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Bell Nokia 7230 now available

The Nokia 7230 is now available through Bell. This is a decent starter device that comes in either Black and Pink, has a 2.4-inch display (resolution of 240 x 320), 3.2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, media player, 3.5mm headset jack, FM Radio and a 2 GB microSD card. Overall dimensions are 98 mm x 48 mm x 14.75 mm and weighs in at 100 grams. Here are the price plans:

$29.95 on a 3-year contract
$79.95 on a 2-year contract
$129.95 on a 1-year contract
$149.95 no contract/Prepaid

More here at Bell


Telus announces iPad 3G Data Plan

TELUS has finally come out with their iPad 3G data plans – a different angle than both Rogers and Bell ($15 for 250MB and $35 for 5GB). They stated in a release today that users can get the iPad data at no-contract for “$20 for 500MB per month – additional data is charged at 5¢ per MB up to a maximum of $30 for a total of $50 per month.”

So far this is the closest plan we’ve seen to “unlimited”. Thoughts? (more…)


Fido to release Apple iPad 3G plans soon…

For all those who want to jump on the Apple iPad bus and want to go the route of hooking up with a Fido data plan… you’ll soon be happy. From the internal screenshot of Fido’s Sales System is shows the iPad as registered hardware. So it looks like they’ll be announcing plans shortly, but nothing official yet. One would believe it’s identical to the Rogers iPad data plans ($15 for 250MB and $35 for 5GB). This means that Fido will be getting a Micro SIM card, which also means they’ll most likely carry the next-gen iPhone as it uses a Micro SIM.

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LG Gossip landing at Fido June 1st

Fido is set to release another “quick messaging device” to their lineup – the LG Gossip. This will be available for $90 no-contract/prepaid or $0.00 on a 2-year contract. Looks like the low-end device market is heating up with those prices.

Specs of the Gossip is that it has a full-QWERTY keyboard, 2.4-inch QVGA display (resolution of 320 x 240 pixels), 2.0 megapixel camera with video capabilities, 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 2.1, FM radio, weight 95 grams and can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card. (more…)


Nokia wants to help you find your “Inner App”

Nokia Canada wants to help you find your “Inner App”. They’ve put together 8 questions that basically asks you how you use your Nokia device, then comes with your “app-e-type”.

Nokia does state at the bottom of the page in fine print that “Please note, this quiz is just for fun, and is not meant to be scientifically valid. While there is not such a thing as an “Inner App,” we’d like to think that there is and we’d appreciate it if you would play along with us.” (more…)


Video: 22 seconds of pure White next-gen iPhone madness

With the Apple WWDC coming up on June 7th one of the hop topics will be the next generation iPhone. This has been leaked so many times that it’ll be interesting to see how they will present it. One more video has popped up that is intensely annoying to watch shows a white model in the spotlight. It’s 22 seconds of pure madness: (more…)


Samsung Messenger coming to TELUS… not so fast.

The Samsung Messenger was recently released by both Rogers and Bell… we mentioned it before but can now confirm that TELUS will be bringing the Messenger also.

No official launch date but we’ve been informed that it’ll be in July. What’s a bit unique about with TELUS vs. the others is that it’s being labeled by Samsung as a “Consumer” device, while the Bell and Rogers model has the “Business” stamp… same specs. However, it’s coming and it has Windows 6.5 plus a full QWERTY keyboard.

UPDATE: After posting this we got a call that said the Samsung Messenger was not going to be launched by TELUS, it was an error on their website. (more…)


BlackBerry Pearl 9100 in Pink released by TELUS

TELUS said they would release the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 “starting in May” and today they have the Pink version – the Black version will be in a few weeks. TELUS states that “It is perfect for the style conscious individual who does not want to sacrifice productivity”. If you’re interested in getting this it can be yours on the following price plans (much cheaper than the Rogers 9100 release):

3-year contract: $29.99
2-year contract: $249.99
1-year contract: $299.99
No Contract: $349.99

Also, if you do purchase this Pink BlackBerry Pearl 9100 TELUS will donate $25 towards Breast Cancer research.
More info here at TELUS

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Via: BlackBerrySync


Rogers: Android OS 2.1 is coming for X10 & Magic

Interested if your Rogers Android device will be upgraded soon? Rogers has posted a quick update regarding some devices that will be getting OS 2.1. “RogersMary” states that “I just confirmed that HTC will deliver 2.1 for Magic for testing end of June. Acer Liquid will release w/ 2.1. X10 2.1 in Fall.”

So we know that the Acer Liquid E comes with 2.1… for the Sony Xperia X10 this news somewhat narrows the dates to the September, October, November period. And one of the first devices to lead the revolution, the HTC Magic (now called the Magic+) went through an incredibly rough period with the urgent 911 fix. This seems to be getting upgraded to 2.1 in June, but no confirmation that it’s actually coming as it’s only going for “testing”. (more…)