
Already available
LG Sway: Available October 21st for $0.00 on the SuperTab/contract
BlackBerry Bold 9780: Available October 21st for $149 on October 21st November 2nd
LG Flick: Available November 9th for $0.00 on the SuperTab/contract
Samsung Galaxy 5: Available November 12th for $0.00 on the SuperTab/contract

If you’re into contracts (or their SuperTab) the prices are correct. Most of them are priced at $0.00. Even the Bold 9780 is priced what the original Bold 9700 came out as… so you can expect this to see a price drop before this year is completed.

UPDATE: Virgin will be releasing the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on November 2nd

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Report: 82% increase in reported broken screens compared to 3GS

The iPhone 4 has and still is going through a wild ride – a PR nightmare on some levels but amidst all the bashing the smartphone is still a massive success. There’s been “Antennagate” and even up to last week a new issue called “Glassgate” was coined for 3rd party cases causing the back of the iPhone to scratch, fracture and crack.

A new report has been released by cellphone warranty provider SquareTrade that states that “iPhone 4 Glass Breaks 82 Percent More Than 3GS”. The findings were based on 20,000 iPhone 4′s over the first 4 months the device went on sale. Their report boldly states “it’s clear that the iPhone 4 is significantly more prone to physical damage than its predecessor. The aluminosilicate glass seem to crack at least as often as the old glass, and there is now twice as much surface area to break.”

Other findings by SquareTrade shows the “accident rate for iPhone 4s was 68% higher than for the iPhone 3gs” and “An estimated 15.5% of iPhone 4 owners will have an accident within a year of buying their phone”. Physical damage aside, SquareTrade says that “non-accident related malfunctions” such as “hardware problems beyond the glass screen” resulted in “fewer than 0.5% of iPhone 4 owners reported a non-accident claim, roughly the same as the iPhone 3gs.”

Have you had any issues with your iPhone 4? Cracked screen, liquid damage?
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