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SaskTel making 3G+ announcement tomorrow

For all those located in Saskatchewan and are waiting for SaskTel to give an update about thier anticipated 3G+ launch… it’s coming in a few short hours. SaskTel stated on Twitter that “3G+ announcement is coming tomorrow morning.”

We’ve been hearing that it’s still in a soft launch scenario but they will be announcing their lineup of new devices. One heavily rumoured devices that SaskTel will launch is the new Apple iPhone 4. Back in October last year SaskTel signed a network sharing agreement with TELUS and Bell so there are many devices that they have access to. What devices do you think they’ll launch with?


Nokia 7020 now available at Rogers

Another flip phone that looks like it came from the 90′s has officially launched at Rogers. We’ve got to remember that there are still people out there that don’t need a smartphone and want a basic device. The Nokia 7020 is certainly that basic device.

You can get this for the 3-year contract price of $9.99; 2-year contract for $59.99; 1-year contract for $99.99 and no-contract for $149.99. Decent prices for a entry level device that has a 2.2-inch screen, 2 megapixel camera and can hold up to 16 GB with a microSD card. (more…)


Public having a BOGO deal for a free ZTE C78 on July 10th

Here’s probably the best promo that Public Mobile has ever offered. Almost as good as the free Unlimited long distance for life deal. Hopefully all the Montreal network problems are solved because on July 10th Public is giving out a free ZTE C78. There’s a catch though as it’s basically a buy one get one free deal.

To celebrate the FIFA World Cup they state on their blog that “For one day only, July 10th, Public Mobile will give a free ZTE C78 phone to everyone who buys any regularly priced Public Mobile phone. Sign both up for one of our unlimited plans, and you’ll have unlimited talk in time for the finals.”

You game for this offer?


RIM gives The Queen a White BlackBerry Bold 9700

Well the anticipation is over as to what device the Queen was given today when she toured the RIM factory in Waterloo.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis gave the Queen a BlackBerry Bold 9700 in white. In addition, traditionally a bouquet of flowers are given to her but this time students from Queen Elizabeth public school opted to give her a virtual bouquet of flowers. (more…)


Motorola launches “Summer’s A Blur” Contest

Motorola Canada is going to be launching daily contests this Summer conveniently titled “Summer’s A Blur”. They recently launched the Quench, Backflip and Dext and wherever these contests are you can expect to see these devices there too.

It seems the contests are only on Facebook and they start today. Looks like the first one is starting today. Moto states that will be “First up: Tickets to Lady GaGa concerts in Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton!”

You’ll have to “like” their Facebook page to enter and give all your contact info. Also it looks like they are still setting things up as the rules and regs are not updated and says “coming soon”. (more…)


Rogers promo lowers US & Int’l text message package

A couple months ago Rogers increased the price for the U.S. & International Text Messaging Travel Packs by a couple bucks. But now a new promo has been announced that sees a price drop for a few months. The promo starts today and goes until October 31st and sees the price of the 25 text message pack go from $12.50 to $5.00. Good deal but still comes out to $0.20 per text. (more…)


Do you think a 3 wireless brand strategy will work?

There has been wireless in Canada for over 25 years now and over 23 million Canadians have a wireless device. By 2014 the number is expected to increase to 30.1 million subscribers.

During the wireless spectrum auction a few years ago the Industry Minister said that “Our government’s intentions are clear: to achieve lower prices, better service and more choice for consumers and business. We believe in relying on market forces to the maximum extent feasible because competition benefits consumers, and consumers benefit most when markets are as competitive as they can be.”

Competition is alive and kicking in Canada. New players WIND Mobile, Mobilicity, Public Mobile are in full swing. Shaw is organizing themselves to enter the wireless game in 2011. Videotron will be turning on their new 3G+ network soon and the Big 3 all have 3 wireless brands under their name.

Rogers recently announced that they will launch their 3rd brand in the market called “Chatr”, they also have Fido. Bell has 3 brands for wireless that include Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile and Solo Mobile (does anyone purchase a Solo Mobile device anymore?). Telus kinda has 3 brands that include Telus Mobility, Koodo Mobile and the Mike Network. Looks like a 3-brand strategy to hit all core markets is the way to go in these competitive wireless days.

For us customers we’re already seeing more wireless options, fluctuating handset prices and competitive monthly price plans. Carriers at all levels are offer several contract and no-contract option, no credit checks, unlimited calling and texting… basically anything to get people to sign up and increase their subscriber base.

So with the carriers offering several brands under one name what do you think the outcome will be? Will these brands all flourish or flounder?


Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB arrives at Fido

If you’re looking to get an iPhone 3GS through Fido and want the 8GB model… it’s just arrived. This is available for $99 on a 3-year contract and $549 no-contract. If you’re going to get this on a contract you might as well go for the 16GB model as it’s the same price. The no-contract price comes in at $100 cheaper than the 16GB model, which is a good deal for an iPhone.  This comes with the new iOS4 already installed.

(Thanks tipster!)


Free Slurpee: Are you rushing to get on this deal from SpeakOut Wireless?

There’s been some amazing promotions in the past by carriers to get customers to sign up. Like offering phones at $0.00 or giving 50% off rate plans. However, this latest one by SpeakOut Wireless takes the cake for the oddest promo we’ve ever seen. They have a deal going on until August 15th that when you purchase any level of airtime you could also walk out the door with a free 28oz. Slurpee. Yup, a mongo sugary water concoction. I see the connection of 7-Eleven, Slurpee, Summertime… but wouldn’t you want more airtime rather than a $0.25 Slurpee? The kicker is in the fine print that states this “is subject to product availability”. I’ve never known the Slurpee to be sold out. (more…)


Contest: Win a Sony Ericsson Naite!

We’ve been holding a number of contest over the past few months – mainly for Smartphones. There are still a great deal of people who simply want a basic device and this contest if for you! We held a giveaway for a Sony Ericsson Naite in the past and we’re back with another one.

The Naite is an eco-friendly  device that’s made from 70% recycled consumer plastics and has a 2.2 inch display, 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, can hold up to 8GB with a microSD card and has a FM radio and media player.

All you have to do to win this is one of the following: follow us on Twitter, become a member of our Forum or enter your name in the comment section below.  The contest ends Tuesday, July 13th at 11:59pm.

Good luck to all who enter!