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Wind subscriber base will “be well north of 200,000 by the end of the year”

In an earlier post we wrote about how WIND Mobile will be celebrating their 1-year anniversary tomorrow by giving away handsets. As for subscriber numbers it was announced that early July 2010 they had brought on over 100,000. Then in November WIND subscriber numbers totaled 139,681. With one-year being in market offering Canadians a new choice of wireless, a Globe interview with WIND Chairman Tony Lacavera revealed their subscriber numbers will “be well north of 200,000 by the end of the year”. Wind has a goal of attracting 1.5 million subscribers within 3-years.

Wind currently operates in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver with plans to buy spectrum in Quebec and also plans to expand into the Maritimes. In addition, in 2011 they will be releasing more Android devices and possibly the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Another insight into what we can expect for 2011 is for WIND to roll-out bundles that include bundle “that competes with all the services the big guys are offering, including data [both wired and wireless Internet service] and TV”.

After the break you can see the official Wind Mobile launch day announcement… interesting to have this flashback from a year ago.

UPDATE: WIND just sent out a press release about their 1-year. They stated that customers have WIND “made close to 2 billion calls and sent over 3.5 Million texts” (more…)


Wind Mobile celebrates first year by giving away devices (in Toronto & Calgary only)

WIND Mobile will be celebrating their first anniversary on December 16th – they have literally have come out with a continuous stream of promotions that ranged from a $150 port over promo to the latest all-in $40 talk, text and data plan. In a blog post by CEO Ken Campbell he states that “It’s very rewarding to see that one year later, we’ve helped create a new competitive Canadian wireless marketplace”.

Tomorrow they will continue spreading the holiday vibe by giving existing customers the chance to win any handset they want. Unfortunately it’s only open to those located in Toronto and Calgary and only at select stores. The good news is that they will be giving away devices on the hour (noon to 4 pm). Here’s the stores:

Toronto: Queen & Spadina, Scarborough Town Centre and Woodbine Centre
Calgary: Westbrook Mall & Marlborough Mall

More here at WIND


Free Samsung Focus when you purchase a Samsung QX410 laptop at Best Buy

Best Buy has thrown together an offer that might entice you this holiday season. When you purchase the Samsung QX410 laptop they will give you a free Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus ($149.99). Of course there is fine print: “New in-store 36 month activation required on a minimum $50/month voice and data plan”. It’s a good deal if you’re into Samsung, Windows and contracts.

Via: Bet Buy


Top Canadian 2010 technology news: iPad, iPhone 4, BlackBerry PlayBook

Finally some Canadian specific stats when it comes to 2010 hot topics. Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen Google, Yahoo! and Twitter announce the top trends and most talked about topics for 2010. They were all on a Global level and were not broken down into specific countries. Alas Influence Communication has released their Canadian news Review: 2010 Report. The report was compiled from January 1st – December 10th are here are the findings specifically for technology:

1. Apple introduces the iPad
2. Apple introduces the iPhone 4
3. The iPad is now available in Canada
4. Launch of the video game Prince of Persia
5. RIM unveils the PlayBook tablet

So Apple dominated once again. No talk of Android at all and nice to see RIM being a hot topic with the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.

Source: Influence Communication


Virgin Mobile giving away 12 round trips on Virgin America

Well this is a nice gesture. Virgin Mobile currently has their 12 Days of Holidays contest happening and on the 12th day (December 17th) they will be upping the ante a bit. How does a flight to LA or San Fran sound to you? How about 12 flights? That’s what Virgin is giving away… 12 round trip flights on Virgin America. Sure is better to be a Member.

Check it out here at Virgin Mobile


Nokia C6 now available at SaskTel

SaskTel has released the Nokia C6 on their new 3G+ network. This comes with a 3.2-inch touchscreen (resolution of 640 x 360), has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera with video capabilities, WiFi, GPS, holds up to 16GB with a microSD card. Pricing is the following: no-contract price is $295; 1-year at $200; 2-year at $100 and 3-year for free.

More here over at SaskTel


Update: The White Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro is now coming to Canada

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro launched in Canada about a month ago and is available through Rogers and Fido. You can check out our full review of the device here… checking out the Sony Ericsson Canada site shows this full QWERTY slider coming in another colour soon. It’s currently only available in Black but a White model seems to coming down the pipe soon. No word of when this will be available but it’s good to have another choice.

Update: Sony Ericsson reached out to us and stated “there are no plans to launch Vivaz Pro in white in Canada at this time”. Must have been an error on their site. White would be a great addition.

More here at Sony Ericsson


Canadian Government approves Apple iBookstore

Good news for book lovers and Canadian authors but bad news for Canadian-based Kobo (they now have serious competition). Under the “Investment Canada Act” the Canadian Government has officially approved Apple to establish iBookstore Canada.

The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages stated in a release that “Our Government is committed to strengthening Canada’s economy through all its sectors, especially arts and culture. Apple has demonstrated how iBookstore Canada represents new opportunities for Canadian authors and publishers, and I have determined that this investment will be of net benefit to Canada.”

Once it goes live you’ll be able to download the iBooks app on your iPhone (and iPod touch, iPad) and get Canadian content (paid and free). According to the deal Apple must have titles in both English and French, have representation from new and independent writers; Aboriginal authors and publishers, help Canadian publishers transfer books into e-books and create job opportunities.

Source: Canadian Heritage
Via: MacNN


WIND Holiday promo can be combined with the BlackBerry BOGO promo

WIND went live with their stellar holiday promo last week. This is the one where they offered the Always Talk & Text for $25 a month and also a all-in voice, text and data plan for $40 a month. This has now made it onto their site for all to see and one addition has been a slight change to the terms. 40 bucks a month is a good deal but how about getting a free phone on top of it? WIND states that “These plans are eligible for the BlackBerry BOGO promotion”. So you now have to decide who will be getting the Bold and who’ll be getting the Pearl. In addition, the plans can be combined with their WINDtab.

Check it out here at WIND
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Video: Google sends Nexus S into the sky

Google is set to launch the Samsung Nexus S but here’s a video that literally means launching a device. A bunch of Google engineers and students from the University of California have outfitted 7 styrofoam beer coolers with huge helium-filled weather balloons, video cameras and Nexus S devices. The goal is to send them into space and “to see how well the phone’s sensors cope with a freezing cold near-vacuum”. Right… I’m just looking forward to actually seeing what kind of pictures it sends back. Check out the video after the break (more…)