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Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 now available in White

The Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 was released a few weeks ago and now the White model has become available. Same specs and prices: 3-year for $149.99; 2-year for $399.99; 1-year and monthly for $449.99. If you’re into looking for deals you might want to check out Future Shop or Best Buy as they have reduced pricing and offer various gift cards for this Berry.

Check it out here at Rogers
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Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab “Luxury Edition”

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was launched in Canada over a month ago and is selling well. Recently Rogers VP John Boynton stated they are “selling out as fast as they can get them in stores”. If you’re having a challenge getting the original Tab and feeling desperate you might want to consider reaching a bit higher. At the Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam Samsung unveiled the limited “Luxury Edition” of the Galaxy Tab. That’s right… same specs (Android 2.2, 7-inch display, WiFi, GPS, 1GHz processor) but this comes with a leather case and a Bluetooth headset.

The price: €749 ($1,000 Canadian). Interested? (more…)


Google to redesign Android Market

One of the changes that Google recently made to their Android Market was establishing a 4 level of ratings for all apps. Over the next couple week Google will again be making changes, this time it’s a “significant update” to the overall design. If you have an Android running OS 1.5 you’re out of luck as the new features will only be available to those with OS 1.6 or higher.

As to what we can expect, Google stated on their blog the new features “improve merchandising of applications, streamline the browse-to-purchase experience, and make it easier for developers to distribute their applications”. You’ll see in the image they provided that there will be a new carousel on the home screen so you can scroll through features apps. In addition, to make a greater user experience apps will now be detailed on one page and a “related apps” feature. Finally, if you’re a developer they have upped the maximum size of an app to 50MB which is aimed to support “better support richer games”.

Source: Google
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Review: Bell Novatel Wireless U547 Turbo Stick (42 Mbps)

With the growing demand for quick and convenient media that is readily accessible, many telecommunication companies are pushing forward with increased research and development for newer technologies. Bell Mobility has recently announced that through their “Dual Cell” technology (which doubles HSPA+ mobile data speeds), they are now able to provide an “ultra fast on-the-go mobile Internet experience”, through the use of the Novatel Wireless U547 Turbo Stick.

The Turbo Stick is approximately 82mm (tall) by 30mm (wide) by 11mm (thick), and weighs around 24g. This device utilizes USB2.0 or 1.1 and is compatible with the following operating systems:
− Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 and SP3, 32-bit only)
− Windows Vista (SP1 and SP2, 32/64-bit)
− Windows 7(32/64-bit) with 500 MHz CPU
− Macintosh OS 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard) with 300 MHz Intel CPU

The front of the device houses a hinged USB connector, as well as a small LED light that illuminates to identify connectivity/troubleshooting. The back of the device can be removed to reveal a slot to insert a SIM card, as well as a microSD port that supports up to 32GB (no microSD card included). The right side of the stick has a rubber tab that covers a small pinhole (which I believe is to reset the device). The Novatel Turbo Stick supports dual-carrier bands HSPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz HSPA / HSPA / UMTS, as well as quad-band 50 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz GPRS / EDGE. (more…)


WIND Mobile SIM card increases slightly to $25

Wind Mobile has been coming out with various offers ever since they launched their service last year. The price for a SIM card is free for new customers who buy a phone, but those customers with other carriers can give Wind a go simply by buying a SIM and signing up for a monthly plan. The price of the SIM has slowly increased over the year from free to $10, then to $20 and finally now at $25. Not the biggest deal… especially if you sign up for the recent holiday promo that gives Unlimited talk, text & data for $40.

Source: Wind Mobile
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Bell Holiday Sale knocks $75 off latest smartphones

Bell is not one to be left out of the holiday promo party… they have discounted 3 of their latest (and best) devices by $75. A few fine print details: must sign a 3-year and the offer ends on December 31st. The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant drops to $24.95; HTC Desire Z hits a low $4.95 and the LG Quantum goes to $0.00.

Seems like these are the best deals around (if you’re into a 3-year)
More here at Bell


Rogers signs $117 million wireless contract with the Canadian government

Rogers has scored the largest wireless contract in Canadian history and it’s with our own government. A 4-year contract worth $117 million will see them become the primary wireless supplier to the Federal government and outfit employees with cellphones and BlackBerry devices. What do you think the next tag line will be? “Rogers – the official carrier of the Canadian Government”.

Source: 680News


Rogers intros $35 Unlimited messaging & browsing plan

With all the new plans coming out (especially unlimited plans) Rogers has created the $35 My10 plan. This is available until December 31st and here are the details: 150 minutes, 6PM Unlimited Evenings & Weekends, Unlimited Text, Picture and Video Messaging, Unlimited MobileMail Email, Unlimited IM, Unlimited Social Networking and Internet, plus Group Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Manager, WhoCalled.

$35 a month. Pretty good deal but you’ll have to sign a 3-year to get it and it’ll have a tough time competing against the other holiday promos from the carriers.

Check it out here at Rogers
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Videotron releases the Android Motorola Spice

Another Android-powered device has made its way over to Videotron. You can now get the Motorola Spice on the cheap for $59.95 on their “reduced” plan or $279.95 no-contract. The price actually comes in cheaper by 20 bucks than the Mobilicity Spice.

Specs of this Android runs OS 2.1, a 3-inch touchscreen (resolution of 240×320) with slide out QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3 megapixel camera, holds up to 32GB and weighs in at 145 grams.

More here at Videotron
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Motorola says the Droid 2 didn’t explode but was dropped

Remember the story last week of Aron Embry. This was the dude who claimed to have his Motorola Droid 2 explode on his ear. He stated that “Once I got to the mirror and saw it, it was only then I kind of looked at my phone and realized that the screen had appeared to burst outward.”

Well it now seems that Motorola has looked into the case and gave a statement to PC Magazine. Apparently it was a misunderstanding of Embry as the Droid 2 didn’t explode but was dropped and the screen cracked, then he placed the phone on his ear and out came the blood.

“[The Droid 2] was a phone that got dropped. [T]he guy didn’t notice the glass had cracked [...]so when he put it to his ear, he cut himself.” [T]he only things that could explode in a phone would have resulted in a phone that did not work, yet this phone worked. And there was no explosive damage to the device (things inside blown outward, etc).”

Big difference from bursting outward and accidentally dropping your device. Good story though.

Source: IntoMobile
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