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Update: Bell Galaxy S Vibrant upgrade to OS 2.2 now available

Good news for Bell Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant owners! According to the internal doc we received it shows that December 10th is the day that Android OS 2.2 Froyo will become available! Dated today but effective on the 10th it reads “The new Android Froyo 2.2 software release for the Samsung Galaxy S is now available and we strongly recommend clients upgrade their software on their Galaxy S device”. You can expect 2.2 to bring the following enhancements: “Better browsing and device processing speeds”, resolves freezing and crashing issues, Global Address Lists look-up in email and improved security.

Good to see Samsung and Bell following through on what they said in the middle of November.

Update: As for how to upgrade… here’s what the doc states:
• As of December 10, 2010, all Samsung Galaxy S devices shipped from warehouse will already have the latest software load.
• For clients with the previous software version, please ask the client to update to the latest software by downloading and installing the Keis software tool available at and using the USB cable provided in the box with the Samsung Galaxy S.

Update #2: Looks like the holidays joy is coming early… Bell has pushed out the upgrade early. Check it out here

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Google giving away 10 Nexus S devices in Twitter challenge (Open to Canadians)

Google is taking to Twitter to spread the good word about their latest creation. They have thrown together a contest that’s giving away 10 new Samsung Nexus S Android devices. The contest is on until December 16th and you have to follow them on Twitter and take on their challenges. For example, on challenge #3 it says that “We <3 gingerbread. On Dec16 send us a pic of your best gingerbread creation”. Surely the challenges will become harder as the days go but then again… to create a “Gingerbread creation” and compete against 40,000 others is challenging in itself.

Reading over the contest rules states that us Canadians are eligible to enter (excluding the province of Quebec).

Check it out here at the Google Nexus Twitter account
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Motorola Spice now available at Mobilicity for $199.99

Mobilicity has released their 3rd Android device – the Motorola Spice (others are the Google Nexus One and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10). The design looks a bit like the Rogers Flipout… as for the Spice, this runs Android 2.1 (no word on future upgrades), a 3-inch touchscreen with slide out QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3 megapixel camera and weighs in at 145 grams. In addition, as a bonus Mobilicity is throwing in a Bluetooth headset… the price is set at no-contract for $199.99.

Check it out here at Mobilicity
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Video: In 2011 your mobile connects to “everyday objects like refrigerators and dog collars”

A few days ago JWT released their “Top 10 trends of 2011″ and specifically for mobile it goes something like this: “With mobile devices in our pockets though, the physical world and the digital realm will increasingly mesh. As the internet of things is realized we will see digital connections coming to everyday objects like refrigerators and dog collars… Our digital worlds meanwhile will get hyper personalized with our devices turning into assistants that automatically offer up customized recommendations and suggestions”.

Surely somebody out there will create the dog collar and try to make a quick buck that can easily program an alarm clock to your pooch that syncs with your device. JWT certainly have their stuff right though. Proof of these “digital connections” is already taking shape over at Rogers and will continue to do so throughout 2011.

Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers, recently spoke about how the future will be based upon Machine-to-Machine and noted they have begun internal testing of “Rogers Smart Home Monitoring”. Mohamed stated that the “new service will start as a real-time home monitoring system with energy management and home automation tools. It will allow you to access the news, sports, or local traffic via your home security panel as you walk out the door… It will allow you to use your mobile device to turn your lights on and off, to adjust your thermostat, and to receive alerts telling you when your kids arrive home safely.”

As for when JWT states that “our devices turning into assistants that automatically offer up customized recommendations and suggestions”. Well, Calgary-based Multiplied Mutlimedia have this covered. Their Poynt app almost has all the features currently in play. Even in their latest Q3 results they gave a brief insight that in 2011 they will be “focused on delivering additional vertical content and functionality to users that will increase user’s affinity toward the app as well as increase the overall usability and “stickiness” of Poynt in consumers’ daily lives.”

The future is looking very mobile. What do you think 2011 will look like? Check out the video after the break (more…)


Wozniak: “Apple will probably wind up on top in mobile phones”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was doing interviews last week at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley where he said a few choice quotes about the state of technology, where it’s heading and specifically stating Apple will end up on top in the mobile market.

Packing 3 devices with him: Black iPhone 4, unreleased White iPhone 4 and an unnamed Android device, Wozniak said “Apple likes to sit and control the whole user experience better, and it’s a tradeoff… The Android platform might have the greater market share, but individually as a company, I’m sure Apple will probably wind up on top in mobile phones.”

Wozniak stated the technology issue today is that “All of a sudden, we’ve lost a lot of control… We can’t turn off our internet; we can’t turn off our smartphones; we can’t turn off our computers…Little things that work one day; they don’t work the next day, I think it’s much harder today than ever before to basically know that something you have … is going to work tomorrow.” The Woz jokingly continued and said “There is no solution… Everything has a computer in it nowadays; everything with a computer is going to fail. The solution is: kill the people who invented these things”.

Apple continues to plug away and capture more market share. They recently passed RIM to take 4th spot as the largest mobile manufacturer. As for Android, more manufacturers are releasing devices with the open platform. Gartner Research believes Google’s Android will become the become #2 worldwide mobile OS by the end of 2010.

Source: CNN (1 & 2)


TELUS releases the Samsung Rugby II

The Samsung Rugby II is getting around… Bell and Rogers will be releasing this little rugged beast and not TELUS joins the party. Price is the only difference. As for TELUS, they will launching this today for $229.99 no-contract; 1-year for $179.99; 2-year for $129.99 and 3-year for $99.99 – similar to Bell.

TELUS describes the Rugby II as “he phone that gets the job done” – specs have it meeting military standard 810G (Water, dust, Shock and Temperature), a 2.2-inch internal TFT display (resolution of 240 x 320) and a 1.3-inch external display, 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card, A-GPS, Voice Recognition, 1300 mAh battery and Media player. Overall dimensions are 102 x 52 x 22mm and weighs in at 100 grams.

This should be on the TELUS site shortly…


Apple patent shows “Radial menus” could be coming to the iPhone

One way that could possibly make the iPhone a different user experience is to change up how the UI looks. A recent Apple patent application called “Radial menus“ show the possibility of the apps being presented in a circular motion. The application states that “The invention is directed towards the presentation of the menu or toolbar options in a graphical user interface. Specifically, the invention is directed towards presenting these options in a radial form”.

Basically the user would long press on a desired application to go deeper into its features – and sounds like a “flowing” experience rather tapping the screen several times to get to where you need be. Apple continues on the patent application to say that “the use of shading or highlighting within a region associated with an item to indicate the present selectability of the item, and (iii) the use of radial gestures for opening sub-menus and the subsequent display of the sub-menu.”

No word on if this will actually be implemented.

Source: Unwired View
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SaskTel confirms Vibrant getting OS 2.2 and “adding more android devices” next year

SaskTel is doing a great job building out their new 3G+ network. As they strive towards completing the roll-out in 2011 they continually give customer updates on their progress. In addition, they bring on devices much faster which will hopefully increase their subscriber base.

A couple notable updates. SaskTel currently offers one Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. The first update is regarding the upgrade to OS 2.2 Froyo. Samsung Canada posted a note on Facebook that “Android 2.2 will be released for Vibrant from Bell and Captivate from Rogers in mid-December, and for the Fascinate from TELUS in early 2011.” No where did it mention the upgrade path for SaskTel but you could assume it’ll be around the same time as Bell. However, SaskTel Tweeted that “Froyo is being tested right now. Not sure of an exact date but will announce when we know for sure”. So that’s good news for SaskTel Vibrant owners.

Next up is regarding devices. Nothing was specifically revealed but it’ll be the same Android devices Bell will have and on Twitter SaskTel stated that “Yes we will be adding more android devices to our lineup in the new year”.

Again, good news for customers.
Source: SaskTel Twitter


Samsung Rugby 2 launching through Rogers for $279.99 no-contract

The Samsung Rugby 2 A847 is making its way over to Bell on the 16th (and can be sold soon if shipments arrive)… and this rugged device is also going to be available at Rogers. The only difference is the pricing. Rogers will be offing this for $129.99 on a 3-year and ranges in various pricing to the no-contract at $279.99. As for Bell, they are coming in cheaper with the 3-year at $99.95 but higher on the no-contract of $299.95.

We’ve got no word on when this will officially be available but it’ll be soon.
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Air Miles app gets updated for both iPhone and BlackBerry

AIR MILES has re-launched their mobile app for both the iPhone and BlackBerry and apparently they are the first loyalty app “off its kind” in Canada. Features of the updated app is that it has speed enhancements to its location services. Other key features allow you to find places that offer Air Miles points (by GPS), get exclusive bonus offers and sometimes in-store mobile offers. No word on if the app will be produced for Android.

Do you use Air Miles on a regular basis? Personally, I find Groupon more rewarding.
Check it out here at Air Miles