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Rogers discontinues 8GB iPhone 3G & HTC Dream

Ahhh… the end of an era. Thanks to a tipster for letting us know that both the Rogers 8GB iPhone 3G and the HTC Dream are now officially discontinued (the Black versions). You’ll see in the internal memo that it states that “as an alternative product” people should look towards the 16GB iPhone version or the HTC Magic.

Remember the buzz both devices caused. We got a video of the when the first iPhone hit Canada… and then the Android “revolution” started with the HTC Dream and Joshua Jackson. Anyways… onto better more powerful devices.


Quick Contest: Win 1 of 4 Rogers SIM Cards

Update: This contest is now closed and we’ve notified the winners via e-mail. More contests coming up soon!

We’ve got some Rogers SIM cards hanging around and instead of just putting them in a box we thought another contest is in order. We have 4 up for grabs which means there will be 4 winners.We’ll ship the SIM to you but you’ll have to activate it.

In order to win this contest all you have to do is one of the following: follow us on Twitter, become a member of our Forum or enter your name in the comment section below.  The contest ends Thursday, June 17th at 11:59pm.

Good luck to all who enter!


Public expands reach by partnering with Gateway

It’s certainly interesting to see how each  of the carriers are finding new places to offer their products. Rogers will soon be available in Shoppers Drug Mart, TELUS recently bought Black’s Camera, Wind is in Blockbuster, Bell purchased The Source, Mobilicity has individual dealers in several odd locations… and now Public Mobile has expanded their distribution by partnering with 152 Gateway Newstands.

This deal is only for Toronto and are located in TTC stations, GO stations and major downtown buildings. Public says you’ll be able to buy a phone and pay a bill at these locations. This now raises the number of places to get a Public Mobile device to over 200.

In a release today Public Mobile CEO, Alek Krstajic said “Gateway is the perfect partner. They’re everywhere we want to be. Public Mobile wants to make it easy and convenient for customers to own a cell phone. What could be more convenient than making your payment, or buying a new phone on your subway ride home?”.


Facebook CEO slams iPhone battery life

So Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg just got an iPhone (not sure which one) and he like others talk about how the battery life drains fast. Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook via the iPhone app that “this week I got an iPhone. This weekend I got four chargers so I can keep it charged everywhere I go and a land line so I can actually make phone calls”. (more…)


Mobilicity price drops first device: Totem now $89

Mobilicity launched their service on May 14th – only about a month ago. Their first price drop has happened and it’s their own branded “Totem” device (it’s actually made by a company called Longcheer). It was was released at $99 but has dipped by $10 to $89. All the other devices stayed at the same price but perhaps this is a sign of things to come! (more…)


Virgin tells Prepaid customers it costs $1 to have them top up for you

Just because Virgin has been getting some stellar devices recently doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten their roots. Today they have posted a message to Prepaid customers who call in to top up will be dinged a buck:

“Heads-up, there’s a $1 charge to have one of our Care Specialists top up for you. You can top up for free online or by hitting #999 on your Virgin Mobile phone.” They also state that they “we’ve got some important pricing changes that are happening to your Virgin Mobile account.”

Thanks Virgin! Price changes are good when they go down, not up. (more…)


Samsung “Elevate” coming soon to Canada

If you check out the Samsung mobile micro site we found a new device called the “Elevate”. No clue yet what, when or which carrier will be picking up this new Samsung “Elevate” but it’s been slapped with the famous “coming soon”. The image on the right is the Samsung Advance, not the Elevate. But the write up give a bit of light to what we can expect… sounds like another low cost quick messaging device: (more…)


Canadians rejoice! Apple selling unlocked iPhones…

Here’s something that Canadians will enjoy. If you buy an iPhone directly from Apple it actually comes unlocked (even the new iPhone 4). According the FAQ on their site:

Why does the price of iPhone from the Apple Online Store differ from its price from a carrier?
Carriers typically sell the iPhone with a contract that subsidizes the initial purchase price of the phone. By purchasing your iPhone without a contract, you can use any SIM or micro-SIM card from a compatible carrier, including your current one.” (more…)


8GB iPhone 3GS available for pre-order at $549, ships June 24th

It’s unfortunate to watch other countries pre-order the new iPhone 4 today. Us Canadians can expect it “in the coming weeks” sometime in July from basically every carrier (TELUS, Rogers, Bell, Fido, Virgin, SaskTel).

However if you like the design of a perfectly good iPhone 3Gs you’re in luck! An 8GB model has been created and it can be pre-ordered now for $549. It looks like it’s only available in Black but Apple says it’ll ship to your door June 24th. (You’ll notice right next to the 8GB 3Gs is the new iPhone just teasing you with “coming soon”). (more…)


Wind CEO talks about how bad incumbents Customer Service is

Today at the Canadian Club of Canada WIND Mobile CEO Ken Campbell took the podium with a speech titled “Changing the Landscape of Wireless in Canada”. It was all the incidents we’ve witnessed over the past few months with the CRTC denying them then overturned by Industry Minister Tony Clement. Building their brand and how the company is built on the trust of the Canadian people and the slogan “The Power of Conversation”.

There’s no word on exactly how many people have signed up… but WIND now operated in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa. The most interesting part of the speech was about customer service. We all know that this topic is a hot one and all organizations spend millions a year to keep customers happy. Recently the Globe wrote an article that stated “An average service call costs a wireless company $5 to $12 to handle, while the fee for a complicated, lengthy call can soar to $30 or more”. In the Canadian wireless industry Videotron has the highest rate with a 97% overall and 99% customer satisfaction rate. Even CEO Robert Dépatie boasted about his organization by saying it’s “Almost perfection”. (more…)