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TELUS LG Optimus One dummy phones start to arrive at stores

The Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate just launched at TELUS – but if you’re looking for which Android device is coming next… the LG Optimus One is on it’s way and dummy devices have started to show up at stores. Still no word on price points (it will be a low-cost Android) or an official launch date but as for specs, the Optimus One comes with OS 2.2, a 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen (resolution of 320×480), 600MHz processor, 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video capabilities, GPS, WiFi, and holds up to 32GB with a microSD card.

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Mobilicity once again extends Friends and Family program, now on until November 30th

Mobilicity has extended their Friends and Family discount program until November 30th… which means that the other launch cities will be able to rake in on this deal. If you choose to go this route you’ll be able to get the $45 monthly plan for $30 a month and the $65 Unlimited data plan drops to $40 per month. Hopefully they will get the Nexus One back in stock before this runs out.

Update: This info is confirmed by Mobilicity.

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TELUS Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate now available

The Samsung Galaxy S series of devices have made their rounds across all major carriers. Today the Fascinate officially launched on TELUS. As we stated earlier in the week there is a limited amount of these devices available… so if you are looking to grab this Android OS 2.1 (soon to be 2.2) you best be on your way.

Go forth here at TELUS


Virgin now launching the “stunning hottie” Bold 9780 November 12th

If you’re wondering when the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is actually going to be available at Virgin – it’s November 12th. No reasons were given on the delay but the doc states that “This stunning hottie comes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles”. And it sure does… the new additions of BlackBerry 6OS and a 5 megapixel camera, There has been various pricing over the past few weeks but yesterday showed that we can expect it to be $124.99 on contract/SuperTab or $499.99 outright.


Public Mobile gives $24 plan more add-on features

Public Mobile has 2 Unlimited plans to choose from: a $40 and a $24 plan. Over the past couple months we’ve seen them offer promos that gave the first 2months of service for free… but while other new carriers are significantly dropping their monthly price plans it seems they are the only one who have remained stable in their pricing model. In fact, they keep adding features and giving more choice.

Today they have zoned in on the low-cost $24 plan to include the ability to add new add-ons. It used to be that the only add on was voice mail and call display (for a high $8/month) but now you can include the following to this plan:
- $10 add on for unlimited text
- $5 add on for Canada long distance
- $10 add on for Canada & US long distance
- $15 add on for overseas LD to 45 countries

If you do decide to get the $24 plan and pick an add-on… you might want to consider paying the $40 because it’ll be cheaper in the long run.

More here at Public Mobile


Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 (Anzu) gets leaked online

The successor to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has been leaked online… What’s being dubbed as the X12 (Anzu) will eventually run Android Gingerbread when it’s officially launched but for now you’ll see the pics show it running Android 2.1. In addition, known specs have a 4.3-inch display, HDMI-out port, HD video recording (1080p videos) and has a front-facing camera. For now you can check out the pics after the break (more…)


MTS launches the Motorola Milestone A854

MTS has released the Motorola Milestone A854. This is their 2nd Android device and comes OS 2.1, a 3.7 inch touchscreen display with a full QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera with flash, access to the Android Market, Google Maps, Google Talk. As for price points of this CDMA device, you can get this on the following contracts:

- 3-year contract – $179.99
- 2-year contract – $279.99
- 1-year contract – $504.99

Interested or are you waiting for their new network to go live?
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Report: “Apple emerged as the most reliable manufacturer”

In October cellphone warranty provider SquareTrade released a report with fancy graphs that stated the “iPhone 4 Glass Breaks 82 Percent More Than 3GS”. This month SquareTrade is back again with another report. This time they analyzed over 50,000 smartphones that are covered under their insurance policy and found that the iPhone 4 is projected to have the highest accident rate with 13.8% of owners. Motorola and HTC come in second with 12.2% and BlackBerry being the least amount of reported accidents with 6.7%. The cause of these accidents SquareTrade says “The data seems to suggest that the likelihood of drop damage is directly proportional to the amount of glass on the device”.

When it comes to the actual device malfunctioning. “Apple emerged as the most reliable manufacturer” with 2.1% reporting an issue… but unfortunately the tables turned on RIM as BlackBerry skyrocketed with 6.3% of owners complaining their device malfunctioned.

You can check out the full report here at SquareTrade
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Rogers officially releases Dell Streak for $149.99 on 3-year

Even though Dell went live yesterday and launched the Dell Streak… Rogers has announced in a press release that the Streak can now be purchased. Price plans are the same from the leaked internal doc at $149.99 on a 3-year voice and data plan.

If you’re planning on getting this tablet/smartphone Rogers states that this product is “Designed with the future in mind, the Dell Streak will support over-the-air updates including Android platform upgrades, Adobe Flash 10.1, video chat applications enhancements and other software innovations.” The Streak comes with Android OS 1.6 but will be upgraded to 2.1 (no talks of upgrades past this yet). In addition, the Streak has a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250 processor, 5-inch touchscreen WVGA display (800×480 resolution), 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus/dual LED flash (and a a front-facing VGA camera), GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and holds up to 32 GB with microSD card.

Check it out here at Rogers
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BlackBerry PlayBook to be priced “under” $500

The anticipation for Waterloo-based RIM to release their BlackBerry PLayBook is gaining momentum. New reports from Bloomberg stating that tablet will be released in North America sometime in Q1 2011 and will be available for “under” $500. Co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Balsillie said “The product will be very competitively priced”.

When it comes to tablets in Canada, the Apple iPad starts at $549, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be $649 and the Dell Streak (smartphone/tablet) is going for $549. So with this North American pricing at $500 it’s probably U.S. currency so us Canadians will most likely have it available for $549 as well.

Specs on the “The world’s 1st professional tablet” have it coming with a 7-inch LCD display, 1GHz Dual Core Symmetrical Multiprocessor with 1GB RAM, Out of the box support for BES, Front and rear cameras, full web experience and WiFi.

Source: Bloomberg
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