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TELUS Motorola Milestone gets minor Software Update

Have you got a Motorola Milestone? You’ll be happy to know that TELUS has pushed out a minor software update for the Android 2.1 device. According to the internal doc we received it states that “Updating the software on the TELUS Motorola Milestone to software version SHOLS_U2_03.11.0 will deliver the following enhancement on the following features and services:
• Improved Stability
• Alarm Improvements
• Music Player Functionality
• Audio Quality Enhancement
• PIN Lock Improvements
• Proximity Mode Enhancement
• “My Location” Improvements

You can either do the update OTA (over the air) or via your PC and can learn more here at Motorola
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Mobilicity adds free Ontario wide calling to the $35 plan

Mobilicity will be adding a new feature to one of their low-cost plans that will sure make Ontario customers happy. We’ve been tipped that starting tomorrow those customers who sign up for their $35 monthly plan will now get free province wide calling to anywhere in Ontario. No extra cost, just another bonus.

The $35 plan currently includes Unlimited texting, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling, Voice Mail, Mobilicity to Mobilicity Talking… plus now with this Ontario calling makes this a pretty good deal to consider.


Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant coming to SaskTel!

Residents of Saskatchewan must be thrilled that SaskTel is launching their new 3G network. Testing is currently happening and they are planning to go live on August 16th. SaskTel has already stated they will carry the BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Pearl 9100, Nokia 7230, Samsung Gravity 3, Samsung Gravity Touch, Nokia 6350 and a Novatel MC998D USB data stick.

But what about an Android? Well, looking at this SaskTel dealer website reveals the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant will be making it’s mark soon. No official release date or pricing but what a great device to intro as your first Android: OS 2.1, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera (records 720p HD videos), Wi-Fi, A-GPS. Nice work SaskTel!

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Virgin set to release the BlackBerry Curve 3G August 12th

Looks like Virgin doesn’t want to be left out of the BlackBerry Curve 3G party. Looking at this ad that was sent into us shows they’re prepping to release the QWERTY device shortly. No word on a date or pricing but parent company Bell will be releasing this on Thursday for $49.95 on a 3-year and $349.95 no contract.

Update: Virgin has confirmed the Curve 3G will be launching on Thursday August 12th.

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Video: Display comparison between the iPhone 4, Desire and Vibrant

There are so many devices out in the market that have great specs and can do many things all at once. Over the past several years one major shift has happened and it’s the attention to the display. This area has grown from what used to be 2-inches to what seems to be the minimum standard of 3.5-inches. The display is the center of your device, the area you look the most and brings the mobile experience home. Remember when people used to say “Why would you watch videos/movies on your phone”… now it’s becoming why would you not. The picture quality is so incredibly impressive.

I grabbed hold of the Apple iPhone 4, HTC Desire and the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. All these touchscreen devices have a stellar list of specs that range from a 5 megapixel camera, flash, Android 2.1, 1GHz Snapdragon processor etc… but what I really wanted to test out what the display in each. The iPhone 4 comes with a 3.5-inch Retina Display with a resolution of 960×640. The HTC Desire has a 3.7 inch Sony Super LCD with a resolution of 480×800. And finally the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant has a massive 4-inch Super AMOLED display with resolution of 480×800.

You can check out the video yourself of the comparison and let us know which is best – They quality is high on all. The video was shot in HD and the video I picked to stream was from YouTube in HD. (more…)


Bell non-existent 911 fee lawsuit becomes certified as class-action in N.W.T

Back in 2007 Yellowknife resident James Anderson filed a $6-million class-action lawsuit against Bell Mobility stating he was being charged $0.75 a month for 911 service when there wasn’t 911 service in his area. Andersons’ lawyers recently attempted to bring other Canadian rural areas into the lawsuit but Justice Ron Veale decided that the lawsuit will only be certified as class action in the Northwest Territories.

There are about 20,000 Bell customer in the N.W.T and in order to take part in the class action suit you must have the following as of April 13th: be a resident of N.W.T, have an agreement with Bell for wireless services and charged 911 fees where there wasn’t a 911 operator. The next step is apparently for the Andersons’ lawyers and the Bell lawyers to see how customers will be notified to join in on the class action lawsuit.

Source: Kelowna


Videotron launching new 3G+ network “early September”

It’s been a long road for Videotron when it comes to launching their new 3G+ network. They were supposed to officially go live back in May, then decided to delay the launch until the end of the year (or at the very earliest this Fall). Quebecor President & CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau said “Launching a network is not a piece of cake…We want to keep offering our clients quality products and, in telecommunications, this means service without interruption and offering quality content. We are quite satisfied with the deployment but it isn’t finished yet”.

Good news for those located in Quebec who are looking to give this new network a go as we’ve been tipped that Videotron will launch the new 3G+ network “early September”. We already know that they will offer various BlackBerry devices but were told that we can expect “several other smartphones” in their lineup.

More soon.


Virgin offers unlimited International Text messaging promo, and increases price of Nationwide 50 by $5

Virgin Mobile officially launched their “SuperTab” today and they’ve also hit their members/potential members with a new promo. When you sign up for a monthly plan above $25 (with a text messaging plan) they will throw in Unlimited International Text messaging (it usually costs 25¢ to send an international text, receiving texts are free).

On a bit of a downer though, they’ve increased the price of the Nationwide 50 from $50 dollars to $55. You still get the same package details of 300 anytime minutes and 7pm Evenings and Weekends, Unlimited Text Messaging, Voicemail & Call Display

Check it here at Virgin
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Bell LG Rumour Plus delayed “due to manufacturing problems”

The Bell LG Rumour Plus had a release date scheduled for August 11th… but thanks to one of our tipsters for letting us know this has been pushed back a couple weeks.

According to this internal screenshot it says that “the launch date has been delayed due to manufacturing problems at LG”.  No word on exactly what the manufacturing problems are, but for everyone who wanted to get their hands on this messaging device it looks like you’ll have to wait until August 27th.

More soon!


Bell confirms Curve 3G launching Thursday

It’s no surprise but confirmation is always a good thing. We let you know a couple weeks ago that Bell will be launching the new BlackBerry Curve 3G (9300) on Thursday, August 12th. It was announced today that the Curve 3G will ship with OS 5 but will be ready to experience RIM’s new BlackBerry 6 OS. The pricing that we’ve been informed of is from an internal doc that shows the following: 3-year contract: $49.95; 2-year contract: $199.95; 1-year contract: $299.95 and the 30-day/No-contract: $349.95.

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