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LG Sway now available at Virgin for $129.99

Virgin has officially released the LG Sway – a very basic entry level device. We’re pretty sure there will be lots of stock available so there’s no need to rush down to your local Virgin kiosk for this one. The price is right at $129.99 no-contract or $0.00 on their SuperTab/contract. As for specs, it’s an HSPA device that has a 2-inch display, 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, A-GPS, Bluetooth, holds up to 16GB with a microSD card and has a WAP Browser.

(This has not made it on the Virgin website yet)


Best Buy offers Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant for $0 on 3-year this weekend

Since the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate is now officially launching on Monday… Best Buy is making the most of the weekend by having a 3-day sale on the “FIRST Galaxy S” device in Canada. The price of the Bell Galaxy S Vibrant drops to a stellar $0.00 on a 3-year contract (you’ll have to purchase this in-store). So far this is the best deal of the year.

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WIND expands distribution in the West by partnering with London Drugs

All the carriers have been busy finding new places to sell their products. Wind Mobile has expanded their distribution by partnering with London Drugs. In total 30 stores in 3 cities: Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver all currently carry the Huawei 1250 and 8100, the Nokia 5230 in Black and the Blue Samsung Gravity 2. Apart from their stand alone stores WIND has distribution set up in BlockBuster and Valu Mobile.

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Mobilicity to go live in Ottawa in November… Calgary and Southern Ontario “later”

November will be a defining month for new entrant Mobilicity. In a couple weeks they will start to decend down on 3 new launch cities. Yesterday they confirmed Vancouver and Edmonton… and today they came forth with news that Ottawa will be going live as well. An article in Bloomberg states “Mobilicity also plans to later offer its service in Calgary and southern Ontario”. No specific dates were given. Mobilicity offers Unlimited Talk and Text plans that range from $15 to $65.


Video demo: Syfire 2.0 for the iPhone (“No Flash, No Problem”)

The Skyfire Mobile Browser 2.0 for iPhone was submitted to the app to the App Store on September 1st (coming up on 2 months now). They stated in recent video demo that they’ve been working closely with Apple to get it approved. In the video after the break you can check out how the mobile browser will look on your iPhone as one of the features is that it takes flash videos and converts them to HTML5, or in Skyfire terms “No Flash, No Problem”. The browsing experience looks decent and comes with cool features that gives you the ability to search within a web page for related items, or search Facebook. Plus they’ve added the ability to share via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. It also seems Skyfire is a big fan of Facebook as they’ve incorporated what they are calling “Facebook Quickview” that takes you immediately to your Facebook page and checks for updates.

Hopefully it’ll be approved soon. Check out the video after the break (more…)


Rogers launching Samsung Galaxy S Captivate October 25th

Finally confirmation on the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate launch. After much delay this Android will be officially be available on Monday, October 25th. The reason for the delay was due to a “worldwide shortage in Super AMOLED technology screens” and a “limited supply of inventory” of devices are being shipped to stores.

As we reported yesterday the pre-order date was moved the 24th and you can get the Captivate for $149.99 on a 3-year contract… but on Monday the price increases to $179.99 on a 3-year contract (for new customers). Rogers states in their blog post that existing customers can do a hardware upgrade and get the promo price of $149.99 on a 3-year until November 2nd, 2010. The no-contract price is $549.99.

Check out the Captivate pre-order here
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Koodo joins the others and intros Unlimited Talk within Quebec

This is getting a bit repetitive but everyone has to compete for market share. All the carriers have unleashed some sort of Unlimited Quebec plan… and now Koodo has jumped on board by creating their own. For $60 a month you get Unlimited Talk within Quebec (their zone coverage is lifted) and you also get 50 text messages.

The fine print is always important to read over. It states that “Unlimited calling within the province of Quebec for Koodo clients residing in Quebec only. Long distance charges do not apply to calls within Quebec made to or received from your Koodo phone. Calls to 900 numbers excluded”.

This now completes all the carriers for an Unlimited offering in Quebec. In addition to this plan, Koodo has introduced a $35 plan called “Unlimited Incoming Plus” Combo that is available until December 31st, 2010. This gives you Unlimited Incoming calls, Unlimited 6Pm evenings and weekends, Unlimited Messaging, 150 anytime minutes, call display and voicemail.

I think “Unlimited” is the new buzzword for Canadian mobile.

These plans have not yet made it on the Koodo site but you can check out both plans after the break.
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Montreal man gets fined for using cellphone while driving… tells court it was between his shoulder and ear

Quebec banned using hand held devices while driving back in April of 2008. If convicted you’ll receive a fine of $115.00 plus be dinged 3 demerit points. Montreal resident Nicolas Perrette was nabbed by police on April 14th, 2009 using his cellphone and he finally appeared in court last week to defend himself.

Perrette stated that at the time he was caught he wasn’t actually holding his cellphone with his hands but it was between his shoulder and ear. In his mind this is still “hands free”. Municipal court Judge Martine Leclerc eventually convicted Perrette of the charge and said “adhering to the defendant’s case would go completely against the spirit of the law.”

Source: 24h


Score Mobile apps “attracted over 1.4 million monthly unique visitors” in 2010

Here’s a quick shout out for one of the best sports apps out there. Score Media announced their fiscal 2010 results yesterday and and the ScoreMobile and ScoreMobile FC apps have now “attracted over 1.4 million monthly unique visitors who viewed over 50 million pages of content in peak months”. Features of the apps give you live scores, stats, standings, video content, latest news, highlights, live blog updates and game odds. The app is free and can be downloaded for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

Check out the apps here at Score Mobile
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