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Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 hits $0 on 3-year!

Dang – this is a good sign! If you’ve wanted to get the Bold 9700 via Rogers and like the 3-year price plan than you should drop what you’re doing and head to the closest store. It looks like they have dropped the price again – this time a whopping $99.99 to hit the rock bottom price of $0.00.

This was originally released at $299.99 on a 3-year and has been going down ever since. The Rogers site still says $99 but clearly the pic says different.

You going to get this deal? (more…)


Nokia 2220 Slide coming to Canada soon?

So clearly looking at this phone it’s not for everyone. The Nokia 2220 Slide has just popped up on the Canadian site so you can bet this is on its way. This will come in Pink and Graphite with the specs being: 1.8 inch screen (resolution of 128 x 160), 3.5 mm headset jack, VGA camera, FM radio, Bluetooth. Overall dimensions are 3.82 x 1.85 x .624 inches.

No word on what carrier or the price plans or if this is simply a mistake on the site. (more…)


Adobe releases Flash 10.1 for mobile

Adobe has officially released Flash Player 10.1 for mobile but it seems we’ll have to wait a bit until upgrades are made by manufacturers. The first OS to get this will be with Android 2.2 but it’ll be available also on Symbian, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry smartphones, Meego, LiMo and Palm’s WebOS. Apple’s iPhone is missing from the list and will probably never show up.

David Wadhwani of Adobe said “We are thrilled that more than three million Flash designers and developers are now able to unleash their creativity on the world of smart phones, tablets, netbooks, televisions and other consumer electronics. The combined power of the leading rich media technology platform with millions of passionate creatives is sure to impact the world in ways we haven’t even imagined yet.” (more…)


Contest: Win a HTC Hero “Prize Pack”

Feel like winning an Android device? How about the HTC Hero? This sexy little thing can be all yours in our latest contest!

We’ve got a HTC Hero “Prize Pack” that includes a Hero, 3 skins, decals and a whole slew of other goodness! All you have to do to win this is one of the following: follow us on Twitter, become a member of our Forum or enter your name in the comment section below.  The contest ends Tuesday, July 6th at 11:59pm.

Here’s a quick spec overview for those unfamiliar with the Android-powered device: first device to have HTC Sense, a 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen with a HVGA resolution of 320×480, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video, 3,5 mm headset jack, Wi-Fi, GPS.

Good luck to all who enter!


Poynt crosses the 3 million download mark

It’s nice to see a Canadian company do well! Calgary-based Multiplied Media has announced that their Poynt app has been downloaded on over 3 million mobile devices. In addition they state that over 50% of users use the app on a monthly basis. In May there was over 22 million searches – an increase of 750% over May 2009. (more…)


Acer Liquid E selling for $374.99 at Future Shop

Thanks to one of our tipsters for sending us their receipt of their brand spanking new Acer Liquid E. The good thing about this receipt is that if you’re looking to pick up this Android-powered device you can go to your local Future Shop and get it for the no-contract price of $374.99. This is $50 cheaper than what Rogers is selling it for.


Windows Live Messenger iPhone app now available

Microsoft has releases the Windows Live Messenger app for the iPhone. We are one of 4 lucky countries (US, Canada, UK, France) to receive this and it can be downloaded via the App Store. Some features of this free app are that you can update your status, a “Social tab” that brings “together all of your friends’ activities” and photo sharing. Microsoft says that future features will be able to integrate Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin.



Video: Kickball AR Juggling App for Samsung Bada OS

Samsung will be releasing the Wave soon (this will be their first device that operates on the Bada platform) and perhaps this should be the first app you download. Perfect timing with the World Cup happening now. The augmented reality (AR) game is called Kickball AR Juggling App and you use the display (via the camera) to juggle a virtual soccer ball using your real feet. (more…)


Best Buy selling Sonim XP3 Enduro unlocked

In an interesting move Best Buy Canada has started selling unlocked phones. You can now get the hardcore Sonim XP3 Enduro for the no-contract price of $449.99, then go activate it via your carrier.

The XP3 Enduro looks like it could simply dominate over any current rugged device that’s in the market – this thing can apparently handle dust, water, drops, shocks and extreme temperatures. Unfortunately as rugged as it looks it also weighs a brick at 166 grams. (more…)


RIM files patent called “BlackBerry Drive”

Waterloo-based RIM has filed yet another patent, this time it’s called “BlackBerry Drive”. The official description is unclear but the filing states that it’ll be used for some sort of keychain accessory… possibly to lock/unlock or remotely start it your car. The “Identification” says “Key fobs; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; small items of metal hardware; goods of common metal not included in other classes”.

The only picture it gives is the font BlackBerry Drive spelled out. What’s your guess? (more…)