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Public Mobile adding Unlimited International texting July 15th to $40 plan

Public Mobile has announced they will now included unlimited international texting as part of their $40 unlimited talk and text plan. This will go into effect July 15th so until then you can’t send a text overseas. Nice addition for Public Mobile include this… does this mean July 15th is when Montreal will go live too?


Rumour du jour: iPhone 4 launch delayed in Canada?

There’s rumours flying around the interweb today that state the anticipated iPhone 4 launch in Canada could be delayed beyond July. No official confirmation from Apple or the carriers. According to BGR who noticed the Apple site was changed from the “Coming in July” to only now show “Coming Soon”.

Personally I can’t remember what the site actually said but earlier this week (on Tuesday) we have a screenshot from the Apple site with only the “coming soon”. Apple did confirm during the iPhone 4 launch that Canada and 17 other countries will be getting the iPhone 4 in July… but is Canada that low in market that we are the only one’s singled out? We must sell more iPhones than New Zealand?

All carriers have stated the same comment that the iPhone 4 will be available “in the coming weeks“. The dates we’ve heard flying around – this was on Monday before Apple pre-sold 600,00 units – was that it was landing on Canadian soil between July 7th – 15th. (more…)


WIND hosting Twitterview with VP of Core Network today

Remember a couple months back when we showed you inside the WIND Mobile network? We interviewed the VP of Core Network, Ante Rupcic. You can check out the video below… but starting today at 9:30am WIND will be hosting a “Twitterview” where you can go nuts on Twitter and ask him as many network related questions you want.

To be part of it you’ll have to log on Twitter and Tweet your questions (more…)


Palm: “next year very exciting” with new devices

The Palm Pre is the only device that has graced our great land and it’s available for about $300 no-contract. Pretty good deal for a device that has the new webOS platform. We’re hearing mixed rumours of this selling well vs. not selling well in Canada, no exact numbers are released.

However, if you’re a Palm fan there’s some good news on the horizon. A developers webinar was hosted by AT&T yesterday and a rep was asked about new devices:

“I’m not allowed to talk about future roadmaps, especially because we’re in the process of being acquired by HP, so I can’t say. But yes we have a road map. We are working on future devices. And [a] new version of the OS. So I think, you’re going to find the next year very exciting.”

New devices, upgrade in webOS… does this sound exciting to you?

Via: PreCentral


Motorola says Dext, Quench and Backflip OS “Upgrade under evaluation”

Earlier today we had a post that stated 50% of all Android devices are running 2.1… many devices in Canada are still waiting for an upgrade. A bit more news today from the Motorola camp as they have put a schedule together for OS 2.1 upgrades. When the Dext, Quench and Backflip launched there was talk of an upgrade but nothing confirmed. Motorola, Bell, Rogers and TELUS are all planning to upgrade sometime, but looking at this chart below it states the “Upgrade under evaluation”… basically that it’s coming soon with no definite availability date.

For those who have the Android OS 1.5 Dext, Quench and Backflip are you at least enjoying it?

More here at Motorola
Via: PhoneScoop


NDP tables “Cellphone Freedom Act” aimed to unlock cellphones

Bruce Hyer, NDP MP for Thunder Bay-Superior North, introduced private members’ Bill C-560 today, otherwise known as the “Cellphone Freedom Act”. According to the dedicated site “Don’t Lock My Freedom” there are 3 rules:

  • Consumers buying new cell phones in Canada must be informed of the existence of any network lock on their phone before sale.
  • Phone companies must unlock handsets upon request, free of charge, when a consumer purchases a new phone outright without a contract, or any time after purchase.
  • Phone companies must unlock handsets upon request, free of charge, when a consumer comes to the end of their contract or at any time thereafter. (more…)

BBB gives Canada’s cellphone companies an “F”

It’s well known that wireless companies feel the heat when it comes to customer complaints. Back in December Consumer Reports released a cellphone survey of 14,000 Canadians that showed the top two complaints are price and contract terms and conditions. In addition, Canada’s independent (industry-funded) Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications (CCTS) said that billing errors were at the top of the list of complains for Canadian wireless customers.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave an “F” grade to our wireless companies. With over 500 complaints to-date and over 2,000 since 2009 the BBB says that cell phone complaints are again what Canadians complain about. The same issues popped up: contracts, customer dissatisfaction with service and coverage, not understanding the final bill compared as advertised. Leading the pack is Bell with 1,020, followed by Telus with 751 complaints and Rogers had 685. Even new carrier Wind Mobile showed up on the list. (more…)


Poynt updated with ability to connect to a TELUS Live Agent

Calgary-based Multiplied Media has announced a partnership with TELUS that sees the ability to connect with a “Live Agent” via their Poynt app.

So if you search for a business listing or movie and you come up with no results you could connect to a live agent that will help you find what you’re looking for. Apparently it costs a whopping $0.99 each time you use the service.  As much as we promote the growth of Canadian organizations… it’ll be easier to use Google and find what you want faster and cheaper. (more…)


Bell releases $15/month Unlimited Mobile Browser Palm Pre promo

Thanks to a tipster who let us know that Bell has a new $15 monthly Unlimited Mobile Browser promo specifically for the Palm Pre. According to the internal doc we received it states that “Bell Mobility is introducing the Palm Pre Unlimited Mobile Browser feature, providing new and existing Palm Pre clients with an opportunity to have on device unlimited mobile browsing to surf the Web without the worry of incurring additional data charges. Note: This does not include tethering.”

No-contract price is $299.95… plus the previous promo that Bell gives you is $15 off your plan for the entire duration of your contract (when you get it on a 3-year for $0.00). All sounds pretty tempting… anyone going for a Pre now?