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BlackBerry Bold 9780 coming soon to Mobilicity

Majority of all the Canadian carriers have the BlackBerry Bold 9780. Wind Mobile is launching this soon and it now seems the other new entrant Mobilicity will be adding this to their growing lineup of devices. Proof of this has popped up on the BlackBerry site in the software download section for Mobilicity… no word yet on an exact availability or price points.

Specs have this Bold coming the new BlackBerry 6 OS, a 2.4-inch display (resolution of 480×360), 624 MHz Processor, 512 MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash, WiFi and can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card.

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BlackBerry PlayBook launch delayed until May due to a poor battery?

The upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook is going to take on other tablets such as the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and even the new Motorola tablet that will be unveiled at CES this year. The PlayBook is “The world’s 1st professional tablet” and some notable specs have it coming with a 7-inch LCD display, 1GHz Dual Core Symmetrical Multiprocessor with 1GB RAM. In addition, early rumours have this to be priced at the $500 mark.

As for a availability in Canada, Rogers has confirmed they will be releasing this to their customers. Wind Mobile is “working really hard” on bringing this to their network and finally TELUS CEO Darren Entwistle recently stated he was “bullish on the PlayBook”, so you can expect it to be available with them as well.

News today from Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. who says that the most significant hurdle the PlayBook has to overcome is its battery life. Wu says his sources tell him that the relatively poor battery of the PlayBook only lasts a few hours – and the main reason for the drain is the QNX OS. Compared to the Apple iPad which has a duration of 10 hours, Samsung Tab averages about 6. Wu stated “From our understanding, this [is] likely why RIMM pushed out its launch to the May 2011 quarter. Keep in mind that QNX (the OS on which PlayBook runs) wasn’t originally designed for mobile environments but rather for devices like network equipment and automobiles where battery life isn’t as much a constraint.”

Time will tell… but the PlayBook still looks awesome.

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Review: BlackBerry Style 9670

In the hopes of expanding their well-known success from the business sector, RIM has revisited the clamshell design and combined it with their latest software offering, OS6, in order to release their newest CDMA device, the Blackberry Style 9670. Unlike RIM’s initial attempt at a Blackberry flip phone (Pearl Flip), the Style has a full, QWERTY keyboard, which is designed for heavy messaging users. The Style sports a 2.7” internal screen with a resolution of 360 x 400 pixels QVGA, and a 2″ external screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 QVGA. The Style is approximately 96mm (tall) x 60mm (wide) x 18.5mm (thick) when closed, and expands to 175.5mm (tall) when opened, all while weighing around 131g.

I started this review with low expectations since I am not a fan of “clamshell” smartphones, let alone a flip Blackberry. However, I quickly realized that this phone is not for me, or other loyal Blackberry users, but geared more towards potential new customers looking for a messaging-friendly phone. The Style has a somewhat square shape, due to the full QWERTY keyboard and is enclosed in a glossy exterior. At 131g, this device weighs slightly more than your typical Blackberry device, but surprisingly less that I first expected/anticipated. (more…)


Windows Phone 7 Marketplace reaches the 5,000 app milestone

Microsoft revealed last week that their new mobile OS Windows Phone 7 has “sold over 1.5 million phones in the first six weeks”. A great achievement for this new platform and well on their way. According to WP7AppList the Marketplace has reached another milestone with 5,000 apps now available for download. Taking a deeper look at the stats show that 72% of the apps are paid with 28% free. Of those paid apps it looks to be around 2,500 are at the $0.99 price point followed approximately 500 at $1.99. In regards to what is taking the majority of the apps, games with 23%, tools at 15% and entertainment with 10%.

Al Hilwa from Research firm IDC recently stated that be believes the Windows Marketplace will become “the third largest app portfolio in the industry by the middle of next year”. To do this and catch up to both the Apple App Store and the Android Market they would have to pump out the apps everyday without slowing down. 295,000 to go… (more…)


Mobilicity Mobiflip now “Out of Stock”

Easy come, easy go. The Mobilicity Mobiflip is a device that’s “Similar to the T-Mobile Sidekick LX” but without the support of Danger. Basically you had a messaging device with a 3.2-inch display, full QWERTY keyboard with trackball, 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and video capabilities… and now it’s been given the “Out Of Stock” on their website.

Update - We just received a message from Mobilicity that stated the following:
“The good news is, the device is as popular than ever – our first two shipments have already sold out and we’re having trouble keeping units in stock but we should be getting more over the next couple of days.”


Report: 50% of global smartphone shipments in 2011 will be from Apple, HTC and RIM

Recently Apple become the 4th largest mobile phone vendor in the world, overtaking Waterloo-based RIM. Top spot and still the largest is Nokia, then Samsung and LG. New reports from DigiTimes today that state the first quarter of 2011 will be an incredibly busy period. According to their sources they estimate that “Apple, RIM and HTC will ship, respectively, 19-20 million, 14-15 million and 8-9 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2011, together sharing more than 50% of global smartphone shipments of 80-85 million units.”

Believable? Not sure… Samsung is pressing ahead with their Galaxy S lineup and possibly coming out with a follow up device in the first quarter. Nokia will start shipping their flagship device E7 in Q1. Then there is LG. They plan to release several Android devices – one of particular interest is the incredibly thin LG “B” that will be officially announced at CES.

The numbers will eventually reveal themselves but there is one thing that is certain. Smartphones are becoming the device of choice. Manufacturers are no longer focusing their attention on quick messaging devices.


Text message history sends 3 Waterloo residents to jail for aggravated assault

Waterloo residents Trevor Luchuk and Wesley Parsons wanted revenge from rival drug runner Michael Rogers because he stole $900 in cocaine. They plotted their strategy so eloquently through text messages that that they would barrage him with bullets late at night at his Cambridge apartment. Parsons said to Luchuk “Just make sure u deny and same wit ur boys”…” This b—- gonna feel wat our end of the steel feels like”. Luchuk texted back “Yes dog… No one will say f— all”.

Nobody needed to say anything as the Waterloo Regional Police started their investigation and seized their cellphones. The result is that these two hooligans and another have been sent to the slammer for 5 years for aggravated assault. Even the defence lawyer Brennan Smart who represented the three said they had no hope after the text messages were revealed. Each text is dated and time-stamped Smart said “They were just devastating to the defence. Unlike relying on a witness, the text messages amounted to a play-by-play admission by the participants.”

Michael Rogers survived and was only seriously injured.
Lessons learned. Probably not. In 5 years these guys will probably use Twittter instead of texts.

Source: The Record


Video: Android Music Player app gets leaked online

Google is expected to do a complete overhaul of their music player on Android – this is the only app that has basically stayed the same since they launched the platform. Alas, a portion of the new music player has been leaked online and is expected to ship with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). You can see in the video that it’s still an early version and the album artwork is presented similar to you how your pics show up in the gallery (portrait and landscape mode). You can also search by artist or album, up on the top right hand side is quick access to “now playing”. Missing is the feature to wireless sync your music that’s on your computer to your device.

Pretty cool… Check it out after the break (more…)


103 Android apps are downloaded every second

Google’s Android OS is now a dominant player in the mobile space. A recent Gartner Research report stated that they believe Android will come close to being the worldwide mobile OS leader by 2014. However, when it comes to apps, Apple is still king with over 300,000, followed by the Android Market around the 100,000 mark. Then you have the new player Windows Phone 7 and Palm tied with about 5,000 apps each.

Another stat found on Android Market tracker shows a combined total of applications and games over the 200,000 milestone. But even more interesting is the number of apps that are being downloaded per second. According to AndroidLib there is an astonishing 103 apps being downloaded every second (and have crossed over the 2.5 billion mark). These of course are unconfirmed by Google and is a global number but would be great to see this number broken down by country and even by which apps are being downloaded.

Check it here at AndroidLib


Concept: One device that runs multiple operating systems

There has been hundreds of concept devices and some of them are incredibly unique and thought provoking. But what if the manufacturer worked out a deal with various mobile platforms to have a couple available on a single device. Take HTC for example, one of the biggest manufacturers who supports both Android and Windows Phone 7. Imagine if you could easily flip back and forth between OS’s as you wish.

This is a concept that designers Michal Bonikowski and Rafal Pilat created. They state that their concept idea can support 2 or 3 OS’s. Taking a look at the image they created it shows an HTC device with “an extra touch display situated under the main screen… This extra screen could be used either to display notifications or be used for specific OS buttons (e.g. home, search etc.).”

It’s a great idea but unfortunately it’ll never happen in the near future (would be great for the consumer/business person). The competition between mobile OS players such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, BlackBerry, HP/Palm, Nokia is heating up. Manufacturers are not only competing to get their platform in your hands but also their app store. Imagine having several app stores on one device.

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