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Video: Nokia 6700 Slide quick overview

There are about 30% of Canadians who’ve yet to get their first mobile phone and some of those people just want a basic device. Enter the Rogers Nokia 6700 Slide. You have to admit that for an entry level device it looks good, plus comes with a 2.2-inch display, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, auto-focus, LED flash (better camera than some other smartphones out there). Another positive is that it holds up to 16GB with a microSD card and weighs only 110 grams. The downside is that it has a 2.5mm headset jack and that the 3-year price is $79.99 (but the no-contract is reasonable at $229.99).

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Bell offers $75 in-store credit on new 3-year activations

Bell has come out with a new promo that gives up to $75 off a new smartphone or $50 off a new phone when you purchase it in-store. Just so you’re aware, the fine print says “Offer ends September 16, 2010. Available with new activation of select devices on a 3-yr. term on a post paid voice and data plan. Applies at the time of purchase on the price of the device or accessories in-store before taxes”. Some highlighted devices are the Galaxy Vibrant drops down to $74.95 on a 3-year and the Bold 9700 dips to $24.95. Good deal if you’re into contacts.

More here at Bell


Banker recovering from “iPhone Thumb” surgery

A mortgage banker in Philadelphia spent over 12-hours a day texting her clients with her iPhone. Apparently the tendons in her thumb became inflamed that she had to have surgery to remove them, this is commonly called “Blackberry Thumb”. Other symptoms of this “BlackBerry Thumb” or now “iPhone Thumb” are pain, numbness and tingling. The women said “I’m texted out” and will be recovering over the next couple months.

Source: WTSP
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TELUS source code reveals potential Torch 9800 pricing

More BlackBerry Torch 9800 goodness. For those interested in the possible price plans can certainly speculate on this one. Taking a look into the source code of the new TELUS Torch 9800 page reveals some pricing, probably place holders until the actual launch. Remember that the discounts are not active and it shows the 3-year contract price to be $299.95; 2-year contract price at $399.95 and the 1-year contract price to be $499.95. It’s a bit odd as this is something Bell would use as TELUS never has their prices ending in $0.95, plus TELUS pricing usually goes in $50 increments.

Over at AT&T in the States they are selling this for $199.99 on a 2-year and $499.99 no-contract. In Canada we’ll probably see this hit $199.99 on a 3-year and $499.99 no contract.

Update: It seems that the TELUS pricing has been removed from the source code.


TELUS puts up BlackBerry Torch 9800 “Coming Soon” page

The new BlackBerry Torch 9800 is sure making it’s way around the carriers. Bell threw up a info page earlier this week and now TELUS has come out with their own. There’s no word on an official launch date but rumours have launch parties starting on the 21st. Other rumours are that TELUS will be releasing this on the 16th of September. In addition, no pricing has been confirmed.

TELUS describes the Torch as the following: “The BlackBerry Torch smartphone closes the gap between inspiration and action; it keeps you closely informed and makes it easy to drive your communications and produce the results you want.”

Check out the Torch 9800 over at TELUS here


Upcoming Koodo Samsung Elevate “Tab” pricing to be $24.99

Koodo is on deck to launch their 3rd HSPA device soon. They recently released the Nokia 7230 and then followed it up with the INQ Chat 3G.

The Samsung Elevate will be the next addition and is a QWERTY slider messaging phone with a 2.6-inch display (resolution of 240 x 320), 1.3 megapixel camera, media player, Bluetooth and can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card.

We’ve seen before the no-contract price will be $150 but thanks to our friends over a Best Buy for revealing the Tab pricing to be $24.99. We’re still waiting on an official release date but hear it’s within days.

Doesn’t it generally feel that handset prices are dropping in Canada?


RIM patent shows a device “with a rotatable member”

A patent has been filed by Research in Motion that’s titled “Handheld Electronic Device with Rotatable Member”. It looks like they might be working on the concept of a BlackBerry Smartphone with rotating physical QWERTY keyboard on one side and a touch screen on the other. In addition, the write up shows the phone has the capability of being used in portrait or landscape orientation.

According to the official description it reads “In a first aspect, a handheld electronic device, such as a smartphone, has a first device member and a second device member that are connected via a connector. The second device member is rotatable about a rotation axis that is canted relative to an axis of the second device member. As a result, when the second device member is rotated between a first position and a second position, its orientation changes. This may facilitate, for example, switching the handheld electronic device between a text entry mode and a telephone mode. “

It’ll be interesting to see if this comes to life… wonder what it would be called?

Source: USPTO
Via: SlashGear


Virgin Mobile’s “On the House” contest gives Free Rent for a year

Got to hand it to Virgin Mobile. They know how to have a good time with wicked contest and live shows. Hopefully they are making money selling phones though.

They are back with the “On the House” contest where you take on other houses in random challenges. Depending on how many you compete in and how many people vote for you will determine if your house moves to the next wound. The grand prize is a cool $15,000 in free rent for a year plus other various Samsung prizes. There contest is on until October 20th and broken up into 5 regions: BC, the Prairies, Ontario, Québec, and the Atlantic.

Learn all about the fine details here at Virgin


Samsung R330 finds a home at Solo, $79.99 no-contract

Solo Mobile has released their first device since “re-branding” and offering Unlimited plans. The Samsung R330 is almost as basic as you can get these days, but fits well with their low cost prepaid lineup. Specs have this flip having a 1.3 megapixel camera, 2.5mm headset, Speakerphone and will set you back $79.99 on prepaid or $9.99 on a 2-year.

Hit it here at Solo


Mobilicity sees 100 days in business, celebrates with over 300 points of distribution

Mobilicity launched their wireless service on May 14th. This was just over 100 days ago and at that time they had 35 corporate locations and over 200 distribution locations. In a release today, Mobilicity stated that they’ve experienced an increase of “30% growth in retail distribution” and now have over 300 points of distribution. Pretty good considering they are only operating in the Toronto area. There is still no confirmation of exactly how many customers they have… the only solid number is that they had 3,000 in the first week.

Dave Dobbin, President & CEO of Mobilicity said “We’re continuing to enhance our distribution to provide the most convenient customer experience around. With our extensive and growing network of locations, Mobilicity customers can easily shop for phones, pay their bills and receive customer support near their homes or workplaces.”

Mobilicity is still expected to be launching their unlimited offerings in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa later this year.

Source: CNW