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Contest: Win a BlackBerry Pearl 9100

As promised we are back with another contest! This time we thought we’d give a device away that almost every Canadian carrier will eventually have in their lineup: the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100. So here’s the deal…we supply the device and you choose the carrier (TELUS, Bell, Virgin, Rogers etc…)

In order to win this contest all you have to do is one of the following: follow us on Twitter, become a member of our Forum or enter your name in the comment section below. No strings attached. The contest ends Monday, June 7th at 11:59pm.

Good luck to all who enter!


Apple sells 2 million iPads in 2 months

It’s all because of Canada! Apple sent out a press release today that stated “Apple Sells Two Million iPads in Less Than 60 Days”. Canada was one of the countries that was recently added to the list where customers can purchase the tablet. Rogers, Bell and TELUS all have iPad data plans and over the weekend we posted that Fido will be coming out with their own iPad data plans too.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO said “Customers around the world are experiencing the magic of iPad, and seem to be loving it as much as we do. We appreciate their patience, and are working hard to build enough iPads for everyone.” (more…)


Koodo to release the Samsung U430

Even though Koodo launched their first smartphone last week (BlackBerry Curve 8530) and they’re prepping for the upcoming HSPA launch... a new device will be coming down the pipe soon that is a throwback to the Koodo of days past. According to the inventory screenshot we received the Samsung U430 will be released shortly at what looks to be the retail price of $125. This is to replace the Samsung U410 that was recently discontinued. Parent-company TELUS released the U430 back in July of 2009 and you can learn more about the specs and features here.

We’ll have more info on an exact launch date and prices shortly. (more…)


WIND officially launching Vancouver on Thursday

WIND has announced that this Thursday, June 3rd they will officially launch in Vancouver. This will now round out their 5 cities to have wireless service: Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and now Vancouver. The festivities will begin at 10:30am at the 116 Davie St, Yaletown location. In addition, CEO Ken Campbell stated on the company blog that because of the Vancouver launch “We’re extending Everybody WINDs to June 30th”. This promo gives customers 50% off monthly rate plan fees for the first 6 months. (more…)


Koodo Mobile testing HSPA network, SIM cards coming

Koodo Mobile on Thursday officially launched what could be the best device they have ever offered – the BlackBerry Curve 8530. What’s next you ask? How about them getting up to speed with all the other Canadian carriers with some HSPA goodness. We let you know back in February that Koodo was going to hop on to TELUS’ HSPA network and bring on some new devices… more news as we received an internal screenshot that shows testing the HSPA network has started and so has the testing of Koodo SIM cards.

I’m sure more devices will follow but for now the lone device that is targeted to be their first HSPA is the Nokia 3710.

(Thanks B!)


Bell to release Pearl 9100 at $49.99 on 3-year?

The long and very winding road of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100… On Friday TELUS released their PInk version for $29.99 on a 3-year contract and the No Contract for $349.99. Last week Rogers launched the 9100 (still waiting for store to get shipments), they have marked this down for sale at the 3-year $49.99 mark and no-contract for $449.99.

The last carriers to release the 9100 is Bell and Virgin (and possibly WIND). Most likely because they are waiting on the Black model which will apparently be available in a the coming weeks. We knew that Virgin posted this as “coming soon” on their site for $49.99, and according to the internal document we received it shows Bell will release this for $29.99 on a 3-year and $349.99 no contract. (more…)


Bell Nokia 7230 now available

The Nokia 7230 is now available through Bell. This is a decent starter device that comes in either Black and Pink, has a 2.4-inch display (resolution of 240 x 320), 3.2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, media player, 3.5mm headset jack, FM Radio and a 2 GB microSD card. Overall dimensions are 98 mm x 48 mm x 14.75 mm and weighs in at 100 grams. Here are the price plans:

$29.95 on a 3-year contract
$79.95 on a 2-year contract
$129.95 on a 1-year contract
$149.95 no contract/Prepaid

More here at Bell


Telus announces iPad 3G Data Plan

TELUS has finally come out with their iPad 3G data plans – a different angle than both Rogers and Bell ($15 for 250MB and $35 for 5GB). They stated in a release today that users can get the iPad data at no-contract for “$20 for 500MB per month – additional data is charged at 5¢ per MB up to a maximum of $30 for a total of $50 per month.”

So far this is the closest plan we’ve seen to “unlimited”. Thoughts? (more…)


Fido to release Apple iPad 3G plans soon…

For all those who want to jump on the Apple iPad bus and want to go the route of hooking up with a Fido data plan… you’ll soon be happy. From the internal screenshot of Fido’s Sales System is shows the iPad as registered hardware. So it looks like they’ll be announcing plans shortly, but nothing official yet. One would believe it’s identical to the Rogers iPad data plans ($15 for 250MB and $35 for 5GB). This means that Fido will be getting a Micro SIM card, which also means they’ll most likely carry the next-gen iPhone as it uses a Micro SIM.

(Thanks Tipster!)