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Canadian Tire mobile app updated to scan barcodes

Canadian Tire has a mobile app that’s available for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices that gives the ability to locate nearby stores, check out the latest flyer and also give feedback. They have announced today that the app can now scan barcodes for you. So during the busy holiday season instead of waiting in line or trying to track down an employee to check pricing all you have to do is whip out your phone. Once you scan the product it’ll give you the product image, features, price, customer ratings and the option to share via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

The app is available for the iPhone 4, 3G, 3Gs (and iPod touch), BlackBerry devices that run OS 4.6.0 or higher and Android devices with OS 1.6 and above.

Check it out here at Canadian Tire


Video: Videotron’s new flagship store is a thing of beauty

Videotron is more than alive and kicking with their new 3G+ network. They have an ever expanding line up of devices and growing list of “infinite” monthly plans that are keeping the carriers on their toes. In addition, they’ve built an impressive flagship store that’s located at 1192 Sainte-Catherine St. West in Montreal.

Checking out the video it really boosts the Videotron brand as an innovative organization. The entrance is designed with a huge interactive smartphone where you can take a pic or video of yourself and send it to a friend. The entire space is 4,500+ square-feet and showcases all of their offerings from mobile, cable, TV and internet… they even have a lounge. There are a couple cool aspects that I liked. First are the stairs – these have 150 high-definition LED screens embedded into them and light up with one of their services. Second is the addition of the Microsoft Surface. Wind Mobile has this in some of their locations and it makes the mobile experience come alive by checking out the specs and prices.

This is the only store that Videotron will be outfitting with this experience but it shows how much they embrace technology. Videotron customer service is “Almost perfection” but this will help out that much more.

Robert Depatie, President & CEO of Videotron stated “The opening of the new Videotron store is part of our effort to deliver the best possible customer experience, anticipate consumers’ technology and entertainment needs, and set ourselves apart from the competition. As an industry leader, setting up shop at a prestigious address on Canada’s premier shopping street was a natural move for us.”

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Review: Wind Mobile Alcatel Tribe

Wind Mobile has expanded their selection of devices, with their latest Android smartphone, the Alcatel Tribe OT-981. This device sports a 2.8” touchscreen display, with a resolution of 240 x 320 QVGA (no pinch-zoom capabilities), and a slide out, QWERTY keyboard. The Tribe is approximately 112.5mm (tall) by 60.4mm (wide) by 15.9mm (thick) and weighs around 152g.

The Tribe is very light (only 152g), compared to other Android devices on the market, and easily fits into the palm of your hand. The device is covered in a soft, black, plastic bezel with a silver trim, which is resistant to fingerprints and minor cosmetics scratches. The front of the phone sports a 2.8” touchscreen with five hard-key shortcut buttons located underneath (Phone, Options, Home, Back, End/Power). I really enjoyed the shape and size of this device, and was a nice alternative to other larger Android phones currently on the market. (more…)


Review: Getting a Grip on the Keyboard Enabled LG Quantum (Windows Phone)

The LG Optimus Quantum smartphone is the only Windows Phone 7 device that sports a keyboard. At least the only one released here in Canada with a keyboard. The design of the Quantum is very typical of previous Windows Phone/Mobile devices with keyboards. It’s a side-slider, meaning the keyboard slides out to the side and you need to rotate the device in order to use the keyboard. I’ll get into the details of the keyboard in a little bit. First let’s cover off the specifications of the phone.

The Quantum comes with 1GHz SnapDragon processor, a 3.8 inch 800×400 screen that supports 262K colours. It weighs in at 180 grams, and measures 119.5 x 59.5 x 15.22mm. The Quantum supports Quad-band GMS / EDGE networks using 850/900/1800/1900MHz and Tri-band UMTS/HSPA using 850/1900/2100MHz. Other features include wireless b/g support, 16GB internal storage with no external MicroSD slot for expansion, a 5 MegaPixel camera with LED flash capable of taking a 720p HD video, 1500mAh battery, FM Radio, and Bluetooth. The Quantum also supports DLNA-DMR for streaming your media from the phone to any DLNA enabled monitor. (more…)


Canada Post releases iPhone app

Canada Post has released a free iPhone app (and also works on the iPad and iPod touch) that allows you to track your packages and locate post offices. Pretty simple and to the point – to track the package you just have to type in the tracking number and to find a post office it uses GPS for nearby locations. Canada Post says they are working on a BlackBerry app for early 2011 but no word yet on Android, Windows Phone 7 or webOS.

Louis O’Brien, SVP and CCO at Canada Post said “we have seen an increase in the use of mobile devices to access our website, and we expect demand for mobile-enabled services to continue to grow. We’re pleased to be able to launch this application just in time for the holidays as this is the busiest time of year for many of our customers.”

We’re more curious about where Canada Post stands with launching wireless devices in 2011.

Check it out here at Canada Post


Lacavera, Péladeau and Shaw named CEOs of the year by Report on Business Magazine

2010 has been the year of wireless in Canada. With the new entrants in play and several heated discussions between all the carriers it’s no wonder that Report on Business Magazine named 3 wireless players CEOs of the year. Anthony Lacavera of Globalive Communications (Wind Mobile), Pierre Karl Péladeau of Quebecor (Videotron) and Jim Shaw of Shaw Communications.

It’s a must read and reporter Iain Marlow does a bang up job giving a great outline of what makes these 3 individuals tick and why they were chosen. Marlow states that “The trio have some things in common. They all had to build wireless networks, they’re all new at this, and they all want to steal customers from the Big Three”.

Péladeau is described as “Canada’s poster boy for convergence” because he’s “built a media and telecom empire that thoroughly dominates Quebec. He owns virtually every broadcaster, newspaper and magazine within sight of his offices in Montreal”. As for Lacavera, “the undisputed rebel prince of Canadian wireless: His Wind Mobile is the most serious threat to Bell, Telus and Rogers from the new cohort of wireless-only players, which also includes Mobilicity and Public Mobile”. And finally Shaw, who recently stepped down as CEO, “has set up his company perfectly for its wireless launch in 2011″.

Congratulations to all three!
Check it out here at the Globe


Bell and Samsung give 2,000 Canadian athletes phones and monthly plans

Our Canadian athletes got a boost today from both Bell and Samsung. An initiative that’s part of the “Bell Athletes Connect program” confirmed today that 2,000 athletes (Olympic, Paralympic and senior World Championship) through AthletesCAN will be scoring a new Samsung mobile device and have their monthly charges picked up by from Bell. No word on which Samsung device but hopefully it’s a Galaxy S Vibrant… as for the plan it apparently involves “significant airtime, North American roaming and long distance, and an extensive data plan”. Nice to see both organizations helping out our athletes.

George Cope, President and CEO of Bell Canada and BCE said “Athletes from across Canada have shared with us how important mobile connectivity is to them, their coaches, and their families and friends… Bell is proud to provide Canada’s premier athletes with new mobile devices, voice and data services that will ensure they stay closely connected with all those most important to them.”

Samsung Canada President, Benjamin Lee stated “Our athletes are ambassadors for our companies. As the exclusive device sponsor for this program, Samsung is providing these athletes with the facility to communicate in so many different ways. From Facebook and Twitter to instant messaging and traditional voice calling, the new program puts the best mobile tools in athletes’ hands.”

Source: CNW


60% of Sony Ericsson Facebook fans text their friends the most, parent least

Sony Ericsson conducted a brief global poll on their Facebook page that asked their 2.1 million fans “Who do you text the most? Your boyfriend / girlfriend? Parents? Friends?”. There was no exact number of the number of responses bt the results came in with 60% of fans saying they text “friends” over anyone else. “Girlfriends” came in second with 20% and “Boyfriend” arrived in 3rd spot 12.5% of votes. Parents came dead last with only 7.5%.

Who do you text the most?
Source: MarketWire


TELUS unveils Unlimited Voice Winnipeg Plan

First it happened in Quebec and now it’s rolling out West. TELUS has created an “Unlimited Winnipeg Plan” that seems to be a bit better than the MTS “All Access Plan”. This will cost you $45 a month but has some stipulations attached to it.

First the details:
- Unlimited local and long distance calls Manitoba wide when in Winnipeg
- Unlimited Nationwide Family Calling
- Voice Mail, Call Waiting and Conference Calling included

The fine print states that the offer is available for new and existing activations until December 31st, 2010. For this plan the Unlimited local and long distance calls are defined as any “calls made from Winnipeg to any Manitoba number or received in Winnipeg, within the province of Manitoba”. In addition, to get the Unlimited Nationwide Family calling you must have “least two members on the same account, with a limit of five members per account”.

What do you think of this Manitobans?
Check it out here at TELUS

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