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Rogers to launch new wireless brand called “Chatr”?

A rumour has been flying around over the past year of Rogers creating a new wireless company called “Chatr”. It turns out that this new company is being created to directly compete with new entrants Wind Mobile and Mobilicity.

Chatr is looking to launch mid-July and offer Unlimited plans in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa. As for handsets… here are a few rumours: Nokia 1661, Nokia 2680 Slide, LG Sapphire, Samsung Gravity. We’ve also been informed that the launch party is happening on July 5th.

Ironically, at the 2010 Telecom Summit Rogers President Rob Bruce stated that “what does Unlimited really mean… not much!”

Oh yes… the website will be
What do you think of this idea and new brand?

Thanks to BGR an update has surfaced. Check out the inventory screenshot clearly showing that the Samsung Gravity is headed to “Chatr” Wireless. More info soon!



Video: iPhone 4 gets tossed into the blender

Tom Dickson is back with another crazy episode of “Will it Blend”. This time it’s with the new iPhone 4. He puts it to the test and you guessed it. It blends… seems to take a bit longer than all the other previous versions of the iPhone. Perhaps it’s the chemically strengthened glass that gives the blender a workout. Check it out here: (more…)


Public Mobile goes live in Montreal… price drops Samsung R312

Public Mobile is now officially live with their service in Montreal. They are one of Canada’s newest wireless carriers and are heavily targeting to reach the “value conscious” segment. Public now has a total of 74 stores: 31 in Montreal and 43 in Toronto.

There big selling feature is to offer Unlimited Talk and text with no contracts or credit checks. No word on how many people have signed up but they have the capacity to capture 19 million customers. It also seems like Public is getting the attention they are looking for. They recently signed a distribution partnership with Gateway Newstands and raked in a $350 million financing deal with ZTE.

Alek Krstajic, Chief Executive Officer of Public Mobile said in a release today that “We want to give the people of Montreal an economical option. For the first time, people in Montreal can have a cell phone with unlimited talk and text at a predictable price.” (more…)


Virgin Mobile increases 411 directory assistance fees

With all this new competition shouldn’t prices be going down? Another increase has gone into effect over at Virgin Mobile… it’s the 411 directory assistance. I can’t remember the last time I used 411 but it’s just the fact that it’s another price increase.

Virgin stated on their site that “Effective immediately, the fee that myPlan members are charged for calls to directory assistance is changing from $2 per call to $2.50 per call”. That’s a 25% hike.


Winner in our “Win the Android you want” contest!

We’ve got a winner in one of our most popular contest to date! This time we gave you the option to choose which Android device you wanted in our “Win the Android you want contest”. We’re happy to announce that Jason Stevenson will be getting a sweet Nexus One shipped to his front door over the next few days. Congrats Jason!

No worries if you didn’t take home this prize… we’ve got another Android contest happening now. The giveaway is a HTC Hero “Prize Pack”. Check it out here and enter your name. Good luck to all and we’ve got even more contests lined up for July.


First pics of “BlackBerry Shield” surface

Below are pics of what appears to be what RIM’s “BlackBerry Sheild”. Apparently when this is released it’ll be available for free for BIS customers. BlackBerry Shield remotely wipes your device and removes all the data (like the iPhone does with Find My iPhone),  can remotely set your password, “Lost & Found” feature that allows you to put a message on your device that notifies people where to contact you, ability to track your Berry wherever it is, and wireless backup. (more…)


RIM ships its 100 millionth BlackBerry device

Waterloo-based RIM sailed passed a massive milestone this past quarter by shipping their 100 millionth BlackBerry device. They also recorded another record by shipping 11.2 million devices last quarter alone, up 43% from last year. This has raised the total subscribers to 46 million worldwide.

Co-CEO of RIM Jim Balsillie said “RIM achieved significant earnings growth and shipped a record 11.2 million devices during the first quarter, including its 100 millionth BlackBerry smartphone. We continue to be focused on growing our business globally and we believe that the range of exciting new BlackBerry products being released in the coming months will create significant opportunities to accelerate RIM’s growth in the second half of the fiscal year.”

This “range of exciting new BlackBerry products” are rumoured to be the heavily leaked BlackBerry 9800 Slider, 9300 Curve, 9670 clamshell, touchscreen Curve and a touchscreen Bold.

Source: RIM


TELUS announces the 8GB iPhone 3GS

So with all the iPhone 4 frenzy happening in other countries its easy to get a bit jealous. However, good news for those still wanting and old school iPhone 3GS. TELUS has just announced the Black 8GB model of the 3GS is now available. Thanks to a tipster who sent us the internal screenshot showing the official announcement.

Update: We’ve been informed that this will be $99 on a 3-year and will be replacing the 3G. In addition, it’ll come with
iOS 4 out of the box.


Bell & Solo launching Samsung “Entro” July 8th

Sure feels like a whack load of Samsung news today. Here’s another one for you… On July 8th Bell & Solo will be releasing a CDMA device called the “Entro”. This is categorized as a Smartphone but looks like a basic messaging device. Quick specs are that it has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, music player, 2.6-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera.

Hopefully this comes in at a really low price because there are so many better Samsung devices to choose from – Wave and Galaxy S!

Update: This will be priced at $80 on a 2-year contract and $130 no contract (more…)


Samsung Galaxy S coming to Canada “this summer”

Even though we’ve been talking about the Samsung Galaxy S coming to Canada for about a month now… it’s now confirmed as Samsung themselves have put up a registration page for interested Canadians to be kept in the loop. It’s going to be available “this summer” and operate on Android OS 2.1 with an “Astounding 4″ Super AMOLED screen”, front facing camera for video calling, push e-mail, “Social Hub” etc.

Sounds good, looks good too! What do you think… could this rival the iPhone 4?
Check it out here at Samsung
(Thanks Dennis!)