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INQ officially announces Canadian arrival… says “We exist” for those with “no off button”

A press release went out this morning to officially announcing the INQ Chat 3G is in Canada, specifically available through TELUS and Koodo. We’ve known it was coming for some time and even yesterday Koodo Mobile put this up for sale and declared this new QWERTY device as “Canada’s Ultimate Social Phone”. No word on when TELUS will be releasing it but it’s “coming soon”… most likely sometime today or latest by the end of the week.

Frank Meehan, Founder and CEO of INQ “We focus on what our core consumers want to do most with their mobile phone and deliver it at a price point that’s affordable, especially for the youth that are driving the social media revolution. Our mission here in Canada is to bring a great mobile internet experience to the masses. We know there’s a whole generation of people out there with no ‘off button’ – they are messaging, texting and uploading and updating 24/7. We exist for them.”

There’s a “customized phone back unique” for the TELUS an Koodo Mobile 3G Chat. For pricing Koodo has this available for $200 no contract and $50 on the Tab. As for TELUS we’ve been informed that it’s $0.00 on a 2 or 3-year contract; $129.99 – on a 1-year contract and $179.99 no-contract.

Update: This is now available at TELUS for the pricing above.


Chatr Wireless officially launches

It’s official. Rogers new discount wireless brand has officially launched in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver. Pretty much exact to what we’ve been saying and showing over the past few weeks.

They have specific “chatr zones” and offer 2 different monthly price plans: $35 (Unlimited Talk) and $45 per month (Unlimited Talk & Text). There are a couple ways to get a Chatr plan: “AutoPay” is having your credit card charged every month and “Self Pay” is basically top up whenever you want to. Chatr has their first promo on for those who “Auto Pay”, they’ll give you a $30 credit. The legal fine print reads “Customers who enroll in auto-pay will automatically be eligible for this promotion. Eligibility is allowed once during the customer’s account lifetime. A $10 bonus will be applied to customer’s balance once per month upon each successful credit card transaction, for the first three months of program enrollment.”

As to where to get a device. Searching the locations it seems it’s available at Future Shop, Wireless Wave, TBooth, Zellers, Best Buy plus others. Also, they have stand alone kiosks in several malls across the 5 cities. In addition, customers currently have a choice of 4 phones :

- The Nokia 1661 called “The essential” for $60
- The LG GB125R as “The flip” for $75
- The Samsung Gravity as “The QWERTY” for $130
- The Nokia 2680 as “The slider” for $95

Check it out here over at Chatr Wireless



“Need For Speed – Shift” reaches #1 on the Bada apps list

Samsung has again released a list of the top 5 apps being downloaded on Bada. Gone is SouthAfrica2010 from and a well known app publisher soars to the top spot, EA’s “Need For Speed Shift”. Most likely the reason is because they have offered the first 500,000 Wave owners to download the game for free. There is still no official word on how many apps have been download.

This week’s Top Five Downloadable bada Apps -
1. Need For Speed Shift – Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.
2. Magic Torch – Magic App’s
3. Caligo Chaser – Com2us
4. Stars Map – Rightbrain Communications
5. 3Bloki – Leszek Bartkowski

Source: Samsung
Via: IntoMobile


Michael Bublé iPhone app now available, Canadian exclusive

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé has an app and it costs $0.99. It’s been put out by Warner Music and it’s a Canadian exclusive. It has all the standard stuff you would see in an music artist iPhone app such as streaming Bublé music, Bublé trivia, purchase music, a forum where fans can connect with each other and the ability to purchase merchandise (people who download get a 15% off coupon).

Here’s what’s kinda cool and unique, even if you’re not a Bublé fan. Warner has included “Bublé TV” where you can watch a 30 minute documentary of the “Making of Crazy Love”. Also, they’ve created something called “Michael & Me” where you can take a pic and import Michael Bublé into it. The kicker an innovative portion of this app is that you’re able to receive push notifications specifically regarding a concert you’re attending. In the description Warner gave the example of “There will be flash mob contesting before the show where people who purchased the app can win Michael Bublé prize packs, swag, and even front row ticket upgrades in many stops on the tour.”

Video demo of the app after the break.



Bell 6GB $30/month data plan on the table for the iPhone 4?

Perusing through an internal doc that was sent to Bell employees titled “Apple iPhone 4 – Technical description” and “Introducing the iPhone 4″ it highlights features such as FaceTime video calling, Retina display, HD video recording, 5-megapixel camera. There are no prices listed yet for the device but it does show a new offer that people will be interested in.

It reads “In addition, the launch of the iPhone will be supported by new offers that will be available July 30 – September 30, 2010″ and looks like Bell is offering up a 6GB for $30 month plan and an upsell for iPad owners:

“Clients can receive 6GB of data and unlimited WiFi at Starbucks for only $30 a month on any voice plan. For an additional  $10 a month, clients can share this data with their iPad.”

There’s a couple more pages to the internal doc after the break (more…)


microSIM cards start shipping to Bell locations

Not that it’s the biggest news but it’s progress. For those wanting to get their hands on the iPhone 4 you’ll need to get yourself a microSIM. They are currently not available in-stores but good news is that the little beauties have started shipping across the country, just in time for the iPhone 4 launch. These will be available for $5.00 each.


INQ Chat 3G is “Canada’s Ultimate Social Phone”… now available at Koodo

Koodo has released their 2nd HSPA device – the INQ Chat 3G. This device is from a UK based INQ and it’s their first device to arrive on the Canadian wireless scene. This is dubbed as being “Canada’s Ultimate Social Phone” and can be yours on for $200, or if you choose to use the Tab it’ll cost you $50. Quick specs on the Chat 3G are that it has a full QWERTY keyboard, 3.2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, MP3 player and integration for Facebook, Twitter.

Check it out here at Koodo


Bell to launch BlackBerry Curve 3G August 12th

You can mark August 12th down on your calendar as the date that Bell will be releasing the BlackBerry Curve 3G (9300). We saw this last week pop up in their promo magazine as “Coming Soon”. No word on price plans yet but most likely it’ll be affordable as it’s targeted to reach the back-to-school crowd.

Via: CrackBerry


Rogers and Fido iPhone 4 pricing to be $649.99 and $749.99?

The iPhone 4 pricing continues to leak out this morning. This time it shows a retail inventory screenshot with Rogers and Fido pricing to be $649.99 for the 16GB and $749.99 for the 32GB. Still no official pricing but with only a few days to go everything will be revealed soon. (This pricing seems to be in line with the TELUS screenshot from yesterday)

Note that the screenshot also shows a bunch of accessories and the Virgin iPhone 4 16GB at $199.99 (most likely on a 3-year contract)

Update: We had to remove the screenshot as requested by our tipster.


Walmart shows TELUS HTC Desire no-contract priced at $448.83

There’s still no official pricing from TELUS as to what the anticipated HTC Desire pricing will come in at. It “coming soon” though. A couple weeks ago we posted a screenshot that shows this 2.1 Android-powered device to be priced at $79.99 on a 3-year. Thanks to a tipster who works at Walmart for sending this pic that shows the no-contract price to coming in at an impressive $448.83. Stellar price for that device… again, all speculation until TELUS make it official. (more…)